TBD’s Bounty System

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  1. Here’s my idea:
  3. A simple, but complicated bounty program, lottery system, referral program and point system.
  5. As part of the dividends system, dividends come from the profit from trading, securing transaction and affiliate marketing.
  7. I would create posts for trading PayPal for bitcoin at premium prices. Do uncommon jobs such of like moderating discord servers for BTC and securing anonymous transactions, etc.
  9. Affiliate Marketing and Official Referrals —
  11. Then, I’ll would set up my own personal referral system/bounty program with my affiliate links. It will be $100.00 trade minimum per week with my referral link for eligibility, it will be done on binance or whatever exchange to be my ‘official referral’.
  13. Prize Pool for Referrals —
  15. Every single time I do a trade on PayPal for BTC, I cut off 10% of profits or ($50x1.25)x0.1=$6.25 on every order. I’ll put it into a giant referral “prize pool” for a referral “lottery system”.
  17. Lottery System —
  19. The prize pool will be used for a lottery system. I put all my referrals (who were eligible) on a lottery wheel, on a name picker site it will randomly choose a referral of mine and I will send them my dividends. The lottery and the winners will be complied each week and be posted on YouTube
  21. The lottery occurs after a order is completed. If there is 10 orders everyday, there will be 10 lottery spins for my referrals.
  23. Point System  —
  25. Those who trade higher ($1,000.00 USD+/day) receive ‘items’ or ‘dividend’ D points.
  27. These points would be used to purchase items. Items can either permanently increase % profits from being chosen in the referral system.
  29. Or be used to purchase a digital mine for passive income (% of the stock on my referral commissions).
  31. (Only people trading $1,000.00/day or above are eligible for earning points)
  32. (Points are distributed each week)
  34. More points can be earned each week by trading at a higher amount.
  36. Referral System —
  38. The referral system, getting bonuses for inviting a someone to join the bounty.
  40. There will only be one layer. If the person invited becomes a eligible referral, the referrer will gain a permeant bonus for lottery prizes.
  42. Rotation (to solve overpopulation) —
  44. To solve the problem of overpopulation, I’ll sort everyone into three different groups. The group names are Black, Red and Yellow. The group will rotate turns every order so everyone has a ‘fair chance’ at rewards.
  46. Private Groups —
  48. Anyone who has a large amount of points can buy a new slot for a private group. Private groups are limited to 5 people and dramatically increases your chances of winning. The leader (purchaser) of the private group can only invite 5 people, all five people are required to have a certain amount of points to join, and also a higher trading minimum.
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