Marriage with Sendai [Typeset]

Jan 9th, 2016
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  1. Marriage with Sendai Translation
  2. From
  4. >On that day
  5. >I became married with the 1st Ship of the Sendai Class, Sendai.
  7. >Congratulations on your marriage!
  8. >Well, well? Do you feel different now? [like you're getting along better with the Admiral or something]
  9. >Of course I'm different! My level's higher than ever, so now I feel like there's nobattle i can't win!
  10. >She's still just talking about this~
  11. >Also...
  12. >Compared to before, I'll be even better at night battles!
  13. >This is bad...this girl's got nothing but night battle in her head...
  15. >
  16. >THis girl's a real beauty when she shuts up!
  17. >What is it? Admiral?
  18. >Ahhh, well.... I want to transfer you to waters with mroe night battles tomorrow...
  19. >[If it's a night battle, just leave it to me!]
  20. >Ah, same as always~
  22. >[Umm- Next up~]
  23. >[Naka-chang on Expedition]
  25. >Hah
  26. >Haaah
  27. >Gashunk
  28. >Ushio...!! Watch out!
  30. >I'm really sorry!
  31. >It's not your fault, you couldn't have seen it coming.
  32. >As long as Ushio's alright.
  33. >I...
  34. Sendai!! Are you alright...!
  36. >Admiral...
  37. >What the hell were you thinking?!
  38. >[idiot!]
  39. >It's just a light wound.
  40. >What are you talking about?! It's rare for shipgirls to bleed!
  41. >I'll go and dock right away.
  42. >Tell me after you dock, now hurry up and let's get you patched up!
  43. >Umm, | that was my...
  44. >Don't worry aobut it, it'll be fine in a bit.
  45. >[bow]
  47. >Really now...don't worry people like that.
  48. >What are we going to do if there's a scar?
  50. >Ah crap, I said it!
  51. >There, done!
  52. >I shouldn't do that...
  53. >Even if you were joking, you shouldn't say something like that.
  54. >I didn't put that ring on you so that you'd die.
  55. >Ah, yes.
  56. >Good.
  58. >Right, now that that's done, let's go get something to eat once you're out of the dock.
  59. >...Mm.
  60. >What should we eat today~? [There should be Udon, right? Udon's hella baller...]
  62. >Oy oy, something up?
  63. >I'm coming!
  64. >Let's have us a night of intense night battles tonight!
  65. >Let's have you a night's worth of docking tonight.
  66. >Ehhhhh~
  68. >I want a wedding ring too...
  69. >Want it?
  70. >Can I?!
  71. >[remove]
  72. >[badump badump]
  73. >[It doesn't...come off...]
  74. >In this case, I'll have to amputate...!
  75. >Don't--!!
  76. >What a cursed ring.
  78. Some shit for the postface, who gives a shit
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