Mar 10th, 2018
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  1. Engineer
  2. ARM 0 MUT 0 ENH 2
  3. Special Skill
  4. Multiple Redundancies [Auto/0/Self] Once per round, You may re-use a maneuver that is specified to be usable only once per round a second time.
  5. "A back up or two never hurt anyone."
  7. Surprise Wall [Rapid/1/Self] All sisters, including you, in your current zone get a single-use Defend 2. This is lost if they move out of your zone.
  8. "A compact barrier that unfolds itself when turned on. Not the toughest thing but it can provide some protection if you hide behind it."
  10. Well Made [Auto/0/0] Once per round, you may declare this maneuver to preserve a reinforcement part that would otherwise be broken by an attack.
  12. Friendtry Gun [Action/2/Self] On this count and every 2 count afterwards, make a Ranged Attack 1 with 0-1 range at a target of your choice. This can be ended at any when you are damaged in exchange for reducing the damage of the attack by 1. A critical hit dealt to you can also end this. This can only be used once per round.
  13. "You can deploy small automated guns. They possesses little legs that let them move around on their own, but they only use them to stay close to you."
  15. Decoy Drone [Check/1/0-1] Hinder 2
  16. "A very distracting drone. It unfortunately can only stay in the air for a few moments."
  18. Overclock [Auto/0/Self] Once per round, increase the values of a maneuver, except chain, by 1.
  19. "You know how to squeeze a little bit more out of almost anything."
  21. Sharp Wit [Damage/1/Self] Add Dismember to one of your attacks.
  22. "Your remarks aren't the only thing capable of cutting"
  24. Paint the Target [Auto/0/Self] Once per round, when you fail on an attack check, you may declare this skill to grant a +1 to the attack check of any attacks targeting what you failed to hit.
  26. Rejected Skills:
  27. -Slime Wall [Rapid/2/0] For the next 5 count, any character that uses a move maneuver to move someone into, out of, or through this zone has the cost of the maneuver increased by 2.
  28. -Mechanic [Action/1/0] Repair a sister's Melee, Blast, or Ranged attack part. This can only be used once per round.
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