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  1. MegeraFallen has joined the chat
  2. HundeFeuer: Hey.
  3. MegeraFallen: Hey what's up
  4. HundeFeuer: Thinking of allot of things
  5. MegeraFallen: Oks?
  6. HundeFeuer: Mostly revolving around time, I joined in at 11:15 when Tab posted, ten more min and it'll have been a full hour before it's even gone a single round.
  7. MegeraFallen: So you are leaving cus of how slow they are posting?
  8. HundeFeuer: When did I say I was leaving?.
  9. MegeraFallen: On skype you said you where thinking of leaving.
  10. HundeFeuer: Yes, that does not mean I am leaving.
  11. MegeraFallen: Ok if you joined the call you would know that there is a problem with one of the posts its why they are taking so long.
  12. HundeFeuer: And if I joined the call I'd be getting my ears blown out because skypes auto is a peice of crap.
  13. HundeFeuer: audio*
  14. HundeFeuer: also who's post?
  15. HundeFeuer: also, the reason such long rotations are a bad thing for me is that I don't have all the time in the world to rp, usually when I get on people are going to bed. therefor if I wanted to rp on any given day I'd be able to get maybe two or three posts in before everyone leaves, that's not enjoyable and not something I can get myself tied up in.
  16. HundeFeuer: Our timezone sucks, that's just how it is.
  17. MegeraFallen: That's also patients hun, everyone is posting.
  18. HundeFeuer: Is Amy the one having post issues?
  19. MegeraFallen: Not that never mind.
  20. HundeFeuer: What?.
  21. HundeFeuer: I'm just wondering if that's why Bubble just broke post order to post out.
  22. MegeraFallen: Cus she is going to bed and asked to post out.
  23. MegeraFallen: Amy is posting now.
  24. MegeraFallen: The line is 1-4 the time is how ever long it take someone to post, some can't type as fast as others.
  25. MegeraFallen: again you are more then welcome to join the skype call to see what we are talking about and why it is taking so long.
  26. HundeFeuer: Yeah I want to listen to music quietly, enough of a headach without starting a skype call.
  27. MegeraFallen: Then maybe take in that fact that their focas is not all on the RP and the skype call is going. Just kinda seems like you are upset over nothing really.
  28. HundeFeuer: And you said yourself, skype isn't a requirment.
  29. MegeraFallen: It might not a requirment but you could atlest ask what is going on just on skype the RP isnt 24-7 the skype chat is
  30. MegeraFallen: From what Ive seen the Rp is going pre fast at the moment.
  31. HundeFeuer: Put simple, I'm struggling because there's too much here that doesn't make sense to me. it might to others but not to me, why I find Aspergers so fustrating sometimes.
  32. MegeraFallen: What does not make sense.
  33. MegeraFallen: I can help you
  34. HundeFeuer: You've already stated your views on things that don't make sense, I disagree but accept and am not going to fight them. I've tried telling you that to me the time doesn't seem to be working, the ammount I'd be able to rp isn't something I'd be able to enjoy and even that I can't justify the ammount of time posts are taking for the quality and content of them. This whole skype thing is fustrating and the "chat" just seems like where people talk shit, I'm not waking up and reading though 700+ posts of people talking shit and random crap to find one line of something important to the rp. It feels like you're trying to make order out of a cluster fuck and I can see you're trying and it might be working I don't know but right now things are set up and run in a way that just in general makes me uncomfortable.
  35. MegeraFallenMegeraFallen : Then leave
  36. MegeraFallen: We have a council chat that is for more RP size of thing
  37. MegeraFallenMegeraFallen : Once the council works something out then it is told in the group
  38. MegeraFallen: the group is for the members to have fun and get to know eachother.
  39. HundeFeuer: What you need is a notice board, visible to everyone but noone is able to post on so when a notice is posted it's not burried under 700 posts.
  40. MegeraFallen: That is the group page on imvu
  41. MegeraFallen: alot of time nothing is posted cus everyone already knows.
  42. MegeraFallen: At this point I think it is best you leave, the guys on skype are not empressed and nether am I.
  43. MegeraFallenMegeraFallen : There has been to much drama going on as it is the last 4 days, I really don't need it.
  44. HundeFeuer: Welcome to the world of managment.
  45. HundeFeuer: I've voided my signature in rules and my Bio, are people going to be not impressed if I drop in the rp room from time to time to keep an eye on how things are going?.
  46. MegeraFallen: They all asked why would you need to keep an eye on thing if you are leaving.
  47. HundeFeuer: Ask if anyone can see any logic in my actions.
  48. MegeraFallen: They said how are they ment to know when you have not told them yourself?
  49. HundeFeuer: I thought you were parroting everything i've been saying to them dispite me asking to have a private conversation with you, how else would they know about this conversation and its contents?.
  50. HundeFeuer: Mind you after yesterday and how often I heard "Don't tell "X" I told you but such and such and such" I'm really not supprised.
  51. MegeraFallen: Cus this is about the RP and you are bitching about the people in it
  52. MegeraFallen: How
  53. MegeraFallen: NOw*
  54. MegeraFallen: Seeing you have left there is no need to keep going with this topic or convo
  55. HundeFeuer: Yes, bitching.
  56. MegeraFallen: They so not wish you to drop in to "keep an eye" on things
  57. HundeFeuer: Fair enough.
  58. MegeraFallen: Bye now.
  59. HundeFeuer: Well good luck, I'll be keeping the log handy atleast.
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