Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. The dragon purrs softly, no longer growling at all, and then begins to glow gold, and you're forced to take your eyes off the majestic beast as the shine grows greater and greater. Just like when it was first born, you aren't capable of looking upon whatever the dragon is doing for fear of damaging your eyes... though you suppose they'd probably heal anyway, you aren't really prepared for temporary blindness for however long.
  3. When you look back at where the dragon was, it's just... not there anymore. There's no sign of the humongous dragon at all. Did it... really just disappear!? After all that it just ran off! Damn it! This was a complete waste of ti-
  5. A tugging on your sleeve breaks you out of your building anger, and you look down to see a small green-blue haired girl with horns looking up at you. Her large blue eyes look happy, and you remain silent for a few seconds as you look at the girl.
  7. "Father?" The unknown girl speaks. "Father." She speaks again. "Father?" She just keeps repeating the word over and over again... this... this is the dragon, isn't it? It was a female all along!? Wait! Of course it was, you remember that the spirit of the Golden Fleece was a girl as well! The girl is clearly waiting for you to respond, and you don't really know what to say. Well, you need to say something.
  9. Part 19
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