Flanking the Left From Their Ideological Rear

ANonAction May 26th, 2018 200 Never
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  1. Flanking the Left From Their Ideological Rear
  4.    When attacking from the right-wing perspective, we force them to retreat ever further to the left, seeking safe space. By advancing the narrative from the leftward flank, we can begin driving the Overton Herd towards the center by normalizing core Centrist ideas incorrectly associated with the "Right".
  6.    By couching our criticism of their policies in leftist terminology, with a clear left wing bent, it will better allow us to bypass the algorithmic censorship on any platform that has been specifically tailored to target certain speech patterns used by those on the colloquial "Right".
  8.    The idea is not to be a Poe. The use of the "Poe" is to go so far to the extreme, posing as authentic, as to drive away moderates. Problem is, this post-modernist Intersectionalism is immune to Poe-ing. At this point, you could Poe as an intersectional pedophile, and you would likely be celebrated as a stunning and brave trend setter, breaking the silence or some other retarded platitude.
  10.    When we Poe them, they only seem to flock towards the Poe, and make that their new Overton baseline by which everyone else is judged.
  12.    In the recent censor purges, it has been noted that these algorithms are not yet able to distinguish sarcasm from sincere expression. Essentially using acceptance of the corporate narrative to camouflage dissent.
  14.    In order to target 'Left Flanking' types of critique, censors will have to censor by the post, by the user, or utilize algorithmic learning against our speech patterns. Speech patterns which will be designed to mirror those of the post-modern Intersectionalists, thereby making such censorship a tenuous double-edged sword.
  16.    When utilizing enemy social media, trans-dentify as a minority voice to better deflect knee-jerk racial accusations, and to add increased weight to your arguments for those afflicted with White Guilt, or those hostile to Whites.
  18.    Your final sentence should be a question that encourages the respondent to engage themselves and their own biases on the intellectual level, in the pursuit of proving you wrong.
  20.    Create Problem - Curate Reaction - Propose Solution. In using Hegelian Dialectics tactics against Hegelian Dialectics, identify the problem, employ appeals to emotion to humanize the problem, and propose solutions from a Centrist perspective, coated in left wing terminology, in order to better move the Overton window to the right, making right wing arguments more palatable to liberal bubble Normies.
  22.    Attribute to white supremacy, WHITE-PASSING corporate heads & politicians pushing increased levels of immigration of more and more low & high skilled foreign workers to drive down wages from blacks, Latinx's, Asians, current migrant residents and even lower class whites, in order to funnel more of the worlds wealth into the hands of the top 0.1%.
  24.    "WHITE PASSING" allows us to embed the idea, with their own terminology re-trannys, that not everyone of fair complexion, especially in the top 0.1%, is actually "White" by 'White Supremacist' standards.
  26.    MS-13's primary victim demographic is other Latinx's. They are being hunted by the gangs they fled their home countries to get away from. This is factually true, and can be used to our advantage. Also, dealing with MS-13 while their victims are, currently, predominantly Latino, before they get around to directing their abuse to White, would be preventing of a lot of tragedy, for a lot of people.
  28.    Perhaps even going so far as to start a "Minority Victims of Illegal Immigration" project similar to that of 'WVoBC'.
  30.    That would get the uninitiated inoculated to this style of Meme without any of the "racist" connotations of 'WVoBC', so that later when 'WVoBC' redpills start getting slipped to them, they won't be automatically rejected in a knee-jerk anti-racist fervor.
  32.    Global Warming is being used by the global elite to generate taxes and redistribute the wealth of the developed world further into the hands of the top 0.1%, instead of focusing on more pressing and undeniable current environmental issues.
  34.    Over-Fishing, Plastic in Ocean, lack of carbon in soil, over forestation exacerbated by ethanol agriculture.
  36.    Transgenderism as misogyny. By obfuscating the clear distinctions between the Feminine and the Masculine, both have been watered down with the other, so that neither is left intact.
  38.    Devaluing what it means to be a female to the point that everyone and anyone can become female at will, also diminishes the validity of uniquely female issues, or issues that when addressing, need to be done so through definitive female lens.
  40.    Menstruation, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child birth, feminine health issues, etc.
  42. Issues to address from the Democrat/Liberal/Leftist/Progressive perspective:
  44. CIA / FBI / Deep State
  46. Drug War
  48. Asset Forfeiture
  50. DACA
  52. Gun Rights
  54. Russia
  56. Foreign Wars
  58. Democratic party corruption, focus on the existence of super-delegates.
  60. American Appreciation, The Holocaust & Jewish Blood Debt to America.
  62. Islam from the Left:
  64. Feminism - FGM, Multi Wives, Arranged Marriages,
  66. Rape Culture - Burka, Female Testimony, Harems
  68. Gay Rights
  70. Anti-Black Racism
  72. Arab Supremacy
  74. Predilection Towards African Slavery
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