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  1. You are using:
  2. <used as light>      the crystal of power (heavily damaged) (lit)
  3. <worn on finger>     the Band of Vandemaar (heavily worn)
  4. <worn on finger>     Hetepheres' band (worn)
  5. <worn on finger>     a silver torque ring (new)
  6. <worn around neck>   the chainmail coif of a frostfolk knight (new)
  7. <worn around neck>   (Invisible) a holy symbol of Vandyne (heavily worn)
  8. <amulet around neck> the Medallion of Alyria
  9. <amulet around neck> an amulet of spell delivery (new)
  10. <worn on body>       a shirt of ears (heavily damaged)
  11. <worn on head>       a seashell-covered helm (slightly worn)
  12. <worn on legs>       (Invisible) the leggings of an elder dragon (damaged)
  13. <worn on feet>       boots of resistance (heavily worn)
  14. <worn on hands>      the Bloodbane combat gloves (used)
  15. <worn on arms>       the chainmail sleeves of a frostfolk knight (slightly worn)
  16. <worn as shield>     a battered iron shield (worn)
  17. <worn about body>    a blue robe (slightly worn)
  18. <worn around body>   a spectral aura
  19. <worn about waist>   an ice girdle (falling apart)
  20. <worn on hip>        a magical belt pouch (new)
  21. <worn around wrist>  a bracelet of the elements (used)
  22. <worn around wrist>  heavy, protective obsidian wristguards (new)
  23. <right hand>         a halberd called 'Lightbringer' (damaged)
  24. <left hand>          a luminous miniature pulsar
  26. Empty equipment slots: neck3 neck4 face shoulder1 shoulder2
  28. Current Armor Resistance (AR):
  29. (Head    ) Pierce: 100  Bash: 100  Slash: 100  Exotic: 100
  30. (Torso   ) Pierce: 95   Bash: 92   Slash: 95   Exotic: 94
  31. (Arms    ) Pierce: 100  Bash: 100  Slash: 100  Exotic: 100
  32. (Legs    ) Pierce: 97   Bash: 96   Slash: 98   Exotic: 96
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