The Invaders In My Room - 25

Apr 25th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Kang Woo Hyun (MC) Cartoonist FMC's Boyfriend
Yoon Soo Lee [?] (FMC) Writer MC's Sex friend
Kim Na Young (XGF) Cellist MC's Ex-girlfriend
Neighbor [N/A] (RH) Painter [?] [N/A]
[N/A] (Douche) Manager [N/A]

Chapter - 25 Thanks to ClownFreak and Lumagon

In a car park

XGF fingering herself in her sport car.

XGF: Haaaaaaah....

She climax and looks at her wet hand.

MC's Apartment

MC typing and thinking about FMC

MC: {It's been already three days.. but she's still not coming back.}

He looks at FMC's luggage.

{I would not care if you at least give me a phone call... I never gave her my phone number so she might not know.}

MC grabs XGF's business card.

{What should I do? Should I really call her?}

FB of XGF giving him her contact

XGF: If you want to know the reason, contact me. (reason => why she left him before)
What we didn't finish today.. Should we finish it another day?

MC remembering his session with XGF in the restaurant washroom

MC: {Thinking of it.. I didn't finish her..}
{Noooo!.. That's not the point!}
{Why the hell am I looking for her, she's an ungrateful bitch!}

He takes his phone and starts dialing her number.

{Okay, let's just hear her story.. I'm just calling for that.}
{I don't care, I just need to understand why she did that to me!}
{I don't want to be played again.}

He hesitates about calling XGF.

MC: As expected..

He thinks about what to do then..


Someone knocks on the door like crazy, startling MC. Then in panic MC calls XGF.

He hangs up in hurry.

MC: Fuck you! Who are you? Why did you knock the door like a madman, you fucker!

He moves toward the door angrily.

MC: Who're you, what do you want?!

He opens the door and RH / Neighbor appears smiling before him.

RH: Hello Sifu! It's time for my painting lecture!


Still in MC's room

She bought him a coffee.

RH: It's my bribe for the lectures you'll give me!

MC: Why do you want to learn it here? I can just go to your place.

RH giggles.

RH: Hmm ~ Because i feel good vibes here?
Since it's a studio where a professional works, don't you think it's better place to learn?

MC: {Hmm ~ Honestly it's a little annoying.}

He starts to remember what happened the last time that RH came to his room

{To be frank, I thought that we were done the last time we did it.}
{Finally, I don't care at all about that.}

MC: So. Do whatever you want. All I've to his to accept your money.

RH sits beside him and teases him.

RH: So, now tell me what to do ~ You're now my teacher and you're older than me.

MC: No! Let's try to have a model relationship between a student and his teacher!

RH: Pfft ~

MC: Come to think of it.. Last time you tell me that you lost your job, right?
What did you do originally?

RH: Yeah? Oh that's..

MC: Oh that's it. It's not that important. I'll start classes.

She lowers her head a bit depressed.

MC: Fist of all, I'm going to teach the basics of the human body.
Come to next, the way to use the software then CGI techniques.

In a room of Hyat hotel

XGF in underwear throws Blue Hair Guy against a wall and embraces him. (The guy in the café chap. 20 - 21)

BHG: What... Why are you doing this? I think you're strange today.

XGF: Why? I'm a strange woman, are you disappointed?

She forcefully kisses him and a bit after BHG pushes her away.

BHG: Stop! Wait! We're not there yet. Why are you rushing this suddenly?

XGF: All of sudden I got tired of this. Stop looking at me like that. The game is done, stop acting.

BHG: What do you mean by that? Acting? I think that you misunderstood something. There is nothing like that.
I don't understand what you're doing this.

She is getting closer to him and grabs his D.

XGF: How about this?
Look, you're already gotten this excited just after kissing me...

BHG: No.. That's.. Oh..

She kneels before him, takes his D out of his pants and starts sucking it.

BHG: Huh!
Wait a minute Na Young! This!..

He grabs her head.

No.. If you do this..
Oh No..

He cum in her mouth. She swallows a bit of it and licks her fingers.

XGF: How is it? Did you feel god?
I'm this type of girl. I want to be with Mingsung right now and I'm going to go crazy.

She stands up and removes her bra.

XGF: How about you Mr.Minsung? It's okay for you to see me like this?
Don't you want to hold me?
Have you ever thought that you would do it with me when you met me?
I want to have sex with you Mr.Minsung!
If you like me, hold me, throw me on the bed and please me!

She caresses his neck.

XGF: So now, let's be honest.
Choose whether you have sex with me..

She removes her tong.

Or keep shaking like a lamb and end this relationship with me like that.


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