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  1. [21:04] <Staffen> You stand gathered together before Grant of Jarkos. Four well-armored soldiers aim inordinately illegal automatic weapons at you. You can all note the suspicious-looking canisters that litter the area - and the heap of bodies positioned aside behind the Space Marine.
  2. [21:04] <Staffen> Ezekiah remains in the fetal position in which he fell. From what you saw he is likely dead.
  3. [21:05] * Petrus pulls out his Carnodon and points it at the gunmen
  4. [21:06] * Varian drops to the deck and covers his ears.
  5. [21:06] * Nyx holds both palms out to the assembled men as if to hold them back
  6. [21:07] * Petrus looks around and puts his pistol away and whispers "I don't like having rifles pointed at me."
  7. [21:07] <Staffen> "Good," Grant growls. "Shoot when shot at. I taught you lot well."
  8. [21:08] <Staffen> "Hey, wait," one of the gunman calls, "I know those two!"
  9. [21:08] <Staffen> The man lowers his gun and pulls off his helmet. It is a young individual with augmetic cables sprouting from his temples.
  10. [21:09] <Staffen> "Nyx Fortuna, Flavia Pellagri," he says, "these two are Throne Agents, milord!"
  11. [21:09] * Varian slowly raises his head, removing his hands from his head and somewhat surprised to see the acolytes are still alive.
  12. [21:09] <Nyx> "I AM NOT A CROOK."
  13. [21:09] <Staffen> "Are they?" Grant says. "Then why did one of them just shoot me?"
  14. [21:09] * Nyx holds both hands above head-level
  15. [21:10] <Staffen> The man pats his carapace. "I'm one of Inquisitor Tethran's! It's alright!"
  16. [21:10] * Petrus raises an eyebrow
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  19. [21:17] * Varian goes over the redemptonist's body, feeling for a pulse but not expecting any after being tossed like a rag doll by the monster of war standing nearby.
  20. [21:18] * @Ezekiah is alive! It is a MIRACLE! Praise the Emperor, this man still lives!
  21. [21:18] <Staffen> Varian finds that the Redemptionist is somehow among the living still.
  22. [21:19] <Staffen> The Space Marine puts out the fires finally, and removes his helmet. "I am Knight-Brother Grant of the Knights Teutonic, Lord of the world Jarkos, Sergeant of Tactical Group Grant under Second Company Captain Martin." He gestures to the man who just revealed your identities. "You have my serf Brendan to thank for the fact I haven't taken your heads off yet."
  23. [21:19] <Staffen> The gunman grins sheepishly and bows.
  24. [21:21] * Nyx twirls his hat in a dramatic bow
  25. [21:21] <Staffen> Grant is an unattractive man with a square-jaw and a nose that flattens out. Three silvery studs pierce his brow. "What brings you lot to this backwards dump?" he asks, resting an arm over his sword's scabbard.
  26. [21:22] * Varian stands next to the recovering Ezekiah, "Merde... The 'priest' lives yet."
  27. [21:22] * Plex blinks in surprise. "He does?" Then she grins a bit. "Then that means..." With a glance at Grant: "With your permission."
  28. [21:22] <Petrus> "He's not a priest?"
  29. [21:23] <Staffen> "With my permission what?" Grant grunts.
  30. [21:23] <Plex> "To restore the Redemptionist to some semblance of mobility so we needn't leave him here."
  31. [21:24] <Nyx> "We are here, in good faith and standing of our reputation, to save this puny underwater turtle hive from the depredations of traitorous scum and scum-turtles."
  32. [21:24] <Nyx> "Before the underwater turtles become plague turtles."
  33. [21:25] <Petrus> or mutant turtles
  34. [21:25] <Staffen> "As I figured," Grant sighs, gesturing to the pile of corpses.
  35. [21:25] <Nyx> "It has come to my attention, myself being no medicae, that plague, and this 'Sinner's Plague,' indeed makes for bad turtles."
  36. [21:25] <Staffen> He draws his sword and, with the filed inactive, prods at one of them. The body comes rolling off the pile.
  37. [21:27] <Staffen> The corpse's mouth is wide open, but within is a single eyeball centered in a membrane that covers the space between the lips. What appear to be fangs are sprouting from its cheekbones and its forehead bends inwards.
  38. [21:27] * Plex recoils a bit from the corpse.
  39. [21:27] * Nyx hisses, drawing sword and jumping back
  40. [21:29] * Petrus draws his pistol
  41. [21:29] * Varian frowns, turning his head away as he anticipates Petrus firing.
  42. [21:30] <Nyx> "What insult is this?  That we must be shown this monstrosity?"
  43. [21:30] <Plex> "I'm guessing that this will be the result if we fail."
  44. [21:30] <Staffen> "Sinner's Plague," Grant says. "Two hundred years ago, when I inherited Jarkos from Knight-Brother Wilhelm of the First Company, I was on the world of Kyren when the Sinner's Plague forced the world's capital into quarantine."
  45. [21:31] * Nyx resists the urge to vomit
  46. [21:32] <Staffen> "A dozen of my brothers and I scoured the hive and slew a coven of tech-witches that had released this blight on the world. Shortly thereafter the hive was sujected to atomics." The Knight looks to you all. "I have much experience with this, and I know that unless these plaguebearers were brought in from elsewhere it may be too late for this undercity."
  47. [21:33] <Nyx> "...See the mutant, kill the mutant."
  48. [21:33] * Nyx whispers the phrase over and over, just above audibility
  49. [21:34] <Petrus> "Well then we should hurry and find the source before it gets any worse."
  50. [21:34] <Staffen> "None of these casks were opened when we got here, though," one of the serfs points out, taking her helmet off. "It's entirely possible we've stopped the outbreak before it started."
  51. [21:35] <Staffen> "Bodies need to be burnt though," another notes.
  52. [21:35] <Plex> "We should be so lucky..."
  53. [21:35] * Petrus takes off his robes to reveal his sneaking suit
  54. [21:35] * Varian looks back at the scene, the lack of the carnodons bark surprising the charlatan, used to the sniper's trigger happy exploits. He asks the human serf, unable or unwilling to address the space marine "You found the source?"
  55. [21:36] <Staffen> Brendan shrugs. "We found this mess," he says. "Lord Grant was here on pilgrimage--"
  56. [21:37] <Staffen> "Call it a payment of respects," Grant snorts.
  57. [21:37] <Petrus> "Pilgrimage to where if you don't mind my asking?"
  58. [21:37] <Staffen> "... Paying his respects," Brendan says, "and he says he smelled something on the air. I don't know, Astartes have superior senses to ours."
  59. [21:39] <Staffen> The Space Marine grumbles. "There's a statue of some Librarian from the Deathwatch here. Guardmaster Anselm of Silen put it up after he came back from the Watch and now every it's become a tradition for every brat in my Chapter to visit them. I just go to make sure they don't get upset with me."
  60. [21:40] <Petrus> "We might have to visit it if we have the time."
  61. [21:43] <Staffen> Grant shrugs. "Feel free to join me in visiting it when we've dealt with this mess. I smell taint in this hive. Now that you're here, you can help me find it, given you Agents aren't nearly as well-known to the locals as I am."
  62. [21:43] * Plex gingerly steps over to Ezekiah before kneeling and placing a tentative hand on his shoulder.
  63. [21:45] * @Ezekiah finally sits up. "Millenium hand and shrimp!" He sees that Plex is touching him. "Why are you touching me with your filthy sinful hands!? Better yet, were we successful in defeating the sinners!?"
  64. [21:46] <Nyx> "Particle man."
  65. [21:47] <Staffen> The serfs are cautiously shouldering their weapons.
  66. [21:47] * Petrus casually spins his pistol on his finger
  67. [21:49] <Staffen> "Pull that fire stunt again, Redemptionist," Grant warns, "and you'll be eating two meters of energized mono-steel."
  68. [21:50] <@Ezekiah> "... he still lives?! What is this...!?"
  69. [21:52] <Staffen> Brendan rubs at his eyelids. "So, uh, how'd you guys get your gear past the Magistratum? Grant threatened to strip the portmaster's face off and wear decorate his armor with it if he tried to take our guns. But you guys don't have a Space Marine with you."
  70. [21:53] <Petrus> "I shot at them then our friends used a trick on them."
  71. [21:53] <Staffen> Brendan laps his lips nervously.
  72. [21:54] <Nyx> "We disregarded the enforcers, as true nobility does."
  73. [21:54] * Nyx bows deeply
  74. [21:54] * @Ezekiah is looking around for his eviscerator. "Why are we talking to them instead of righteously purging them?" He looks at Grant again. "... where'd the other one go?"
  75. [21:54] <Nyx> "...They're in our landing craft, and tied together.  We had best return to them before they starve."
  76. [21:54] <Staffen> Grant, however, chuckles. "I like your approach. Now, let's get underway, yes? I imagine one of these corpses has some details on where these canisters are being stored. If they know by now their attempt failed, they're likely to try something else out."
  77. [21:54] * Plex stands back and away, a bit too leery of the corpses to touch one.
  78. [21:55] * Nyx harrumphs at the vague mention of investigating the mutant corpses
  79. [21:56] <Staffen> "What? Not the plaguebearers." Grant motions out the hole he tore in the doorway. "The guards out there were in on this. Not to mention shipping labels..."
  80. [21:56] <Plex> "Shipping labels?" Now her curiosity is piqued.
  81. [21:56] <Petrus> "I'll go check if anyone might be coming to disturb us."
  82. [21:57] <Plex> "You needn't bother, Petrus."
  83. [21:57] * Plex taps the side of her head.
  84. [21:57] * @Ezekiah finally stays up, chainblade in hand. "Haha! My mighty weapon is now in hand! Surely the next time I face that horned beast he will not be so lucky!" ... he pauses, smacking his lips. "Does anyone taste purple...?"
  85. [21:57] <Staffen> Grant shrugs, and looks to the corpse. "Naldja, You have your hand-flamer? Put it to these..."
  86. [21:57] * Varian maintains a healthy distance from the mutated corpses
  87. [21:58] <@Ezekiah> He pushes his hood, running his hands through greasy, shaggy black hair. He's bleeding out of both ears.
  88. [21:58] * Petrus nods to Plex
  89. [22:01] <Petrus> "So Astartes Grant, do you have any estimates on how much of the population is corrupted?"
  90. [22:02] * Plex steps instead toward the pile of canisters. After a moment, she calls to the others. "We may want to start focusing our attention on a different spire. Anti-spire. Whichever they are on this crazy hive."
  91. [22:02] <Staffen> "If I thought any of the population was infected," Grant grunts, "I'd blow this wretched city up. This is not a plague you just wash your hands of with a couple deaths."
  92. [22:03] <Petrus> "Good to know...."
  93. [22:04] * Varian looks at the collective group, "Anti-spire?", "Anyone familiar with that place?"
  94. [22:04] <Plex> "Because they're upside-down here," she says testily, coming back.
  95. [22:05] <@Ezekiah> "We came here to stop them from delivering this hateful plague! Mission well done, time to celebrate with flogging and scarification?"
  96. [22:05] * Nyx thumbs at Ezekiah
  97. [22:05] * @Ezekiah is noticably slurring a lot of his words.
  98. [22:06] <Nyx> "He's a good navigator.  We can feed him some water and let him walk it off.  He shall no doubt find his and our way once more."
  99. [22:06] <Plex> "Anyway. Dantion Warehousing's name is plastered on the canisters over there. Mendicus Spire, sub-floor 135. I think that's the next place to look for this sick trail."
  100. [22:09] <Staffen> "I say we raid it," Grant pats his sword's sheath, "and then we should cleanse these tech-heretics from the face of the sector.
  101. [22:11] <Plex> "That is what we're here for...well, the raiding part, at least."
  102. [22:11] * Varian shrugs, unwilling to contradict the Space Marine.
  103. [22:11] <Petrus> "Sounds like fun."
  104. [22:12] * Petrus looks to the serfs "Did you bring any other rifles with you, I can provide a great deal more support with one than this."
  105. [22:13] <@Ezekiah> "Yes! You are an angel I can get behind!" He slaps Grant on the back. "Purge them all! Scourge them where they stand!"
  106. [22:13] <Staffen> Brendan shrugs. "Well, see, we didn't really mean to use these guns in many situations. We're sorta... relying on our swords moreso."
  107. [22:15] <Petrus> "Ahh, well hand me one and that will free up a hand to use a sword."
  108. [22:16] * Plex walks up to Ezekiah. "You are in no shape to scourge or purge. Unless..." She holds up her hand, wiggling her fingers, one eyebrow cocked.
  109. [22:16] <Staffen> The serf rubs at his neck. "Well, frankly, I'd rather not have to come into physical contact with... these things..."
  110. [22:17] <@Ezekiah> "I'm alive, aren't I?"
  111. [22:18] <Petrus> "Suit yourself then."
  112. [22:18] <Plex> "Yes. But as you're fond of saying, I'm sure right now it's counting very much."
  113. [22:18] * Petrus checks his pistol
  114. [22:20] <@Ezekiah> "Pain is sin leaving the body."
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  129. [00:26] <Staffen> Knight-Brother Grant and his serfs lead you through the undercity in a rush, passing through hab-centers and traffic tunnels. Everywhere you go people stop and stare at the horned Space Marine. There is a very high chance that whoever is guarding the warehouse is waiting for you.
  130. [00:27] <Staffen> Shockingly, however, when you arrive in the passageway where the warehouse is located, there is a curious lack of any resistance - only a locked bulkhead.
  131. [00:28] <Staffen> Cramped in the tight space, Grant pushes his way forward. "Let me handle this," he insists.
  132. [00:30] <Plex> "With pleasure." She finds a nearby corner to stand behind.
  133. [00:31] <Staffen> The Knight clamps his hands around the edges of the door, tearing his fingertips into the metal as if it were foil. With little hint of effort he pulls, and the door comes off with a shriek of tearing metal.
  134. [00:31] <@Ezekiah> "If this is a genius plan to corrupt the citizens of the imperium, shouldn't their be... more resistance?" He pauses and scratches an ear. "Or some other thing..."
  135. [00:31] <Staffen> Alarms begin to blare from beyond the now open doorway as Grant drops the door.
  136. [00:31] <Staffen> "Pathetic," he says.
  137. [00:31] * Petrus readies his pistol
  138. [00:31] <Petrus> "Shoot on sight?"
  139. [00:32] * Nyx pulls forth his sword, psychoetching shimmering
  140. [00:33] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Petrus, Grant, Plex, Nyx'
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  142. [00:35] <Staffen> "Dominatus Imperialis!" Grant cries and his serfs howl in agreement.
  143. [00:35] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Petrus, Grant, Ezekiah, Serfs, Plex, Nyx'
  144. [00:35] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Petrus, Grant, Ezekiah, Serfs, Plex, Nyx, IT'
  145. [00:36] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Petrus, Grant, Ezekiah, Serfs, Gribblies, Plex, Nyx, IT'
  146. [00:37] <Staffen> Within, guards at the doors are stumbling to ready mauls against you - they obviously had not planned for armored invaders.
  147. [00:38] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Petrus, Grant, IW, Ezekiah, Serfs, Gribblies, Plex, Nyx, IT'
  148. [00:39] * Petrus takes aim and fires at the nearest guard
  149. [00:42] <Staffen> Grant tears through the doorway despite it being too small for him. He cuts the other guard completely in half.
  150. [00:42] <Staffen> Within the warehouse is a two-tier area, with you situated on the lower section.
  151. [00:42] * Nyx looks about in the warehouse
  152. [00:42] <Staffen> An airlock opens on the second tier.
  153. [00:43] <Staffen> "Invaders!" you hear an augmented, higher-pitch voice call, "slay the loyalists, you pathetic worms!"
  154. [00:45] <Staffen> A Space Marine clad in largely unpainted armor appears through the doors. His war plate is rusted in places, but it menaces with sharp edges and a number of yellow-black warning-stripes.
  155. [00:45] <Staffen> The new Marine wields a large, crackling maul in one hand, and a bolt pistol in the other.
  156. [00:45] <Staffen> He opens fire on Grant, but the Knight dodges the weapon.
  157. [00:46] <Staffen> "You're mine, traitor!" the Knight howls.
  158. [00:46] <@Ezekiah> "A traitor! I shall glaaaadly take their sinful head!"
  159. [00:47] <Staffen> A group of maul-wielding guards pile in from behind the Traitor Marine.
  160. [00:50] <@Ezekiah> "More villains!?" He thinks for a moment. "I shall clear his allies!" And then he proceeds to find a good spot to wait for them to come to him. He learned his lessona bout getting shot up. And if he's lucky, it provides cover!
  161. [00:52] <Staffen> The serfs pile in and open fire on the guards, cutting down a few of them.
  162. [00:52] <Staffen> The guards ignore these losses and the automatic fire, fearful of their Astartes master, and rush down a staircase.
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  171. [00:58] <Staffen> "Get past them," Brendan shouts, "they've got the plague in here somewhere, find it!"
  172. [01:01] * Plex invokes the Warp to mask her presence from her enemies' senses, then draws and readies her mono-sword.
  173. [01:02] <Staffen> "Psyker!" the Traitor Marine hisses. "Shoot her you fools!"
  174. [01:02] * Nyx points at the fallen Astartes
  175. [01:03] * Nyx screams bloody murder in hysterics
  176. [01:05] <Nyx> "They're going to unleash it soon!  They're starting!"
  177. [01:06] <Staffen> The Traitor Marine is smacked by a wave of an unseen force, and seems highly surprised by it.
  178. [01:06] <Petrus> "Do you know where they'll release it?"
  179. [01:06] <Nyx> "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!"
  180. [01:06] <Staffen> You hear a loud, raging howl from deep within the warehouse.
  181. [01:07] <@Ezekiah> "It sounds like it is deeper!"
  182. [01:11] * Petrus fires another shot at the nearest maul wielding cultist
  183. [01:12] <Staffen> Petrus knocks yet another dead.
  184. [01:13] <Staffen> "Heretic!" Grant calls, grabbing the Traitor Marine's attention. "Come down and face me if you think yourself a warrior!"
  185. [01:13] <Staffen> The Chaos Marine smashes through the railing, and leaps off the platform.
  186. [01:15] <Staffen> He lands - barely. He is forced to kneel, gripping his enormous maul with both hands.
  187. [01:18] <@Ezekiah> "For the Emperor!" He would charge the maul armed crowd of guards. "I shall spill your blood for HIM ON EARTH!"
  188. [01:19] <@Ezekiah> And proceed to slaughter them with a whirlwind of gore flying from his eviscerator! "PURGE AND SCOURGE!!!"
  189. [01:20] <Staffen> The serfs start shouting and cursing, and hold their fire.
  190. [01:27] * Plex slips into the room and around the new corners that Grant so nicely provided before invoking the Warp again to twist her shape and colors to make her appear more like the wall.
  191. [01:29] <Nyx> "We have no time for commoners and traitors like you!"
  192. [01:30] <Staffen> The guards suddenly panic and scatter, broken.
  193. [01:30] * Nyx charges at the Chaos Marine
  194. [01:31] <Staffen> "No!" the Traitor Marine shouts. "Get back here, you filth!"
  195. [01:31] <Nyx> "Tick-tock, tick-tock, you great abomination!"
  196. [01:36] * Nyx strikes the beast solidly, but hysteria and paranoia block proper use of his force weapon
  197. [01:41] * Petrus fires a round into the traitor marine's helm
  198. [01:43] <Staffen> The Chaos Marine is hardly off his feet when he is forced back down again by the solid hit from Petrus's weapon. When Grant lances the traitor through his chest, the Iron Warrior is hardly able to put up a resistance.
  199. [01:43] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Petrus, Grant, Ezekiah, Serfs, Plex, Nyx, IT'
  200. [01:43] <Staffen> Grant withdraws his blade from the Traitor Marine, howling in triumph.
  201. [01:44] <@Ezekiah> "Righteousness TRIUMPHANT!"
  202. [01:44] <Staffen> "Well-done," the Knight says. "That was commendable bravery mortals. I can see why Anselm places such faith in you."
  203. [01:45] * Nyx takes hold of the great marine by the chest
  204. [01:45] <Nyx> "I don't know what's wrong but something feels terrible."
  205. [01:45] <@Ezekiah> "I have only need of chainsword, fire, and faith in the Emperor! See how our foes scatter and die!? Such is His Will!"
  206. [01:45] <Nyx> "Something is /coming./"
  207. [01:45] <Staffen> As Grant settles into decapitating the fallen Chaos Marine, you hear yet more howling.
  208. [01:45] * Petrus quickly reloads his pistol
  209. [01:46] <Staffen> Grant quickly takes the head, and tosses it to his serfs. "Let's find out what that noise is..."
  210. [01:48] * @Ezekiah takes his mighty weapon in both hands. "Let us find the source, then! We shall send it to whatever thrice damned hell that spawned it."
  211. [01:50] <Staffen> Grant heads for the staircase, sword in hand still.
  212. [01:50] * Nyx follows, panting and whispering frantic obscenities
  213. [01:51] * Plex drops the illusions and keeps after Nyx; someone's got to make sure he doesn't explode, after all.
  214. [01:52] * @Ezekiah will follow as well. He is dirty, gore covered, sweaty, and thanks to Grant, bleeding and battered. But he is smiling. He can not stop smiling. He is fighting alongside a bonafide angel of death. He is doing good work for the Emperor and he is BLESSED!
  215. [01:52] <Staffen> As you come up the stairs, you hear a scittering by the airlock.
  216. [01:53] <@Ezekiah> "Something... foul is ahead of us."
  217. [01:54] <Staffen> "Wait a moment," Grant says, holding up an enormous hand.
  218. [01:55] * Nyx stops behind Grant, augmetic hands shaking badly
  219. [01:55] * Plex remains behind Nyx, blade still drawn, quite on edge.
  220. [01:56] <Staffen> You suddenly hear a feral roar, and Grant pulls his bolt pistol on an unseen enemy. He fires once, then twice. The noise is no more.
  221. [01:56] <Staffen> Grant laughs to himself. "Figures. It was a damn Transfigured."
  222. [01:56] <@Ezekiah> "... a what?"
  223. [01:57] <Nyx> "A turtle-figured?"
  224. [01:57] <Staffen> "A plaguebearer who's gone too far," the Marine says. "Usually not that many of them. I'm not hearing anything else in here."
  225. [01:58] <Staffen> The Knight holsters his pistol, and sheathes his sword. "Well-done. We made a good team."
  226. [02:00] <@Ezekiah> "... so we saved this world? Now is the time to celebrate! Flagellation for everyone!"
  227. [02:00] * Plex closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them again. "He's right; there's nothing left living anywhere nearby."
  228. [02:00] <Staffen> "Well,
  229. [02:01] <Staffen> Grant folds his arms. "There is the matter of the several tons of Sinner's Plague still in these shipping containers."
  230. [02:01] <Nyx> "How do we get rid of this filth?"
  231. [02:01] <Staffen> "I've got loading crews on my ship, as do you I imagine. Want to team up and dump this garbage into the sun?"
  232. [02:01] * Nyx presses the mouthpiece of his gas mask a little tighter
  233. [02:02] <Nyx> "I have heard reports of infiltration in our own midst..."
  234. [02:02] * Nyx looks to the others
  235. [02:02] <Staffen> Grant looks to you. "Do I need to kill one of you?"
  236. [02:02] <Nyx> "What may we do?  Do we risk it, or let the Astartes' crew take this?"
  237. [02:03] <@Ezekiah> "You do not trust an Angel of Death to support this endeavor?"
  238. [02:03] <Nyx> "Possibly.  We've all nearly died at one point or another in our cells to this cancer in our organization...."
  239. [02:03] * Nyx paces
  240. [02:03] <Nyx> "I can only trust his own crew.  Our own I worry for."
  241. [02:04] <Staffen> "I like to think my ship's men wouldn't try to cross me," Grant says. "I can handle it if you want."
  242. [02:05] <@Ezekiah> "Be my guest!"
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