I don't want to fuck her, Anon (Twiggy, loveletter#1453)

Aug 30th, 2017
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  1. I don't want to fuck her, Anon
  2. I want to make love to her
  3. I want to kiss her and hug her and tell her I love her as my pride parts her petals open and I feel her walls engulf my length inch by inch
  4. I want to hear her moan my name as I finally hilt, as she finally takes all of me
  5. I want to love her so hard and so much that she couldn't even speak English anymore, nor would I
  6. The only sounds coming from us would be groans and moans and pants and whispers
  7. I want to caress her entire form as I thrust into her, I want to cup her cheeks as I kiss her, and pinch her little teats, and stroke her wings as they flare, signaling her first orgasm
  8. I want to nibble and suckle on her neck and shoulders
  9. I want to tell her I'm getting close, or at least try to
  10. I want her to know that I'm getting close, even through my blabbering, to know that the throbs of my cock that is still deep inside of her signal my impending orgasm
  11. I want to feel her tighten her embrace even more, her hooves wrapping themselves around my form to pull me in even closer, to keep me exactly where she wants me to be
  12. To tell me exactly where she wants my seed
  13. And I want to give it to her, spurts after spurts, groans after groans
  14. Love yous after love yous
  15. And I don't want it to stop there
  16. I want to stay there, cuddling her, holding her as close as I can, as close as two beings could ever be
  17. To nuzzle her neck and whisper more sweet words into her twitching ears
  18. To keep caressing and stroking her sides, her back, her legs
  19. And I want to tell her that I can't wait to meet the little one as my hand stops on her belly
  20. On her soon to be bloated belly
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