Walnut-Drunken Mishap - A Hexferry Tale

Jan 5th, 2014
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  1. >She was tired, she was drunk, & she had to use the bathroom.
  2. >Stumbling out of her seat at her table with Meisa, Actias, Amata, & Cejire, Hexferry trotted to two bathroom doors both of them holding a sign.
  3. >The door on the left held picture of a moth with large wings, and the door on the right held a picture of a moth with smaller, slimier wings.
  4. >Looking at her wings to Hexferry they looked big, and she went stumbling into the bathroom on the left.
  5. >Walking in Hexferry went past three weird urinals that wasn't suppose to be in the female moths bathroom before walking into the first stall she saw.
  6. >Going in for some reason there was a young looking male moth pony sitting down in her spot.
  7. >Telling him to move the male moth pony yelled "What the fuck?" before Hexferry sat down on his lap.
  8. >Freaking out the male moth pony tried to get Hexferry off of him, but was too late as he felt a warm stream go down his lap.
  9. >When she finished Hexferry instead of reaching for toilet paper to wipe her vagina instead wiped her urine off on the male moth pony coat before leaving, and returning to her friends at their table.
  10. >The male moth pony later sat in the bathroom stall crying till his buddy came in to get him.
  12. The End.
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