a u r o r a servers

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  1. <b><size=30><color=#34008e>A u r o r a</color></size=30></b>
  3. <color=#0061a3>
  4. Zombies can infect players!
  5. Decontamination replaced with blackout!
  6. Some scps have increased health!
  7. </color>
  9. <b><color=#470cad>Rules:
  10. • Do not cooperate with any opposing team, exception for D-class, and Scientists besides working with SCPS.
  11. • No  derogatory terms. Jokes are fine.
  12. • No trolling in any way, shape, or form. This includes but is not limited to closing doors on people.
  13. • Absolutely do not earrape or micspam, music is fine, as long as people are fine with it.</color></b>
  14. <color=#470cad>Have fun! And make sure to join our discord!</color> <color=#0061a3><link="">Discord</link></color>
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