Goals form — @crybabyjoon

Nov 15th, 2016
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  1. 【L O V E G A M E】
  2. name — Sakura Watashi
  3. nicknames —
  4. —saku ; mostly her friends and family, rarely her specific other, because it's a cute short version of her name
  5. —sushi ; specific other, because her last name ends with "shi" & it seems cute eanough for her
  7. face claim — jungyeon (twice)
  8. backup face claim — hyeri (girls day)
  10. birthday — July 4, 1996
  11. age — 20
  13. 【B R E A K U P】
  14. nationality — Japanese
  16. couple slot — dates
  17. backup couple slot — cuddles
  19. love interest — rap monster (bangtan)
  20. backup love interest — jin (bangtan)
  22. closeness — they're terribly close, close to the point where they know everything about each other. Like, he knows when it's that time of the month & she knows exactly what he's thinking at any time. They're known as the couple that goes everywhere with each other, talk and talk about one another, and have way too much skinship. They've always got to be touching, somehow. If it's either hugging each other while watching tv or wrapping their pinkies together when in tough times.
  24. 【P O S T B R E A K U P】
  25. personality currently — Sakura is usually very curious, looking everywhere, trying to be in people's business or she'll ask way too many questions. Though, she is respectful and can be quiet at times, others see her as a little slow because it does take her time to realize things. Sakura is sweet and will do anything for anyone in need or just asking. She can be a little distant from the other people, but she does share what she's thinking, just doesn't want to be judged.
  27. personality before — unlike Sakura now, young Sakura was a mess. She'd get into people's business in the most snottiest way, she'd do weird and disrespectful things & wouldn't apologize, she was what you'd call a young thug. Sakura didn't care what people thought before, for all she cared about they could say whatever and if to bothered her, she'd just teach them a lesson. Though, by her teenage years, when she finally understood everything was wrong, she stopped and started acting like a person.
  29. trivia —
  30. —all her social media is @/sakuu
  31. —claims she wants to be reincarnated into a cacti in her next life
  32. —owns a lot of cameras because she's a amateur photographer
  33. —has a pet cat named Mona Lisa
  34. —owns a lot of plushies, naming them after her favorite idols
  35. —usually eats unhealthy foods like pizza or burgers, doesn't care about gaining any weight
  36. —has strong OCD
  37. —really likes cold weather but likes being in the presence of someone's warmth
  38. —watches The Walking Dead every weekend and forces someone to watch it with her
  39. —really likes the smell of white out
  42. —American Horror Story & The Walking Dead
  43. —those she's close with
  44. —pizza
  45. —neutral colors
  46. —going to sleep at late hours
  47. —learning new songs
  48. —helping out others
  49. —bubble tea
  50. —big, fluffy blankets
  51. —her laptop & phone
  52. —her boyfriend
  53. —instant noodles / ramen
  55. dislikes —
  56. —too much angst
  57. —people with too high egos
  58. —nutritional anything
  59. —neon / bright colors
  60. —being forced to do something
  61. —people that are disrespectful
  62. —being ignored / underestimated
  63. —black coffee
  64. —hot weather
  65. —no wifi / dead batteries
  66. —people that joke around too much
  67. —bitter anything
  69. couple trivia —
  70. —she makes him watch television with her
  71. —he shares his clothes with her
  72. —a lot of cute yet weird nicknames
  73. —both have a tattoo that says promise on their pinkies
  74. —neither know how to cook, always eating out
  75. —give each other lots of gifts
  76. —the PDA is high with them
  77. —either always touching or playing a game of footsies or something
  78. —they battle each other on console games but she usually wins
  79. —own a lot of couple things
  80. —kisses on the forehead is their thing
  81. —share everything with each other
  83. how she acts around him — Sakura doesn't hold back on anything when with him, very touchy & clingy. She babies him 25/8 and though she has her attention on him, she's very aware of things and will become even more adultish. Doesn't take no for an answer and will be very giggly in the most tolerable way possible.
  85. how he acts around her — he likes giving her what she wants and is always taking care of her, making sure she doesn't accidentally get herself into some trouble. Always with her and dreamily staring directly at her, speaks smoothly and makes sure she blushes when with him. He's very touchy and makes sure she's always with him, takes care of her like as if she's his everything.
  87. 【T R Y A G A I N】
  88. why she wanted to join the show — she found it quiet interesting and thought it would be fun if her and her specific other joined into the show. Also, though she doesn't really show nor tell anyone, she wants her and him to be what everyone calls goals. She wants to see how far the other couples can get, as well as the different kinds of them there are.
  90. why do you want to join — this concept seems really interesting, to be honest. I've never seen or heard of something like this. So, wanting to join is only normal, no?
  92. will you continue to support couples + the book if you aren't a accepted? — yes!!
  93. will you whine if you are not accepted? — no
  94. will you support the book of you are accepted? — yes
  95. will you stay active? — yes
  96. are you thinking of changing your username? — no
  97. will you commit to your loved one? — yes~
  98. will you promise that you will not cheat? — yes!
  100. password — junghee
  102. 【G O A L S】
  103. brownie points —
  104. did you have your couple to be in the age gap of 2 years? — yes, and I honestly don't have a reason, but maybe because...I believe that the male should be older in the relationship. But older female relationships are cool too!!
  106. did you comply with what I asked of? — yes, hopefully I did~
  108. did you enjoy filling this out? — yup, though it usually takes me some time, so sorry if I was a little late. or too early lolol.
  110. will you help me make decisions? — of course, if you ask me a question, I'll hurriedly answer what I think. Just make sure you ask me & I'll make sure to answer.
  112. i, @crybabyjoon , hereby promise I will do all the things I have to, and commit to this apply fic.
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