Sample config file

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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <!--
  3.         All fields in the information section is required
  4.         name: User readable name of the plugin
  5.         version: Version string
  6.         author: Who created this?
  7.         id: Used for identifying this plugin, must be unique, should be the name of the plugin's directory
  8. -->
  9. <information>
  10.         <name>Test Plugin</name>
  11.         <version>1.0</version>
  12.         <author>Yifan Lu</author>
  13.         <id>testplugin</id>
  14. </information>
  15. <!--
  16.         Scripts are run automatically based on their id. Use menus to run scripts on demand
  17.         Script names are relative to the plugin's folder
  18.         id="startup": Run script when Kindle starts up (when framework shows up)
  19.         id="shutdown": Run script when Kindle shuts down (when framework goes down)
  20.         more are coming soon, send me ideas for other places to hook scripts
  21. -->
  22. <scripts>
  23.         <script id="startup">bin/</script>
  24.         <script id="shutdown">bin/</script>
  25. </script>
  26. <!--
  27.         Menus can be two types:
  28.         type="json": The value should be name of the JSON menu file relative to the plugin's folder
  29.                 If dynamic="true", then reload the file every time the menu is shown, otherwise, the menu will be cached
  30.         type="java": The value should be the class to load, must implement the com.yifanlu.Kindle.Menuable interface
  31.                 jar="jarpath.jar" is the Jar file that contains the class, path is relative to the plugin's folder
  32. -->
  33. <menus>
  34.         <menu type="json" dynamic="true">menu.json</menu>
  35.         <menu type="json">anothermenu.json</menu>
  36.         <menu type="java" jar="testplugin.jar">com.yifanlu.Test.TestPluginMenu</menu>
  37. </menus>
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