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  1. DCS World open beta
  2. China Asset Pack: added the 09III SSN AI submarine
  3. ME: Focused and unfocused checkboxes will no longer look so similar
  4. ME: TAB switch order on the weather panel has been corrected
  5. ME. Text in the condition field on the group panel will not be memorized for the next mission
  6. Static ships will now spawn at sea level
  7. ME. Eliminated the same static names of units in the template
  8. User with AI wingman on runway start Aborts take off - AI takes off and keeps going - fixed
  9. Maps surface optimizations
  10. Maps traffic optimizations
  11. Increased night visibility distance of urban area lights
  12. MP: Client and dedicated server instances now use common nicknames.lua file
  13. Input. Joystick adjustment panel. Added possibility to type necessary digital values into user curve fields
  14. MP: Static objects no longer spawn differently for server and clients
  15. Input panel: Added new foldable view of the input list. This can be turned on and off via a special checkbox
  16. Input panel. Help window added, new feature added (right mouse click to open pop-up menu), Categories menu added to device column header
  17. AGM-154A-B: Corrected Radar Cross Section (RCS) value
  18. A-10C, FC3 and BS2 modules migrated to ED DRM protection
  19. Caucasus. Hovering cranes fixed
  20. Missile exhaust fluctuations eliminated
  21. MP. Speedboats spawned via scripting are invisible to clients - fixed
  23. DCS AV-8B by RAZBAM
  24. CAS page update, you can now edit and delete records
  25. Fixed cockpit texture text issue
  26. Fixed bomb release order
  27. Fixed CTD after alignment when selecting DATA page
  28. Fixed Flashing letters in HUD
  29. Fixed TACAN offset symbol position in the MPCD
  30. Fixed VVM HUD position will now remain on the same horizontal plane with the GVM
  31. Changed the gun pod ammo to PGU-32/U SAPHEI-T 25 mm rounds
  33. DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
  34. Added High Res cockpit pilot body with animations
  35. Added Pilot patches with different uniform colors
  36. Updated training mission 1 for Caucasus and NTTR to reflect changes in the module
  37. Fixed bugs in Coup d'Etat mission 2 and 3 by Baltic Dragon
  38. Added multiplayer version of the Coup d'Etat campaign (to be found under single missions)
  39. Updated manual (version 1.1.0)
  40. Fixed auto-start not continuing past FBW test due to cover condition not being open for switch to activate
  41. Adjustment seat - Corrected travel to align with actual seat and body movement, Corrected seat/body animation calculation so it goes full extent
  43. DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork
  44. Fixed RWR new emitter warning sound (only play once when a new emitter appears)
  45. Fixed SMS program change
  46. Fixed MFCD page not saving in NAV master mode
  47. Fixed weapon rdy state mismatch between HUD/MFCD SMS
  48. Fixed gun will be unarmed when the master arm is turned off
  49. Fixed gun cannot be armed when the master arm is off
  50. Fixed gun jam and gun feed count after rearm/repair
  51. Fixed AAP: WMMC2 provides nav computer power, TRAIN includes NAV
  52. Fixed AAP OFF: need to push and hold for 2.0 seconds to turn off all systems
  53. Fixed WMD7/SPJ power supply
  54. Fixed HUD power supply
  55. Fixed Master Caution Reset btn logic
  56. Fixed GBU for JTAC and WMD7 LSS
  57. Fixed WMD7 control. Once changing from CCIP to CCRP, WMD7 camera can be controlled again
  58. Fixed campaign bugs
  59. Modified. Weapons will be directly armed and aligned, if aircraft starts on runway or in air
  60. Modified. SPJ pod will be directly ready (STBY mode), if mounted and aircraft starts on the runway or in the air
  61. Modified. WMD7 will be directly ready (skip BIT but still needs OFF->ON then uncage in POD page), if mounted and aircraft starts on the runway runway or in the air
  62. Modified. DTC will be installed and loaded if the aircraft starts from the runway
  63. You can now place/remove chocks when the engine is idle
  64. Adjusted the VR init position (change x to 0, eye points are moved backward)
  65. Add keybinding for OESP program switch (next/prev)
  67. DCS: C-101 by AvioDev
  68. Several engine sound updates (Still WIP)
  69. Modified binaries structure
  70. Upgraded external and cockpit textures using PBR (Still WIP)
  71. Fixed "floating" harness in rear cockpit of external model when flying solo
  72. Engine correctly shuts down now after 20 sec timeout if startup was attempted with fuel valve switch in the OFF position
  73. Fixed flowmeter indication when CB's are pulled, both EB and CC: No fuel flow, fuel used counting or FF indication when pressing test, if corresponding CB is pulled
  75. DCS: AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations
  76. NEW!:Added Red Flag 16-2 Nevada Campaign free for all Viggen owners!
  77. Fix to CTD related to firing last sidewinder
  78. Fix to CTD when mission plan has more than 11 waypoints
  79. Fix to Ignition Coil and RADAR/EL Maintenance test CTDs
  80. Fixes to Wrath Of Thunder Campaign, including fixed AI wingman take-off on first five missions
  81. Restart button (Återstart) fixed
  82. Fixed the RWR / Master volume knob repeating, tweaked gain on rotation
  83. Update Rb75 series FM to AFM
  84. Fixed so Rb15 search modes SKORT and STRAK prioritize targets closest to middle of search cone instead of closest to missile
  85. Added new shadow-blocking geometry to avoid light shining through cockpit tub
  86. Fixed sound loop errors in cockpit engine sounds
  88. DCS: F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
  89. Added Cage the Bear campaign COOP version, thank you Kaba!
  90. Fixed Bone Strike mission for SP and COOP
  91. Updated most SP missions to have mission goals enabled
  92. Fix for datalink showing missiles
  93. Fixed various initialization issues
  94. Fix to nozzle logic during engine starts and shutdowns
  95. Tweaked damage resistance for engines and wing tanks - direct missile hits will cause more damage
  96. Aerodynamic damage improvements - direct missile hits will cause more damage
  97. Fix for doubling of trim rate when using a FFB stick (also ignore vJoy as a FFB device)
  98. Significantly improved drawcall efficiency of VDI and HUD - may boost FPS on drawcall/CPU constrained systems
  99. Added default pilot bindings for the new VKB F-14 stick
  100. Reduced audible range of exterior sounds
  101. Added new compressor stall sounds
  102. Fixed sound files paths for RWR, KY-28 and Walkman (2.5.6 compatibility)
  103. Added lubber line to Whiskey Compass
  104. Fixed gaps in weapons selector on pilot’s stick
  105. Added RIO white floodlights
  106. Added CAP category knob CW/CCW keybindings
  107. Multiple low speed and ground effect handling qualities improvements in pitch axis
  108. Slightly Increased Stab Power (also in ground effect)
  109. Additional MIL and AB thrust tweaks for performance following stores drag improvements
  110. Tweaked drag while maneuvering above mach 1.2
  111. Reduced landing gear pitch moment
  112. Removed glass from collision model
  113. Fixed custom cockpit livery not registering (Thanks uboats!)
  115. DCS F-16C Viper by ED
  116. Added EEGS Level 5 gunsight and improved EEGS Level 2 - WIP (Dogfight HUD will come a bit later)
  117. Semi Transparent screens in “HUD only” LAlt+F1 view will no lower cause issues for image
  118. Removed OFF label from the TACAN knob
  119. Input for DL switch and MAP switch
  120. New open canopy sound
  121. Corrected CTD when moving throttle from off to idle in Cold and Dark instant action
  122. Corrected the HUD altitude not being affected by pressure adjustments
  123. Added improved afterburner effect
  124. Adjusted engine fuel flow (WIP)
  125. Adjusted turn rate performance for CAT I (WIP)
  126. Corrected AIM-9 cage command
  127. Corrected ejection after use of safety lever engaged
  128. Added AIM-9 SLAVE and BORE SMS selection from the Cursor Switch depress function
  129. Voice messages now cease when the MAL & IND LTS button is released
  130. Added weapon release delay for the AIM-120
  131. Centered AIM-120 symbol within the TD box on the HUD
  132. Added ILS declutter option by pressing the Cage/Uncage HOG button
  133. Added INS velocity error due to incorrect initial coordinates
  134. If an In Flight Alignment (IFA) is enabled with a non-aligned INS, an incorrect heading on the HUD will now result
  135. The HUD FPM will now be removed if there is incorrect INS data alignment
  136. IFA time has increased
  137. Corrected the ALOW error
  138. Tuned the ILS command steering being too sensitive and providing steering too late
  139. Corrected the LINK 16 STN page
  140. Corrected the LINK 16 TIMING
  141. Fixed CNI COM 1 data entry
  142. Fixed the A-A Tacan getting a frozen range when another client cycles their channel number
  143. Corrected SAI caging
  144. The TACAN volume knob now correctly controls TACAN power
  145. Corrected keyboard commands for the Fuel Quantity Knob
  146. Adjusted AIM-9 seeker reticle position on the HUD
  147. Adjusted rotation on several cockpit control elements.
  149. DCS F-18C Hornet by ED
  150. Improved accuracy of gun funnel
  151. Improved stabilization of radar-directed gun sight and gun accuracy
  152. TGP added to the 4th station
  153. CCIP bombing in AUTO mode always using high-drag configuration is fixed
  154. Corrected instances of only one bomb from a dual rack being released
  155. HUD and attack radar page Rmax values now match
  156. Corrected JDAM and JSOW menu freezes
  157. Pre-Planned mode skipping elevation has been fixed
  158. Fixed AGM-65F count down after rearm if walleye is used with an air start
  159. Fixed AGM-65F seeker continuing to slew after uncage
  160. Fixed SAI caging and OFF flag
  161. Fixed SAI cage knob clickability
  162. Note: New Targeting pod pointing modes are in work, but were not ready for this update
  164. DCS Spitfire IX by ED
  165. Corrected rudder keyboard commands
  167. DCS Mi-8MTV2 by ED
  168. GUI. Fixed white bar issue in the training section
  169. Mi-8 Spring Tension Campaign. Mi-28 suddenly explodes in mission 12 - fixed
  170. Added direct controls to pod selector
  172. DCS UH-1H Huey by ED
  173. UN Pilot campaign. Mission 3 corrected
  175. DCS Fw 190 A-8 by ED
  176. Added priming to the autostart sequence
  178. DCS Fw 190 D-9 by E
  179. Added priming to the autostart sequence
  181. DCS A-10C Warthog by ED
  182. Incorrect binding of left throttle button (see pos. 6, fig. 70, Flight manual English) if user connects TM Hotas Warthog Throttle - fixed
  184. DCS F-5E Tiger II by ED
  185. Added German Voice-Overs to training missions
  187. DCS Persian Gulf Map by ED
  188. New light sources with increased visibility range
  189. Higher accuracy and resolution of seabed to meet new water requirements
  190. Improved sea shoreline
  191. More accurate trees lod transition
  192. Fixed PAPI lights on airfields
  194. DCS: Normandy 1944
  195. Spring and Fall textures are updated
  196. Spring and Fall trees are also updated
  197. Coastal line artifacts are removed
  198. Landscape artifacts are removed
  199. Multiple airfield parkings and taxiways fixes
  200. Airfields are refined with new scenery
  201. Fortification scenery improved
  202. Unique buildings and structures improved
  203. Pegasus Bridge and Chateau de Falez were added
  205. Campaigns
  207. UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development.
  208. Added DE documentation
  209. Mission 1: F10 Map Marker added. Score system changed.Skip Mission function available at the second task (final score 55)
  210. Mission 2: F10 Map Marker added. Score system changed. Al landing points slightly changed. Tasks 1 to 3 – When cargo is destroyed, these facts and options are displayed. Task 2 - Information about the time limit added. Many knew voice-overs during cargo transport added. WOLF 1 no longer slides into the water. The mission will continue in time. Skip Mission function available before the third task (final score 55). Cargo changed – Container doesn’t flip over and gets destroyed that easy anymore
  211. Mission 3: F10 Map Marker added. Score system changed. Many Voice-Overs improved. More immersion - Mi-8 at Tango bravo now on the radio talking and announcing their current position (voice-overs added). Task two / recapture the outpost, adopted. Skip Mission function available before the second task (final score 55)
  212. P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations. Campaign updated for the new Normandy map. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target.
  214. Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations. Campaign updated for the new Normandy map. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target.
  216. Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations. Campaign updated for the new Normandy map. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target.
  218. F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign by Reflected Simulations. Wake turbulence off enforced. Player's flight engages the primary target. Updated F-86F custom skins.
  220. M-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon.
  222. Mission 7: small tweaks to F-15E behaviour
  223. Mission 15: fixed missing "fox 1 and 2" calls from flight members, fixed an issue where Max would not fight with the Gazelles
  224. The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon.
  226. Mission 5: fixed rare issue where damaged Mi-8 (first target) would take off thus breaking the mission
  227. A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign by Maple Flag Missions.
  229. AFT05 missions: Corrected altitude triggers for flare drop
  231. Known issues:
  232. - Bf-109: engine start doesn't work
  233. - L-39: engine start causes crash
  234. - Ground units can cause crash at the path search
  235. - Spitfire MkIX The Big Show campaign (5th mission): aircraft spawn place misplaced, aircraft explodes
  236. - Blue shadow from smoke cluster bomb
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