Study of SancrisWolf'

Sep 21st, 2015
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  1. Intel
  2. -------
  3. In Game Name: SancrisWolf'
  4. Old In Game Alias: FoxyWolfGirl
  5. Real Name(Possibility that it isn't his name): Kain Gormley
  6. Known Mental Illnesses(see below for definitions):Psychological projection, Clinical lycanthropy, Sexual sadism, schizophrenia, Bipolar-disorder
  7. Sex: M
  8. Sexual Attraction: 50%Animals, 30%Males, 20%Females.
  11. -----
  12. Definitions to the mental illnesses
  13. Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.
  15. Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal.
  17. Sexual sadism: Individuals with sexual sadism disorder have persistent fantasies in which sexual excitement results from inflicting psychological or physical suffering (including humiliation and terror) on a sexual partner. This disorder is different from minor acts of aggression in normal sexual activity; for example, rough sex. In some cases, sexual sadists are able to find willing partners to participate in the sadistic activities.
  18. At its most extreme, sexual sadism involves illegal activities such as rape, torture, and even murder, in which case the death of the victim produces sexual excitement. It should be noted that while rape may be an expression of sexual sadism, the infliction of suffering is not the motive for most rapists, and the victim's pain generally does not increase the rapist's sexual excitement. Rather, rape involves a combination of sex and gaining power over the victim. These individuals need intensive psychiatric treatment and may be jailed for these activities.
  20. schitzophrenia: a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
  22. Bipolar disorder: a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.
  23. -------------------------
  24. Map Names
  25. Horror_Murr-2
  27. GTHO_My_Soup-free-edit
  28. MurrObsession
  29. Mega-Murr_Casino
  30. MurrHq
  31. ---------------------------
  32. Some info about sancris.
  33. Sancris is very annoying.. He constantly uses the word murr and will put murr in your name. ex galmur doommur zoomur .. the list go'on and on. I'd like to think he believe he is a wolf, which is very odd.
  34. ---------------------------
  35. Comments Made about Mr. Gormley
  36. (15:30:11)<sheepserv>IV-St@lk3r(3): hes just mental retearded for thinking hes a fucking wolf
  39. ---
  40. I asked a couple of people of what they can tell you about Mr. Gormley in a couple of sentences.
  41. MasterTechCC
  42. (15:53:36)<MasterTechCC>I honestly don't know him too well personally, but from what I've heard from everyone else, and what I've seen
  43. (15:53:44)<MasterTechCC>Not good, not good at all....
  44. (15:54:18)<MasterTechCC>He's like the Gavin of 2015
  46. ArdtheSheep
  47. <sweeney-ard5>permban "that guy that sucks his cock"
  49. Papriko
  50. (16:05:17)<Papriko>hmmmm
  51. (16:05:21)<Papriko>furry
  52. (16:05:22)<Papriko>gay
  53. (16:05:32)<Papriko>and not just as those "internet insults", he actually is
  54. (16:05:54)<Papriko>fairly annoying
  55. (16:06:14)<Papriko>that sums it up I guess
  57. Galaxy
  58. (16:08:53)<Galaxy>pervert, gay, sometimes annoying , contrary you on almost everything, but he can be good sometimes too
  60. This is just a few people, I tried to get hold of friends of sancris but they could not be found.
  62. Bosurgi725
  65. Foxxy
  66. <Foxy>definitely odd
  67. <Foxy>odd, but in a good way
  69. NopNotMe
  70. (19:33:46)<NopNotMe>Lonely straigh suicidal gay wolf
  71. (19:33:54)<NopNotMe>there
  72. (19:33:54)<NopNotMe>sums it up
  74. Zero
  75. <andrius4669>well, about sancris, he's furry, gay and pretty big asshole (in sense of character). he is harsh with others, insults and outright kicks from servers ones he doesn't like. which makes him pretty hated in community. he's harsh with friends too, sometimes, which makes it harder to befriend him, without knowing what he means. uses mur and :3 often, which isn't very unusual considering he's furry.
  76. <andrius4669>while his attitude tovards people is disrespective, he gets pretty mad when gets trolled. so, he isn't unbreakable wall. despite weird character, he can do pretty logical decisions, which I don't dislike. therefore, even though he's hated in community, I'm on his side when he uses logical arguments (and in most cases, he does)
  77. -----
  78. Past relationships?
  79. SancrisWolf': You remeber skiingpenguins, doom?
  80. cm|Dr.Doom': yes.
  81. cm|Dr.Doom': haven't seen him in ages actually
  82. SancrisWolf': You know he showed me his dick multiple times?
  83. cm|Dr.Doom': LOL What
  84. SancrisWolf': It was odd because it was really straight but the tip looked funny
  85. Fan|Foxeh:3:3: and you won't even show me yours..
  86. SancrisWolf': He's half the raeson i am bi-sexual
  87. unamed: wtf
  88. cm|Dr.Doom': LOLOLOL
  89. cm|Dr.Doom': IM DONE
  90. join: (ESP)Mephisto
  91. (ESP)Mephisto connected from Serbia
  92. [(ESP)Mephisto is getting the map]
  93. SancrisWolf': XD
  94. SancrisWolf': I showed him mine when i was 14
  95. SancrisWolf': Because he is very seductive
  96. Fan|Foxeh:3:3: sancris won't send me a dickpic :c
  97. SancrisWolf': And i was 14....
  98. SancrisWolf': FOXEH mur  hush
  99. unamed: you guys are talking some fucked up shit
  100. Fan|Foxeh:3:3: kk
  101. SancrisWolf': that is gross
  102. SancrisWolf': Fucked up shit?
  103. unamed:  none of my business, just sayin
  104. Fan|Foxeh:3:3 claimed auth as 'Skwillex' [/dev]
  105. SancrisWolf': It is your business technically  because i am talking about it openly on an open server
  106. cm|Dr.Doom': lol im to busy laughing my fucking ass off
  107. Fan|Foxeh:3:3: im trying not to, doom
  108. cm|Galaxie: why?
  109. SancrisWolf': And skiing's real name is Zach
  110. SancrisWolf': Which is default
  111. cm|Dr.Doom': so wait
  112. cm|Dr.Doom': did skii know you where a guy?
  113. Fan|Foxeh:3:3: fuckboii zach *zach flicks tongue*
  114. cm|Galaxie: were
  115. cm|Galaxie: *
  116. SancrisWolf': yes
  117. SancrisWolf': Skii BEGGED to let me let him send a dickpic AFTER he knew i was a guy
  119. NOTES
  120. -----
  121. Sancris usually trys to impress you with his porn statues, even though he knows you will be disgusted.
  123. Sancris has blamed Ardelico for being lonely even though he is in fact the loneliest of them all. Or so it seems based off of previous behaviors.
  125. Sancris constantly talks about sexual subjects in jokative manners.
  127. Constantly uses the emoticon ":3"
  129. Sancris will constantly troll others, but if you troll him, "Its not right".
  132. <sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): If you ban me, i'll dislike you- OH WAIT i already do
  133. <sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): so ban me, i don't giev a solid shit about you or shit-ass server.
  135. SancrisWolf': Doomur sheep is mean to mur
  136. [мн]SirDoom.: from waht i've seen it was you who instigated it.
  137. SancrisWolf': but
  138. SancrisWolf': Ah what the hell, yes i did
  139. SancrisWolf': But still.
  141. based off sancris's reactions above it suggest that he is showing a sign of remission, it seems the wolf has shown ability to take fault on action
  143. Strange behavior listed below
  144. -----
  145. <sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): Yes, paper is what people use to draw on ard. Now i know that is hard to believe for someone with 0 artistic abilities, but it's true.
  147. <sheepserv>[мн]thesheep(1): his vibrator must have burned out
  148. <sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): Yeah, ard because my vibrated is powered by fire..right
  149. <sheepserv>[мн]$weet(0): thats not what burned out means my son
  150. <sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): The hell does that even mean? "his vibrated burned out"
  152. <obsessed with gathering attention from Papriko>
  153. <FanServ>CONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) (United States)
  154. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): mur
  155. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko mur
  156. <FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
  157. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): FFFUUURRR
  158. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): _.-
  159. <Papriko>wat
  160. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko mah murrr
  161. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): ^^
  162. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko is my copyrighted murr
  163. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko is badmurrrrrrrr
  164. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Phisto
  165. <FanServ>DISCONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) - Connection time: 00h 05m 01s
  166. <FanServ>DISCONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) - Connection time: 00h 04m 38s
  167. <FanServ>CONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) (United States)
  168. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko make murr sad
  169. <FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
  170. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): phisto stop following me
  171. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): hahaha
  172. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): you scared paps
  173. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  175. (17:34:51)<FanServ>CONNECT Aventador(0) (United States)
  176. (17:35:02)<FanServ>Aventador(0) is now known as SancrisWolf'
  177. (17:35:34)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): :3
  178. (17:35:37)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko murrrrs
  179. (17:36:37)<Papriko>wat
  180. (17:36:56)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Hi mur
  181. (17:37:17)<Papriko>hi
  182. (17:37:26)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): What mur is doing?
  183. (17:38:56)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Is papirko murrrrrr bored?
  184. (17:39:39)<Papriko>going to sleep soon
  185. (17:40:04)<FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
  186. (17:40:04)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Aw
  187. (17:40:13)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): but mur is lonely. :3
  188. (17:40:14)<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): XD
  189. (17:41:08)<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): what happend with new name
  190. (17:41:17)<FanServ>DISCONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) - Connection time: 00h 06m 26s
  191. (17:41:38)<FanServ>DISCONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) - Connection time: 00h 01m 34s
  193. <FanServ>CONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) (United States)
  194. <FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
  195. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): fffuuurrr
  196. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): :o
  197. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): paps ignor murr
  198. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): No, i haven't ping'd him yet
  199. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): XD
  200. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): ping phone
  201. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): :o
  202. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): murr ping to paps
  203. <FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1):  paps are yuo ther
  204. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): I wish like, skiingpenguins was in the irc.
  205. <FanServ>DISCONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) - Connection time: 00h 03m 08s
  206. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko chan mur?
  207. <Papriko>wat
  208. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Will you entertain me?
  209. <Papriko>no
  210. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Why?
  211. <Papriko>cuz
  212. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Because why?
  213. <Papriko>reasons
  214. <FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): What if i told you....
  218. [END OF STUDY]
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