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Feb 25th, 2020
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  1. <color=red>WELCOME TO</color> PROJECT <color=green>XENON</color>
  2. <color=red>[1]</color> <color=yellow>- No cheating, Aimbots, Wallhack and glitching is not allowed in any circumstances. Dont ruin peoples games.</color>
  3. <color=red>[2]</color> <color=yellow>- If you are the last one in your team (example: 1 MTF vs 1 SCP) dont extend the match, this means that no camping is allowed.</color>
  4. <color=red>[3]</color> <color=yellow>- No teaming, even tho it maybe fun sometimes. Teaming is only allowed if you have plans to disarm, or kill the other player. (example: 1 D-class vs 1 MTF) in this case the D-class may team but will need to find a way to eliminate or disarm the enemy. If you are caught teaming in a situation where both have a weapon you'll be banned for a fair time.</color>
  5. <color=red>[4]</color> <color=yellow>- Intercomm systems may be used, for serious purposes only. if you play music, say something irrational/non-sense or just put some meme in the intercomm you'll be kicked for a fair time.</color>
  6. <color=red>[5]</color> <color=yellow>- Ghosting is not allowed, even tho its impossible in game it can happen via a discord call, if you are caught ghosting you'll be banned for a fair time (Both users, or everyone who was on the act)</color>
  7. <color=red>[6]</color> <color=yellow>- As we already said, your name has got to be a readable name, that means no special characters (numbers and signs are accepted whilst they are readable) If you dont change your name to an accepted one you will be banned until you have changed you name.</color>
  8. <color=red>[7]</color> <color=yellow>- Racism, sexism or just criticising people in-game is not allowed, if you get caught criticising someone you'll be banned for a fair time.</color>
  9. <color=red>[8]</color> <color=yellow>- Bad word usage is allowed, whenever its not used for a verbal fight, you'll be kicked for a fair time if you dont accomplish this rule.</color>
  10. <color=red>[9]</color> <color=yellow>- No Teamkilling (even tho the friendly fire is on.) if you kill team mates for no reason you'll be banned for a fair time. If you fire at them for a reason (example: he has been annoying in the match) you may shoot 'em. (note: If you accidentally team kill its completely fine. Whenever you report it via radio, basic communication ._.)</color>
  11. JOIN OUR <color=purple>DISCORD</color>:
  12. <color=red>NOTE</color>: <color=yellow> Searching for Admins!</color>
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