Gia Azraelus vs Dominika Script Idea Thought

Jun 18th, 2019
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  1. *Gia Azraelus jumps down into the arena. She goes to the far side and pretty much is just a few feet off the wall. She notches and arrow, the head looked a bit larger than the standard one, a broadhead. She woudl wait for Dominika to show up and jump down. She wasn't going to let her rush without firing an arrow at her, distance was her friend right now.
  3. *Dominika Places her secret jackal hammer away back into it's case! Making sure to lock it up good! Heading down to the ring she would make sure to go to the weapon racks and ponders the choices. She was still in her city guard gear save for the helmet. So she picked herself a simple heater shield and a flail, trying out something new! Once all was said and done she jumped into the ring opposite of Gia!
  5. *Gia Azraelus as soon as she saw the weapon picked up, she'd slowly start drawing the arrow back trains it on Dominika. "Sorry!" She says just as Dominika jumped down into the arena, She'd loose the arrow, aiming for Dominika's left thigh, the broad head was great for hunting large game. But she was going to hobble her niece, to make it harder for her to come after her with that flail.
  7. Gia Azraelus rolls 1d20: 19
  8. Dominika rolls 1d20: 10
  10. *Mare Bello Fiora doesn't know who to root for! Both fluffgals are super cute!
  12. *Dominika Ears perk and twitch some as she heard her aunt call out just as she jumped into the ring. By the time she heard the whistle of a arrow and could move her shield up. She felt that heavy thump of a arrow connect with her leg! Feeling the metal deform and a nice sharp prick of sharp arrow tip hitting her leg. Lucky for domi it was a broad head arrow and not one meant for punching through plate! But still that hurt! Breaking the shaft she stood back up and raised her shield. Moving forward at a simple quick job rather than a charge due to that arrow head being stuck in it's place! "Im coming to get you dear Aunt! Best watch your head!" she roared!
  14. *Gia Azraelus grins as the arrow hits, she'd drop to one knee and would pull another arrow, this one was a bit thicker. around the head of the arrow. She was glad Rakael wasn't here, he'd be able to tell what it was. She'd draw it back and would aim, a bit askew from the girl at the other end of the arena. It was her screamer arrow, it was meant to miss and not be deflected, or hit, the loud scream it made as it whizzed by her, it was supposed to disorient. At the same time she'd ready another arrow, she might be able to get one more off if she was quick enough,
  16. Gia Azraelus rolls 1d20: 20
  17. Dominika rolls 1d20: 11
  19. *Dominika Moved as quick as she could at her aunt getting closer and closer and seeing the other sergal knock another arrow and draw it. Raising her shield up high she smirked expecting it just to deflect off her just hit the shield and she would be fine and leaving her with a nice open Gia to wallop on! But to her surprise and shock she noticed Gia aim shift. Going to the side of her before firing. Making her wonder just what her auntie was up too? Well she would get her answer as that arrow past making such a scream that the pitch of it felt like it was embedded right into her ear drums! Screaming out loud the sound had her stumble and fall! Clasping at her ears to try and block out the sound that made her feel vertigo and nausea!
  21. *Gia Azraelus pulling back the arrow, just as Dominika grabbed her ear's she'd fire, aiming center mass on her niece. She wasn't pulling any shot, no pun intended, when it came to the arena, she was willing to blow up Rakael. Wasn't there yet with Dominika. But as she fired the arrow she'd rush in, to get in close, there was no chance she'd get a fourth arrow shot off so she wanted to be on the main offensive. She still only had her bow, but mid rush she'd pull on the drawstring and it'd loosen quickly, her bow straightening and becoming a bit more like a spear, a bit flimsy, but could still spear and flick that bladed tip into whoever was on the other end of it. Though she hasn't used the spear yet.
  23. Gia Azraelus rolls 1d20: 7
  24. Dominika rolls 1d20: 5
  26. *Bones the Sergal winces at the screaming arrow and then watches as Gia could've pin cushioned Domi if she stayed back, but was eagerly watching what happens.
  28. *Dominika Shook her head as she tried to shake off the disorientation! Only to cry out sharply as another heavy arrow thunked into her chest! Knocking her off her knee's and onto her ass! Wincing as that broad headed tip sliced her chest under the gear! Breaking that shaft too she looked up to see her aunt charging closer to her! Oh what luck for Domi! Her aunt seemed to be getting cocky! Struggling to her feet she stumbled as that damned sound still affected her. Fighting back the urge to hurl she raised her flail up and brought it down as stepped toward Gia!
  30. Dominika rolls 1d20+-5: 8+-5 = 3
  31. Gia Azraelus rolls 1d20: 8
  33. Mare Bello Fiora: Psst, y'know you can just type -x instead of +-x, save yourself two keystrokes.
  34. Mare Bello Fiora: Well, one keystroke if you have a numpad on your keyboard. Two if you don't though.
  36. *Gia Azraelus was forced to slow her rush as she came in close. That flail coming down in a heavy blow, She would swing her 'spear' in an arc and try to slice it at her throat, there was really no other area that wasn't guarded from blows so she was going for any part of the body that she could.
  38. Gia Azraelus rolls 1d20: 17
  39. Dominika rolls 1d20: 10
  41. *Dominika Hissed out as that heavy headed flailed missed Gia leaving her open for the counter attack that came! Her eyes go wide as she see's the sharp shiny glint of steal flash through the air which was quickly followed up by a sharp slicing pain as it worked across her unguarded throat in a nice clean slice! Was abit in shock as blood started pour down her throat! Dropping her shield and flail her hands clasped at her gurgling bubbling throat and went stumbling to the ring edge!
  43. *Gia Azraelus the huff of satisification that came from her would be a little off putting if anyone was watching her. The small spray of blood, then the blood running down Dominik'a throat, it was thrilling. But she didn't have time to gloat or shout out one liners. She'd drop her bow and rush over behind her friend and would hook an arm around her waist. She'd quickly usher her out of the arena, past the edge that would cause her to be healed up. She'd make sure that Dominika was going to be alright, before raising her hands in victory. "Can't touch this!"
  45. *Dominika Was quite happy for Gia's assistance in getting out of the ring! Once out of it and the healing took effect she took a big gasp of fresh air! Rubbing her throat and coughing a few times she huffed and playfully nudged Gia in the belly! "Yeah yeah, this time but just you wait!"
  47. Gia Azraelus rolls 1d100: 75
  49. *Gia Azraelus smiles "Hey now. I beat Rakael and you, now you two have to fight to see who's second place." She goes back into the arena to pick up her bow and arrows, or at least the ones that didn't break. She manages to find the screaming arrow, and she seems happy that it didn't break this time. "Hey, it's still good!" She calls as she picks up all the weapons. Including Domi's shield and the flail. "Should've used the spear or glaive instead."
  51. *Dominika Huffs once before laughing and nodding "Seems like it! Tho not sure it would be fair to beat up on him!" She claimed before taking the gear Gia picked up and went to go put it back on the racks!
  53. *Gia Azraelus shrugs. "Hey, that's between you two to find out who's my second in command. When I start my own clan and I need leaders, gotta make those hard choices ya know."
  55. *Dominika Laughs hearing that before turning back around. "I better get a awesome battle banner then!"
  57. *Gia Azraelus nods and waves her hand a cross the sky "Domi-Natrix. and Wrek-ael"
  59. *Dominika Almost busts out laughing! x'3
  61. *Gia Azraelus laughs with, "We'll workshop it"
  63. *Dominika "I hope so!"
  65. *Mare Bello Fiora stands up in the stands and applauds. "Good fight, ladies!"
  67. *Gia Azraelus she restrings he rbow and slings it over her shoulder. "I need to fight up the list. Ahura, Knerac, Adrestia and then finish Bones." Nods "That's my goal, to take them all out."
  69. *Dominika Waves to Mare and smiles even those she know she did well just horrible! "Heh you and me both with Ahura! I owe that jackal a good whuping!"
  71. *Gia Azraelus "maybe we double team her! She'd never see it coming." Smiles at Mare as well, "Thank you, was almost tempted to shoot Domi in the back, but I didn't."
  73. *Dominika Snickers and flashes a toothy grin at that idea.
  75. *Gia Azraelus nods "I'm gonna get such a good massage next time you and Rakael are around me. Cause then I'm gonna make you both rub me down."
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