Card Priestess Masami! (Updated!)

Jun 25th, 2015 (edited)
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  1. Archive:
  2. Twitter:
  4. Masami Itsukuma!
  5. Main Character (That's you!)
  6. Sometimes called 'Priestess'
  7. Uses cards for battle, and has five cards!
  9. Masami's Cards:
  11. Bellevedere!
  12. What's as safe as a fortress? How about a set of plate armor that comes with a tremendous tower shield and a powerful broadsword? 'Belle' is extremely useful for taking a hit! And can also cleave straight through solid objects, even ram through them with her shield! She's also Masami's last combat card that isn't a person.
  14. Melissa/Amber!
  15. A dark and shadowy card that creates a double of Masami when it's used! It's a neat party trick, but I wonder if it has any other uses?
  17. Flying Card!
  18. Lets Masami fly through the air like a bird! Doesn't steer very well, nor can it stop very quickly. Can be combined with Cirrus to hover, jump, turn, even soar!
  20. Speed Card!
  21. This one speeds Masami up into overdrive! All of her movement is doubled. This even applies to combat, and cooking, and chores!
  23. Masami's Friends and Family:
  25. Izumi Itsukuma!
  26. Mostly referred to as 'Mom'.
  27. Has Jet-black hair that extends past her shoulders, she looks to be in her 30s
  28. Masami trusts her the most.
  29. She can be sort of ditsy at times.
  30. But nothing can compare to her love for Masami.
  32. Haruko Itsukuma!
  33. A fiery red- Hey! Something isn't right here!
  34. She used to be a card, but now she's a person!
  35. She can still summon her powerful red aura, just like before!
  36. Doesn't get along with her twin.
  37. Very possessive!
  39. Julie Itsukuma!
  40. A dashing blue- No, this isn't right either!
  41. She used to be a card, but now she's a person!
  42. Uses a very fast sword, that has a calming blue aura attached to it.
  43. Doesn't get along with her twin.
  44. Very possessive!
  46. Mir, the invisible girl!
  47. Another one of Masami's cards that turned into a person!
  48. Very shy, but also difficult to see.
  49. Other people think she's some kind of movie monster.
  50. Uses her invisibility to stalk Masami.
  52. Cirrus!
  53. Yet another one of Masami's cards that have turned into a person!
  54. Naive, but kind-hearted. She is extremely unaware of how the world works.
  55. She can leap through the air and even hover at will!
  56. Too bad her clothes are skimpy. She needs to get some nice outfits sometime.
  58. Emillion!
  59. Didn't this kid used to be bigger?
  60. Now he's kind of a small runt.
  61. But he's still just as good with a sword as before.
  62. It's just too bad his small size and low muscle doesn't make for a good swordfighter.
  64. Amarante!
  65. Hey, didn't this girl used to be bigger, too?
  66. She also used to be a huge, scary monster!
  67. The closest thing Emillion has to a sister.
  68. Now she's a small kid.
  70. The Secretary!
  71. The secretary of Fortune!
  72. Used to be a monster, but is now another kid.
  73. Not very good at fighting.
  74. And doesn't care for much except reading.
  75. Needs a name.
  77. Friendly monster-like guy!
  78. Masami has known this monster for a very long time!
  79. He's a tall guy, seemingly covered in impenetrable armor!
  80. Even though he's a monster, he's still the friendliest one so far.
  81. Has sworn his loyalty to Izumi.
  83. Aiko Hotaka!
  84. A very energetic girl who is a bit older than Masami.
  85. Though, she is a tad bit pushy
  86. And can get hyperactive easily
  87. Has black, ear-length hair. Stands at Masami's height
  89. Marie Hotaka!
  90. Aiko's not-very energetic mother.
  91. Is she friend? Is she foe?
  92. Does she even like Masami?
  93. It's very hard to tell.
  94. She's very hard on her daughter.
  96. Maeda Fujiko!
  97. A very gentle, calm, refined lady who is older than Masami and Aiko
  98. On the surface
  99. When she's upset, she can be very scary!
  100. Has blue, flowing hair down to her back
  102. Ryouta Fujiko!
  103. A headstrong guy who acts first and thinks about the consequences later.
  104. He's the same age as Maeda.
  105. Very supportive, always there when someone needs him to be.
  106. He's also the leader of the boxing club.
  108. Kaori Katashi!
  109. A very stern and serious girl, who is about Maeda's age.
  110. Sometimes she lets her childish side slip through.
  111. She runs the occult club, but it's not certain if any of her magic works on anyone but herself.
  112. Has long, blonde twintails.
  114. Ken'ichi Kurota!
  115. A very distant, sarcastic guy with a scary face.
  116. He hangs out with the 'wrong' crowd.
  117. Also has a pretty mean punch.
  118. Someone should help him get rid of his smoking habit.
  120. David Kurota! (The Principal!)
  121. He's a pretty cool guy!
  122. And he's also Ken'ichi's father!
  123. He looks to be in his 30's, but could be far older than that.
  124. He's also very fast, and used to fight monsters before he retired.
  125. Has red hair, and carries a rapier into battle.
  127. Asai Mitsunori.
  128. Fortune's assumed CEO.
  129. He's a huge mean jerk and he has a dumb ugly face.
  130. He always has a perpetually snide smile on his face that anyone want to wipe off.
  131. It's amazing no one has run him over with their car yet, but he does seem to live inside the Fortune building
  132. He's sometimes referred to as "Dad".
  134. The Chairman
  135. Who is this guy?
  136. Man, he's creepy.
  137. Is currently residing inside of a hospital.
  138. Where he'll probably be for a very long time.
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