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  1. This is not a fic!! I don't rly know much about society in china and i don't want to write something completely off base and wrong so here's just me throwing up my fic idea.
  2. Reincarnation AU / Canon Divergent / Slowburn
  3. @bingqueue on twitter
  5. Canon compliant up to ch 43. Shizun self destructs and instead of popping out of the ground 5 years later like a spry potato plant, he wakes up in a hospital room as SY with a throbbing headache and no recollection of the events that have taken place.
  7. “You’re lucky someone came to check on you.” They say he almost died of food poisoning in his apartment, how embarrassing would that have been?
  9. There’s an emptiness in the depths of his mind; he asks the doctors if he’s maybe missed something important, they say the memory loss is temporary if anything. SY was asleep for 3 days after all.
  11. SY is surprised he was only gone for 3 days, he feels like he’s been gone for much longer, but he accepts it, and he moves on with his life.
  13. He goes back to his daily routine; the long daily commute, the boring classes, trolling the internet as he continues to read this terrible awful novel written by some dude named Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky of an OP protagonist who has a harem of 600 women who do nothing but feed him grapes as he runs around with stupid a stupid protagonist halo that freed him of all consequence. (Airplane doesn’t write proud immortal demon way, he writes an equally controversial novel that makes sy mad!)
  15. One day there’s an exhibit being hosted at his uni; SY decides to go to kill some time. In the far corner, he sees a pipa being displayed, “The Resentment Of Chunshan”, the plaque reads; it details an ancient folktale of love and betrayal. Filled with heavy imagery and flowery prose, it recounts the story of how a disciple had lost the mentor he looked up to his entire life, the man he vowed to protect no matter what, and had lost himself to his demonic urges, wiping out countless of sects in the process. It was heavily romanticized and seemed to be China’s version of Romeo And Juliet. (Thanks to SY transmigrating into PIDW, his actions become “reality” and PIDW is now a fairly popular folktale probably written by SQH)
  17. Thanks to the exhibit, SY begins to start filling out the missing blanks in his mind. It starts slow, his past life as Shizun, the little pure white lamb who followed him around, the events of how a pure little boy grew to trust him. Then the memories begin rushing to him. How he pushed the boy down into the abyss, how he mourned him for three years; they leave him with splitting migraines. And it all happens at once, the memories of how he sacrificed himself for Binghe, the last thing he remembers is Binghe’s crying face hovering over his own. He wants to reach out and pinch Binghe’s cheek to reassure him. “Don’t worry about this Shizun.” he wants to say, but no words come out and the warmth of his body fades.
  19. SY doesn’t know why he’s alive now but he’s not complaining. He mourns the past but he figures he must have completed the System’s missions. He resumes his mundane daily lifestyle, feeling a little more restless and forlorn as the days pass.
  21. SY starts a new semester (idk how uni is in china work with me here) and runs directly into Binghe around the corner. Binghe helps him up and SY recognizes him immediately, Binghe’s name escaping out his lips before he can stop it.
  23. “Do I know you?” Binghe asks. Shizun feels his body turn cold. He quickly shakes his head. “No, I’ve just seen you around before. Thanks.” He says as nonchalant as possible before he books it on out of there.
  25. A POV switch, (Binghe POV now!). After the strange encounter with the glasses guy in the hallway. He’s begun to have strange dreams. Dreams of a strange universe that feels awfully familiar. The dreams are not pleasant. He dreams of abandonment and betrayal. Of a shrouded face of someone he trusts shoving him into the dark abyss. Dreams of a hellish 3 years in a cold, dark, unfamiliar and unforgiving place. He doesn’t remember the dreams at first, always waking up in cold sweat and a rabbiting heart beat.
  27. One night he dreams in vivid detail of the events that happen in chapter 43. He grips onto the arm of the man who betrayed him, practically begging him to tell him why. (This is where Binghe sees his face and he’s like. This guy looks eerily similar to the guy I bumped into; but not exactly?)
  29. Soon he’s cradling Shizun in his arms, a feeling of intense mourning as he cries for him to stay.
  31. Binghe starts being extremely cautious of SY in the meantime, avoiding him as much as possible and being extremely standoffish in conversation with SY’s attempts at conversation.
  33. The dreams turn into nightmares; he’s slowly becoming someone he doesn’t recognize. He stares at his bloodstained hands and realizes he had become a monster.
  35. It becomes a game of cat and mouse except this time it’s Shizun the one pursuing. (POV shifts between the two.)
  37. Shizun’s chapters would be him coming to terms with his attraction and feelings to Binghe and Binghe would be his state of trauma and fear of abandonment/becoming a monster. (Insert a chapter of Shizun being jealous!!!)
  39. Shizun’s constant attempts at trying to woo Binghe slowly chips away at him and they get together! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Extra of them having good sex and Binghe uses lube!
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