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Jan 13th, 2019
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  1. >Staying up late in a secluded part of your uni studying for midterms
  2. >suddenly a crash rings out pulling you out of your books
  3. >investigating you find a strange figure huddling in the corner with strips of clothing and fallen books scattered around it
  4. >asking if they're alright you turn on the main lights and suddenly jump back
  5. >the thing in the corner wobbly tries to get up purple hands holding a tattered hoodie around a face that seems to be stretching out the fabric
  6. >a pair of bright yellow eyes peek out from under the hood betraying an expression just as shocked as your own
  7. >telling yourself its just a costume or a prank gone wrong you once again ask if their alright steping forward to help them up
  9. >with a yelp they leap towards you kicking what looks like a half eaten cookie under a nearby desk sending the remains of a ruined shoe with it
  10. >they stand there a moment panting heavily before running out the door knocking you aside
  11. >before they can get very far they seem to trip over their own feet sending them head first into a bookshelf
  12. >you rush over to help them up pulling the hoodie off their head
  13. >you stare in disbelief at the thing in front of you, what you thought was a mask connects seamlessly with their neck not showing any signs of a zipper or strap
  14. >your brain can't exactly process what its seeing but you know somethings wrong you pull out your phone and hit the emergency call button.
  16. >a hand shoots up, painfully grabbing your wrist causing you to drop your phone.
  17. >you try to move away but the thing holds on tight, panicking you start to struggle kicking at the thing untill it lets go sending you falling back on your ass.
  18. >you quickly scramble up ready to run but you notice the creature seems to be focused on its own hands
  19. >in a stammering raspy voice the creature started to talk
  21. >"I'm sorry I guess I don't know my own strength anymore, but please don't call anyone. I'm...I'm not having a very good night"
  22. >you look down at them the shock finally starting to set in
  23. >thick purple scales covering a reptilian head, deep yellow eyes with siltted pupils, a long mean looking face with powerful jaws full of razor sharp fangs, and the strength to nearly break your wrist with one hand
  24. >you've just met a monster
  26. >after a few seconds of desperately thinking of how to respond to what you're seeing you come to the conclusion standing there like a deer in headlights is the easiest option
  28. > noticing how close you are to freaking out the purple thing in front quickly continues
  30. > My name is Alex I'm not going to hurt you so please uh please don't loose it over there I'm not sure I could handle anything else tonight
  32. >casting a cautious glace around the the room you do your best to collect your self, finally you manage to ask "Alex" just what the hell is going on
  34. >I can't really explain it, but I'm not some monster! I..I just came here to study. The guys where I live are always partying, so so so I'm always here and I found a old box of cookiessuretheywerestalebutI've beeneatingthemallweekbuttonightI startedtofeelweridso I..I..I.......
  36. >you notice he's looking down at his hands again nostrils flareing as his rambling fades into a series of panicked wheezes
  38. >you think he's trying to cry
  41. >you carefully shuffle over to the
  42. panicked creature still not sure what to think
  44. >you gently put your hand on his shoulder shaking them a little and awkwardly saying its going to be okay
  46. >It seems to work as they look up at you their alien looking face doing its best to tell you just how out of it they are right now
  48. >remembering just how sharp those fangs look you quickly pull your hand back while trying to keep a cool expression
  50. >You ask if there is anything you can do, do they need to go to the hospital, do they know anyone that can help, The creature...Alex stops you
  52. >"I honestly just want to go home and go to bed, I'm still hoping this is all a dream and that"....he pauses for a moment
  54. >do you think I could stay with you for the night? I'm really sorry but I don't want to be in my room alone tonight.
  56. >not really thinking about it you agree and offer him a hand, I takes him nearly five minutes to stedy himself and start walking with you
  58. >you run out front making sure no ones around before whispering for him to follow taking things step by step untill you're on one of the more shadowy paths up to your dorm
  60. >as you walk the wind picks up blasting you in the face and making your ears feel like they're about to fall off
  62. >something slams into your back,nearly knocking you over. Exasperated you turn around and see Alex looking as miserable as he's been all night
  64. >I'm so sorry, I can't feel my feet
  66. >he starts to apologize again but you can tell he's having trouble even talking, you wrap you arm around him and push him the rest if the way
  68. >you make it rushing him past the abandoned RA desk and up to your room
  70. you practically sprint into your room silently praying no one saw you. You shut the door as quietly as you can before turning to check on your cold companion.
  72. >He's already looking better in the heated space you assume this means hes cold blodded and judging by the worried look on his face he must be thinking the same thing
  74. >Thank you so much man, I don't know what I would have done without you I hope I'm not ruining your night or anything
  76. >you tell him its all good and offer him some snacks while you go clean up and think about what to do next.
  78. >Alex nods greatfully taking a can of peanuts off your shelf and slouching down next to your bed
  80. >you pop back in after a few minutes to ask if Alex needs a washcloth or something only to find him passed out the can of peanuts laying empty in his lap
  82. >after nudging him a few times you realize he's definitely out cold. With a huff you just barely manage to lift the poor kid into your bed.
  84. >you eye him up and down one last time and it really looks like he's not human. the purple scales cover his whole body, his arms and legs end in large leathery looking paws tipped with long black claws.
  86. >you briefly wonder if this was all some trick to eat you while you slept but you quickly push those thoughts aside
  88. >letting out a sigh you fold your jacket into a makeshift pillow and sit down at your desk. The last thought you have before falling asleep is that you hope his claws don't tear up your bed.
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