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  1. Playthrough - 1
  3. Game Start
  4. Leave starting well and reach Kuro
  5. Achivement: Revered Blade (Kusabimaru get) 1/34
  6. Complete Tutorial (skip enemies, no reason to fight)
  7. Die to Genichiro (no reason to attempt to fight)
  9. True Game Start
  11. Achievement: Shinobi Prostethic (From Sculptor) 2/34
  12. Go through Ashina Outskirts
  13. Pick up Shuriken Wheel (Tools 1/10)
  14. Talk to Old Woman for Bell
  15. Loot under house for Coin Purses
  16. Get to sculptor’s idol before Chained Ogre
  17. Optional Grinding Location - 1 (low yield)
  18. Backtrack to Dilepated Temple
  19. Enter Hirata Estates - Past using bell
  20. Get to first Sculptor’s Idol past the bridge
  21. Optional Grinding Location - 2 (low yield)
  22. Run through Hirata Estates
  23. Pick up Flame Vent (Tools 2/10)
  24. Pick up Shinobi Axe (Tools 3/10)
  25. Return to Ashina Outskirts
  26. Grind or use coin purses for 400 sen
  27. Purchase Robert’s Firecrackers from Memorial Mob (Tools 4/10)
  28. Achievement: Memorial Mob 3/34
  29. Return to Sculptor
  30. Fit Shuriken, Flame Vent, Shinobi Axe, and Robert’s Firecrackers
  31. Get Shinobi Arts Esoteric Text from Sculptor
  32. Get Prosthetic Arts Esoteric Text from Sculptor
  33. Return to 2nd Ashina Outskirts Idol
  34. Fight General Naomiri Kawarada (use a stealth Deathblow from above first)
  35. Gourd Seed 1/9
  36. Prayer Bead 1/40
  37. Likely to get KO’d here, whenever you do, revive
  38. Achievement: Resurrection 4/34
  39. Return to Emma for +1 Flask uses
  40. Warp to Sculptor’s Idol before Chained Ogre
  41. Kill enemies surrounding, aggro Ogre
  42. Run back to de-aggro Ogre
  43. Get a stealth Deathblow on Ogre
  44. Kill with stab attacks and Flame Vent/Firecracker Spam - Avoid the grabs
  45. Prayer Bead 2/40
  46. Rest/Reset
  47. Grapple onto roof, pick up Gourd Seed
  48. Gourd Seed 2/9
  49. Return to Emma for +1 Flask uses
  50. Return to Stairway Sculptor’s Idol and Grapple up
  51. Kill all lesser enemies in this area
  52. Once done, head back to Ogre’s area to drop aggro on Tenzen
  53. Stealth Deathblow on General Tenzen Yamauchi
  54. Fight normally, abuse parries
  55. Prayer Bead 3/40
  56. Head down, and do Serpent Stealth Setpeice
  57. Take Sculptor’s Idol
  58. Fight First Boss Gyoubu Oniwa
  59. Achievement: Gyoubu Oniwa 5/34
  60. Take Sculptor’s Idol
  61. Increase Attack Power
  62. Head over wall, and kill “rats”
  63. Return to Gyoubu Oniwa arena
  64. Head to Tengu Man up the back stairs
  65. Talk to him get Ashina Esoteric Text
  66. (This is mandatory, do it now to save time, otherwise Isshin won’t show up post-Genichiro)
  67. (Prioritize unlocking Ascending Carp, and Descending Carp from the Ashina Esoteric Text tree, as it will be fundamental moving forward)
  68. Head up to top of this building for another Prayer Bead
  69. Prayer Bead 4/40
  70. Head to Battlefield Memorial Mob
  71. Purchase Gourd Seed for 1000 Sen (Use Money Bags if you have them)
  72. Gourd Seed 3/9
  73. Increase Gourd Uses at Emma, and make 1st Prayer Necklace at Sculptor’s Idol.
  74. Return to Battlefield Sculptor’s Idol
  75. Head through level avoiding combat
  76. Fight Bull
  77. Prayer Bead 5/40
  78. Unlock Ashina Castle Antechamber Sculptor’s Idol
  79. Gourd Seed 4/9
  80. Return to Emma and upgrade flask
  81. Travel to Ashina Castle Antechamber
  82. Jump out window and head down to Grave Sculptor’s Idol
  83. Eavesdrop on Soldiers about Salt
  84. Return to Merchant and complete questline (increased inventory)
  85. Head down to Great Serpent Shrine Idol
  86. Jump down to Sunken Valley Idol
  87. Head right past enemies to get the Prayer Bead
  88. Prayer Bead 6/40
  89. Head left to pick up the Gourd Seed by tent
  90. Gourd Seed 5/9
  91. Head to Gunfort
  92. Ignore Snake Eyes for now
  93. Head to Gunfort Idol
  94. Optional Grinding Location - 3 - Gunfort (moderate yield)
  95. Grind here approximately 10 minutes (Pick up Ascending Carp and Descending Carp, as well as other favored skills like Suppress Presence) - Maybe Delay this until post-Rescue incase you die.
  96. Return to Ashina Castle
  97. Rescue Info Broker
  98. Purchase Gourd Seed for 2000 Sen
  99. Gourd Seed 6/9
  100. Upgrade Flask (2x if missed the first one)
  101. Cross Broken Bridge
  102. Kill Soldier for Key to get Gyoubus Horn Building
  103. Bypass Bell Soldier
  104. Take Dungeon Idol
  105. Head through dungeon to Senpou Temple
  106. Climb Temple to Gourd Seed
  107. Gourd Seed 7/9
  108. Climb to next Idol
  109. Collect Red and White and White Pinwheel and Bell Demon Idol
  110. Fight Robert’s Dad (Armored Warrior)
  111. Prayer Bead 7/40
  112. OPTIONAL - Send Kotaro to the Merchant by giving him the Red and White Pinwheel, this expands his inventory to include infinite Ako’s Sugar (The only useful sugar for combat) and will allow you to get the Promissory Note for discounts later in the game. Not required or necessary by any means as its a small discount)
  113. Take Idol
  114. Head to top of Temple
  115. Get Immortality Text from Priest
  116. Head to back Cave, collect Senpou Esoteric Arts
  117. Ashina Castle Antechamber Idol
  118. Jump down and get Sabimaru (Tools 5/10)
  119. Return to Antechamber
  120. Hidden Wall Prayer Bead
  121. Prayer Bead (8/40) - Upgrade Stats
  122. Head to upper Dojo Idol
  123. Fight Jinusuke Saze (wait for the flash, double parry)
  124. Prayer Bead (9/40)
  125. Return to Gunfort
  126. Fight Centipede Giraffe (parry spam, jump and kick off during Red grab attacks)
  127. Pick up Divine Abduction (Tools 6/10)
  128. Prayer Bead (10/40)
  129. Head down the cave, pick up hidden Prayer Bead at the end
  130. Prayer Bead (11/40)
  131. Return to Tutorial Area from Broken bridge
  132. Take Idol
  133. Clear out enemies using stealth or basic combat
  134. Collect Gyoubu’s Horn (Tools 7/10)
  135. Stealth to Seven Spears Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi
  136. Prayer Bead (12/40)
  137. Return to Hirata Estates
  138. Take out Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen (clear enemies, de-aggro, and stealth, mikiri him)
  139. Prayer Bead (13/40)
  140. Get Mist Raven (Tools 8/10)
  141. Get the Key from Owl
  142. Jump to cave, climb up to Hirata Estate Idol
  143. Use accumulated Money to buy Iron Fortress and Anti-Air Deathblow (grind at Gunfort otherwise)
  144. Iron Fortress (Tools 9/10)
  145. Return to Hirata Estate Idol
  146. Clear Enemies
  147. Fight Juzou the Drunk
  148. Prayer Bead (14/40)
  149. Head to next Idol
  150. Collect Hidden Prayer Bead behind wall
  151. Prayer Bead (15/40)
  152. Return to Ashina Castle
  153. Fight General Kuranosuke Matsumoto (stealth DB and clear using firecrackers, or abuse stealth leashing to get a deathblow after clearing)
  154. Prayer Bead (16/40) - Upgrade Stats
  155. Fight Lady Butterfly
  156. Achievement: Lady Butterfly 6/34
  157. Increase Attack Power
  158. Return to Hirata Castle Dojo Idol
  159. Fight Genichiro from Dojo Idol
  160. Achievement: Genichiro Ashina 7/34
  161. Increase Attack Power
  162. Talk to Kuro, Isshin, and Emma a lot (Make sure to talk to Kuro by the window or Isshin won’t be there)
  163. Return form Isshin
  164. Make sure the Library is Open
  165. Collect Gunfort Shrine Key
  166. Teleport to Senpou Temple
  167. Enter Divine Realm
  168. Kill Folding Screen Monkeys
  169. (Immediately behind, kill invisible, then run to middle, and use bell to kill Green. Open door to put out flames, return, kill purple, chase down red)
  170. Achievement: Folding Screen Monkeys 8/34
  171. Increase Attack Power
  172. Collect Mortal Blade (and some rice)
  173. Head to Mibu via Reservoir Well
  174. Kill Loneshadow Longswordsman (Use hole for free deathblow)
  175. Prayer Bead (17/40)
  176. Keep right, take idol, and jump down hole
  177. Find second hole and take idol
  178. Spiderman to get a free deathblow on Shirafuji
  179. Pray you don’t get grabbed a bunch (jump back when you see the red flash)
  180. Prayer Bead (18/40)
  181. Head through new area, jump in tunnel and collect Prayer Bead from Buddha’s head
  182. Prayer Bead (19/40)
  183. Continue to Mist Area, take Idol
  184. Return to pre-Gunfort Idol
  185. Fight Snake Eyes Shirafuji (since you have experience)
  186. Prayer Bead (20/40) - Increase Stats
  187. Fight Tokujiro the Glutton (kill Monkeys, de-aggro for stealth deathblow)
  188. Prayer Bead (21/40)
  189. Kill Mist Noble, head down to Mibu Village
  190. Take Mibu Village Sculptor’s Idol
  191. Optional Grinding Location - 3 - Mibu Village (moderate yield)
  192. Potential grinding for Memorial Mob Prayer Bead here, and Terror Gourd, also carp scales optional.
  193. Prayer Bead (22/40)
  194. Run through Mibu Village
  195. Pick up Gourd Seed by White Tree
  196. Gourd Seed (8/9)
  197. Watermill Sculptor’s Idol
  198. Fight O’rin of the Water for Prayer Bead
  199. Prayer Bead (23/40)
  200. Pick up Hidden Shrine Prayer Bead in Mibu
  201. Prayer Bead (24/40) - Upgrade Stats
  202. Fight Corrupt Monk
  203. Achievement: Corrupt Monk 9/34
  204. Collect the Rock and Mibu Water Breathing
  205. Return to Mibu Village Idol
  206. Collect Prayer Bead in Chest under the Lake (kill Carps)
  207. Prayer Bead (25/40)
  208. Collect Resin Upgrade Material
  209. Return to Senpou Temple
  210. Use Mibu Breathing for 2 Treasure Carp and Prayer Bead
  211. Prayer Bead (26/40)
  212. Continue through Senpou and Kill Centipede Sen’un
  213. Prayer Bead (27/40)
  214. Return to Gunfort Idol
  215. Open Door
  216. Drop down Rope Bridge
  217. Sink to bottom to avoid getting killed by Snake
  218. Kill Carps in here for scales if you want
  219. Collect 1 directly before Idol
  220. Continue through Buddha Valley
  221. Fight Guardian Ape
  222. Swim in lake to get the Precious Bait
  223. Achievement: Guardian Ape 10/34
  224. Increase Attack Power
  225. Get Finger Whistle (Tools 10/10)
  226. Pick up Flower (this will trigger phase 2 Ashina)
  227. Return to Sculptor and put on final Prosthetic Tool
  228. Achievement: All Prosthetic Tools
  229. Warp to Abandoned Dungeon Idol
  230. Jump into Moat
  231. Collect Scale, and Kill Carp
  232. Take Ashina Castle Idol by broken bridge
  233. Climb back into the Ashina Castle Antechamber
  234. Jump down and kill the Chained Ogre (1 Stealth DB, cheese behind the door to Sabimaru)
  235. Prayer Bead (28/40) - Upgrade Stats
  236. Shinobi Medicine Rank Up
  237. Head to Dojo in Ashina Castle
  238. Take out Vilehand using Puppeteer
  239. Prayer Bead (29/40)
  240. Optional Grinding Location - 4 - Ashina Castle Dojo (2nd) (moderate yield)
  241. Return to Antechamber
  242. Jump out window into moat
  243. Unlock Grave Idol
  244. Run to Great Serpent Shrine
  245. Fight Masanaga (kill dogs with shuriken outside, stealth DB opportunity by sneaking around him)
  246. Prayer Bead (30/40) - Upgrade Stats
  247. Return to Poison Pool
  248. Fight Guardian Ape (lmao 2 Ape)
  249. Prayer Bead (31/40)
  250. Prayer Bead (32/40)
  251. Use Mortal Blade on corpse of Headless Guardian Ape
  252. Achievement: Immortality Severed (Headless Ape)
  253. Final Ninjutsu
  254. Achievement: All Ninjutsu
  255. Increase Attack Power
  256. Return to Ashina Castle Dojo Idol
  257. Remainder of Beads can only be gotten in Purification Ending Path
  258. -2 Purification Hirata
  259. -3 Fountainhead Palace
  260. -3 Post Dragon Ashina Castle/Outskirts
  261. Head to Ashina Castle Roof where you fought Genichiro
  262. Protect Kuro (Betray leads to Shura path ending, Break the Iron Code: Stay loyal to Kuro)
  263. Fight Owl
  264. Increase Attack Power
  265. Purification Ending Start
  266. Exhaust Dialogue with Kuro and Emma
  267. Eavesdrop on Kuro between each dialogue segment (hide behind paper wall)
  268. Emma will eventually head back upstairs (for some reason)
  269. Talk to Emma about Kuro, agree with her
  270. She will move to the Old Grave
  271. Travel to Old Grave Idol
  272. Talk to her
  273. She will move to Dilapidated Temple
  274. Talk to her here
  275. Sculptor will say the Temple is drafty
  276. Head behind Temple to Eavesdrop
  277. Return to Temple and talk to Emma
  278. Ask her about what you overheard
  279. Use the Bell at the Buddha Statue to enter Alternate Hirata Estate
  280. Enter Hirata Estates - Alternate
  281. Fight Spear-bearer Masanaga (Will call wolves, interupt with Spear, Shuriken, or a hit)
  282. Prayer Bead (33/40)
  283. Continue through Hirata Estates back to Hidden Temple
  284. Take the idol
  285. No need to fight, enemies wont follow you past a certain point
  286. Fight Juzou (kill henchmen, run back to waters, isolate the minister, and then get a stealth deathblow)
  287. Prayer Bead (34/40)
  288. Take the Idol
  289. Return to Mibu Village Wedding Cave
  290. Use Incense to Enter the Palanquin
  291. Take the Sculptor’s Idol
  292. Fight Corrupted Monk (True)
  293. (Use 2 Free Stealth Deathblows by jumping off the branches. Then lock down with Ash and Firecrackers and parries, divine confetti optional)
  294. Get the ability to buy Divine Confetti at this point from Info Broker for 300 Sen. Strongly recommend buying lots of it with spare sen
  295. Take the Sculptor’s Idol
  296. Head through Fountainhead to next Sculptor’s Idol
  297. Note: For the rest of fountainhead, The Sabimaru is your friend.
  298. Optional Grinding Location - 5 - Mibu Manor (High Yield) EXP and Sen for Days, also Grave Wax, Fat Wax, Adamantite Scraps, and Magnetite Ore. (Adamantite Requires Level 2 Drops from Senpou Scoll, prioritize unlocking it now)
  299. Grind if you want, otherwise continue to next Sculptor’s Idol past the bridge
  300. Fight Sakura Bull for Prayer Bead
  301. Prayer Bead (35/40)
  302. Collect drops here
  303. Head up Fountainhead to Great Sakura
  304. Take the Idol
  305. Take out Okami Leader (can AA deathblow, otherwise spam sabimaru)
  306. Prayer Bead (36/40) - Upgrade Stats
  307. Pillage Carp scales from around Fountainhead Lake (need at least 12, more preferred)
  308. Get the Water of Fountainhead and give it to the guy in Mibu, return and kill for 5 scales
  309. Get Precious Bait from under the building the woman is standing on (2 total for hand in (not required, 1 Precious Bait and 1 Truly Precious Bait will give you the 4 scales you can get from attendant)
  310. Collect Carp Scales from around the Lake (Not required)
  311. Head to Sculptor’s Idol
  312. Optional Grinding Location - 6 - Red Nobles (Low-Moderate, drops fat wax)
  313. -Not recommended, not high enough yield and fat wax is common elsewhere.
  314. Collect Gourd Seed from this house
  315. Give it to Emma for final Upgrade
  316. Achievement - All Gourd Seeds
  317. Get to Pot Noble’s Sculptor’s Idol
  318. Get to Feeding Grounds
  319. Feed Precious Bait x2 for scales
  320. Buy Lapis Lazuli x2 using Carp Scales
  321. Get Truly Precious Bait
  322. Feed Truly Precious Bait
  323. Talk to Attendant for Scales
  324. Return to Pot Noble for Lapis Lazuli
  325. Also buy Flowing Water skill
  326. Return to Guardian Apes watering hole Idol
  327. Find Great Carp dead
  328. Achievement - Great Colored Carp
  329. Return Whisker to Attendant (optional)
  330. Return to Palace Grounds Idol
  331. Head up the path
  332. Defeat Divine Dragon
  333. Upgrade Attack Power
  334. Achievement - Gracious Gift of Tears
  335. Ashina is Burning now, no more idols (again)
  336. Talk to Emma in Kuros Room for the required Key
  337. Take out Ashina Elite in Isshin’s Hidden Dojo
  338. Prayer Bead (38/40)
  339. Head back to Ashina Outskirts Wall to Grave Idol
  340. Theres a new bridge back to Ashina Outskirts now
  341. Skip Red Guard for now
  342. Return to Merchant/1st Grinding Spot pre-Ogre Idol
  343. If you sent Kotaro to Anayama the Peddler, talk to them on the OTHER side of where they usually are for the Promissory Note
  344. Optional Farming Location - 7 - Red Gunners
  345. Can get Yellow Gunpowder, Fulminated Mercury, and occasionally Adamantite Scrap from this location. (Requires Level 2 Senpou Text drops upgrade)
  346. Take out Red Guard
  347. Prayer Bead (39/40)
  348. Return the Ashina Castle
  349. Travel to Reservoir
  350. Take the Idol
  351. Take out Seven Ashina Spears
  352. Prayer Bead (40/40)
  353. Achievement Unlocked: All Prayer Beads
  354. Finished all prayer beads
  355. Return to Hirata Estates-Alternate
  356. Fight Owl (Father)
  357. Achievement Unlocked: Owl
  358. Increase Attack Power
  359. Kill Schinchimen for Finger Ring (mandatory for maxing upgrades achievement) in Guardian Apes Burrow (Use Lilac Umbrella, and Divine Confetti)
  360. Fight Demon of Hatred (may want to unlock Malcontent Shinobi Tool, which gives 3 stuns, not overly worth it, but you have to build it anyways)
  361. Get Lapis Lazuli x 2
  362. Increase Attack Power
  363. Achievement - Demon of Hatred
  364. Return to the Hidden passage
  365. Fight Sword Saint Isshin
  366. Achievement - Sword Saint
  367. Ending - Choose Everblossom
  368. Achievement - Purification
  369. Increase Attack Power
  371. Miscellaneous End Game Roundups before moving on to NG+
  372. Get to Feeding Grounds
  373. Feed the Carp 1 Bait
  374. Talk to Attendant for 1 Scale
  375. Feed the Carp 2nd Bait
  376. Talk to Attendant for 3 Scales
  377. Feed Truly Precious Bait to Carp
  378. Return to Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole
  379. Collect Great Whisker
  380. Achievement: Great Colored Carp
  381. Free Attendant (optional)
  382. Go to pot noble for another Lapis Lazuli (5 total)
  383. Purchase Flowing Water Skill (5 scales)
  384. Purchase Red Gourd (2 Scales)
  385. Purchase Purple Gourd (1800 Sen from guy in Mibu)
  386. Kill Schichimen in Fountain Head for Lapis Lazuli (need it for upgrades, by doing this you won’t have to fight Demon of Hatred again in NG+ for more Lapis Lazuli)
  387. Kill Schichimen in Sunken Valley for Ceremonial Tanto (optional)
  388. Kill All Headless for Sugars/Items (optional)
  390. Playthrough - 2 - Shura
  391. (This is where we start cutting out everything non-mandatory, all optional mini-bosses are no longer worth fighting as they only provide exp and heavy coin purses. Therefore, they arent worth the time, you’ll be swimming in Sen once we do the mandatory grinding for All the skills we need)
  392. Complete Tutorial
  393. Fight Genichiro: Lose (fight if you want, no difference)
  394. Head through Ashina Outskirts
  395. Fight Chained Ogre (stealth deathblow)
  396. Run through to Snake Stealth Setpeice
  397. Complete Snake Setpeice
  398. Fight Gyoubu
  399. Increase Attack Power (from now on, every attack power upgrade is only a marginal one, so feel free to skip non-mandatory bosses)
  400. Kill Rats, talk to Tengu (cant skip this at all)
  401. Fight Bull
  402. (Strongly recommend at this point unlocking the Gunfort Idol and Mibu Village Idol as after you start killing bosses more phantom enemies spawn making traversal more difficult)
  403. Fight Genichiro
  404. Increase Attack Power
  405. Run around for Mortal Blade info
  406. Get Gunfort Key
  407. Run to Senpou Temple
  408. Kill Folding Screen Monkeys
  409. Increase Attack Power
  410. Head to Ashina Reservoir Well
  411. Kill Vilehand
  412. Jump down the hole
  413. Fight Snake Eyes Shiranagi
  414. Head through Mist Forest ignore everything
  415. Kill Mist Noble
  416. Drop through to Mibu
  417. Buy 2 Scales (optional)
  418. Fight Corrupt Monk (pocket sand and seeds)
  419. Increase Attack Power
  420. Pick up Stone
  421. Head to Gunfort
  422. Fight Centipede
  423. Continue through Buddha Valley
  424. Kill Guardian Ape
  425. Increase Attack Power
  426. Pick up Flower
  427. Head back to Ashina Castle - Abandoned Dungeon
  428. Collect Carp Scales in the Moaton the way
  429. Head to Roof
  430. Side with Owl (Obey the Iron Code, Forsake Kuro)
  431. Fight Emma
  432. Fight Isshin Ashina
  433. Achievement - Isshin Ashina
  434. Achievement Shura Ending
  435. You’ll get One Mind Skill as well.
  436. Start next playthrough immediately, nothing left for us to do here.
  438. Playthrough - 3 - Return
  439. (This is the most involved ending, and all grinding for materials, and upgrades should be done here at end game as you’ll be in NG++)
  440. This is where we start cutting out everything non-mandatory, all optional mini-bosses are no longer worth fighting as they only provide minor exp and money and arent worth the time,. The first part of this is a 1-1 of the previous playthrough)
  441. Complete Tutorial
  442. Fight Genichiro: Lose (fight if you want, no difference)
  443. Head through Ashina Outskirts
  444. Increase Attack Power (Isshin Ashina Memory)
  445. Fight Chained Ogre (stealth deathblow)
  446. Run through to Snake Stealth Setpeice
  447. Complete Snake Setpeice
  448. Fight Gyoubu
  449. Increase Attack Power (from now on, every attack power upgrade is only a marginal one, so feel free to skip non-mandatory bosses)
  450. Kill Rats, talk to Tengu (cant skip this at all)
  451. Fight Bull
  452. Talk to Woman on the bridge to find out about Holy Child (speeds up the process, dont need to find the book in the water later)
  453. Head up to Senpou Temple
  454. Use Puppeteer on the Monk to fly the Kite
  455. Head up through Senpou Temple
  456. Use the kite to get across
  457. Hit the Idol
  458. Return to Senpou Temple Idol
  459. Progress through the normal way now
  460. Buy Persimmons from Memorial Mob behind Shugendo Idol
  461. Collect White Pinwheel
  462. Talk to the Monk at the top for the text (only works if you talked to the woman on the bridge after Bull)
  463. Use Divine Abduction on Kotaro after giving him the White Pinwheel
  464. Return to Ashina Castle
  465. (Strongly recommend at this point unlocking the Gunfort Idol and Mibu Village Idol as after you start killing bosses more phantom enemies spawn making traversal more difficult)
  466. Fight Genichiro
  467. Increase Attack Power
  468. Run around for Mortal Blade info
  469. Get Gunfort Key
  470. Warp back to Senpou Temple
  471. Talk to Taro in Hall of Illusion
  472. Get Taro Persimmon
  473. Kill Folding Screen Monkeys
  474. Increase Attack Power
  475. Get Mortal Blade from Divine Child
  476. Give her the text from the Monk
  477. Collect Rice, Eat Rice.
  478. Travel to Dilapidated Temple Idol using Buddha Statue
  479. Ask for more Rice, Eat it.
  480. Repeat until she’s sick
  481. Give her a Persimmon, or Taro Persimmon (1 taro should be enough, otherwise 2 regular ones)
  482. May have to rezone, but she should be better
  483. Get Rice for Kuro, give it to him in his room
  484. Eat Kuro’s Rice Ball in front of him
  485. Reset the Area
  486. Head to hall of illusion talk to her again
  487. Head to back of cave behind Senpou Temple
  488. Collect the Book from the blue monk
  489. Return to Divine Child
  490. Need to get two snake hearts here now.
  491. Head to Ashina Reservoir Well
  492. Kill Vilehand
  493. Jump down the hole
  494. Fight Snake Eyes Shiranagi
  495. At Sculptor’s Idol return to Divine Child
  496. Head through Mist Forest ignore everything
  497. Kill Mist Noble
  498. Drop through to Mibu
  499. Buy 2 Scales in Mibu (optional)
  500. Fight Corrupt Monk
  501. Increase Attack Power
  502. Pick up Stone
  503. Head to Gunfort
  504. Fight Centipede
  505. Unlock door, trigger Snake (Required for him to be killable)
  506. Take Idol
  507. Warp to Idol behind Kite
  508. Kill Snake by Stealth DB using Mortal Blade
  509. Should get the achievement for All Bosses here as well
  510. Achievement - Great Serpent
  511. Achievement - All Bosses
  512. Sneak past Snake to get the Old Heart in the Buddha Valley
  513. Give Divine Child the hearts
  514. Rest, door should be closed, and eavesdrop
  515. Continue through Buddha Valley
  516. Kill Guardian Ape
  517. Increase Attack Power
  518. Pick up Flower
  519. Head back to Ashina Castle - Abandoned Dungeon
  520. Collect Carp Scales in the Moat
  521. Head to Roof
  522. Break the Iron Code, Protect Kuro
  523. Kill Owl
  524. Increase Attack Power
  525. Create the fountainhead essence
  526. Return to divine child
  527. Collect the Frozen Dragon Tears - Required for ending
  528. Head to Fountainhead Palace
  529. Run through, pick up Palace Water
  530. Return to Mibu, do Fountainhead Water Quest for 5 carp scales
  531. Run to Okami Leader
  532. Kill Her
  533. Head to upper Fountainhead
  534. Pick up Carp Scales
  535. Make sure to collect Carp Scales
  536. Make sure to Kill Shichimen in Fountainhead for Lapis Lazuli
  537. Get Lapis Lazuli x 2 from Pot Noble
  538. Use Truly Precious Bait on Great Colored Carp
  539. Collect 10th Lapis Lazuli from the Pot Noble
  540. (If you skipped a Schichimen Warrior in Fountainhead, you’ll need to fight Demon of Hatred again, OR do another playthrough and buy the rest using Carp Scales, your call)
  541. Fight Divine Dragon
  542. Increase Attack Power
  543. Head towards Demon of Hatred, take the Ashina Outskirts Stairs Idol
  544. Grind like a madman to get all the upgrade materials and final skills
  545. Took me roughly 3-4 hours of grinding here, I was well above the required materials at this point.
  546. Achievement Unlocked - Lazulite Upgrade 30/34
  547. Achievement Unlocked - All Prosthetic Upgrades 31/34
  548. Achievement Unlocked - All Skills 32/34
  549. Optional Step - Back up Save before Sword Saint, this will allow you to bypass a fourth playthrough, if you don’t want to glitch it, you can just do a fourth playthrough)
  550. Kill Sword Saint
  551. Increase Attack Power
  552. Give Kuro the Cold Dragon Tears
  553. Return Ending
  554. Achievement: Return Ending
  556. Playthrough - 4 - Immortal Severance
  557. Exactly the same as Return, just remove the grinding and questline,
  558. Just go through the game as fast as possible. Additionally, if you backed up your very first playthroughs Save, that will be the easiest way to beat Sword Saint, your call.
  560. If you REALLY want, you can grind 5k and do the carp scales again to get the Dragon Mask for extra scaling, but it’s not worth the time or effort. Unless you’re going to continue this playthrough
  561. Defeat Sword Saint, unlock final Ending
  562. Achievement Unlocked - Immortal Severance 33/34
  563. Achievement Unlocked - Sekiro 34/34
  564. Finished
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