squirrel is happy

mexicanseafood26 May 15th, 2019 (edited) 92 Never
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  1. hop squirell hop
  2. squirrel hops and hops
  3. squirrel is very happy
  4. squirrel smells the lovely flowers
  5. squirrel hears a noise
  6. squirrel hops through fence
  7. squirrel sees dog
  8. dog bites squirrel
  9. dog punctures squirrels neck
  10. dog crushes squirrels throat
  11. squirrel is in agony
  12. dog starts to tear into squirrels stomach, ripping out small amounts of intestines each time he goes back in
  13. squirrel is still alive
  14. dog runs off
  15. squirrel lies in agony with his guts just inches away from him
  16. squirrel dies a horribly painful death
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