GreentextSavant - Punishment

Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. >Senior year of high school.
  2. >Towards the beginning, the bad times outweighed the good until the later half came and made everything worth it.
  3. >In the fall, you made several attempts to sit with the coolest kids in school at lunch. Flash and his circle of friends.
  4. >You were one of the ‘middle kids’ to whom those guys and girls conversed during school, but ignored you in real life.
  5. >They did let you sit at their table, but rarely talked to you.
  6. >You stopped trying to talk to them after a while, just eating your lunch and listening to everyone else. Laughing whenever they’d laugh.
  7. >In a way, you did become one of them, but not one of the REAL ones.
  8. >They kept telling you that you were cool like them, but their words were all they had going for them in that argument. You caught on really soon that they didn’t really care about you.
  9. >And then winter came, and you had a lot more work to do after a while, and it ate up your time, and then you couldn’t promise to be available after school for them to make up for… not already being in their group?
  10. >When you say it out loud to yourself, it sounds like you’re the one who’s being stupid, but that’s not the case when you think it in your mind.
  11. >You never really register this notion much, as you start having to double down on your homework; you’re failing horribly.
  12. >Your dad practically doesn’t care about checking your report card whenever it comes in.
  13. >The last time he saw your grades slipping, he just relieved you of the chores you had to do for the week so you had more time to do your homework. That week was one of the only decent academic weeks you’ve had since elementary school.
  14. >He’s a cool but irresponsible dad; he hardly even knows when you’re home during the weekends. You’d party with Flash and his friends whenever you got the chance if they ever invited you.
  15. >But of course, your grades go right back down the tank.
  16. >It reaches the point where even your very graduation is at stake. This is getting REALLY bad, and you’re doing practically nothing to turn it around.
  17. >Right before Christmas break, you’re called to the Vice Principal’s office for obvious reasons.
  18. >But some other not-so-obvious things went down during that session.
  19. >Here’s how the conversation pretty much went:
  20. >”When do you do your homework?” Luna asks you. “You know… when you actually do decide to do your homework.”
  21. “Like… uh, the night before.” You remember never having done it even an hour prior to right before it’s due.
  22. >”How hard is doing the homework for you?”
  23. “It’s… well, it’s boring. I’d say the problems would be easy if I really wanted to do the homework. Not like I hate school or anything.”
  24. >You actually hate most things about school.
  25. >”What if I told you I was about to ask you to solve some math problems right now?” Luna’s voice grows a little playful for the tone of a vice principal, let alone the fact that she’s saying something you’d more expect a math teacher to say.
  26. “Like, right here?”
  27. >”Yes.”
  28. >You remember the pencil in your backpack, mentally preparing to take it out. And it was a good thing you thought this; Luna places a stack of papers on the desk between the two of you.
  29. >You’re writing your name on the top line before you know it, and looking at the rows of seemingly easy math problems. There are much less of them than there are in the homework.
  30. >At least, that’s what it feels like since you don’t have to go looking through a textbook to seek out and find the problems you’d have to do. No word problems either – you hate those.
  31. >Blow right through the few problems, noticing Luna smiling at how quickly you’re doing this. She leans on her elbows with her smile between her hands on her cheeks.
  32. >…
  33. >”So… fifteen minutes in total.” She notifies you after a short glance at the clock.
  34. “Yeah, well… those were easy.”
  35. >”Actually, they’re from one of the homeworks you didn’t finish.” She smirks at you. “In fact, it IS one of the homeworks you didn’t finish.”
  36. >You almost widen your eyes with your gaze fixed back onto the paper. Trying to think of a response for this.
  37. >”You see, I think your problem with homework and studying for tests is motivation to get it done. Not figuring out how to do the homework itself.”
  38. “I… well, yeah. Maybe.”
  39. >”Not maybe. This seems to be clear as day to me.” Her insistent tone softens as she sits back down and locks her fingers in front of herself. “And it looks like someone’s going to have to motivate you to work harder.” She grins again. “And I think that someone is me.”
  40. “Wh-what?”
  41. >She takes out a red pen and writes a 100 on the paper with a circle around it. It doesn’t take long to piece together in your head what’s going to change on your report card.
  42. >”It seems like you have no problem doing homework right in front of me watching you.” Luna continues with a slightly suggestive change in pitch after she says ‘watching’. “So… let’s make a deal.”
  43. >Her choice of words gives you the faintest chill.
  44. >…
  45. >And after that point, you ended up paying Vice Principal Luna a lot more visits, with more and more A’s appearing into the past on your report card.
  46. >After the third or fourth time, Luna let you sit on her side of the desk when you did your old, and eventually, new homeworks. You never even had to think about it when you got home anymore; they were done the day they were assigned before school was even over.
  47. >Luna let you work on homework from all of your classes, helping you along the way a few of the times.
  48. >Winter ended, spring rolled around…
  49. >After a while, you both knew what was really up.
  50. >You could just tell. And she knew you could tell, but never addressed it. It was so subtle, yet so thick in the air.
  51. >Nothing you wanted to happen happened AT ALL. It was so frustrating. All you did was do homework, and things never went past that… until…
  52. >In the beginning of April, your 18th birthday shined a green light.
  53. >Both of you soon sat with the chairs right against one another, and Luna putting an arm around you would make you unable to resist smiling as you wrote down the answers.
  54. >And soon… tried your best to write down anything at all after things got a little… nondescript.
  55. >The weather was getting warmer… you both got curious… what else can be said?
  56. >But each session did end with you getting another 100, despite some of them being longer.
  57. >She didn’t go into the territory where you wouldn’t be fully clothed anymore, but often camped out right at the border of it.
  58. >You never figured out what it was she saw in you. Never cared enough to question this beautiful thing.
  59. >…
  60. >In comes the very beginning of Summer. Last couple of weeks of the school year.
  61. ~
  62. >”Well… I dunno where we’re gonna be going.” Flash leans against a locker in front of his friends.
  63. >Your heart sinks a little bit, but not enough to make you give your hopes up.
  64. “But you can let me know where you guys are going once you find out, right?”
  65. >Norman gives Flash that look that says it all; they’re getting tired of talking to you AND there is something they are keeping secret from you.
  66. >Flash half winces back at him before turning back to you. “Well, senior week takes a lot of planning. Everyone’s going to one place, and it’s still pretty early.”
  67. “Is it because you think I’m not 18 yet?” You deflect. “Because I turned 18 in like April.”
  68. >”Listen, dude. You’re a cool guy and all, but the thing is that we just don’t have a set place to go yet.” His tone imitates that of a parent telling a four-year-old he can’t have ice cream.
  69. >You reluctantly frown.
  70. >He just stands there and nods his head. As though that’s supposed to make you turn around and walk away.
  71. “But I heard you guys say you were going to go to the beach.”
  72. >”But we don’t know WHICH beach.” Flash ‘corrects’ you.
  73. >Nolan’s face itself tells you that he knows Flash is making this up. They all know exactly WHICH beach and they’re not telling you.
  74. >They don’t want to invite you to come with them for senior week, just like all of the other kids who aren’t in their special circle of popular people.
  75. >It feels like an insult that you’re being lumped together with the cringy kids with their fingers publicly up their noses half the time. At least in this situation.
  76. >You deserve more of a chance than them at least. You don’t think you’re very self-entitled to think that way. You’re not even half as bad as the kids you’re being grouped with by the cool kids.
  77. “Well, then can you at least text me when you guys figure it out?”
  78. >”Yea.” Norman steps in. “We’ll let you know, dude.” His very promise sounds like a dirty one that’s bound to be broken.
  79. >There’s almost a grin on his face.
  80. “O… kay…” You reach into your pocket to grab your phone.
  81. >”Oh, uh, it’s cool. We’ll find your number in the directory.” Flash assures you. “I gotta go.”
  82. >Everyone follows him as he turns around and walks away… including you.
  83. >You’re starting to feel silly at this point, but you’re too angry and determined to care.
  84. >Following them doesn’t last long after a few questioning glares slow your pace to a stop.
  85. >You’re left behind.
  86. >…
  87. >”So they don’t want you to join them for Senior Week, huh?” Luna asks you as you finish up the last of your math problems for the school year.
  88. “I’m not cool enough.” You mockingly explain with your fingers wiggling around in mid air. “They only like people from the football team and stuff.”
  89. >Luna frowns. “Well, I can’t force them to let you go along. It’s outside of my jurisdiction.” She places a hand on your shoulder. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun weekend.”
  90. >You feel a shock overcome you.
  91. >Could this be it?
  92. >You’d have to go to wherever she lives in order for this to happen, you imagine.
  93. “Oh?” You’re visibly shaking.
  94. >”You see, I am the one who hosts after school detention. So if you were to stay after school and miss the bus or something, perhaps I could give you a ride.”
  95. “A ride home?”
  96. >She grins with that sultry expression again. “Well, a ride home the next morning.”
  97. >You feel your mouth curl into a deep smile.
  98. >”So you can then go to bed and get some sleep.”
  99. >You feel your mouth curl into a deeper smile.
  100. ~
  101. >Sometime around 12 noon.
  102. >You enter the cafeteria with your plate of food.
  103. >Flash and his buddies are already seated, whispering to one another as you approach.
  104. “So which beach you guys going to?”
  105. >It’s too loud in the cafeteria to hear their annoyed sighs.
  106. >”I told you, dude. We didn’t figure it out yet.” Flash reminds you with a swimsuit model magazine in front of him.
  107. “Yeah, you don’t know where you’re going literally tomorrow. Okay. Okay, fine. I guess that makes perfect sense.” You find their senior week trip expendable on the grounds of better things to happen this weekend.
  108. >Flash raises his hands. “Chill, man. It’s just a really weird decision.” He turns to Nolan. “I mean, you said you wanted to go to the one south of the one I wanted, right?”
  109. >Nolan instantly agrees with him, nodding sharply.
  110. >No time for this.
  111. “If you’re going to exclude me from your trip, at least be honest about it.”
  112. >”Why you gotta be hostile, man?”
  113. “Don’t beat around the bush. I know you already chose the beach you wanted to go to like a week ago. And if you’re not going to let me come with you because I’m not cool enough, then you can fuck yourselves. All of you.”
  114. >They all start to look insulted, but they know the jig is up.
  115. >”We just trying to be nice about it, man.” Norman finally concedes. “Stop being so salty.”
  116. >Reach in front of him and tip his lemonade over. It spills all over the table, even staining the magazine Flash had out in front of him.
  117. >Walk away with your middle finger in the air facing them.
  118. ~
  119. >3:00 PM.
  120. >”Not many students get a detention right before the last week of school.” Luna tells you as she leans on the desk in the empty science classroom you’re sitting at.
  121. >She had already known you were coming here.
  122. “I still think they had it coming.”
  123. >”I agree with you.” Luna starts to smile, now bent towards you on the desk you’re sitting in. “But your impulsive behavior has… consequences.”
  124. >Her bulging chest is right next to your head.
  125. >”If you act out again, I’m going to have to extend your punishment.” The hint she drops is all you need.
  126. >Cop a feel of her chest through her top; she waits for a few seconds before straightening up and holding back a smile.
  127. >”That’s it. You want to act this way around me after all I’ve done for you? You’re getting a bigger punishment.”
  128. >The next thing you know, you’re being escorted out of the school.
  129. >Told to wait by the bleachers in the soccer field as Luna goes to her car. She circles around the school and picks you up where there aren’t any cameras to see you entering her car.
  130. >A text to your lazy dad was all that was needed to give the impression that you’re going with Flash and his friends for senior week.
  131. ~
  132. >4:00 PM, probably.
  133. >The car pulls up in the driveway. The house is a decent-sized one story home from what you can tell.
  134. >”I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but you brought this upon yourself.” Luna softly scolds you as she turns the car off.
  135. >You just sit there and keep staring at her chest, waiting for her to address you doing so. Only look up to her face when she crosses her arms and gives you a spurious looking pout.
  136. >”So that’s it, huh? Staring at me like that is very rude, you know.”
  137. “Can’t help it.”
  138. >A smile sneaks its way to her face as she watches you shrug. It’s immediately repressed by a straight face.
  139. >”Well hopefully, my sister and I can discipline you tonight. Because it’s obvious how badly you need this.”
  140. >She steps out on the driver’s side, walking around to the passenger’s side and yanking you out by the arm the very second she opens the door. Her hold on you is too stern to break away from.
  141. >”Inside, now.” She orders, to which you very willingly obey.
  142. >You’re escorted through the front door, hearing some noises from inside the house. Luna pulls you closer to her.
  143. >”Oh hello.” Principal Celestia emerges from around a corner, waving to the two of you. “Sister… what is he doing here?”
  144. >Luna steps forward with you after locking the door. “Remember the student I’ve been helping get his grades back up?”
  145. >”Mhm.”
  146. >”This is him. And he’s been behaving pretty erratically at the school.”
  147. >Celestia raises her eyebrows in what looks more like delight rather than surprise. “What? Him?”
  148. >”He even grabbed me in an inappropriate way just a while ago.” Luna glares at you. “So this student is going to stay overnight today and tomorrow here with us for his punishment. He’s not allowed to leave until Monday morning.”
  149. >It’s Friday.
  150. “What? I thought it was only for one night.” You pretend to be against this.
  151. >”That changed when you kept eyeballing me in the car.” Luna tells you. “So now, instead of hanging out with those losers on the beach, you’re stuck with us for the whole weekend. And you have to do everything we say.”
  152. >Celestia steps up to you. “Luna told me about when she helped you reverse the bad grades you’ve gotten on your homework.” She leans over to your eye level. “I helped her keep this a secret from the school board. Looked the other way when I saw the numbers change. I don’t understand how you could… are… are you staring at my chest?”
  153. >You had hardly processed anything she said to you after your eyes were drawn to that cleavage peeking out from under her jacket and striped shirt.
  154. >The principal takes her finger and pushes your chin up. “You’re a lot sleazier than I thought. It’s a good thing you’re cute up close.”
  155. >”I should have warned you.” Luna adds. “Better watch out before he gropes you too.”
  156. >”It’s not a problem. Doesn’t matter how much his eyes, or hands keep wandering down there. We have all weekend with him.”
  157. >Celestia lets out a short gasp as your hand lightly squeezes one of her boobs. You’re starting to get impatient… in a strangely good way.
  158. >”Well, I never!” Celestia doesn’t really bother to jolt back.
  159. >You can tell that they’re just about as excited as you are, not really all that surprised that Celestia had known about Luna helping you.
  160. >The door can be heard clicking after Luna fastens an extra lock.
  161. >”It’s very impolite to be impulsive the way you are.” Celestia tells you as Luna creeps up behind you with a sinister grin.
  162. >They could not have possibly approached you soon enough. Those keys used to lock the doors are tossed to the other side of the room and land in a cushioned chair.
  163. >”My sister and I think you need to learn to have a little bit of empathy for others around you.” Celestia continues as she starts to push you back into her sister.
  164. >A pair of arms clamp onto yours from behind and restrain you.
  165. >With a predatory glare, Celestia lunges her hands at your torso and begins to eagerly feel. You’re forcefully directed over to a nearby corner in the room.
  166. >Luna holds you by the arms from behind, too tightly for you to be able to break free. “Not very talkative now, are you?”
  167. >Celestia’s hands snake under your shirt and begin to grab everywhere on your torso. She begins to heighten her breathing. “How would you like it if someone touched you like that?”
  168. >She invades the front of your pants with a swift hand and undoes the front, reaching into the open fly and grabbing the bulge her fingers find.
  169. >It sends a brief jolt through you, almost forcing an excited giggle out of your mouth.
  170. >Your waist is pushed forward by Luna’s knee, and Celestia reaches under your boxers to begin fondling your manhood with her fingers as your arms are held back.
  171. >”Can’t do anything about it, huh?” Celestia lewdly massages the meat groped between her fingers. “You’re pretty big, I gotta hand it to you.” She bites her lip and starts to properly wrap her grip around your shaft as it starts to harden.
  172. >Luna reaches into your open pants as well. Their hands are piling onto your crotch like a pack of wolves onto their fallen prey. Softly pushing your balls around while stroking your shaft into full mast.
  173. >Their eyes light up as the feel you become more erect. They lick their lips and start pulling your pants and boxers down to discover the goods they’ve taken.
  174. >You’ve already lost your balance, and the force of their legs perching you into place holds you still. Luna grunts quietly as she keeps her grip on your arms as her hands somehow find a way to fish deeper into you pants and play with you.
  175. >Celestia’s sighs become slightly more high pitched after your erect member stands in the open before her. She strokes you from base to tip now.
  176. >”How are you feeling now?” Luna teases into your ear. “C’mon. I wanna hear what you have to say.”
  177. >All four of their hands continue to stimulate you, making your head wet itself with pre-cum as they tease your solid shaft over the next several seconds.
  178. >You soon find yourself sinking down into a sitting position, with Celestia and Luna pushing you to the floor by your shoulders.
  179. >”I’ve waited a while for this.” Luna yanks your pants down to your knees and climbs over you from behind.
  180. >Celestia backs you up against the wall as Luna works her way towards your front.
  181. >”Let’s see how long you last, Mr. touchy feely.” Luna licks the small pool of pre-cum off of your tip and closes her eyes in bliss as she tastes you.
  182. >Pretend to try squirming away when Celestia lifts your shirt up to your face. Luna’s hands join hers as they starts feeling up your bare body; your dick pushed towards your direction for the moment Luna leans in close to you.
  183. >Your shirt blocks your vision, and you can’t tell what’s going on until you feel the Vice Principal sneak a kiss onto your lips.
  184. >”Looks like we love to get hands-on too.” Celestia starts to pant from growing excitement.
  185. >After a little bit more of you being so delightfully sandwiched between the two sisters, they momentarily slip you out of the rest of your clothes.
  186. >Luna begins to bear hug you closer to herself. “You won’t be needing any clothes tonight.” She yanks your shirt all the way off from your raised arms and returns her hands to your dick.
  187. >After Luna finishes smooching your face for a little bit more, she moves her face to where her hands are as Celestia clamps her arms onto your body from behind.
  188. >Your body jolts for a split second; she gives your shaft a quick little peck before helping Celestia stand you up on your feet.
  189. >Your pants are kicked off.
  190. >”There. Now that you’ve made yourself… comfortable, let us show you where your room will be for the weekend.” Celestia pulls you by the wrist and herds you up the stairs to the second floor. “I have a feeling you’re going to like the bed.”
  191. >Luna responds with a giggle, and pulls you by the other arm over to an open door at the end of the hall.
  192. >You didn’t expect these two to start things up so early. It only makes you wonder what things they are planning to do to you later on that is making them so impatient.
  193. >The two force you through the doorway and sit you down on the bed. Holding you still in order to deliver your “punishment”.
  195. >Your head tilts back and you face the ceiling.
  196. >Two bodies land on top of yours; and let out an aroused huff of air. These two aren’t playing around.
  197. >No clothes are left on your body, and you’re underneath a sopping, kissing mess before you start to notice it feels lighter and lighter.
  198. >There are bedsheets all around you, and you feel a warm spot.
  199. >Open your eyes… into the cold horrid truth that really is.
  200. >You’re in your own bed, not the one on the second floor of Celestia and Luna’s house.
  201. >Welp.
  202. >Yet another wet dream that ends before you make it to the good part.
  204. End.
  205. This will be rewritten and fused into other stories in the future as a brand new story. I hate how this (as well as some others) turned out.
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