Dec 28th, 2021
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  1. "Do... any of you three feel anything off? Like... do you sense anybody nearby, like a Servant?" Before you go ahead and read that note, you want to make sure that you're not about to wander directly into a trap and get kidnapped again. You've met your kidnap quota for this week already, and could really do without being imprisoned by some lunatics for poorly defined reasons. Being kidnapped is better than being killed at least, but there comes a point where people will just start looking at you as if you're some damsel in distress. Though you did manage to resolve both of your own kidnappings all by yourself and escape without any aid both times... Well, you don't know if you can really call Amethyst 'helping' you aid at least.
  3. Mordred looks around, her eyes flick from rooftop to rooftop. "Other than that hooded kid who followed us out of the mansion? Nah." Mordred looks at the top of a tall building and you can just about make out a silhouette before it quickly disappears out of view. Is SHIKI following you now? Well, you appreciate his willingness to help at least... or at least to observe you. You don't know what the hell he's actually doing up on that apartment building. Brooding, probably.
  5. Part 17
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