MagiReco Main Story 8 - Kanagi

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Kanagi
  3. 8.30 Kanagi 1
  4. Daitou Ward street behind an apartment building
  5. Kanagi: "I am fully prepared for this to have been pointless, but at least I do need to check."
  7. 8.30.1 (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  8. [insert map of Kamihama with Daitou Ward highlighted]
  9. -Daitou Ward-
  10. [behind an apartment building]
  11. Kanagi: "Hm..."
  12. [she senses]
  13. Kanagi: "This should have been obvious, but there really are no magical girls around..."
  14. "I thought that some might have remained behind, but their absolute numbers are small..."
  15. "Surely the Feathers wouldn't come all the way out here to this area...?"
  16. (There are a lot of people here who might be easily moved by the Wings of Magius...)
  17. (It's like a symbol of the instability in this region...)
  18. (When I go to the west, I always notice how diverse this city is...)
  19. "Right, Yakumo..."
  20. "..."
  21. "But, around here, the weeds are growing because there's no maintenance work done..."
  22. "Weeds..."
  23. "Hm, weeds..."
  24. "Weeds... remind me of... wildflowers..."
  25. "That reminds me, there was one left."
  26. [in Himika's kitchen]
  27. *Ding-dong*
  28. Kanagi: "Excuse me."
  29. Himika's brother: "Yes?"
  30. "Aah! It's Kanagi-neechan!"
  31. Kanagi: "It's been a while. Are you eupeptic?"
  32. Himika's brother: "Eupeptic?"
  33. Kanagi: "Mm, are you doing well?"
  34. Himika's brother: "I'm good!"
  35. Kanagi: "I see, I'm glad. Actually, I came here for something."
  36. Himika's brother: "Himika-neechan?"
  37. Kanagi: "That's right. You're quick to understand."
  38. "Perhaps in the future, you could become an academic."
  39. Himika's brother: "Ahaha! What's that all about?"
  40. "But Himika-neechan isn't home right now."
  41. "Before, she left in a huuuuge rush."
  42. Kanagi: "We missed each other, huh. Bad timing."
  43. [she reaches out with her senses, and detects something]
  44. (I see, a witch appeared nearby.)
  45. Himika (offscreen): "Woah!! I found a 500 yen coin!!"
  46. Himika's brother: "That's Himika-neechan."
  47. Kanagi: "Sorry about that, little brother. Excuse me."
  48. [outside the apartments]
  49. Himika: " This is a huge amount of money..."
  50. Kanagi (offscreen): Mao-kun!"
  51. Himika: "That voice! It's Kanagi-san, right?"
  52. Kanagi: "Are you eupeptic?"
  53. Himika: "Eupeptic?"
  54. Kanagi: "Mm, are you doing well?"
  55. Himika: "Of course!"
  56. "My will to live, at least, is solid!"
  57. "More importantly, look at this. It's a 500 yen coin!!"
  58. "Wait, huh? It's strangely different...?"
  59. "Counterfeit?"
  60. Kanagi: "No, this is quite rare. It's an old 500 yen coin."
  61. "Make sure to use it."
  62. Himika: "Really!? Yaaaay!"
  63. Kanagi: "Well, this isn't the time for that."
  64. "Mao-kun, you sensed the witch as well, right?"
  65. Himika: "Ah, yes, I suddenly felt the presence of quite a few."
  66. "I thought that if I could get some grief seeds, now's my chance!"
  67. Kanagi: "I see."
  68. "In that case, let's fight together. I have something I want to talk about."
  69. Himika: "How reassuring! Please, let's!"
  70. TO: 8.31.1 (Kanagi 2)
  72. 8.31 Kanagi 2
  73. in a witch barrier
  74. Himika: "I'm glad she's helping me out, but I wonder what she wants to tell me."
  76. 8.31.1 (from 8.30.1 Kanagi 1)
  77. [in a witch barrier]
  78. Himika: "So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"
  79. Kanagi: "In regards to that, please run away quickly."
  80. Himika: "Run away? Huh? From what?"
  81. Kanagi: "From the Wings of Magius."
  82. "They are trying to eliminate all magical girls from Kamihama."
  83. Himika: "Elimi..."
  84. "Aha!"
  85. "You're just joking with me again."
  86. Kanagi: "..."
  87. Himika: "Right?"
  88. Kanagi: "..."
  89. Himika: "Huh? You're serious!?"
  90. Kanagi: "Yes, I'm serious."
  91. "Most of the magical girls in Daitou have joined them."
  92. "I don't think they have that much forces to spare though."
  93. "It would be wise to go to to the Adjuster's before you accidentally get noticed."
  94. Himika: "But, these... Wings of Magius... They're the robed people, right?"
  95. "They didn't seem like the sort of people to do this..."
  96. Kanagi: "I see, you knew about them already."
  97. "Ah, yes. They once invited me to join them."
  98. Kanagi: "I'm glad you weren't convinced."
  99. Himika: "Hmm, how to put it..."
  100. "This releasing of magical girls... didn't really seem to fit."
  101. "After a few times of me ignoring them, they eventually stopped coming."
  102. Kanagi: "I see, that would work as well..."
  103. "I personally beat them off, you see, so I was surprised."
  104. Himika: "I didn't want to stick my nose into anything strange and cause trouble for my family."
  105. "And also, after I became a magical girl, I made a lot of friends."
  106. "So even though it's tough being poor, I was happy in my own way."
  107. Kanagi: "Friends with magical girls, huh..."
  108. "Certainly, leaving aside territory issues, we're all the same and all equal."
  109. "It makes sense that you get to know a lot of people from other territories."
  110. "Like Nanami and me."
  111. familiar: "NOTEYHNT!!"
  112. Kanagi: "Mm, it's coming! Let's go, Mao-kun!"
  113. Himika: "Yes!"
  114. "Wait, aaah, this is bad!"
  115. Kanagi: "What's wrong!?"
  116. Himika: "I'm gonna miss a sale!"
  117. Kanagi: "That's a life-and-death problem."
  118. "Or, I'd like to say that, but today you'll have to give up on this one."
  119. Himika: "Oh no!"
  120. Kanagi: "If you don't take shelter, you might not see your brothers and sisters ever again."
  121. Himika: "No way!"
  122. TO: 8.32.1 (Kanagi 3)
  124. 8.32 Kanagi 3
  125. Daitou Ward street behind an apartment building
  126. Himika: "To be able to defeat it so easily... Kanagi-san sure is amazing."
  128. 8.32.1 (from 8.31.1 Kanagi 2)
  129. [Himika and Kanagi are in their magical forms on the street in Daitou Ward]
  130. Himika: "Yes, got a grief seed."
  131. Kanagi: "That wasn't hard."
  132. Himika: "Yep!"
  133. Kanagi: "Then, I'd like you to get going to the Adjuster's."
  134. Himika: "I got it, but I still find it hard to believe..."
  135. "By eliminate, they mean that they're going to kill all of us, right?"
  136. "There are so many people living around here that I find it hard to believe they'd seriously attack..."
  137. Kanagi: "Also, the black feathers are just a crowd of weaklings."
  138. "But this Tomoe girl..."
  139. "I don't think she would declare war without having a chance of winning..."
  140. [they get attacked]
  141. Himika: "Wawa!?"
  142. [we see a white and a black feather]
  143. black feather: "...uuugh!!"
  144. Kanagi: "Speak of the devil. They came to us."
  145. Himika: "More importantly, compared to when they invited me to join them, they're acting totally different!"
  146. Kanagi: "Mm... what's going on..."
  147. "Hey, you all!"
  148. [the black feather attacks]
  149. black feather: "Kaaa!!"
  150. [Kanagi counterattacks]
  151. Kanagi: "Mm!?"
  152. Himika: "Kanagi-san!"
  153. Kanagi: "Don't worry."
  154. "But this is strange. It seems like they're zombies who've lost their minds."
  155. Himika: "S-stop talking like that..."
  156. Kanagi: "Did I say something incorrect?"
  157. "But we now know for sure that it's a good thing you turned their invitation down, Mao-kun."
  158. "If you had consented and joined them..."
  159. "Then what you see before you might be how you would have ended up."
  160. TO: 8.33.1 (Kanagi 4)
  162. 8.33 Kanagi 4
  163. Daitou Ward street behind an apartment building
  164. Kanagi: "How cruel... This is the end they believed in. They'll have no salvation..."
  166. 8.33.1 (from 8.32.1 Kanagi 3)
  167. [behind the apartment building, Kanagi takes out a black feather]
  168. Kanagi: "Quiet down!!"
  169. black feather: "Gha... ugh..."
  170. Kanagi: "You want more?"
  171. black feather: "..."
  172. [the feather leaves and Kanagi detransforms]
  173. Kanagi: "Despite losing their sense of self, they seem to protect themselves like a normal person..."
  174. "What a pain..."
  175. Himika: "pant... pant..."
  176. "They all fought so ceaselessly... at full power... pant..."
  177. "Attacking us..."
  178. Kanagi: (And occasionally, they would aim for our soul gems...)
  179. "They hunt their own on pure instinct..."
  180. "What I said about them being zombies before wasn't far from the mark..."
  181. "What happened... to them..."
  182. Himika: "Ah, I..."
  183. "I'll give up on the sale and go to the Adjuster's..."
  184. Kanagi: "That's right. Your life is more important."
  185. "In addition, take the grief seed we got before."
  186. Himika: "Are you sure?"
  187. Kanagi: "It's a long way from Daitou to the Adjuster's."
  188. "It's best to have insurance in case something happens along the way."
  189. "And also..."
  190. Himika: "Also?"
  191. Kanagi: "I too am an older sister."
  192. Himika: "Ahaha, what's with that? Ah, then, from me as well..."
  193. Kanagi: "Hm?"
  194. Himika: "Please take this with you."
  195. Kanagi: "What's this?"
  196. Himika: "Wild Sauce!"
  197. Kanagi: "Ah, the Mao Family Secret Recipe energy drink."
  198. Himika: "Yes, it's a smoothie made with all kinds of nutritious weeds!"
  199. Kanagi: "Smoothie... It's not what you say, but how you say it, huh..."
  200. "Got it!"
  201. Himika: "Yes, enjoy the nutrients!"
  202. Kanagi: "I'll gladly refuse!"
  203. Himika: "Why!?"
  204. Kanagi: "Your Wild Sauce makes my eyes sting. It would be troubling if I can't fight..."
  205. Himika: "I see... I'll give it to someone at the Adjuster's..."
  206. Kanagi: "Please, go ahead."
  207. Himika: "Then, I'm going."
  208. Kanagi: "Yeah, take care."
  209. [Himika leaves]
  210. Kanagi: "..."
  211. (That Tomoe-san's confidence is understandable, seeing all the zombies...)
  212. (In the first place, her letting us know...)
  213. (Was to get us to split up, huh...)
  214. (If they were aiming on taking us out individually...)
  215. "Then it'd be safer to meet up..."
  216. ""
  217. "No signal..."
  218. "This isn't going well..."
  219. (Nanami is nearby, so if I follow her magic things should work out...)
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