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Email from Dr. Géraldine Nadeau

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Sep 11th, 2018
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  1. Thank you so much for returning my message. I need every helpful hand I can get.
  3. I figured, by the efforts you’ve put into contacting me, that you’ve got a high interest in Arnaud’s case. I’ve been monitoring him since nearly a month ago and I would be lying if I told you it doesn’t keep me awake at night. His condition is nothing like I’ve ever seen. His brain activity is insanely high, but he’s completely non-responsive.
  5. Not too long after I was informed of Arnaud’s condition, I was visited by a man claiming to work for a highly advanced tech company, specializing in unconscious experiences. He has been incredibly interested in Arnaud’s case as well as in my recent studies on sleeping patterns. I gave him some information on my research into lucid dreaming methods and he went on his way. I’ve never seen him again.
  7. Since then, I’ve been focused on gathering more information about W/ARE, their technology and their processes. I’ve noticed that Arnaud advertised them on his professional website but I don’t know the depth of his involvement with them. I figured that any person interested by the correlation between W/ARE and Arnaud would find the message I left there. I’ve put the Foundation in place as a cover to not arouse suspicion.
  9. I have so many questions and Zheng’s not answering my calls. All he gave me is the list of his company’s research labs as well as one totally incomprehensible file. I need to get to know more about W/ARE. If you know this man, if you can get any opening into this company’s motives, please help me. For Arnaud’s life and potentially many others.
  12. Géraldine
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