Risky Hooves [F.Unicorn Troubadour]

Apr 28th, 2016
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  1. Name: Risky Hooves
  3. Gender: Mare
  5. Race: Unicorn
  6. Racial Bonus:
  7. Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  8. Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  10. Class: Troubadour
  11. Class skill: Overconfidence: instant, recharge 3; next roll is a critical, success or fail.
  12. Skills:
  14. (2) Con Artist: On success you can attempt to pass of a false statement as truth, pose as a profession, or anything else your mind can think of. Characters and beings with evidence or knowledge contrary to your claim may still readily disprove you. Outlandish or ridiculous statements have a higher DC to try and pass off, varying on how outlandish the thing you claim is. Can also forge documents and other written objects.
  16. (1) Improvise: automatic instant, recharge 3; Tossing a solution together can be better than stopping to make a plan. Your next roll succeeds on a 4+ but cannot crit.
  18. Special Talent
  19. (shipwork): Learning as she went, Risky can suss out how to operate and (with trial and error) maintain a space fairing vessel.
  21. Trained Talent: Full of herself, Risky Hooves is known to be quite Daring when it comes to action. +2 to overconfidence!
  23. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  25. Equipment
  27. The Risky Special(ranged): Risky's sawed off shotgun, double barrel. despite the outdated look, this shotgun still packs enough punch to make mincemeat out of anything up close.
  29. Holdout Pistol(ranged): Smaller standard issue hoofcannon, just in case.
  31. Captain's Outfit (Equipped): A muted set of stockings and jacket, made of a dark material. A red semi-dress billows behind the jacket, drawing the eye along the wearer's back, leading down close to the floor
  33. Station-hopper's guise (Stored): A simple brown cloak, meant to be unassuming, perfect for hiding amongst the station dwellers.
  35. Plasma Energy Weapon: ranged, fire elemental
  36. Special Ability: Overcharge: recharge 2; You crank the PEW up to its maximum potential, firing a volatile plasma projectile that can hit up to three enemies at once. Crits on 7+, critfails on 4-. Weapon cannot be used at all during rechar
  38. Mechanical Hoof: Prosthetic outfitted with quality of life tools for various jobs(Fluff), including a storage hatch
  39. Contents:
  40. - Welding tool
  41. - Assorted cutlery
  42. - Lighter
  43. - keyring
  44. - Holdout pistol
  45. -
  47. Character Traits:
  48. Risky Hooves had lost her ship, The Rogues Gallery, and it's crew to unnamed circumstances, leaving her stranded aboard the many stations scattered around the system.
  50. Left with little choice, she took to mercenary work in order to gather supplies and currency for another shot at open space, waiting for the moment to buy, trade or steal another ship for the journey.
  52. Notes:
  54. -Hotheaded, quick to action, good or ill.
  55. -Tall for a mare, standing just about a stallion's height.
  56. -Augmented Right front Hoof, fitted with a variety of tools[included on sheet], acting as storage (includes manipulating 'fingers' for a finer grip [or a chokehold]).
  57. -Protective of her crew, an insult to one is an affront to her.
  58. -Love of coin and credits.
  59. -Hearty drinker.
  60. -Gruff sounding, but can be kind to her friends and crew.
  62. Risky was born to a pair of crew members aboard the pirate vessel "Ark's End", a mobile weapons platform led by the legendary pirate Captain Cry Havoc (Cpt. Havoc to his crew).
  64. Havoc was a spurned sympathizer, believing the princesses must be done away with to move the galaxy forward. Unlike the spurned, who appear to just want them dead, Havoc wanted to create a revolution, inspiring would-be pirates from the outer arks to the galactic core.
  66. Risky idolized the captain, so much so that after her loss of limb years after leaving his ship she had her talons modeled after Havoc's claws. After lighting up space with daring raids through Empire-controlled sectors, Havoc and his ship vanished, allowing the Empire to regain control of its core arks and leaving a generation of pirates without their hero.
  68. Risky isn't after heroics as much as notoriety, styling herself as "Pirate Queen Risky Hooves", she wants to spur on another wave of raiders to flight, believing the bloated empire would soon buckle and make way for change.
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