To All the Mares I Loved Before (One Shot)

Feb 2nd, 2013
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  1. >Night of One-Thousand Viewers at Anon's Palace
  2. >Be Anon
  3. >You are a wealthy and powerful cereal tycoon
  4. >Your influence stretches from the Americas, to Asia, most of Europe and in the small town of Betoota, Queensland in Australia
  5. >Even though you are happy with your banks, bonds, estates, and fleet of Italian sports cars, you long for something more
  6. >Tonight, you have invited the fairest ladies in the land to your mansion to display your generous wealth
  7. >You plan on finding a bride from your handpicked selection
  8. >The servants hurry about preparing food trays and fluffing cushions
  9. >A banquet that could feed thousands is laid out for all your guests
  10. >Tonight, you dine in luxury!
  11. >You smile widely as the first maiden arrives
  12. >In walks an orange pony from the southern-most parts of Equestria
  13. >Her dress is simple, but elegant and matched with a finely tailored hat
  14. >Her deceiving appearance does not hide her background of being the apple and apple-byproduct mogul of all time
  15. Jeeves: Sir Anonymous... Applejack has arrived
  16. >A thin man with grey, slicked hair stands before you
  17. A: Thank you kindly, Jeeves. Please, see to it that she is greeted and treated as anyone of my own would be
  18. J: Absolutely, sir
  19. >Jeeves walks off in his usual fashion
  20. >You swish a little wine around in your cup before taking another sip
  21. >You see Applejack making the rounds with other guests
  22. >Diplomatic... level-headed... a strong self-starter
  23. >She would make an excellent bride and help to fuel the fires of your empire
  24. >You nod your head a bit and contemplate this notion
  25. >A horn startles you and you peer towards the door
  26. >You are impressed with such a bold entrance and await your guest
  27. >A pony dressed not unlike Jeeves enters with a scroll in hand
  28. Pony-Jeeves: Attention, the lady, Rarity, has arrived
  29. >Rarity enters your door way looking particularly glamorous tonight
  30. >She is bedecked in jewelry, no doubt from her own diamond mines
  31. >You know this pony to be flamboyant, however, her sharp tongue and sharper wit make her a very prospective wife
  32. >She approaches you first
  33. R: Anonymous! So good to see you again. I need to thank you on advice you had given me earlier this year
  34. A: Oh? What advice was that?
  35. R: I had asked you what was the best way to motivate my employees. Your brilliant idea of paying them has greatly improved morale!
  36. >You both share a rich laugh
  37. >The type only rich people can muster from years of unabated happiness
  38. >Rarity trots off after more small talk to mingle with some of the other upper crusts
  39. >Jeeves falls in line beside you and looks quizzically
  40. A: Hmm, she -would- make an excellent negotiator... thought her politics may be a bit harsh at times
  41. J: Ah, I thought the master was looking for potential mates today. Should I write this party off as a business venture?
  42. A: No, no, Jeeves. Think not of me as so cruel a person. I am looking for a partner with the right assets. She must be dignified... smart... charming! Funny, certainly. An interest in my business and being is a must...
  43. >Jeeves cuts in
  44. J: Sir, what about her... physical assets?
  45. A: Oh... I suppose... I would like her to be cute. Well, that is shallow... I mean to say, symmetrical. Eh, yes... with bright eyes. Long hair, oh, yes. A plump flank would not hurt...
  46. >You smile mischievously
  47. >Jeeves sighs a bit
  48. J: How would your parents react knowing that you've taken to Equestrian girls?
  49. A: What of their concerns? I built this legacy from my own blood and tears as well as trace amounts of other bodily fluids. My life is my own to live
  50. J: I do not think you would speak so arrogantly if they were still alive
  51. >A small tear wells in your eye
  52. A: We shall not speak of this tonight
  53. J: Yes, sir
  54. >Jeeves takes his leave
  55. >You are feeling pretty bummed now
  56. >Bringing up your taste in women and your dead parents in the same night is means for pay deductions!
  57. >However... he makes a fair point
  58. >Something drives you towards them and you cannot ascertain any reason beyond having reasons
  59. >It is possible that you still remember -her-
  60. >You attempt to flashback when someone approaches from behind
  61. >You draw your rapier because no noble would be caught dead without one
  62. >A quick slice through the air and you feel another blade catch your own
  63. >You're eyes lock with a blue mare in formal fencing attire
  64. A: Ah, I thought I sensed you, Air Marshal Rainbow Dash
  65. >You smile and narrow your eyes
  66. RD: Anon, you're looking spry this evening
  67. >Your blades were held still for a moment
  68. >Rainbow Dash was always good for action and you welcomed her advance
  69. >Decisive, strategic, and an excellent planner
  70. >This mare earned her stripes and never stopped proving what you could do with a weapon
  71. A: En garde!
  72. >You both hop backwards and take up expert fighting stances
  73. RD: I thought you'd get short in your castles
  74. A: I was just waiting for the right invader to show her face
  75. >You both smile and charge
  76. >A whirl of colour impresses the onlookers around you as the two of you dance on the steel's edge
  77. RD: This brings back old times, no?
  78. >As her hair flips, you notice Rainbow Dash is wearing make-up
  79. >You are caught off guard by the fact that she never dresses up for anyone
  80. >She takes advantage of your awe and you feel your blade fly from your hand
  81. >A cool, metal tip catches the bottom of your chin and lifts your eyes to her own
  82. RD: Eyes up here, soldier
  83. >She winks slyly at you and you feel the adrenaline of night's long since past
  84. >Her bold and striving nature make you think Dash could be a stalwart mate
  85. RD: I'm going to touch up. Unless, of course, you'd like to skip straight to basics?
  86. >Ah, when you were young and vulnerable
  87. >The nights seemed so much shorter when you spent them with Rainbow
  88. >You nod her off to your powder room and finally realize the value of building one in your mansion
  89. >In all the excite meant, your last few guests arrive
  90. >The proclaimed, "Princess of the Party" Pinkamena D. Pie arrives with forty servants all carrying gifts
  91. >Through her incredible good luck and general charm, she has dominated the catering business across three continents
  92. >Anything with a Pinkie Promise seal on it makes the most crotchety of misers smile and her talent for spreading goodwill alone would make any company bend at the knee
  93. >You then spy Twilight Sparkle
  94. >When the worlds merged, Twilight was the first to venture into human controlled territory and propose peace by unison
  95. >Her name is synonymous these days with overcoming giants through peaceful means
  96. >A mare like that would not only help your growth in the United Nations of Earth, but also with the principalities of Equestria
  97. A: Twilight Sparkle! I am excited to see you on this glorious evening. Tell me, how was the trip from Canterlot?
  98. TS: It was routine, Anon. I thank you for the invitation
  99. A: Anytime, my dear. It is always nice to see the "Princess of Peace"
  100. >Twilight rolls her eyes
  101. TS: Humans lack imagination in their title systems
  102. >You chuckle because it's true!
  103. >Finally, your last guest has entered
  104. >The yellow mare calmly walks in without usher or aide
  105. >Her simple gown accents her mane well
  106. >Jeeves assists Fluttershy in carrying her bag
  107. F: Oh, thank you, sir Jeeves
  108. J: Please, please, I am just Jeeves around here
  109. F: Oh, if you insist. Thank you all the same
  110. >You still find it hard to believe that Fluttershy is the adventurer she was made out to be
  111. >Her exploits have seen her to every terrain known to man and her discovery of the "Horse-Heart" vaccine has changed the face of medicine as humans knew it
  112. >She may be shy, but her legacy says she is no stranger to the real world
  113. F: Oh, hello, Anon. How are you this evening?
  114. >You smile and kiss her hoof as she extends it to you
  115. A: Quite well. Yourself?
  116. F: Goodness, Anon, you really are the gentleman the papers make you out to be. I am doing well. The trip here from the Daintree Rainforest was pretty fast by jet
  117. >You nod and let Fluttershy stagger around the crowd
  118. >You allow your guests a little while to settle in and enjoy the music and food you have prepared
  119. >Jeeves approaches you at 9PM to determine the announcement
  120. A: Yes, Jeeves. I think we should begin the games
  121. J: Yes, sir, I will start the festivities
  122. >You climb to the balcony and look down to each human and pony in the crowd
  123. >For a moment, you feel a sensational feel seeing the inhabitants of both worlds dancing and speaking freely with each other
  124. >Jeeves does not understand in his old age that a pony wife would be wonderful
  125. A: Attention, ladies, gentleman, colts and mares! I would like to take this moment to thank you and welcome you to my humble abode on this beautiful night
  126. >Cheers erupt from the crowd, you allow it to fade
  127. A: Please, feel free to partake in anything you see. The gracious Mr. Jeeves will now make his announcements for the evening. May the Union live long and may our friendship never falter!
  128. >You allow Jeeves the floor to speak and make your way to a secluded area
  129. >The guests are being sated, it is now your chance speak with your possible brides
  130. >You have your servants carefully separate each mare from the masses and gather them in one of your spacious bedrooms
  131. A: Hello, my darlings. I am glad to see that each one of you have accepted my offer. Truly, I am touched
  132. R: Well, who could pass up the opportunity to visit a party hosted by you, Anon?
  133. AJ: Ah know Ah couldn't resist!
  134. >Fluttershy seems distracting with something
  135. RD: I had some down time, what with all the peace these days. I wanted to check on my favorite rookie anyways
  136. TS: Alright, Anon, we all know you're just stalling with pleasantries
  137. >Everyone turns their attention to the disgruntled mare
  138. >You hold up a hand to pause any mounting comments
  139. A: As you wish, my dear. Having all answered my letter, I am conflicted in who I should choose to join me as both a companion and a partner. You all lead incredible lives and our union would only strengthen that of the worlds we are from
  140. TS: So, you want -us- to just decide on the spot who is going to "merge" with you to build a bigger and better tomorrow? You business types are pretty shallow
  141. >The other mares talk among themselves
  142. TS: I, for one, hold dear the treaty our worlds set in each other's favour. I don't see a point in specifically siding with you, Anon
  143. >Twilight points an accusing hoof
  144. A: My distraught darling... I am here for more than mere financing. I am here... to find love
  145. >Rarity swoons a bit at your melodrama
  146. TS: You can't be serious...
  147. AJ: Twilight, if ya didn't care fer even hearin' Anon out, why'd ya come?
  148. TS: I was curious as to his intentions. Now that I know, I am rather disappointed I was right
  149. R: Twilight! I am ashamed of you for not giving Anon the benefit of the doubt!
  150. F: I, um, I believe Anon is a nice guy
  151. TS: Well, I won't be playing his little "Bachelor" game tonight. Good evening
  152. >Twilight turns the doorknob with her magic to find the door is locked tight
  153. TS: Anon, you're door is stuck
  154. A: Oh yes, you'll find us quite trapped in here. At least for the better part of the party
  155. >Every pony turns and looks at you apprehensively
  156. RD: What are you talking about, Anon?
  157. A: Well, I had some idea of how things might play out and I really do want to try to win one of you over
  158. TS: Ugh, humans and their odd views of "friendship"
  159. A: I really think you take us humans for granted. Have we not been kind, generous even?
  160. TS: Not without much provocation. You often say one thing and write another
  161. >The room begins to heat up right on time
  162. A: I feel you are judging me based on a bias that other humans may have lead you to believe was the rule. I think you'd find I was quite different
  163. >You see the more overdressed mares begin to remove some frills and lace
  164. R: Excuse me, Anonymous, but does it feel hotter in here?
  165. >You look around for a moment and feign ignorance
  166. A: I am not sure what you mean? Feels fine to me
  167. >You check your watch
  168. >The next surprise should be coming down the ventilation shaft in a moment
  169. >You continue stalling the girls as they strip more and more from the heat
  170. >Finally, every flank in the room is bare and you undo some of your own clothing
  171. A: Now, ladies... I realize all this small talk is boring. What do you say we begin the screening process?
  172. >The mares look at each other then to you
  173. AJ: What do ya mean by, "Screenin'?"
  174. >The laced air begins to kick in and you feel a small buzz
  175. >You smile wickedly as you recline on the large, flat couch and continue to undress
  176. A: I am sure you are aware of all the duties a husband has to their wife. I always plan and research before I make a commitment
  177. >You are stripped down to nothing more than your boxer shorts
  178. >You maleness lays limp under the thin veil
  179. >You see Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash trying to adjust their focus as the drug takes hold of their minds
  180. >Fluttershy and Applejack seem a tad more resistant and Twilight must be using magic to breathe
  181. A: Why don't you girls make yourself comfortable on this soft couch? I am nothing if not a gracious host
  182. >Without hesitation, Rainbow Dash is upon your lap
  183. RD: I always liked you, Anon. Remember back in basics? We ruined so many sleeping bags
  184. >Her hips grind into your lap and her hooves wrap around your neck
  185. >She goes in for a sloppy kiss and you open wide
  186. R: Oh, this is so crude. Rainbow, stop humping Anon so freely!
  187. >You reach a hand to Rarity and pet her muzzle
  188. >She leans her head down and you scratch behind her ears
  189. >Dash's kiss finally ends with a popping sound
  190. R: Oh, Anon... I never knew human hands could feel so... divine on one's...
  191. >You interrupt her fawning by rubbing her horn
  192. >Rarity's soft moans cause your manhood to rise and jut against Rainbow's belly
  193. RD: Now that's what I like to see. Good little soldiers standing at attention
  194. >Rainbow pushes her wet sex against you, grinding you to a full erection
  195. PP: H-hey! Don't forget who's the party expert here!
  196. >Pinkie takes you by your free hand and runs it down her soft body
  197. PP: Mhm... nop0ny parties like Pinkie parties
  198. >Pinkie wastes no time in getting your fingers damp
  199. >Rainbow slides down your body and unto her haunches
  200. >She takes the elastic of your boxers in her mouth and slowly pulls them down to reveal your stiff manhood
  201. RD: Hmm... I wonder if you've gotten better at "gun control"
  202. >She takes half of your [impressive] length in her mouth with a gulp
  203. >You sigh as her expert tongue explores your shape
  204. >Rarity has taken the petting up a notch to using your hand as roughly as Pinkie Pie
  205. >Pinkie, quite literally on the other hand, furiously rides you fingers
  206. >Your head hangs over the couch and your mouth lulls open
  207. >You can barely think with so many sexy flanks using you that Applejack's appearance goes unnoticed
  208. AJ: Ah don't know about you, sugarcube, but Ah can't resist a cute face like that
  209. >Applejack holds you steady with her hooves and kisses you
  210. >Rainbow puts in a grunt of effort and gives you a mind numbing blow
  211. >You spill your hot seed into her lusty muzzle
  212. >The professional Rainbow drinks down every drop without so much as a spill
  213. >You moan in sheer bliss with AJ wrapped around your tongue
  214. PP: Oh, yeah, Dash... I want a taste of Anon next
  215. >Rainbow Dash quickly lifts her head to Pinkie and kisses her
  216. >Pinkie tenses for a moment before letting Rainbow dominate her mouth
  217. >The kiss breaks as you feel Pinkie gush her bubblegum margasm into your palm
  218. PP: Oh, oh~! Anon's like butter crème!
  219. R: Oh, you dirty girls... sharing Anon's spunk... Ah~, how filthy! Oh~, oh~!
  220. >Rarity excites herself more and you feel your hand fill with another wet orgasm from the unicorn
  221. >The smell of a citronella perfume stains your hand
  222. >Applejack finally allows you a breath
  223. AJ: Mmm, ya taste mighty fine here too. What'da'ya say ya show me what a, "gracious host" ya can be?
  224. >With your head still hanging over the couch, Applejack plants her warm sex in your face
  225. AJ: Come on, sugarcube. Ah know that tongue is beggin' fer a treat
  226. >You oblige the beautiful orange rump in your way with a tongue bath
  227. >Applejack snorts and whinnies in surprise at your enthusiasm which makes you go deeper
  228. >Rainbow Dash climbs into your lap again and slips you inside her
  229. RD: I want Anon to cum inside me!
  230. >She rides you like a show-pony
  231. PP: No fair! You already got your load!
  232. RD: We can, uh~, share this one, oh~ ohh~, too
  233. >Pinkie humps your hand slowly
  234. PP: Well, sharing -is- caring
  235. >She giggles a little
  236. >Your mind is a mess at this point
  237. >You underestimated your adversaries it seems
  238. >Rainbow Dash dives down hard after a few minutes and you fill her to the brim
  239. >She huffs, gasps and finally rolls off your abused pelvis
  240. PP: Hey! You didn't share!
  241. RD: S-sorry... too good... I love human stamina...
  242. >RD relaxes and rests her head
  243. >You feel the cotton-candy mare sit in your lap reverse cowgirl
  244. >Her tail tickles your chest
  245. PP: Ooh, Dashie is so greedy sometimes! Come on, Anon, stuff me like a sexy crepe!
  246. >You can barely hear Pinkie with Applejack's thighs feverishly humping your face
  247. >Fluttershy has drawn closer to you and watches Pinkie bounce on you like a trampoline
  248. F: Oh, d-does it hurt... that looks really rough, Pinkie
  249. PP: Nonsense... ooh! I'm stretchy... Ah~
  250. >Fluttershy places her face close to Pinkie's sex
  251. F: Anon's... thingy... oh my... it's just so violent... I...
  252. >She begins to rub her own plump snatch with a morbid fascination as Pinkie bounces on you
  253. >After what seems like eternity, Applejack finally lets you have a taste of southern hospitality
  254. >Her thighs squeeze your head to the point of nearly passing out
  255. AJ: Oh, gosh... Ah... Ah ain't never... mah stars... Ah could make a honest boy outta ya fer that tongue alone
  256. >The air is considerably cooler with AJ's juicy flank off you
  257. >You pant and gasp for breath between swallowing down her apple juice
  258. >You fear you might break before you have tried everyp0ny in the room at this rate
  259. R: Anon, I can't believe you would let her put her hindquarters in your mouth... It's so... so... dirty... you dirty, dirty boy~!
  260. >Rarity squeezes your nipple with magic and tweaks it lightly
  261. >You smile at her wilder side
  262. >You attempt to say something only to be cut off by Twilight
  263. TS: Girls! Stop! Please! You're falling for his human treachery just like Celestia said would happen!
  264. >Every other mare is too busy rutting you to pay attention
  265. >Rarity drops the magic and places her broad tongue against your chest
  266. >She sucks and nibbles at your small nipples
  267. >You buck suddenly as your orgasm courses through you again
  268. PP: Ohh~ ohh~ ohh~
  269. >You hear the sound of an egg timer chime and feel Pinkie convulse in your lap
  270. >The milking drains your energy and your sex falls limp from Pinkie's beaten body
  271. PP: Oh yeah~! Nothing like a hot cream filling to make my tummy happy
  272. >Pinkie pats her belly and lays to one side of the couch
  273. F: Oh... my... A-Anon... do you think I could?
  274. >You cannot answer, your mind is nearly gone from the relentless mares
  275. R: Fluttershy, I need your help for this
  276. F: What is it?
  277. R: I am simply dying to have this handsome human pound my delicate flank, but his cock is just too... dirty to touch. Could you be a dear and clean it for me? I'll make sure you get him next
  278. >Rarity has a manic smile on her face
  279. >Fluttershy looks very cautiously at your limp member
  280. F: I never sucked a human off before... or a stallion... for that matter
  281. R: It's simple, I'll help you!
  282. >Rarity holds your carefully between her shiny hooves and lines Fluttershy's mouth neatly
  283. F: Now, just bob your head as much as you feel comfortably with. Don't be afraid to use your tongue for the hard-to-reach places, darling
  284. >Fluttershy parts her lips slowly and sucks the head of your masculinity
  285. F: Tastes kind of bitter...
  286. R: It's an acquired taste... now, please, acquire faster!
  287. >Rarity holds Fluttershy's face and bobs her onto you
  288. >She pushes more and more of your used sex into Fluttershy
  289. >Fluttershy starts masturbating gently and slurps roughly
  290. R: You are truly a good friend, Fluttershy. Simply too kind, darling! Eh, you can stop now
  291. >Fluttershy seems to be enjoying you more than she thought
  292. >You become semiconscious and stare at the yellow blur between your legs
  293. >As your length stiffens, Fluttershy twists and sucks to accommodate
  294. >You are enjoying her light attention, but it's never going to be enough to quench the building fire
  295. >You allow her to have her own pace just until it becomes unbearable
  296. A: Fluttershy... you're so soft...
  297. >You run your fingers through her mane and around her ears
  298. >Wrapping around her ears, your hands lock her squishy face
  299. >She looks up with soft eyes for just a moment before you start
  300. >Your thrusts are short and purposeful now
  301. >Fluttershy finds a way to relax and her hole muzzle becomes a loving sex toy for you to finish yourself in
  302. >Rarity takes note of your face
  303. R: Alright, listen carefully. Don't let Anon get dirty this time. Make sure you swallow it all
  304. >Rarity is pressing her nose to your body and looking down as you molest her dear friend's sweet muzzle
  305. >A white hoof circles around your crotch with anticipation
  306. >You grunt and choke for a moment as you bury your spongy sex deep into Fluttershy
  307. >Tears drip down her face as her throat receives every ounce
  308. >Fluttershy coughs once from the sticky meal and a little spunk drips from her nose
  309. >You shudder hard as she regains her strength and pulls you from her velvety throat
  310. F: A-Anon... oh... so full...
  311. >She lets go a tiny burp
  312. F: Goodness, excuse me...
  313. >Fluttershy yawns and lays beside Rainbow Dash
  314. A: Oh lord... you girls are not making this game easy
  315. R: Oh, hush now... you've only had inexperienced fillies until this moment
  316. >Rarity takes your "clean" manhood and slides it casually into her sopping wet hole
  317. >She rides you in long, elegant strokes
  318. >He tail raises and you have a full view of her snow-white flanks
  319. R: Go ahead, grab them. Show me that you're a real stallion!
  320. >You grab onto her pillowed butt and hold tightly with what little strength you have
  321. >Rarity did not lie when she said she was more practiced
  322. >The feeling of such a mare working you over is just delightful
  323. >She buries you in her and spins around to your front
  324. >Your sex is corkscrewed inside her and she grinds you gently
  325. R: It's true what they say about rowboats and the motion of the ocean
  326. >You fail to catch on as Rarity lifts off you
  327. >Your erection flails in the cool air and your mind races
  328. A: Wh-why are we stopping?
  329. >Rarity smirks for a moment before repositioning you to her round bottom
  330. R: Darling, sex is mutual... I want to cum as badly as you do...
  331. >She spears herself tail-hole on you and sinks down
  332. >The gripping, silken lining of this hole drives you mad
  333. >You wrap your arms around her small frame and hold tightly
  334. R: Oh yes, now work my arse like you've been dreaming of!
  335. >You love how Rarity is so forceful even with a rod in her rump
  336. >You can't help yourself as you piston Rarity into the air
  337. >She squeals in delight with every twist you make and coos with pleasure when you grind her
  338. >You quickly lay her on her back and take the top
  339. >She moans like a wanton harlot as your hips touch her flank
  340. R: Oh~ yes! Mark me! Strike my flank! I want to see hand-prints in the morning!
  341. >You squeeze her butt with alarming passion
  342. >A quick slap to her right side causes her plump marehood to quiver
  343. >You give her another and another
  344. >When he white flank is ruffled enough, you can see her skin burning red from the spanking
  345. >It's all too much and you lose yourself in her tight body
  346. >With another stroke, you feel her orgasm over you
  347. >The mess drips onto your sex and gives you the last bit of lubrication you need
  348. >One final push and you are hilted into Rarity's abused bottom, pumping your raging passion deep into her gut
  349. R: Oh.. Oh yes... my... word...
  350. >You stay joined to her for a moment before pulling out
  351. >Her stretched hole gapes slightly and you watch her sex pucker and convulse
  352. >By the gods... that was a wild ride
  353. >You haven't heard from Twilight Sparkle in a while and wonder what she is up to
  354. >You look over the couch to see her laying on her back and rubbing her marehood
  355. A: Oh, you joined the party
  356. >You smile and yawn
  357. TS: You... stupid... human
  358. A: Now, that's just harsh
  359. TS: You... Ah~! You don't get t... oh~! I... I can't cum... ah~
  360. A: Who's stopping you?
  361. TS: A spell! Ahhh~! I am so close... I hate you for this!
  362. >You come around the couch and meet Twilight on the floor
  363. A: I studied unicorns for a while. I am sure I don't need to tell you about your own anatomy though
  364. >Twilight doesn't seem to be paying attention, so you decide to show her
  365. >You grab the tip of her horn and rub her a few times
  366. TS: Anon! Ah~! Stop teasing me more~!
  367. >You take her sparking horn into your mouth and suck her deeply
  368. TS: Ohh~ da~mn~!
  369. >You run your tongue over every ridge and pay special attention to the tip
  370. >Twilight's eye's flush white with power and you smile knowing what is next
  371. >With a flash. a peel of lightning, and the unmistakable smell of ozone, Twilight Sparkle convulses like a mad rag-doll
  372. >It takes several moments to bring her back to reality
  373. A: Did that help?
  374. TS: H-h-how?
  375. A: Well, I learned that as unicorns learn more magic, their bodies lose sensitivity. At least, it fades from -certain- areas. Now, your horn is a thin layer of bone and nerve bundles. Other than having to dodge a stray bolt of energy, it seemed like you enjoyed it
  376. >You give a wide, toothy grin
  377. TS: I... I never had... anyp0ny suck on my horn like that... you're kind of kinky, Anon
  378. A: Ut, ut, I perform the term, "adventurous"
  379. TS: Well... now what? Do you think I will be your bride just because you made me discharge pent-up magic?
  380. A: No, not at all. I do think, however, that you'd let me do it again
  381. >Twilight blushes for a moment and looks away from you
  382. TS: S-shut up... Don't look at me while you do it again either!
  383. A: You sound like you really want this. I'll be kind in your hour of need
  384. >You suck Twilight's horn half a dozen times, each rewarding you with unpredictable magical explosions
  385. >You stay locked around Twilight's horn until the timer on the door finally unlocks and the vents clear out the aphrodisiac
  386. >Cool air floods into the room and mingles with the smell of sweat, shame, passion, fear, anger and a lot of sex
  387. >As you stand up, your spine and leg bones snap and pop from the intense work out
  388. >All your mare friends are waking up and see you at the doorway
  389. A: Oh, girls, we still have a little time left to finish the party. If you hurry, you can be showered and dressed in time for the fireworks!
  390. >You make your way to the bathroom to do just that
  391. >Today was a million dollar day
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