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  1. <b><u><size=32><align="center"><color=#f7b733>Welcome to the Peanut Worshipers Network</color></align></size></u></b>
  3. <b>Discord:</b> <u><color=#90ee90><link="">Link</link></u></color>
  4. <b>Patreon:</b> <u><color=#90ee90><link="">Link</link></u></color>
  6. <color=#ff0000ff>RULES</color>
  8. 1. No mass team-killing
  9. 2. No team-killing without a good RP reason
  10. 3. No micspam or music over the intercom/radio/spectator/SCP chat
  11. 4. Don't delay the rounds
  12. 5. Don't impersonate/disrespect server staff
  13. 6. Cheating/exploiting the game will result in a perm ban
  14. 7. Camping on the lights outside at chaos spawn is kickable
  15. 8. You can tk if someone mic spams constantly or keep shutting doors on everyone constantly
  16. 9. Don't be toxic or use racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs
  17. 10. No ghosting/telling 939 where to attack from a call
  18. 11. No cross-teaming is allowed outside of the guideline
  20. - Teams can cooperate for survival until the reason for working together is gone. (Being locked in a room together, being chased by an SCP)
  21. - SCPs may show 'mercy' to Scientists or D-Class personnel.
  22. - Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each-other, but only against SCPs.
  23. - Teaming with other classes outside of these guidelines will result in a warning or ban.
  24. - SCP and Chaos cannot team even if they do win together
  25. - Killing at the end of the round is allowed
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