Pack Dominance [MLO]

Mar 16th, 2013
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  1. >Day “Imminent Buttfucking” in Equestria.
  2. >Be Rover, Diamond Dog leader.
  3. >You just lost to whiny slut pony.
  4. >And her stupid friends.
  5. >Your brothers, the tiny Spot, and the absolutely massive Fido are bitching you out.
  6. >”This was your idea Rover! You bring noisy white pony to hideout, she only moans and whines! No gems!”
  7. >You reach out, smacking Spot square across the back of his insufferable head.
  8. ”Shut up! I am leader, you listen to me!”
  9. >Fido scratches his head. You can practically see the gears clicking away in his thick skull.
  10. >”Why all plans end this way? You say you smart, but we always end up with no gems!”
  11. >You sock Fido in the gut, watching him double over.
  12. ”I leader! I smartest, I make good plans! You two just muck everything up!”
  13. >The two grumble at you, muttering darkly.
  14. ”What, you have something to say to me?”
  15. >With a start, both of them swing back an arm.
  16. >”YES!”
  17. >”YES!”
  18. >Spot punches you in the knee. Fido smacks you in the back of the head.
  19. >You smack into the ground with an unceremonious ‘OOMPH!’
  20. ”Why you little…!”
  21. >Jumping up, you smack Spot in the face with your tail, poking Fido in the eyes with two fingers.
  22. >Spot and Fido howl, grabbing their faces, recovering quickly.
  23. >They both fix you with a threatening look , and you see it coming before they even go for anything.
  24. >Dropping down, you watch the numbskulls slap each other in the face.
  25. >They stare at each other in disbelief, before looking down to see you on the ground.
  26. >You jump up, tossing dirt in their eyes, before bashing their heads together.
  27. >They both fall over, dazed.
  28. “Like I said, I smartest, I pack leader!”
  29. >Fido and Spot hop up once again.
  30. >>Hey there folks. I’m the Not-needed-at-all Narrator Anon, and I have to say, it looks like these three are going to take a bit to resolve these slapstick antics.
  31. >>So on that note: Time for a transition screen!
  33. >After a lengthy slapstick fight that would do The Three Stooges proud, you are once again, Top Dog.
  34. >Or you were.
  35. >They kind of knocked you out after you turned around.
  36. >>What the hell.
  37. >>Fluttershy, how the hell did you even get in here?
  38. >You wake up, after getting knocked out by Fido. Seems you’re in one of the jail cells. Tied down and gagged. This will end well.
  39. >>My friend Pinkie Pie helped me find you. She said we had to use the fourth wall, or something crazy like that.
  40. >>Goddamit, I’m going to have to talk to that pink ball of autism.
  41. >You can hear Spot and Fido arguing outside the door.
  42. >>Get the hell out, I’m trying to do a job here.
  43. >”What we going to do, he will be angry!” High and annoying. That’s Spot.
  44. >>Oooh! What kind of job is it Anon?
  45. >”Why should we care? We boss now.” Low and dripping with stupid. That’s got to be Fido.
  46. >>I’m narrating. In a story that doesn’t need narrating.
  47. >”But what if he gets loose?”
  48. >>Oh.
  49. >”I tie knots strong, he no get loose.”
  50. >>Oh my.
  51. >”Fine, we go show him who boss now then.”
  52. >>Those Diamond Dogs sure seem to not like Rover anymore.
  53. >Watching the door creak open, you see Spot and Fido walk in, smug grins on their faces.
  54. >>Fluttershy, go away.
  55. >Spot walks behind you, Fido in front.
  56. >”We top dogs now. We tired of you bossing us around, Rover. Tired of bad plans, tired of getting hit.”
  57. >”Yeah!”
  58. >”Since we Top Dogs now, we dominate you now. Top Dogs always show they are dominate leaders by humping others!”
  59. >What?
  60. >”What?”
  61. >”Yeah, me read in pony book that how dogs show dominance!”
  62. >He can read?
  63. >”You can read?
  64. >”It don’t matter. We leaders, we show dominance now.”
  65. >Without warning, Fido rips the gag out of your mouth and jams in something musky and sour tasting.
  66. >>Oh my Anon! Is gay bestiality your fetish?
  67. >”You suck now, or me hit you, like you hit us all the time.”
  68. >You comply, working your tongue up and down his shaft, humiliated by these turn of events.
  69. >>No Fluttershy!
  70. >>Are you sure Announcer Anon, I have some animals who might be interested…
  72. >You can feel Spot lining up, running his grubby hands up down your ass.
  73. >>”MEEP!”
  74. >>Great, there’s a chunk of the story we missed, thanks to that psychotic pegasus.
  75. >Spot thrusts into you harder, Fido thrusting in your mouth.
  76. >In the strangest turn of events yet, you were actually starting to enjoy this.
  77. >You could feel your own hard-on growing underneath you as these two railed both your ends.
  78. >>Fluttershy, I know you’re still in here.
  79. >>I can see you.
  80. >>You’re pretending to be a plastic tree in the corner.
  81. >>Fuck it, I’ve got better things to do.
  82. >You taste it, hot and salty, as Fido blows his load into your mouth, and despite everything, you feel yourself swallowing as much as you can, a little leaking out of your mouth.
  83. >Spot is close too. He’s thrusting harder and faster, trying to reach his peak. With a final, forceful push, you can feel him blow too, his load pouring hot and heavy into you.
  84. >You feel yourself enjoying it, this utter humiliation.
  85. >Fido and Spot fall back, clearly exhausted, before something registers in your mind.
  86. >Fido did a pretty crappy job of tying your bindings. They’re coming loose just from you jostling around.
  87. >Pulling the bindings loose, you jump up, whirling around on the two, as they lay there.
  88. “Idiots! Can’t even tie tight bindings! You two screw everything up!”
  89. >You fix them with a stare, before turning around and walking out of the room.
  90. “Next time, I show you how to tie tighter bindings. No wiggling for me.”
  91. The End
  92. >>Announcer Anon, we have to talk.
  93. >>Yes Mr. Writefag?
  94. >>What in the blueberry fuck were you doing?
  95. >>And why is Fluttershy in the corner covered in fake twigs, leafing through a photo book full of animals?
  96. >>Uhm…
  97. >>You know you’re not getting paid for this, right?
  98. >>Really?
  99. >>Yes, really. You’re lucky the Diamond Dogs didn’t hear your incessant stupidity.
  100. >>FUCK!
  101. >>Fucking Fluttershy.
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