Dec 13th, 2016
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  2. /co/co/’s Bizarre Adventures
  3. Impeded Speech: +100
  4. Greedy: +100 I don't get why I want money, it's basically useless at this point, but money is very nice
  5. Nothing could be finer than to be in [CAROLINA IN THE MORNING]: +200 this will be my Jumper's greatest challenge, he must use all his willpower for the purposes of impulse control!
  6. Cannibal Corpse: +200 I'm actually going to go along with the plot, this time rather than winning a race. Plus I don't want to literally lose my tongue
  7. choosing era. The fourth story free . Guess this doesn't matter
  8. scientist free
  9. Dramatics: Free
  10. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  11. Bring On The Singularity:Free for Scientist
  12. Children of the Atom: An introverted [MODE] -200
  13. Awaken: scope man-600 this is probably the best defense boost I can get right now.
  14. Jawbreaker Jar- 600 I need a source of star energy after the jump plus I'm totally eating one right away.
  15. Companion Import:Monique,mother box, Leonardo da Vinci,Saitama,TJ,Tina,Tyrion,pam -200
  16. Monique
  17. warrior
  18. Friends On This Side:free for warrior
  19. Chinese Ninja Warrior: discounted for warrior -100 discounted for warrior .
  20. Children of the Atom: A dissonant [MELODY]-200 so toon force but creepy. Basically? She's going to love this.
  21. [STYLE] -300 discounted for warrior
  24. mother box
  25. scientist
  26. Dramatics: Free
  27. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  28. Bring On The Singularity:Free for Scientist
  29. propane nightmares -100 discount for scientist
  30. Aztechnology: -200 discount for scientist
  31. brand-new day -300 discount for scientist
  33. Leonardo da Vinci
  34. scientist
  35. Dramatics: Free
  36. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  37. Bring On The Singularity:Free for Scientist
  38. propane nightmares -100 discount for scientist
  39. Aztechnology: -200 discount for scientist
  40. brand-new day -300 discount for scientist
  42. Saitama
  43. scientist
  44. Dramatics: Free
  45. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  46. Bring On The Singularity:Free for Scientist
  47. propane nightmares -100 discount for scientist
  48. Aztechnology: -200 discount for scientist
  49. brand-new day -300 discount for scientist
  50. TJ
  51. Drop-In
  52. Dramatics: Free
  53. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  54. Basic Treachery:free for drop-in
  55. storyteller -100 discounted for drop-in
  56. Ten of All Trades-200 discount for drop-in
  57. Children of the Atom: a introverted mode,a dissonant melody -300
  59. Tina
  60. Drop-In
  61. Dramatics: Free
  62. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  63. Basic Treachery, free for drop-in
  64. storyteller -100 discounted for drop-in
  65. Ten of All Trades-200 discount for drop-in
  66. [MELODY] -300 discounted for drop-in .
  67. Tyrion
  68. agent
  69. Dramatics: Free
  70. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  71. Costello’s Advice, free for agent
  72. the clash -100 discounted for agent
  73. Children of the Atom: A dissonant [MELODY]-200
  74. Human After All, -300 discounted for agent
  75. pam
  76. warrior
  77. Dramatics: Free
  78. [The Show Must Go On]: Free
  79. Friends On This Side:free for warrior
  80. Children of the Atom: A dissonant [MELODY]-200
  81. Chinese Ninja Warrior: discounted for warrior -100 discounted for warrior
  82. [STYLE] -300 discounted for warrior
  85. my [MODE]
  86. Suspicion [MODE]
  87. star energy gathered in my visual cortex , as well as the rods and cones of my inner eye causes a unique "highlighting" effect, where things and people that I should beware of or would be advantageous for me to interact with are in fact "rendered" differently than other things in the environment , granting me both foresight of danger and hints on what I should do.
  89. My new stand from eating a jawbreaker
  90. Stand name : Jet Wolf
  91. Power - A
  92. Speed - B
  93. Range - E
  94. Durability - B
  95. Precision - A
  96. Potential - C
  97. appearing as the upper half of a wrought iron sculpture of a werewolf mounted on a quartet of small jet thrusters with two more jet thrusters on each of its claws Jet Wolf is pretty much a basic punch ghost but whereas some punch ghosts can do things like ignoring causality or repairing anything, jet Wolf can transfer one of its eight jet thrusters to wherever it strikes something at whatever angle it wishes, thrusting with 5 tons of force along with causing a full letter drop in either speed, power, or Precision . These applied engines can be recalled to the stand at any time and are not necessarily activated automatically.
  98. Monique's [STYLE]
  99. evolution's baby
  100. this is not so much a combat method of its own, but rather an ability to analyze and adapt to the combat methods of those you are fighting, devising counter techniques and techniques their counters would be week against, the weakness of this is that it's effectiveness starts off fairly low against any opponent or set of opponents and gradually adapts into something no opponent or set of opponents has any defense or assault against as combat continues. Of course, this effectiveness resets again Should a new opponent join in or the combat conditions change, such as new environmental hazards being added
  102. mother box's new stand from a jawbreaker
  103. STARMAN
  104. Appearance: A tall, thin androgynous being completely covered up by a skintight space suit and an ordinary astronaut’s helmet. The helmet’s visor shows a bright multicolored nebula contained within the suit - a simplistic smiley face (eyes and mouth, all simple lines) is painted on the visor in white. In place of badges or insignias denoting a space program, the suit is decorated with tiny stars, all coloured blue.
  105. Destructive Power: N/A
  106. Speed: C
  107. Precision: A
  108. Range: E
  109. Durability/Staying: B
  110. Developmental Potential: B
  111. Ability: Waiting in the Sky
  112. Starman embraces the target and makes them aware of how much they are or were loved up to that particular moment - the realization, as a general rule of thumb, moves the target to tears. As long as Starman maintains physical contact with the target, neither the Stand or the User can be harmed intentionally. In essence, attacks with murderous intent are nullified, while accidental harm can still occur - a disease, for example, will still affect the target. The User cannot use this ability on themselves.
  114. Notes: Starman is a strictly pacifist Stand - it simply cannot be used to harm anyone directly. If the Stand User tries to make Starman attack anything, the Stand will not obey. Although Starman nullifies attacks made against itself and the user with malicious intent, it cannot nullify attacks on others.
  115. Leonardo da Vinci's new stand from a jawbreaker
  116. Rosa bella
  117. appearance a carved marble fountain filled with red wine depicting a man and a woman barely holding hands inlaid with gold and black iron
  118. Power - E
  119. Speed - D
  120. Range - C
  121. Durability - B
  122. Precision - B
  123. Potential - B
  124. this stand has a very simple effect It confuses the thought processes and edits the memories of opponents in range in order to obfuscate the nature and functions of the powers of its user and their allies
  125. Saitama's new stand from a jawbreaker.
  126. Opening Breakdown
  127. appearance : a chrome cyborg skeleton overgrown with thorny roses, leaves persistent afterimages every half second Although this is not a reflection of its speed.
  128. in its second form , it appears as a pair of golden headphones bearing the word justice sculpted to resemble a stylized sun
  129. Power - B<->N/A
  130. Speed - A<->N/A
  131. Range - C<->N/A
  132. Durability - C<->E
  133. Precision - A
  134. Potential - A
  135. Opening Breakdown's first mode seems fairly moderate for a punch ghost but it's true Power
  136. is when it activates its second mode in which it covers the user's ears preventing them access to normal hearing but instead whispering extremely useful precognitive and telepathic insights into his opponent, such as their general weak points or the limits of their stand.
  140. Tina's new stand from a jawbreaker
  141. singularity
  142. a automatic internal stand
  143. Power - B
  144. Speed - C
  145. Range - A
  146. Durability - E
  147. Precision - E
  148. Potential - C
  149. this stand does nothing more or less than passively and uncontrollably grant motion,voice a face and some measure of a loyal intelligence to inanimate objects , entire neighborhoods can fall under its control Shifting into almost living things , however the larger or more powerful an item is the less inclined to obey or even tolerate the stand user and their companions It is, as well as the more intelligent it is which could be disastrous Given that the stand user Cannot target a specific thing to use this on, the neighborhood given in the example For instance would shift into a horrible dangerous maze , actively working against the stand user inside of it. Whereas a simple wooden coat rack would happily take any hats or coats that the stand user wishes to unload.
  150. Pam's style
  151. [style]catch number 22
  152. this style is based around exploiting the differences between oneself and one's opponent
  153. if opponent is stronger than her She becomes quicker and more evasive and they find themselves tiring quicker,if she is stronger than her opponent She becomes more durable and gains additional strength at the cost of speed and evasion
  155. Pam's new stand from a jawbreaker
  156. stand name:pretty hurts
  157. Power - E
  158. Speed - E
  159. Range - infinite
  160. Durability - E
  161. Precision - A
  162. Potential - C
  163. pretty hurts is a stand with a uniquely deceptive ability, it can craft complete, living normal human bodies,even replicating the bodies of others To the degree that she has "artistic reference" for from biomass that Pam's mind and soul can inhabit , leaving her true body in a coma until she wishes to exit the body at which point she will awaken leaving the new body instantly dead, this does not allow her to possess bodies other than those that the stand creates nor does it create "true life"
  165. Tyrion's new stand from a jawbreaker
  166. Eagle Warfare
  167. appearance:a golden two-headed humanoid Eagle
  168. Power - C
  169. Speed - C
  170. Range - D
  171. Durability - E
  172. Precision - B
  173. Potential - C
  174. at first glance Eagle warfare seems incredibly weak for a punch ghost but the raw physical stats of every opponent within range is automatically lowered to its own level, this does not empower Eagle Warfare so much as disempower its enemies
  175. TJ's new stand from a jawbreaker
  176. stand name:Race you down
  177. Power - A
  178. Speed - E
  179. Range - E
  180. Durability - E
  181. Precision - E
  182. Potential - D
  183. this internal passive stand is a quite unusual form of camouflage in that it does not camouflage its user directly but rather alter and adapt the camouflage. They are already using to compensate for things such as movement or changes in the environment , allowing them to maintain their level of camouflage Despite other factors
  184. TJ's introverted [MODE]
  185. click-click mode
  186. enhancing the connections between his visual cortex ,his corpus callosum and his motor impulse nerves This allows TJ to go into a sort of "gunman's trance" wherein all threats and targets are made to appear a shining red and aiming and firing is made as easy as briefly focusing on one of them.
  188. The plan:Unfortunately I haven't actually read this chapter as I do not believe it has been written, but but with my out of context abilities. I'm pretty confident I can handle endgame Jojo power levels which are about what I'm up against here, trying to do good trying to keep the remains of Superman or is it Popeye? Out of evil hands while we race across America, I imagine I'm going to fight someone with overlapping dimension powers , but I have stuff for that now So I'm not stuck just racing like I was before.
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