Ocarina of Time 3D MST NG+ Farores Wind Route

Aug 31st, 2012
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  1. This is an older previous route for MST involving NG+ FW. This route is easier than the current route as it skips 2 DHWWs and 2 RI FWWWs. However, if you are newer to the game and want to learn an easier route, this is for you.
  3. Intro
  4. Backflip off of porch
  5. Get blue rupee behind Mido's house
  6. Pond hop blue rupee
  7. Behind the counter blue rupee
  8. Buy 5 deku nuts
  9. Kokiri Sword (DO NOT EQUIP!!!)
  10. WWT forest escape (
  11. Back walk to Hyrule Market (optional HESS on peahat)
  12. Enter, exit, then reenter Hyrule Castle area
  13. Talk to Malon twice to get weird egg
  14. Wake Talon
  15. Use 1 box to get to crawlspace
  16. Meet Zelda
  17. Zelda's Lullaby
  18. To Kakiriko Village
  19. Grab cucco by entrance and throw on the stair next to the skulltula house (preferably on the left side of the stairs)
  20. Roll into the crate in front of the house where Talon sleeps (if you get behind the cucco it will run away faster)
  21. Grab the cucco near the potion shop
  22. Fly to cucco in front of the skulltula house
  23. Throw both cuccos to the left side of the stairs
  24. Grab the cucco that was in the crate.
  25. Throw all cuccos previously mentioned into the pen.
  26. Grab the Graveyard cucco
  27. Fly to the fence behind where the secret potion shop is and throw the cucco back over the fence
  28. Grab the other cucco behind the fence and throw it over the fence
  29. Get on fence and jump onto the ladder to get the windmill cucco
  30. Fly down and throw the cucco towards the pen
  31. Throw another one of the cuccos towards then pen
  32. Grab the third cucco and chase the other to to the pen
  33. Bottle
  34. Show the guard Zelda's letter
  35. Go to Goron City (option HESS on tektite)
  36. Get deku stick in the pot on the stairs
  37. Get the 2 deku sticks in the throne room
  38. **Light a deku stick and enter and exit the shop and grab 2 (possibly 3rd from stairs if uncertain about 1 cycle Gohma) more deku sticks from the throne room
  39. Light a deku stick and open the entrance to the Lost Woods (Do not let the deku stick burn up!!!)
  40. Go to Sacred Forest Meadow
  41. Kill the wolfos
  42. Get Saria's song
  43. Go back to Lost Woods
  44. Enter Goron City (getting lost is actually slower)
  45. Get the 2 deku sticks in the throne room
  46. Play Saria's Song to Darunia
  47. Goron Bracelet
  48. Get the deku stick in the pot on the steps
  49. Enter Death Mountain Trail
  50. Throw the bomb flower to open Dodongo's Cavern and quickly backflip over the fence before the cutscene
  51. Enter Dodongo's Cavern
  52. Blow open the stone wall
  53. Blow open the stone wall to the right of the main room
  54. Push the armos onto the switch
  55. Kill the lizalfos (be careful not to break deku sticks. I have found that a good way to do this is to stun them with deku sticks and then get close to them and jumpslash)
  56. Put away the broken deku stick (a fast way to do this is to use the bottle)
  57. Light the torches and hit the switch
  58. Lower staircase and backflip up the stairs
  59. Switch, bridge, blade traps
  60. Hellfire 1
  61. Kill the lizalfos
  62. Hellfire 2 (
  63. Bombs
  64. Light the eyes (Don't hit the switch to raise the platform)
  65. Blow open wall and get the deku shield (Do not equip)
  66. Exit Dodongo's Cavern
  67. Back walk (or bomb HESS) past the falling rocks
  68. Fairy
  69. Ride the owl to Kakiriko Village
  70. Enter and exit the house where Talon sleeps
  71. Set Farores Wind warp
  72. Go to Dodongo's Cavern
  73. Enter mouth
  74. Go around and push block onto the switch (there's a fairy in a pot incase the keese troll)
  75. Get bombs in the chest
  76. Kill King Dodongo and get the Heart Container
  77. Wrong warp to Nocturne of Shadow cutscene
  78. Go to Hyrule Castle
  79. Get Din's Fire
  80. Return to warp point
  81. Go to Lost Woods from the Kokiri Forest and set a warp point
  82. Equip deku shield
  83. Enter Deku Tree
  84. Burn the web with Din's Fire (Be sure not to kill the deku baba on the right.)
  85. Grab deku nuts from the deku baba on the left
  86. Mega sidehop using the deku baba to skip B1 and conveniently break the second web (
  87. 23 is #1
  88. Kill Gohma with 1 deku stick (do not waste deku sticks) and a deku nut and get the heart container
  89. Wrong warp to silver gauntlets cutscene (Do not get the gauntlets)
  90. Enter and exit Spirit Temple to get the Requiem of Spirit
  91. Savequit
  92. Equip Kokiri Sword
  93. Navi dive to Zora's River (
  94. Enter Zora's Domain
  95. Capture a fish (You can also pick up deku nuts in the pots next to the shop. They can help inside Jabu Jabu's belly)
  96. TSC past king Zora (
  97. Enter Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly
  98. Talk to Princess Ruto
  99. Make your way back up to floor 1
  100. Go right in the room with the 3 paths, hit the switch with Ruto and enter the door
  101. Kill the 3 stingers (deku nuts can help to get all 3 into the air at once)
  102. Boomerang
  103. Backtrack to the room with the crates
  104. Megaflip from the moving platform to the ledge with the blue switch
  105. Backflip onto the switchand take out Zelda's Letter on the same frame that you hit the switch (takes a couple of tries)
  106. Hit the switch with your boomerang and sidehop off of the ledge before you see the door opening cutscene
  107. Kill Barinade (deku nuts help) and collect the heart container
  108. Zora Sapphire
  109. Savequit
  110. To Hyrule (optional bomb HESS)
  111. Ocarina of Time
  112. Go to the Temple of Time
  113. Open the door and pick up the master sword
  114. Long light medallion cutscene
  115. Play Nocturne of Shadow
  116. Race Dampe for hookshot
  117. Exit room and enter to have the door shut on you taking you back to the beginning (
  118. Exit grave and enter Hylian shield grave
  119. Get shield and exit grave
  120. Play Nocturne of Shadow
  121. Enter the Shadow Temple
  122. Kill dead hand
  123. Hover Boots
  124. Use hover boots to do truth spinner without falling (It's always one of the back 3)
  125. Hookshot clip small key chest in the reaper room
  126. Block skip (
  127. Ride boat
  128. Boss key
  129. Cross the gap (
  130. Kill Bongo Bongo and DO NOT pick up the heart container
  131. Shadow Medallion
  132. Go to Sacred Forest Meadow
  133. Optional maze skip (
  134. Minuet of Forest CS skip (
  135. To Goron City via Lost Woods
  136. Blow up the little Goron and get fire tunic
  137. Enter Death Mountain Crater
  138. Skip Bolero of Fire CS by using hover boots to get on the volcano.
  139. Enter Fire Temple
  140. Get the small key in the boss door room (fairy in here for safety incase the timer runs out)
  141. Get the small key in the west side of the bridge room
  142. Get the small key in the east side of the bridge room
  143. Hookshot to the top of the climbable wall, push the block, and ride the elevator
  144. Red block jump and TSC hover behind the gate. (
  145. Open the gate and get the small key
  146. Sidehop over the flame wall on the right side of the room
  147. Megaflip through the flame wall linked to the switch
  148. Kill the flair dancer
  149. Megaton Hammer
  150. Boss key skip (
  151. Kill Volvagia and get the heart container
  152. Fire Medallion
  153. Play Minuet of Forest
  154. Enter Forest Temple
  155. Get small key in the first room
  156. Get stalfos small key
  157. Play Song of Time and enter the west courtyard
  158. Inverted Doomjump off of the vines coming out of the well to get to the upper part of the room
  159. Push blocks to get to the top of the room
  160. Go to twisted hallway room (sidehop around hallway text and backflip over wallmaster text)
  161. Backflip over the banister in the top of the poe painting room to the bottom
  162. Kill the 3 stalfos
  163. Bow
  164. Savequit
  165. Forest Temple boss key skip (
  166. Kill Phantom Ganon and collect the heart container
  167. Forest Medallion
  168. To Hyrule Field
  169. Go to Lake Hylia (optional bomb HESS in Hyrule Fields)
  170. Grunz clip into the Water Temple (
  171. Spell dive with a tektite and Dins Fire (
  172. Hookshot clip to floor 2 small key
  173. Jump into the water and swim underneath the wall in the north part of floor 1
  174. Back walk towards the spikes with the hoverboots on and backflip over
  175. Use hoverboots to get over to the spot where the boulders are coming
  176. Climb onto the area where there is no water and jump towards the waterfall and swim under the wall
  177. Boss key and savequit
  178. Cross the gap (
  179. Kill Morpha and get the heart container
  180. Water Medallion
  181. Play Requiem of Spirit
  182. Mirror Shield early (
  183. Enter Spirit Temple from the hand
  184. Kill the iron knuckle
  185. Light sun face and get the small key
  186. Go to death wall room and Inverted Doomjump to the top
  187. Boss key skip (
  188. Kill Naburoo iron knuckle
  189. Kill Trinrova and get the heart container
  190. Savequit
  191. Light Arrows Cutscene
  192. Go to Ganon's Castle
  193. Forest Trial
  194. Water Trial (Hover boots to the red ice in the second room instead of pushing the block and GRAB THE FAIRY IN THE POT!!!)
  195. Shadow Trial (hoverboost to torch platform, use Din's Fire, the hover to the platform)
  196. Fire Trial and hover boost ( (end of video)) or hover bomb HESS (
  197. Light Trial
  198. Spirit Trial (optional hookshot clip to skip bombchus)
  199. Leave Ganon's Castle and go to Hyrule Field
  200. Blow up the rock west of Hyrule and Death Hole Glitch (
  201. Do not save and quit
  202. Ocarina items (run with bomb and use Din's Fire when link is about to put his arms down)
  203. Play Nocturne of Shadow
  204. Exit Castle
  205. Defeat Ganon (optional Master Sword loss skip with Din's Fire (
  206. End Credits!!!
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