Invasion, Part 8 - Rise of Corsava

May 25th, 2020
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  2. <DM> Ahlma and Nabooru gave you a basic rundown of their ex-lover- I mean Agahnim, previous enslaver of the Gerudo. With Leevers trying to break your flanks from below, you reformed your strategy, and taking Ahlma and some of the Elites with you, headed down the tunnels, murdered some Leevers, and then used your new strike team to attack the Mega Leever using the Leever tunnels.
  3. <DM> With a coordinated attack, you took it down, but not without some loss. You were intercepted by Ghinis, which possessed your sisters and took them away. You chatted with an illusion of Agahnim for a bit, revealing that he doesn't have a clue who you are, and after realizing your blades pass straight through Ghinis, you formed a new plan - get your sisters back.
  4. <DM> Somehow, despite overwhelming odds, you managed to break through a wall of Iron Knuckles, and even fend off Agahnim's mega lightning attack, but with a combined attack from your possessed sisters, you were forced back. You ended up using your Displacement Clone to retreat, and wallow in your regret that you were unable to save your sisters...
  6. * Corsava sinks down quietly
  7. <DM> *You appear inside... what appears to be the Mountain Temple, surrounded by battle-scarred columns, an old dusty scent, and the sounds of battle very close by.
  8. * Corsava shakes her head and rushes towards the fighting
  9. <DM> *A Keese ends up flying by you, crashing into one of the columns. Nearby, you see Nabooru, who just finished a spinning Kaiten. She's trying to fend off a pair of Keese, all while avoiding a Ghini.
  10. <DM> *You notice she seems drained. Her usual radiant soul has diminished, and you're pretty sure that Ghini flying around is the cause.
  11. <Corsava> (am I still in Twinrova form?)
  12. <DM> (Yes.)
  13. <DM> *She sees your still clone replaced by the flare of your fire and ice, and calls out to you.
  14. <DM> [Nabooru]: Corsava, you're back!
  15. <DM> Nabooru = 1
  16. <DM> err heads
  17. <DM> $1d2
  18. <Navi> DM: You flipped 1 coin. Result: Heads.
  19. <DM> *She's interrupted as the pair of Keese do a cross formation, diving in at her from both sides. However, despite her exhaustion, she manages to pull off a jumping vertical Kaiten, spinning several times and blitzing both Keese into the ground.
  20. <DM> *However, the Ghini tries to go in! Would you like to respond to it?
  21. * Corsava charges a Siege blast and fires
  22. <Corsava> 0 actions
  23. <DM> *You rev up your bow and immediately fire a Siege Blast at the incoming Ghini, skipping the usual charge-up and just blasting it out the sky!
  24. <DM> *Roll away!
  25. <Corsava> $58d10
  26. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 295. Successes: 36.
  27. <DM> *Annnd Ghini has zip for Power, soooo...
  28. <DM> *Normally, something without Magic would pass through it, but with the sheer infused light from your bow, it pushes the Ghini back!
  29. <DM> *The golden sparkles explode within the Ghini, nuking it entirely!
  30. <DM> *Congratulations, you're now an anti-Ghini weapon.
  31. * Corsava utters a sorrowful growl "I fucking hate those things..."
  32. <DM> *With the Ghini gone, the energy it siphoned ends up, well, siphoning back into Nabooru. Her spirit is returned, though you can tell she's still a bit down on the physical side.
  33. <DM> [Nabooru]: I see you've have your fair share of them too, eh...
  34. <DM> *She blinks a bit and looks around, then back to you.
  35. <DM> [Nabooru]: ... where's Ahlma? And the others?
  36. <Corsava> "We were wrong. I *can't* do this..."
  37. <Corsava> "I can't lead. I can't be in charge...I can't keep people safe..."
  38. <DM> *She looks down at the ground for a bit in silence... or well, as much silence as their can be. In the background, from outside the temple, you can hear the shouts of the remaining Gerudo, fighting for their lives and trying to save their home.
  39. <Corsava> "They got Ahlma, and the others. You need to take these people and get them out of here."
  40. <Corsava> "I need to go...I don't know."
  41. * Corsava walks towards the sounds of fighting
  42. <Corsava> "Whatever I can manage."
  43. <DM> *She tries to stop to say something, but even her indomitable spirit can't hold back a tear. She ends up just... letting you past, as she tries not to break down herself.
  44. * Corsava rushes out, desperate to protect as many people as I can.
  45. <DM> *Kay, round over, gain 5 Wisdom, and by Wisdom, I mean the Wisdom to keep fighting!
  46. <DM> *Round... I don't even know the count, let's just start back at Round 1.
  47. <DM> *You emerge from the mountain temple to see your Gerudo sisters are fighting off the Keese while avoiding Ghinis, similar to Nabooru. You notice there's no longer any Leevers, so there's solace in your suicide strike from earlier...
  48. <DM> *In total, there's about... 15 Keese, and you got about 20 able-bodied Gerudo, though they're noticeably losing their strength, unable to stop the Ghinis from passing through them. You got about 5 Ghini to deal with.
  49. <DM> *The moment you step out here, the force of the windfields from the Keese throw you off. You lose 5 Successes on all attacks, and you find you're having trouble choosing your targets.
  50. <DM> *The Gerudo warriors are trying to spin their blades to repel the Keese, but they're being thrown off-guard by the winds as well.
  51. <DM> *Whoops, correction, courtesies of that 9 Power you yoinked when fighting the Mega Leever, you are actually able to hold your footing, meaning you're immune to the Keese windfields!
  52. * Corsava draws a Phase Arrow with the Broken Bow and fires it at a Ghini, aiming carefully
  53. <DM> *Fire in the hole!
  54. <Corsava> $69d10
  55. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 69 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 386. Successes: 50.
  56. <DM> *Lessee, 15 Hearts - 50 = RIPperonni!
  57. <DM> *Your Phase Arrow just blasts straight through a Ghini with such force that it annihilates a second Ghini!
  58. <DM> *Some of their stolen spirit has been returned to the Gerudo in the center.
  59. <DM> *One of them calls out.
  60. * Corsava takes a defensive position, so that the Gerudo who are weakened can work their way behind me.
  61. <DM> [Ay'esha]: Sisters! Our Queen returns! Let us turn the tide on them!
  62. <DM> *You recall that inside the temple, the Keese's windfield didn't seem to be in effect...
  63. <DM> *Rallied behind you, with renewed strength, they go in for attacks against the enemies!
  64. <DM> Gerudo = Heads
  65. <DM> $1d2
  66. <Navi> DM: You flipped 1 coin. Result: Tails.
  67. <DM> *Annnd as per usual Gerudo luck, their rallied attack fails with trips, falls, and getting thrown about by the great winds.
  68. <DM> *Some of them manage some attacks, buuuuut yeah, seems their battle prowess leaves much to be desired at times.
  69. <DM> *Round 1 over!
  70. <DM> *Round 2, starto!
  71. * Corsava adds 5 wisdom at end of round
  72. <DM> *With your sisters in a tussle behind you, ALL of the Keese look at you!
  73. <DM> *The Keese whirl about you, forming what appears to be a whirlwind around you!
  74. <DM> *You feel yourself lifting off your feet. Seems you're losing your footing...
  75. * Corsava rotates in the opposite direction with my broken bow blades, hoping to counteract the wind
  76. <DM> *Roll... Power + defense!
  77. <DM> $60d10 Keese Whirlwind
  78. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 317. Successes: 40.
  79. <Corsava> 58d10
  80. <Corsava> $58d10
  81. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 310. Successes: 39.
  82. <Corsava> $58d10
  83. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 323. Successes: 40.
  84. <DM> ROLLOFF
  85. <DM> $60d10
  86. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 364. Successes: 50.
  87. <Corsava> $58d10
  88. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 58 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 296. Successes: 40.
  89. <Corsava> freeroll at them?
  90. <DM> *Another freeroll is rolled, at the Keese this time!
  91. <DM> $60d10
  92. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 297. Successes: 34.
  93. <DM> *With the Keese closing in with a whirlwind of blades, you try to spin back with your own Kaiten! They close in and overwhelm you at first... but you continue to push through, with renewed faith in your own strength!
  94. <DM> *You are now whirling around with a buncha bladed Keese stuck on your whirlwind of blades!
  95. <DM> *From the entrance ravine, you notice another flock of Keese flying towards you!
  96. * Corsava continues the Kaiten spin and yeets the Keese at the additional Keese
  97. <DM> *Uhh, let's just... screw it, roll the two rolls together, so... 118d10 + Attack!
  98. <Corsava> 138d10
  99. <Corsava> $138d10
  100. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 138 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 759. Successes: 94.
  101. <DM> *Having just witnessed a vertical Kaiten from Nabooru, you decide to try the tactic out yourself, and between the whirl of flames and ice that aids you, and these wind-loving Keese, you front flip and spin several times over, launching your Keese at the oncoming group!
  102. * Corsava casts Haste on myself
  103. <DM> *Both the windfields and the Keese collide in a new whirlwind vortex, placed at the ravine.
  104. <DM> *The ensuing winds slice each other up a bit, throwing them into chaos. They're not dead, but they are all effectively stunned for a round.
  105. <DM> *Round 2 over!
  106. <DM> *Round 3, starto!
  107. * Corsava gains 5 wisdom
  108. <DM> [Ay'esha]: They're all stuck in place! Sisters, attaaaaack!
  109. <DM> *There's a warcry from the warriors, and with the windfields no longer throwing them off, they charge the fallen Keese! However, some Ghinis try to go for the pickings...
  110. <DM> Gerudo = Heads
  111. <DM> $1d2
  112. <Navi> DM: You flipped 1 coin. Result: Heads.
  113. * Corsava draws a Spirit Arrow, confident in my sisters, and fires into the Ghinis
  114. <DM> *The Ghinis are overwhelmed by the renewed spirit of the Gerudo! They manage to weave around the three stooges- Ghinis, as they proceed to turn the Keese into bladed mincemeat.
  115. <DM> *Fire ze Spirit Arrow!
  116. <Corsava> $65d10
  117. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 65 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 380. Successes: 50.
  118. <DM> $40d10
  119. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 9, 10, 5, 10, 6, 2, 8, 1, 2, 4, 4, 9, 2, 5, 2, 9, 10, 6, 9, 8, 10, 4, 5, 5, 9, 4, 7, 3, 10, 5, 8, 8, 4, 3, 8, 9, 4, 6, 10 and 6. Total: 249. Successes: 33.
  120. <DM> *The Ghini attempts to defend, but your Spirit Arrow lands through and true, instantly killing one of them!
  121. <DM> *You gain a hefty Hearts and Magic bonus!
  122. <DM> *Meanwhile, your Gerudo companions are uhh...
  123. <DM> *Well, they decided to not just kill the Keese, but uhh... use their wings to wrap around the Gerudo blades, giving them an extra deadly bleeding edge...
  124. <DM> *Seems your companions are a bit more resourceful than you originally gave them credit for.
  125. <Corsava> Corsava: 31h, 33m| +5 to All; Afflicting Attacks; Twinrova Form; +15 Wisdom; 34 Damage Buffer;
  126. <DM> *Round 3 over!
  127. <DM> *Onto Round 4!
  128. <Corsava> +5 Wisdom
  129. <DM> *Where it's now just you folks vs... 2 Ghinis.
  130. <DM> *The two Ghinis, seeming drastically outnumbered, try to escape!
  131. <DM> *Annnd they have like, half the Courage of each of you, so uhhh...
  132. <DM> *Nah, they kinda just try to slowly float away. Namely into one of the cliff walls, though their phasing process is a bit slow...
  133. * Corsava fires another Spirit Arrow
  134. <Corsava> $70d10
  135. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 70 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 392. Successes: 47.
  136. <DM> $40d10
  137. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 6, 8, 6, 2, 5, 10, 4, 2, 7, 9, 1, 4, 1, 9, 9, 2, 10, 1, 2, 8, 5, 10, 8, 8, 9, 4, 1, 4, 4, 3, 2, 10, 1, 7, 2, 5, 7, 6, 7 and 4. Total: 213. Successes: 26.
  138. <Corsava> $70d10
  139. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 70 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 394. Successes: 50.
  140. <DM> *Yeah nope, your Spirit Arrow completely annihilates one of the Ghini! The explosion outright knocks the other Ghini out of phase, causing it to drop to the ground, defenseless!
  141. <DM> *With it prone and defenseless... sigh.
  142. <DM> *Go nuts.
  143. * Corsava Spirit Arrows it
  144. <Corsava> $70d10
  145. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 70 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 379. Successes: 51.
  146. <DM> *Whelp, enjoy another +51 Hearts and Magic.
  147. * DM le-sighs.
  148. <Corsava> Corsava: 106h, 112m| So many things
  149. * Corsava backs away from my sisters and charges up Summoning Ritual to bring back Ahlma
  150. <DM> *Cheers from your Gerudo companions! They look for you to celebrate a triumphant victory, but you've gone out of sight. So I guess that puts you... in the Mountain Temple!
  151. <Corsava> -15 H -45 Magic
  152. <DM> *You immediately get to work on revving up that Summoning Ritual. Though in order to do so... your Dark Mark must be activated once more.
  153. <Corsava> Corsava: 90h, 71m| Again, just, so many things
  154. * Corsava closes my eyes and focuses through the pain.
  155. <DM> *You look back at what you've gained from trying to become the Queen of the Gerudo, how you're trying to lead them towards a bright new future, along with yourself. But you also accept that... without the powers born innate into your Dark Mark, you won't be able to overcome the enemy... or yourself.
  156. <DM> *From your entirely blackened hand, there's a shock of pain, but oddly, it's... only like a pinch. Dark arrows of energy shoot outwards from your hand, forming the spell circle that'll cross dimensions and bring Ahlma back to you.
  157. * Corsava focuses on the light and the dark together. The desert and the sun are my home, and nothing can take that from me, but the Dark Mark is also mine, and I will use every power under my command to protect my people
  158. <DM> *You find yourself totally in control of your powers. Though you balance it with the light, you can't help but wonder, with newfound control over the Dark Mark, what you could achieve, what you could accomplish.. if only you'd stop holding yourself back.
  159. <DM> *The voices of Koume and Kotake circle in your head, as well as memories of Ganondorf. Not just your fight with him, but his memories, of the power he wielded, of the great command at his disposal, and how... good... that felt.
  160. * Corsava shakes my head at the thought, tempting though the power is, I've already lost myself once by believing that its power should somehow define me.
  161. <DM> *You manage to fend the memories off, deciding not to get lost in them. The Summoning Circle grows in power, and you feel a vacuum of sorts from it, similar to those Twilight portals that Bloodwind was having fun with some time ago.
  162. <DM> *The temple itself begins to shake, and from the circle, you start to see something emerge from the portal, but it's not quite Ahlma...
  163. <DM> *Instead, you appear to be summoning... one of those Iron Knuckles?
  164. <DM> *Not just one of them, either, but 6 of them!
  165. <Corsava> "Huh...that's not-"
  166. <Corsava> "Wait...six"
  167. <Corsava> "I need to get my sisters out of them."
  168. <DM> *The summoning circle finishes loading- I mean portaling and powers down. As the six Iron Knuckles look around and find their bearings, you look in to try and see their souls, but it's like the insane amount of armor protecting them is blocking your ability to look in.
  169. <DM> *However, your suspicions are confirmed when one of them draws the Greatsword that you gave Ahlma. The other 5, meanwhile, start whirling Ball-and-Chains over their heads.
  170. <DM> *Iron Knuckle Ahlma- ooh, better nickname.
  171. * Corsava draws my broken bow blades "Release my sisters, iron golems. I will not ask a second time."
  172. <DM> *Fullmetal Ahlma turns and looks in your direction. She takes a few heavy steps towards you, and then raises that heavy-as-mess-Greatsword with a single hand.
  173. * Corsava puts a Haste on myself
  174. <DM> *Whelp, Round... I don't know anymore, new count.
  175. <DM> *Round 1 begin!
  176. <Corsava> +5 wis
  177. <DM> *They don't return any words at you. Instead, Ahlma just immediately strikes you with the Greatsword!
  178. <DM> *She does a Power Slash on you!
  179. <DM> Power Slash:
  180. <DM> Roll your Power dice vs. targets' Courage dice
  181. <DM> Damage: +20
  182. <DM> EFFECT: If it hits, target receives Penumbra’s Curse:
  183. <DM> Target rolls twice anytime they defend, and they’re forced to take the lower roll.
  184. <DM> $60d10 Fullmetal Ahlma
  185. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 310. Successes: 40.
  186. * Corsava overrides with Wisdom using the Protective Robes of the Wise Queen
  187. <Corsava> $75d10
  188. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 75 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 391. Successes: 52.
  189. * Corsava shakes my head. "I'll cut that steel away like rot from a healthy tree."
  190. <DM> *A barrier forms in front of you to protect against the great swing! It fends against the attack, but despite that, it pushes you back, flinging you back out of the Mountain Temple!
  191. <DM> *You land amongside the rest of your Gerudo sisters, who look at you. Ay'esha looks at you quizzically.
  192. <DM> [Ay'esha]: Corsava? Where'd you go? What happened?
  193. * Corsava I got Ahlma and the others back. They're in the golems, being forced to fight us. Stay away from them. I will handle them. It's my fault, so it's my responsibility."
  194. <DM> *At that moment, the whole doorway is blasted open by a Ball-and-Chain, revealing the 6 Iron Knuckles.
  195. <DM> *Two of your sisters immediately hold their blades in front of you. From behind you, Nabooru appears, putting a hand on your shoulder.
  196. <DM> [Nabooru]: No. As Gerudo sisters, we all bear fault.
  197. <DM> [Nabooru]: Don't try to take this on your own.
  198. * Corsava draws my broken bow blades, facing the Iron Knuckles. Well, they hit hard, and fast. It's not going to be an easy victory.
  199. <DM> *You try to shrug off Nabooru, steadfast on taking responsibility.
  200. <Corsava> "Do you have any insights that could help us?"
  201. <DM> [Nabooru]: Well, having been entrapped by that cursed armor twice, I can say I do have some insights...
  202. <DM> [Nabooru]: Inside, they're still Gerudo, and they still contain the skills of a Gerudo warrior, just with a lot more bruteforce power.
  203. <DM> [Nabooru]: However, they're trapped inside their own warrior instincts. All they seek is battle, even if it's from their most loved ones.
  204. <DM> [Nabooru]: One more thing...
  205. <DM> *She gets in front of you and slaps you in the face!
  206. <DM> *Do you block or let her?
  207. <Corsava> I'll let her
  208. <DM> *She strikes you with a sting, and she doesn't hold back either.
  209. <DM> [Nabooru]: You took responsibility for leading us out of our dark days and into a new light, BUT...
  210. <DM> [Nabooru]: Don't try to bear this weight all by yourself. We don't need a second leader succumbing to the same temptations that dragged our King into evil...
  211. <DM> [Nabooru]: We are your sisters. Never forget that.
  212. <DM> *She turns back around, joining alongside you with a pair of blades drawn.
  213. * Corsava quietly nods and turns to face the Iron Knuckles
  214. <DM> *Without turning to face you...
  215. <DM> [Nabooru]: What is your command, Qu-... no, our sister?
  216. <Corsava> "Nabooru, I need you to support us magically, so that we can get our sisters out of those suits. I'm going to go in and aggress them, hopefully they'll concentrate on me while our sisters help destroy that armor.
  217. <DM> *She nods, and with a few motions to the other warriors, they fully understand.
  218. <DM> *Round 2, start!
  219. <DM> *Two of the Iron Knuckles immediately swing the Ball-and-Chains at the other Gerudo!
  220. <DM> *They try using team Kaitens to defend!
  221. <DM> Gerudo = Heads
  222. <DM> $1d2
  223. <Navi> DM: You flipped 1 coin. Result: Tails.
  224. <DM> *The devastating might of their weapons blasts through your flanks, sending 4 of your Gerudo sisters flying back into the houses behind you.
  225. <DM> [Nabooru]: CHAAAAAAARGE!
  226. <DM> *Nabooru gets to magic buffing not just you, but everyone. You recall her mentioning that she previously couldn't do this before, so you're not entirely sure how she's doing this...
  227. <DM> *You see her Spirit rise to full power, encompassing nearly her whole body, like a raging flame in the desert.
  228. <Corsava> Corsava: 90/109h, 69/112m| +5 to all; Afflicting Attack; Twinrova Form; +9 Power; +25 Wisdom;
  229. <DM> *Your +5 to all gets refreshed, and meanwhile, all the other Gerudo Warriors gain that same spiritual bonus!
  230. * Corsava draws my bow and fires Impact Arrows into the one bearing Ahlma's sword.
  231. <DM> *Roll in the hole!
  232. <Corsava> $69d10
  233. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 69 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 382. Successes: 45.
  234. <DM> $60d10
  235. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 317. Successes: 40.
  236. <DM> *Success! Your Impact Arrow actually pushes Ahlma back, leaving a dent in that ridiculous armor!
  237. <DM> *Some of the other Gerudo warrior draw impact arrows, following up on you. However, two of the Iron Knuckles start whirling around the Ball-and-Chains, creating a protective barrier of sorts.
  238. <DM> Gerudo = 2
  239. <DM> $1d3
  240. <Navi> DM: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 3.
  241. <DM> *Your sisters' arrows end up getting deflected by the whirling of the Ball-and-Chains.
  242. <DM> *Lastly, the remaining Gerudo go for an attack on the flanking Iron Knuckles.
  243. <DM> Gerudo = Heads
  244. <DM> $1d2
  245. <Navi> DM: You flipped 1 coin. Result: Tails.
  246. <DM> *Annnd despite their spirit bonus and Keese-enhanced blades, they're unable to get through that great armor.
  247. <DM> *Round 2 is over!
  248. <DM> *Round 3, go nuts!
  249. <Corsava> +5 wis
  250. <DM> *Suddenly, the two flanking Iron Knuckles LEAP into the air, trying to land on the archers!
  252. <DM> Iron Knuckles = Odds
  253. <DM> $1d3
  254. <Navi> DM: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 1.
  255. <DM> *Caught off guard by what you thought were slow moving iron warriors, two of them end up disrupting your lines! Your archers are thrown off-guard, and they're forced to disperse. One of the Ball-and-Chains lands directly on one of them, knocking her out into a bloodied mess.
  256. <DM> *The two that were whirling their weapons around the previous round attack you, in a coordinated strike! Unlike the one frrom the cliffside, these aren't colliding with each other as much!
  257. <DM> *You see a glow around the giant spiked balls as they lock onto you, and release!
  258. <DM> *Roll Power to defend, ignoring your Defense Dice!
  259. <DM> $80d10
  260. <Navi> DM: You rolled 80 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 400. Successes: 49.
  261. <DM> DESCRIPTION: Once charged, lock in on a target, and let loose!
  262. <DM> EFFECT: Ignore the target’s Defense Dice for this attack.
  263. <DM> Roll your Power dice vs. targets' Power dice
  264. <DM> Damage: +10
  265. <DM> EFFECT 1: If this is aimed at someone using Cover, add 15 Dice to the attack roll.
  266. <DM> EFFECT: If it hits, reduce target’s Defense Dice to 0.
  267. <DM> DURATION: One round
  268. * Corsava uses my quick swap to switch equipment to the Spellweave plate and spends my Water affinity to negate their attack's EFFECT
  269. <Corsava> $32d10
  270. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 32 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 8, 2, 4, 5, 9, 3, 9, 10, 7, 4, 2, 1, 1, 2, 7, 5, 2, 5, 2, 3, 6, 1, 6, 3, 9, 1, 7, 7, 6, 9, 9 and 4. Total: 159. Successes: 18.
  271. <Corsava> $32d10
  272. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 32 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 10, 2, 9, 8, 5, 7, 7, 2, 10, 9, 3, 1, 10, 9, 5, 2, 3, 7, 5, 9, 7, 10, 1, 6, 1, 8, 3, 6, 6, 1, 9 and 5. Total: 186. Successes: 26.
  273. <DM> *Even though you can't see their spirits, you notice a glow from within the Iron Knuckles, similar to your own freerolling Spirit Power.
  274. <DM> $80d10
  275. <Navi> DM: You rolled 80 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 444. Successes: 56.
  276. * Corsava uses Protective Robes of the Wise Queen to add an additional 26 armor, paying 21 magic, and letting a single point of damage go through
  277. <DM> *That tiny bit of backlash is enough to lower the attacking force, as you see part of their armor melt and freeze simultaneously.
  278. <DM> *However, despite blocking the whole attack with your armor, it's not enough to stop the power of physics sending you flying into the house behind you.
  279. <DM> *KER-DUNK
  280. <DM> *With a few bricks bouncing off your ridiculous defense, you recover to your feet, and you notice one of the few, rare, Gerudo kids, left in your civilization.
  281. <Corsava> (can I air dash to stop the momentum?)
  282. <DM> (sure)
  283. <Corsava> (It says it instantly changes my direction and cancels any previous velocity I had)
  284. <DM> *Correction, you don't slam into the wall behind you, you air dash just in time to skillfully land on the wall behind you, before gracefully stepping back down.
  285. <DM> *The kid nearby looks in awe in your epic Twinrova form and your incredible agility.
  286. <DM> [Kid]: That was amazing! I wanna... I wanna be just like you when I grow up!
  287. <DM> *Yes, just like you. You, who let your sisters down and now you try to take all the burden yourself, you self-righteous overpowered character.
  288. * Corsava smiles at the child, shocked and unsure what to say
  289. <DM> *She hops up and whispers into your ear.
  290. <DM> [Kid]: By the way, I found the things!
  291. <Corsava> "You did?!"
  292. <Corsava> "That's wonderful!"
  293. <DM> *She steps back down, and she makes an exaggerated motion with her hands.
  294. <DM> [Kid]: Yeah, the things that go boom!
  295. <DM> [Kid]: I was curious what they were, so I tried sparking them with my blade, but my grandmommy stopped me from blowing up the whole valley.
  296. * Corsava looks into the house
  297. <DM> *You see... one of the bombs. It seems to be a full on Powder Keg.
  298. <Corsava> "This is...the best news I've gotten all day."
  299. <Corsava> "I have to keep away from them, though. Half of me is on fire."
  300. <DM> [Kid]: I lifted that thing over here and carried it all by myself!
  301. <DM> [Kid]: The rest of em are over there!
  302. <DM> *She points in the direction of the Iron Knuckles.
  303. <Corsava> "Well, that's good news. I was already going there!"
  304. <DM> [Kid]: I maaaay have snuck into the fountain. I hope Nabooru doesn't get angry with me.
  305. <Corsava> "She won't be."
  306. <DM> *She beams with excitement at the thought that someday, she'll be an explosive arsonist that'll make the Gorons jealous.
  307. <DM> *Round 3 over!*
  308. <DM> *Round 4 a-go-go!
  309. <Corsava> +5 wis
  310. <DM> *From outside the house, you hear the sounds of battle raging on, though with a new explosive at your side, things seem more hopeful...
  311. * Corsava grabs the keg, rushes as far as I can into the fray, and loads the Powder Keg into my Broken Bow, hoping that it'll be able to crack that armor
  312. <Corsava> "NABOORU! SISTERS, GET PRONE!"
  313. <DM> *Well, thanks to your Power boost, you're able to lift the Powder Keg and somehow load the giant hunk into your Broken Bow.
  314. * Corsava Fires
  315. <DM> *You pass by Ay'esha, who just gives you this big ol'-
  316. <DM> [Ay'esha]: What the f-
  317. <DM> *Her eyes widen at the sight of the Powder Keg.
  319. <DM> [Gerudo1]: BOMB?!
  320. <DM> [Gerudo2]: WE HAVE BOMBS?!
  321. <DM> [Gerudo3]: SAVORQ, WE HAVE BOMBS!
  322. <Corsava> $52d10
  323. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 52 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 278. Successes: 34.
  324. <DM> *Okay, so you fire at Ahlma and the other three that haven't jumped forward...
  325. <DM> $40d10
  326. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 2, 10, 4, 6, 4, 4, 4, 1, 8, 4, 1, 9, 6, 6, 9, 5, 3, 9, 4, 5, 1, 5, 10, 10, 5, 7, 10, 8, 4, 8, 3, 5, 8, 7, 1, 1, 10, 5, 1 and 7. Total: 220. Successes: 29.
  327. <DM> *One of the Iron Knuckles tries to catch it, but the impact forces it back slightly. It looks down, about to throw it back, when it notices the fuse has just hit 0.
  328. <DM> *You've heard Gerudo trapped in Iron Knuckles can't speak, but your ears tell you otherwise in this moment of silence before the big boom.
  329. <DM> [Iron Knuckle]: Well shiiiiiii-
  330. <DM> *The sizzle reaches the powder inside, and you see dark forces at work, as your Dark Mark flares in reaction to the bomb. Turns out, that's not normal powder in there. That's some darkness infused love!
  331. <DM> *A great violet explosion goes off! The Iron Knuckle holding it is sent flying upwards into the Mountain Temple, creating an Iron Knuckle shaped hole in the side of it. The ensuing blast knocks the other nearby Iron Knuckles down, sending a whole cloud of dust and sand into the air.
  332. <DM> *The shockwave ends up sending some of your own to the side, but thankfully they weren't close enough to take any serious injuries.
  333. <DM> *The explosion practically brews a sandstorm, blinding the Iron Knuckles from their overly thick armor and thin visage that they look out of from within their helmets... but not you all! You're Gerudo. Sand is nothing to you all.
  334. * Corsava does my best to return to the fray
  335. <DM> *Nearby, the two Iron Knuckles that jumped forward are no longer able to see properly, and the Gerudo attacking them get an advantage!
  336. <DM> Gerudo = Odd
  337. <DM> $1d3
  338. <Navi> DM: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 3.
  340. <DM> *Through your weather sight, you see your Gerudo companions surround and disarm the two brutes. They get to trying to pin the two down onto the ground, where they can eat more coarse rough sand that gets everywhere, especially the nooks and crannies in their armor.
  341. <DM> *3 Iron Knuckles down, and now the odds are evened up against Ahlma and two Iron Knuckles left!
  342. <DM> *Round 4 over.
  343. <DM> *Round 5, starto!
  344. <Corsava> +5 wis
  345. * Corsava rushes closer and uses my Spirit Vision to try to determine what's going on with my Sisters
  346. <DM> *Now that one of those Iron Knuckles is cracked open, you can see on the inside, a bloodthirsty Gerudo warrior who's trying to fight back, and the soul of a Ghini, infused by Agahnim's powers, trying desperately to hold onto the body it's attached to.
  347. <DM> *As you get closer, your Dark Mark pulses and reacts to the powers of Agahnim within the Ghini. On one hand, you can clear see its soul, separate from the Gerudo, but on the other hand... perhaps you could absorb its power directly.
  348. * Corsava draws a Spirit Arrow, Sniping to get a precise shot at one of the Ghini
  349. <Corsava> or..I guess *the*
  350. <Corsava> but w/e
  351. <DM> *You fight back against the Dark Mark's impulses, clear your mind, and fire!
  352. <Corsava> $90d10
  353. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 90 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 493. Successes: 60.
  354. <DM> *With precision aim, you fire a shot that strikes the Ghini directly, sniping out just the Ghini's soul and reinvigorating the Gerudo trapped within! Your arrow is filled with so much power that it arcs around and hits the other prone Gerudo, killing a second Ghini!
  355. <DM> $40d10
  356. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 4, 1, 1, 4, 7, 1, 8, 5, 4, 6, 8, 2, 10, 7, 1, 3, 6, 2, 5, 5, 3, 9, 4, 4, 3, 1, 2, 7, 3, 4, 3, 6, 5, 4, 9, 1, 5, 7, 6 and 9. Total: 185. Successes: 20.
  357. <DM> $40d10
  358. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 2, 3, 1, 2, 9, 1, 4, 5, 3, 8, 9, 5, 7, 3, 8, 10, 4, 10, 7, 6, 3, 10, 2, 8, 3, 10, 8, 8, 7, 3, 6, 9, 6, 6, 10, 5, 7, 4, 9 and 10. Total: 241. Successes: 32.
  359. <DM> Kay, +40 from the first, +28 from the second
  360. <DM> *With their souls feeding back into you courtesies of the Spirit Arrow's powers, you gain a whole giant boatload of Hearts and Magic!
  361. <DM> *You hear a voice from within you. You recognize it, but you can't place the voice.
  362. <DM> [Voice]: Yes, feed your power. Let it grow within you...
  363. <DM> *The voice fades, and you notice the Dark Mark, which had previously covered just your hand, is now slowly arcing up and twisting past your wrist. You don't feel pain from it, just... the joy of so much power.
  364. <DM> *Round 5 over, onto...
  365. <DM> *Round 6!
  366. <Corsava> +5 wis
  367. <DM> *Ahlma and the other Iron Knuckles have recovered!
  368. <DM> *Nabooru steps up from alongside you.
  369. <DM> [Nabooru]: I think I've got a reading on those Ghinis. Let me try this...
  370. <DM> *She puts her hands on your back, empowering your already OP spirit. Combined with your precision strike earlier, you're now able to see within the Iron Knuckles' armor!
  371. <DM> *The other two Iron Knuckles' Ghinis are clearly visible to you now! However, Ahlma's is clouded with something a bit... stronger.
  372. <DM> *You see Ahlma's armor start to flare with hot, violet lightning arcs.
  373. <DM> *She holds out a hand towards the other two Iron Knuckles, and you see the spirits of the Gerudos within quickly drain away.
  374. <Corsava> "Thank you, sister. I think I know what that arcing means. I don't think anyone else should get in its way."
  375. <DM> [Nabooru]: Archers, stop her!
  376. <DM> *The remaining Gerudo still standing rev up their bows and arrows, and fire a swarm of arrows at Ahlma!
  377. <DM> Gerudo = Odds
  378. <DM> $1d3
  379. <Navi> DM: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 1.
  380. * Corsava bears the lens of Truth to help focus the magical sight Ahlma's already given me and loads another Spirit Arrow
  382. <DM> *The swarm of arrows disrupts Ahlma's... whatever she was doing. The other two Iron Knuckles are released from that power, and they go into frenzy, full on bull-charging you all!
  383. <DM> [Nabooru]: Keep aiming, we'll hold them!
  384. <DM> *Do you actually put faith in your sisters to block this, or do you aid them?
  385. <DM> *With the Lens of Truth, you see Ahlma trapped inside a swirl of Agahnim's powers, trying to fight herself. You hear her saying...
  386. <DM> [Ahlma]: I've failed them. I've failed her. I've failed myelf. How can I ever deserve to face her...
  387. * Corsava uses Snipe, choosing to try to let go of my micromanaging, untrusting nature, and try to have faith in them as I take the shot at the swirl of Aghanim's Powers
  388. <DM> *It's like an echo of your own thoughts from a bit ago...
  389. <Corsava> $103d10
  390. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 103 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 563. Successes: 72.
  391. <DM> *With your Twilight Scope + Lens of Truth attachment, you see exactly what's ailing Ahlma, taking shot at it and kicking the uncertainty out of both her and yourself...
  392. <DM> [Voice]: Good, good...
  393. <DM> *That voice returns, yet once more, you can't place the voice.
  394. <DM> *Meanwhile, Nabooru and co. try to blocking the bullcharge!
  395. <DM> *Would you like to make the call, Corsava? Heads or Tails!
  396. <Corsava> Tails
  397. <DM> $1d2
  398. <Navi> DM: You flipped 1 coin. Result: Heads.
  399. <DM> *You close your eyes... and you fire! The arrow shoots out, but it's veered off course by the incoming bullcharge...
  400. <DM> *Nabooru and the others do a team kaiten, but having fought so long and not exactly having your insane uhh... growing stamina, they fail to stop the charge, getting flung to the side!
  401. <DM> *Hearing the charge coming at you, your focus is thrown off, and your arrow arcs backwards, striking the Ghinis within these two Iron Knuckles instead! They stop in their tracks, and end up not making mincemeat of some of your sisters.
  402. <DM> *On the plus side, that's more uhhh....
  403. <DM> $40d10
  404. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 2, 6, 5, 4, 9, 6, 9, 2, 7, 5, 9, 2, 8, 3, 3, 8, 2, 6, 5, 4, 8, 3, 2, 2, 9, 10, 4, 8, 1, 1, 10, 3, 7, 4, 6, 5, 10, 4, 7 and 6. Total: 215. Successes: 26.
  405. <DM> $40d10
  406. <Navi> DM: You rolled 40 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 8, 5, 8, 6, 8, 10, 3, 10, 6, 7, 3, 3, 10, 4, 4, 9, 3, 8, 6, 4, 8, 5, 6, 4, 9, 1, 9, 9, 4, 6, 4, 2, 10, 2, 8, 8, 1, 10, 7 and 6. Total: 244. Successes: 31.
  407. <DM> *Yeah, go ahead, do your math...
  408. * Corsava freerolls self
  409. <Corsava> $103d10
  410. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 103 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 594. Successes: 76.
  411. <DM> *You open your eyes to see Ahlma is still entwirled in purple lightning.
  412. <DM> *She looks back at you, through your Lens of Truth, and she shakes her head slightly. She mutters back to you...
  413. <DM> [Ahlma]: I'm sorry...
  414. <DM> *Lightning crackles from the dark storm above and strikes down upon Ahlma!
  415. <Corsava> "Don't be sorry, Ahlma. He can break nothing that I cannot mend."
  416. <DM> *Looking back with the Lens of Truth, she's now possessed directly by the spirit of Papa Palpatine.
  417. <DM> *You hear a maniacal hollow laugh from her voice, which is now overlaid by Agahnim.
  418. <DM> [Agahnim]: You've gained an incredible amount of power. Far more than I could ever achieve back in my old lifetime...
  419. <DM> [Agahnim]: But now, allow me to impart a gift from my new master...
  420. <DM> *A spiritual hand reaches out, and you see a mask of some kind. You recall seeing the Mask Man use this very mask on one or two occasions in the Twilight Realm, slapping it onto something in order to drastically amplify its power.
  421. <DM> [Agahnim]: BEHOLD, MY NEW FORM!
  422. <DM> *He slaps that Mask of Truth onto Ahlma's Iron Knuckle self, with him inside of it.
  423. <DM> *A surge of madness and power unfold before your very eyes. Your Dark Mark goes wild in reaction to it. There's a flash of purple light, blinding you momentarily.
  424. <DM> *The flash dies down, and standing before you is the Iron Knuckle of Ahlma, just as before, but there's now a cape of purple lightning flowing behind her, and her Greatsword is equally electrifying. The Mask of Truth is plastered onto where the helmet is, but otherwise, she oddly doesn't take on much else physically.
  425. <DM> [Agahnim]: Impressed, are you not?
  426. * Corsava raises an eyebrow. "If you want to see me impressed, show me someone impressive. You're just a man in a mask."
  427. <DM> [Agahnim]: Well then... let the show begin!
  428. <DM> *Round 6 over..
  429. <DM> *Round 7, lightning edition, go!
  430. <Corsava> +5 wis
  431. <DM> *Fullmetal Agahnim holds the Greatsword to the side, then swings outwards! A massive burst of lightning shoots outwards, striking you and everyone else!
  432. <DM> *Roll Wisdom to defend!
  433. * Corsava shouts to the other girls to use Kaiten, direct it towards me
  434. <DM> $120d10
  435. <Navi> DM: You rolled 120 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 654. Successes: 79.
  436. <DM> *They do as you command!
  437. <DM> Gerudo = 2
  438. <DM> $1d3
  439. <Navi> DM: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 1.
  440. <Corsava> I'm going to use Kaiten
  441. <Corsava> Effect B
  442. <DM> *Unfortunately, everyone else's Kaiten not only fails, but their swords are electrified! Everyone else becomes disarmed of their weapons!
  443. <Corsava> $117d10
  444. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 117 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 565. Successes: 64.
  445. <Corsava> armor reroll
  446. <Corsava> $117d10
  447. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 117 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 663. Successes: 89.
  448. <DM> *Agahnim freerolls!
  449. <DM> $120d10
  450. <Navi> DM: You rolled 120 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 655. Successes: 83.
  451. <DM> *You manage to just barely to fend off the attack!
  452. <Corsava> turn freeroll on Aghie
  453. <DM> $120d10
  454. <Navi> DM: You rolled 120 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 629. Successes: 77.
  455. <DM> *With your two energized swords, you take on the lightning, letting it arc between your blades a bit, before pushing back with a Kaiten of your own! You Rey Skywalker the lightning back at Papa Palpatine, who raises a gauntlet to defend!
  456. <DM> $60d10
  457. <Navi> DM: You rolled 60 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 345. Successes: 45.
  458. <Corsava> "I am all the Gerudo."
  459. <Corsava> "After that lightning blast, that's probably a correct statement."
  460. <DM> *Your lightning pushes him back into the Mountain Temple, joining the other Iron Knuckle sized hole you caused earlier.
  461. <DM> [Agahnim]: GAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh-
  462. <DM> *His screams are muffled by the sound of getting blasted through the temple.
  463. * Corsava charges in after him
  464. * Corsava calls out to my sisters to aid the wounded, and speak with a child about some powder kegs
  465. <DM> *They nod and abide by your words.
  466. * Corsava charges into the temple, probably literally flying with my cape and hair
  467. <DM> *You solo your way into the Mountain Temple, flying a full room in before finding Agahnim.
  468. <DM> *You see that although you blasted him back with lighting, his armor is practically unharmed.
  469. <DM> *Fullmetal Agahnim is quick to recover to his feet, and as you approach Agahnim in an enclosed space, a magic circle activates around you, entrapping you two in this room.
  470. <DM> [Agahnim]: Good. Now I can show you the full power of the dark side...
  471. <DM> *His sword glows with so much lightning, it practically becomes an oversized lightsaber.
  472. <DM> *Man, if only Palpatine had that in the actual movie...
  473. <Corsava> "Ahlma, you haven't failed me. You need to know that. We're sisters, and we haven't failed until the very last of our kind draws breath."
  474. <DM> [Agahnim]: Don't bother wasting your breath, she can't hear you now!
  475. <DM> *Round 7 over!
  476. <DM> *Round 8...
  477. <DM> okay, at this point, because it's an enclosed mono e mono battle, I'm just gonna let this turn into act and react.
  478. <DM> *A magic circle of lightning entraps you into the room. It doesn't seem all that powerful, but you notice your equipment sparking just slightly...
  479. <DM> [Agahnim]: Come now... SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!
  480. <Corsava> Corsava: 253/272h, 196/275m | Twinrova Form |+5 to All| 33pt Heart Buffer| Afflicting Attack | Hastened
  481. * Corsava charges up Inverse Kaiten
  482. <DM> *Fullmetal Agahnim charges to strike you, but at the last moment, he disappears, and appears from behind you, striking with haste! Roll Courage to defend!
  483. <DM> $75d10 Agahnim
  484. <Navi> DM: You rolled 75 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 395. Successes: 52.
  485. * Corsava uses my robe to swap with Wisdom
  486. <Corsava> $105d10
  487. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 105 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 612. Successes: 84.
  488. <DM> *The great protective barrier forms, and without looking, your barrier protects you from his strike! However, something odd happens. An electrical jolt passes through your barrier and strikes your Robes directly!
  489. <DM> *Your Robes are shocked off!
  490. <DM> *They land on the floor nearby. Seems you're no longer able to access their ridiculous armor bonus or the Wisdom swap...
  491. * Corsava releases my Inverse Kaiten
  492. <DM> *You proceed to try and strike him!
  493. <DM> *Roll it!
  494. <Corsava> $54d10
  495. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 54 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 310. Successes: 41.
  496. * Corsava releases my Inverse Kaiten
  497. <Corsava> $54d10
  498. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 54 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 298. Successes: 38.
  499. <Corsava> $54d10
  500. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 54 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 269. Successes: 30.
  501. <DM> *Agahnim uses a teleport to dodge the first one, but he's forced to defend the second two!
  502. <DM> $42d10
  503. <Navi> DM: You rolled 42 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 2, 7, 5, 3, 1, 7, 6, 10, 8, 1, 2, 8, 5, 6, 6, 3, 3, 2, 7, 4, 3, 10, 1, 10, 2, 9, 9, 5, 8, 4, 7, 10, 10, 1, 2, 10, 8, 7, 10, 5, 7 and 1. Total: 235. Successes: 33.
  504. <DM> $42d10
  505. <Navi> DM: You rolled 42 Dice with 10 Sides. Results: 3, 1, 6, 8, 4, 9, 10, 10, 2, 2, 9, 2, 1, 10, 1, 9, 5, 8, 2, 1, 7, 2, 2, 8, 1, 9, 4, 10, 4, 1, 10, 6, 2, 6, 3, 5, 4, 2, 4, 6, 3 and 3. Total: 205. Successes: 24.
  506. <DM> *Your second two hits strike! But they're unable to pierce his ridiculous Iron Knuckle armor.
  507. <DM> *As you draw your blades back into a bow, you notice that same electrical shock that hit your robes now affecting you! However, the strength of your Dark Mark steadies your grip, allowing you to fire!
  508. <Corsava> $64d10
  509. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 64 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 365. Successes: 48.
  510. <DM> $54d10
  511. <Navi> DM: You rolled 54 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 282. Successes: 33.
  512. <DM> +30 damage, so...
  513. <DM> *Your Siege Blast strikes him directly!
  514. <DM> 45 - 30 armor = 15 damage!
  515. <DM> *Your Siege Blast finally makes a dent through that insane Iron Knuckle armor! He's blasted back a second time, bursting through his own lightning barrier!
  516. <DM> *Your robes are still too shocked to properly re-equip them, but you notice he's now been knocked into the next room...
  517. <DM> *Now that you think about it, you think you know this room. It's where you met Nabooru.
  518. * Corsava advances into the room
  519. <DM> *You head on in, and the only real lighting in this room is from the tealish glow of the sparkling water below, and from Agahnim's ridiculous lightning. You realize you're in the Fairy Fountain.
  520. <DM> [Agahnim]: Mwahahaahah, just as planned!
  521. <DM> *Agahnim strikes the lightning!
  522. <DM> wait
  523. <DM> *Agahnim strikes the water with his lightning!
  524. * Corsava floats above it because I can fly
  525. <DM> *The water below you immediately gets zapped, turning a blinding purple. However, you manage to escape into the air just in time!
  526. <DM> [Agahnim]: Hmph, so you can fly, huh?
  527. * Corsava conjures the head of Ganon "Flying would be among my least impressive deeds, sorcerer."
  528. <DM> *He looks at the head of Ganondorf, his former master, completely shocked and realizing... maybe he's in over his head.
  529. <DM> (EYOOOOOOOO)
  530. <DM> [Agahnim]: No... no way!
  531. <DM> [Agahnim]: You killed my master?! The Great King of the Gerudo?!
  532. <DM> [Agahnim]: THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!
  533. <Corsava> "It's funny, he died by underestimating me too."
  534. <DM> [Agahnim]: Grrrrrr.... well then...
  535. <DM> [Agahnim]: So be it.
  536. <Corsava> "I am Corsava, Queen of the Gerudo, and you will leave my people in peace, and never return."
  537. <Corsava> "Whether you rout or fall in battle, you *will* never hurt our people again."
  538. <DM> [Agahnim]: Queen? QUEEN?! The Gerudo have never had a Queen before, only enslavers!
  539. * Corsava draws my blades "What's it to be? A thousand cuts, or retreat?"
  540. <DM> [Agahnim]: No.... A THOUSAND LIGHTNING BOLTS!
  541. <DM> *Agahnim forms a second blade of lightning, and then, using the skills of Ahlma within, whirls around with a LIGHTNING KAITEN!
  542. <DM> *As he does so, the armor he's wearing expunges, turning into blades that shoot outwards with this mega Kaiten.
  543. <DM> *Covering the whole room, and siphoning from the power of the Fairy Fountain, the great light engulfs you!
  544. <DM> *Roll Wisdom to defend!
  545. <DM> [Agahnim]: UNNNNNNNNLIMITED......
  547. <DM> $300d10
  548. <Navi> DM: You rolled 300 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 1,686. Successes: 219.
  549. <Corsava> quick swap to Spellweave
  550. <Corsava> spending Light
  551. <Corsava> $1d3
  552. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  553. <DM> *Courtesies of compression in an enclosed space, he's hitting with the full might of his power!
  554. <Corsava> rerolling
  555. <Corsava> $1d3
  556. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 1 Die with 3 Sides. Result: 2.
  557. <DM> *You try to auto-dodge it, your powers to-be are unable to evade it!
  558. <Corsava> $105d10
  559. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 105 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 586. Successes: 75.
  560. <Orithan> $calc 219-75
  561. <Corsava> $105d10
  562. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 105 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 596. Successes: 80.
  563. <DM> *139 damage!
  564. <Corsava> 139-13-33
  565. <Corsava> 253-93 hearts
  566. <DM> *With the overwhelming power, your Twinrova form finally wears off! However....
  567. <DM> *As the static dies down, you re-emerge from it, with an overwhelming amount of spiritual power, keeping you strong.
  568. <DM> *Agahnim has shed the armor, having used it as a conduit to go all-out in that attack.
  569. <DM> *All that remains is Ahlma with that Mask of Truth on her face, possessed by Agahnim within.
  570. <Corsava> "Are you quite finished?"
  571. <DM> [Agahnim]: Wha.... what is this?
  573. * Corsava drinks a full rejuvenation potion
  574. <Corsava> "Standing?
  575. <Corsava> Corsava: 272/272h, 275/275m | +5 to all | Afflicting Attack
  576. <DM> *By the way, you can't help but notice that, with the lightning scarring on the walls, a cloak has been burned away, and you see, in all of its glorious might, a full array of powder kegs. Lots... and lots... and lots of them.
  577. <Corsava> "I'm barely touched."
  578. <DM> *With Agahnim is complete shock, you can now see his soul not exactly clinging onto Ahlma as easily.
  579. * Corsava draws a Spirit Arrow
  580. <DM> *He starts laughing all of sudden.
  581. <DM> [Agahnim]: Ahahahah... hahahahah....
  582. <DM> [Agahnim]: So what... SO WHAT?!
  583. <DM> [Agahnim]: You can take me down, but while I was distracting you, hundreds more of my forces have been sneaking in from the desert!
  584. <Corsava> "Good."
  585. <DM> [Agahnim]: They'll overwhelm you, and take you, the Gerudo, and this whole fortress down!
  586. <Corsava> "We've bombed the entire city."
  587. <DM> [Agahnim]: H-whazzat?
  588. <Corsava> "They'll be annihilated in a blast that will destroy this whole fortress."
  589. <Corsava> "But it was fun distracting you."
  590. * Corsava looses the arrow
  591. <DM> *Agahnim finally turns to look towards the array of bombs on the side, completely oblivious to the arrow.
  592. <Corsava> $85d10
  593. <Navi> Corsava: You rolled 85 Dice with 10 Sides. Total: 440. Successes: 50.
  594. <DM> *Your Spirit Arrow strikes him directly, breaking the Mask of Truth and pinning the ethereal form of Agahnim into the bombs!
  595. <DM> *The arrow strikes several fuses...
  596. <DM> *The form of Agahnim looks up, trying to free himself from the arrow, at the bombs...
  597. <DM> [Agahnim]: Hahahahah.... as if mere mortal means could kill me!
  598. <DM> [Agahnim]: Actually... hold on, I've owned this room for years! How could I not know about these bombs?! Who's are these?!
  599. * Corsava rips Ahlma out of the armor
  600. <DM> *You pull her from the remains of the armor, freeing her spirit.
  601. <DM> *She looks up at you, weakened, though alive.
  602. * Corsava casts Efficient Mirage on her
  603. <DM> [Ahlma]: You... you came back for me...
  604. <Corsava> Get out of here.
  605. <DM> *She collapses in your arms.
  606. <DM> *You receive a telepathic message from Nabooru.
  607. <Corsava> "You think this is to kill you? As if you were important enough for us to focus all our attention on that? Enjoy the glass fortress.
  608. <DM> [Nabooru]: Corsava, are you still there? There's hundreds of Leevers striking the city! We've found a cave path that leads out. Is there any way for you teleport to us?
  609. <Corsava> Uh...I don't really know. Are any of you afflicted with Madness?
  610. <DM> [Nabooru]: Well, we do have some Gerudo that just emerged from some Iron Knuckles. Does that count?
  611. * Corsava throws a magic blanket over myself and Ahlma
  612. <DM> [Agahnim]: Wait.. what the... where you'd go?!
  613. <Corsava> "We've got more important things to do than to pal around.
  614. <Corsava> "But, you know, enjoy the fireworks"
  615. <DM> [Agahnim]: No... no... COME BACK! DIE WITH ME! BURN IN THE ETERNAL FLAMES CAUSED BY- seriously, who made these bombs?
  616. * Corsava heads towards Ahlma
  617. <Corsava> *Nabooru
  618. <DM> *As the fuse strikes 0, Agahnim peers closer to find a note placed within the bombs...
  619. <DM> [Note]: From Ganondorf with love...
  620. <DM> [Agahnim]: MASTER-?!
  621. * Corsava chuckles "I've got you, Ahlma."
  622. <Corsava> "We're alive, and more importantly, I'm pretty sure that those bombs react to my mark."
  623. <Corsava> "So...not sure if he considered that in 'mortal means'"
  624. <Corsava> "But I guess we'll find out."
  625. <DM> *Ahlma hugs back unconsciously, enjoying your embrace and the explosions from all arounnd.
  626. <DM> *You proceed to go deaf as an overwhelming number of explosives go off all at once!
  627. <DM> *From around your phase blanket, you can see megatons of shockwaves blaze through and pulverize the sandstorm into smithereens!
  628. <DM> fine, not megatons, but still... a lot
  629. <DM> *The Mountain Temple itself practically vaporizes, and as you look out towards the rest of Gerudo Fortress, the cascading blasts strike the mountainsides, sending avalanches into the air. Whatever Leevers aren't annihilated by the blast are then crushed by an onslaught of rocks and debris.
  630. * Corsava uses the Gerudo Cloak to calmly float down
  631. <DM> *Meanwhile, the two of you phase through Ganondorf's late present and continue to float, down and away. You try to find the caves that Nabooru and the others escaped to, but as you float around the endless abyss covered in your phasing cloak, you end up getting caught by something else...
  632. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  633. <DM> -=LOADING=-
  634. <DM> -=SESSION END=-
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