SCP Server Description

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  1. Welcome to the Panic Room!
  2. Server restarts itself every 6 hours, on the hour, starting at 12 PM PST
  4. Failure to follow server rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  5. Server Rules:
  6. 1. No Bigotry
  7. 2. No Hacking/Cheating
  8. 3. No Intentional Teaming Killing
  9.     3a.  Team kills as a result of panic/general chaos/idiocy/incompetence are acceptable, but you'll still probably be yelled at
  10. 4. No Micspamming in the Pregame Lobby
  11.     4a. While permitted, micspamming in-game is a good way to get involved in an "unfortunate accident"
  13. While breaking these guidelines will generally not incur action from the staff, it will encourage and invite "unfortunate accidents" incurred from those being affected by these actions
  14. Server Guidelines:
  15. 1. Do not micspam
  16. 2. Do not overuse soundboards
  17. 3. Do not pester staff for respawns or other such server actions
  18. 4. Do not AFK
  19. 5. Do not unnecessarily prolong rounds
  20. 6. Do not intentionally sandbag or otherwise hinder teammates
  22. Custom Server Settings:
  23. Friendly Fire is on!
  24. All SCPs can regenerate health by standing still in 3 second intervals.
  25. 096 has 1250 HP.
  26. 106 has 420 HP.
  27. 173 has 2500 HP.
  28. 939 has 1750 HP.
  29. Class Ds have 150 HP.
  30. Scientists have 120 HP.
  31. All MTF have 200 HP.
  32. CI have 200 HP.
  33. MTF Commanders start with an O5 card.
  34. 914 affects items in inventory.
  35. Custom 914 recipes
  36. Custom Gamemodes
  38. Custom Gamemodes:
  39. Who Let the Dogs Out?
  40.     -939 had puppies, and they're breaking out! Time for the MTF to put the dogs to sleep.
  41. Peanut Infection.
  42.     -One nut and a shit ton of Class D's. Whenever 173 kills someone, they become another 173. Get out fast!
  43. SCP-00D
  44.     -One Class D, a pile of guns, and a wall of MTF. The Foundation better watch out though; that Class D is tougher than he looks!
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