Druids trait

Nov 4th, 2018
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  1. * Druids can build on "Forest" tiles without destroying those forests (these tile will be considered both a "Forest" and a building)
  3. * Druids have +5 chance to find special resources when expanding territory(85-100 instead of 90-100)
  5. * Druids gain 1 Harmony point for every forest tile they own each turn, harmony points are used to cast druidic spells which terraform the map. Temples in forests grant 2 harmony points. Harmony points dont stack from turn to turn so any harmony point not spent will be wasted.
  7. Harmony spell list (requires to spend an action and harmony points to cast, on a roll of 90+ cost is halved)
  8. 1) Floods (Costs 3 harmony points)
  9. * A "Plains" tile by a river of your choice is flooded and also becomes part of that river
  10. 2) Magical forest (Costs 5 harmony points)
  11. * A Forest tile of your choice gains additional 20% fortification and +10 growth
  12. 3) Earthquake (Costs 8 harmony points)
  13. * A "Plains" tile or a "Forest" tile of your choice changes to "Cliffs" tile.
  14. 4) Creatures of the wild (Costs 12 harmony points)
  15. * a "Forest" or "Plains" tile in a neutral territory of your choice turns hostile and spawns a defensive army of beasts with the same base strength as your nation
  16. 5) Sowing the barren (Costs 15 harmony points)
  17. 3 "Barren" tiles of your choice turn to "Plains"
  18. 6) Volcano (Costs 20 harmony point)
  19. * A "Cliffs" Tile turns volcanic and is no longer usable, all of the "Plains" tiles and "Forest" tiles adjacent to it turn barren. Adjacent farms and mills are destroyed.
  20. --
  21. Objectives:
  22. *"One with nature": Generate at least 30 harmony points per turn.
  23. *"Wooden Kingdom": Own at least 16 forest tiles, control more "Forest" tiles than any other nation in the game.
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