Solar Eclipse (One Shot)

Aug 18th, 2013
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  1. >Night Pet Toys in Equestria
  2. >Be the Royal Princess Celestia
  3. >You lower the sun in its heavens on another glorious day as you stand atop your majestic balcony
  4. >In perfect harmony, your little sister, Princess Luna, lifts the moon to its height
  5. >You sigh at how harmonious you two have become again
  6. >It is good to have your beloved sister back
  7. >You decide that you will walk to your darling sister tonight, if only to prolong the anticipation of another eve's worth of excitement
  8. >Some time ago, your sister and you had discovered the strange create know simply as, "Anonymous"
  9. >He is a beast known as human or man, but for you, he is simply a beast
  10. >You find the long walk through the castle to be delightful as you contemplate tonight's endeavors
  11. >With a gentle knock, you gain entrance to your sister's room
  12. "Hail, Sister! How does the night find you?"
  13. >"It finds us well, dear Sister! Please tell us that we shall be visiting the human this night?"
  14. "Aye, dear Luna, we will."
  15. >You step about your sister and see her tail raised ever so slightly
  16. "I am glad you have enjoyed our meetings. It has been too long."
  17. >"Yes, but the past is just that. We feel that our relationship has been strengthen in the times since our return."
  18. >You try to sound as pleasant as possible
  19. "Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I am glad we have come to rule together again as it should be."
  20. >With a quick motion, you glide your face under your sister's tail and give her a teasing lick
  21. >She tastes not unlike wild blueberries and your smile
  22. >"Sister! Not where prying eyes may spy."
  23. "Relax, Sister, I have put precaution first and I think you will enjoy tonight even more than the last."
  24. >Luna fidgets around on her delicate hooves and her rump bounces from side to side
  25. >You can smell her eagerness from a fair distance
  26. >"Will we have the one again?"
  27. "Oh, but of course. He is most skilled, wouldn't you agree?"
  28. >"In all our centuries, we would never have expected one so small to be so... virile."
  29. >You summon up your strength as your horn glows a brilliant white and envelopes your sister and you
  30. >Within the moment, you are teleported to a wonderful plane of reality you call, "Summer Sphere"
  31. >Here, the day is always cool and the night is always warm and the grass stays green for all time
  32. >It has the strangest property of always smelling like wild flowers
  33. >You believe it will make the perfect staging ground for this act before turning to Luna
  34. "Sister! Lend me your power and we shall call upon our beloved subject!"
  35. >With a bit more enthusiasm than you'd imagine, Luna lays her horn upon your own
  36. >A spark leaps from your combined horns as the very fabric of time is forced open
  37. >Through the veil, you see the familiar silhouette of a bipedal creature that becomes more pronounced as it draws near
  38. >After an agonizing minute or so, Anonymous reaches through the rift and steps into the Summer Sphere
  39. >"Ah, it's you two again. It has been a while."
  40. >Luna is the first to ask this time
  41. >"How long have you been on your plane?"
  42. >"About a month or 30 days time. Have you summoned me for the usual game?"
  43. "Well, when you say it like -that-..."
  44. >You smirk before galloping to the lovely creature and nuzzling his face with your own
  45. >He responds in kind and strokes your with his nimble hands
  46. >As usually, it begins with a quick kiss on the mouth from you
  47. "We think we have figured out what you would like most that would ensure you stay as a permanent guest of ours."
  48. >Anonymous smiles and casually leans against you
  49. >"I am prepared for your guessing. I must say, you always keep me amused at the very least."
  50. >Luna trots happily to the human and takes up his free side
  51. >She greedily rubs her head under his arm until he is forced to stroke her face in his loving manner
  52. >"Ready, oh dearest Sister?"
  53. "Of course..."
  54. >Your horn lights with soft magic as your strip Anonymous to his true form
  55. >He is an interesting specimen, to say the least
  56. >The very act of removing clothing is rather enticing and your hips sway gently
  57. >Luna brazenly runs her tongue against Anon's chest as his flesh is revealed before you
  58. >Your sister is certainly skilled, you think
  59. >Anon's maleness hangs limply for a time, but only for as long as you so will
  60. "Why do you always hide under clothing, Anonymous? Your body is a sight to behold."
  61. >"On my plane, it is the norm."
  62. >"'Tis a shame, really. Dost thou spend time with other humans like thyself in thy truest form?"
  63. >"Not as of lately, actually. I have been getting such frequent visits from you two that I don't really think about anymore."
  64. "Oh, we do apologize if we call upon you too often."
  65. >You grin a seductive grin through your hollow, white lie
  66. >You gently nip at Anon's neck as your work your way upward
  67. >"I could not complain about how lovely I am treated though. Don't get me wrong."
  68. >Luna stops teasing Anon's nipple long enough to speak
  69. >"It should come as no surprise that we too enjoy your visitations. We would love if thou wouldst stay for a season."
  70. >With little concern for Anon's answer, you see your sister begin to lower her face towards the true prize
  71. >"As I have said, I would love to stay, but I have other matters to attend to still."
  72. "We could offer you wealth and luxury. How would a bed chamber with a thousand cashmere pillows sound, hmm?"
  73. >You lick at Anon's ear and press your body closer
  74. >"It does sound tempting..."
  75. >You feel your wonderful toy jerk slightly as Luna takes his stallion-like shaft in her mouth
  76. >Watching your sister's work play across Anon's face is deliciously exciting and you just have to pull his face in for a kiss
  77. >You give no quarter as your tongue wrestles for purchase in the sexy human's mouth
  78. >His breath is erratic from Luna's increasingly lewd slurping as he nose works tirelessly to draw in air
  79. >There is something magnificent in the way a human can kiss and your tongue enjoys the feeling of such sharp teeth near it
  80. >Anonymous likes to start all games as prey, but soon he will turn predator and then you will test your theory
  81. >You hear the sound of a slick pop as your sister quickly removes Anon from her muzzle
  82. >"Mmm, like coconut and lily, delectable."
  83. >Removing your tongue, Anon takes a deep breath and smiles
  84. >"Ah, I do not remember you being so forward, Princess Luna."
  85. >"We do not remember having a proper taste the last time. Our sister bragged most flagrantly!"
  86. >You giggle in a slightly undignified manner
  87. "But, did I lie, dearest Sister?"
  88. >Luna licks her lips slowly, making sure Anon could see
  89. >"Not at all..."
  90. >She lids her eyes in quite a provocative fashion while resting Anon's erect maleness on her muzzle
  91. >Your backside twitches as you watch the thick member throb with an aching need
  92. "Now, Anonymous, it is time to claim your loyalty to the rulers of Equestria once and for all! Ready, Sister?"
  93. >"Yes, dear Sister!"
  94. >You remove your body from Anon along with Luna and stand near each other
  95. "We have decided that choice is your burden..."
  96. >"... Yet, we would both have you as equal lovers..."
  97. "... So, we have devised a cunning plan..."
  98. >"... To be one for you and many for Equestria..."
  99. >You and your sister look to each other and lay your horns together
  100. "Now, witness our true power!"
  101. >Luna and you speak as one for the next spell
  102. "Solar Eclipse!"
  103. >With the words of power said and the magic flowing brilliantly, the spell takes effect
  104. >You feel the shift in mass as your sister and you fuse into one perfect being of both light and darkness
  105. >Reemerging from your transformation, you stand nearly a meter taller over Anon and your body aches with the lust of two princesses
  106. >Your voice rings out into the calm landscape with the power of both the sun and the moon
  107. "Is our new form pleasing, Anonymous?"
  108. >He stares up in awe and you smile
  109. >Your sister's thoughts merge with your own now and you feel your body ready to conquer the last greatest lover of your time
  110. "You may be surprised by our new vigor. We shall not tire so easily!"
  111. >It takes little to pin Anon's lithe form to the ground with your large, powerful body and you get straight the point
  112. >You slide your mouth upon his throbbing meat and suck with a great need
  113. >Having all this power means not having to breathe, a skill most useful for deep, wet blowjobs
  114. >Anon clutches your face as your nose brushes against his groin and he coos in an adorable way
  115. >Without respite, you slide up and down again with as much force as you please
  116. >"Ah~! You girls are... so rough..."
  117. >He smiles and runs his slender fingers softly up your face
  118. >You allow his fingers to encircle your ears, knowing full-well that he is about to grip them
  119. >Surely enough, Anon holds your face and thrusts into your throat with his tongue lulling out
  120. >The feeling of such pressure makes your pleased and a little more than wet
  121. >He humps your muzzle and you suck him deeper still until his hips become useless
  122. >With a spasm and a great sight, Anon forces his fat sex into your throat and spills his heavenly seed
  123. >The feeling of warm human sperm makes your rump ache as you drink in every drop
  124. >Luna's thoughts race and you can hear her crying out at how delicious Anon's nectar is
  125. >"Ah~, Ah~! Oh damn, that was what I needed..."
  126. "There is still so much more to be had, Anon. If you rest now, we will surely drive you mad."
  127. >You smirk and Anon returns it in kind
  128. >Without much grace or pleasantry, Anonymous slides from under you and scrambles to your backside
  129. "What's thou planning now?"
  130. >"I believe in an, 'eye for an eye'... or a, 'hole' in this case..."
  131. >Anon's nimble fingers suddenly press on your mare parts and tease your roughly
  132. >You can't help but enjoy yourself now as his passion begins to burn, but you are determined to hold your ground
  133. >The wondrous prodding Anon gives you makes your sister and you moan audibly
  134. >At the first sound, Anon slips in a single digit of his hand
  135. >At the second, you are award another
  136. >Before too long, four of Anon's fingers are battling for room in your tight box
  137. >Your mind swims in a sea of breeding as you are worked over and your sister is little more than putty now
  138. >"I didn't know you two could fuse like that... You always surprise me, for better or worse."
  139. "Y-you should st-AY, ah~! Y'you'd, oh~, see so much m-oh~re!"
  140. >It gets harder to speak as Anon drills you a little more
  141. >You feel a sudden shift in weight from behind your wide rump and crane your neck to see
  142. >A warm mouth suddenly latches unto your swollen lips and you are treated to the finest bath you've ever experienced
  143. >Luna cannot take the feeling much longer, but you yell into her to hold it back
  144. >Her thoughts are nothing but perverse images of being mounted and bred and having a belly swollen with foals from the beautiful creature suckling at your royal snatch
  145. >You gasp hard as the invading thoughts of inexperienced youth excite you
  146. >Another image crosses your mind of you both forcing Anonymous to his knees and making him clean your royal box in front of many guards
  147. >You dream up an even more cruel idea and show Luna what it would look like for a male pony to stuff his long shaft into Anon's tight, human body
  148. >The sensation of control is suddenly stripped from you as your combined body squeezes around Anon's fingers
  149. >Your flanks hurt from the intense orgasm surging through you and you feel Luna nearly slip into unconsciousness
  150. "By the light of the moon... That was incredible..."
  151. >You gasp in your multi-voiced tone and cum a little more as Anon removes his fingers at once
  152. "That was most pleasing, Anon, do you..."
  153. >Without being able to finish, you feel a hot mouth clamp on your sopping wet spot and suck without remorse
  154. >Your eyes cross and Luna's voice vanishes for a moment as you feel your hole being invaded by a thirsty tongue
  155. >Whatever fluid had leaked before was cleaned away only for Anon to push you into yet another shuddering orgasm
  156. >Luna screams for mercy, but you hold her fast
  157. >Her mind cannot think like this and you are assault by the ideas of foaling over and over
  158. >After the third, or maybe fourth, painfully good orgasm, Anon lets up
  159. >Winded and tired, you are still standing while Anon barely seems to have hit his stride
  160. >You make a note to Luna that you must not falter this time
  161. >You cannot allow Anon to claim victory in the arts of love for another day!
  162. >He presents his body to you again and his face is covered in a fine layer of your feminine adoration
  163. >Without hesitation, you sister wills you to kiss him and clean your own girl goo from him
  164. >The idea sends chills into your loins again as your sister grows lustier
  165. >You stand tall and proudly as you kiss and taste, but you certainly need more
  166. "Anonymous, does this form please you?"
  167. >"Very much, you taste amazing."
  168. "We want you now to show us what you a truly capable of. Do not disappoint your princesses!"
  169. >With one last kiss, Anon rubs himself against your body until he disappears behind your tail
  170. >You feel a hand grasp the base and lift your cosmic strands out of the way
  171. >"What a beautiful body you two have..."
  172. >The compliment only slows him a bit, but you feel the moment of truth push against your thigh
  173. >So close is the heat that Luna becomes impatient and humps lightly against Anon
  174. >His hands grab your butt from either side and hold you tightly as he lines himself up
  175. >With a quick, expertly timed thrust, you feel a thick rod pierce you
  176. >Luna's voice is trill in your head as her lust eats away at her sanity
  177. >She thinks about being two entities again so that you can kiss her while Anon makes love to her
  178. >You show her you licking Anon's human rod while he pounds into her and your back legs lock
  179. >It soon becomes a mental war of who can show who the next lewd idea
  180. >Anon pushes deeper and deeper into you with each manic pound and your entire rump jiggles
  181. >You are as wet as any being can be without being water itself and Luna's constant thoughts of breeding plays heavy on your mind
  182. >It becomes hard to talk as your throat dries from the moaning and the only real sound lifting above you is that of slapping wet flash together
  183. "Please, dear Anonymous! Please give us your seed!"
  184. >Your raspy voice causes a shift in Anon's weight as he stands to his the tips of his feet and pushes down on you
  185. >Finally giving in, your front half collapses to the ground with your backside displayed clearly in the air
  186. >Anon ruts you like the glorious beast that he is and you are certain you will pass out before he is done
  187. >Luna tries to tell you to stay strong, but you replace her empowerment with an image of ten guard pounding your senselessly as Anon uses your tail hole
  188. >She gives in shortly thereafter and passes out with the most blissful of smiles on her face
  189. >You are just about to close your eyes when you feel the spastic, irregular pumping of Anon
  190. >This is it, you think!
  191. >You are about to outlast the human for the first time since you have met and you smile lazily
  192. >A great, hot feeling jets into your belly and you simply coo into the dirt
  193. >It takes a good minute for Anon to stop moving completely and you feel the throbbing of his hot sex beating lightly inside you
  194. >"W-wow... what an amazing night..."
  195. "I'll say..."
  196. >"I, ah~, I loved our time together, Princess."
  197. "So... so, tell me, oh~! Was this the finest time of your life? Will you stay with us?"
  198. >With a great sigh, Anon frowns and looks into your eyes
  199. >"I am sorry, but, this is just not my fetish."
  200. >You stammer in parts anger and parts confusion
  201. "W-what else could we possibly do?! What do you want?!"
  202. >"To be honest? What I really want is that beautiful yellow mare with the long pink mane. I've seen her a few times and she looks like just my type. I've always adored the quiet ones."
  203. >You scowl as hard as you think you have ever before and push Anon from you
  204. >You break the spell and you sister's body lies upon the ground in a peaceful slumber
  205. >On the other hoof, you are sore and tired and just a little angry that all this work was for naught
  206. "I-I suppose... we'll just have to... try again..."
  207. >You try not to grit your teeth, but it doesn't quite stop you
  208. >"I guess I will be seeing you soon?"
  209. "Most definitely..."
  210. >You gesture tot he portal and dismiss Anon without further conversation
  211. >The rift snaps shut and you lay beside your sister for a few minutes until she comes to
  212. >"D-dearest... sister... did we win?"
  213. "We did..."
  214. >"D-did he... stay?"
  215. "He did not..."
  216. >"H-horse... apples..."
  217. >Luna rolls onto her belly and rests her head on you
  218. >You sigh dejectedly as you think about what Anon said
  219. >After all your sister and you went through and after all that wonderful love making, it turns out that Anon only cares about...
  220. >Fucking Fluttershy!
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