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  1. [IMP]Satan: I love bad kids that think they are good
  2. DoubleProtect: OOOOO
  3. DoubleProtect: AUGUST THE SMOGON MOD
  4. DoubleProtect: IM SORRY
  5. [IMP]Satan: Don't even know
  6. [IMP]Satan: Who that is
  7. DoubleProtect: dude
  8. DoubleProtect: dont u read papers
  9. [IMP]Satan: He's on my fucking turf
  10. DoubleProtect: its august
  11. DoubleProtect: ~
  12. DoubleProtect: i wont say that if i were u
  13. DoubleProtect: im sorry august
  14. [IMP]Satan: lololololololol
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