Icecold necklace (GlimxAnon, short, fluffy teasing) part1?

Jun 25th, 2017
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  1. Kind of a follow up to Grim's 'Enjoying a treat' >>
  3. >You both start fooling around some more, kisses becoming more passionate by the minute, her taste soon replacing the one of vanilla
  4. >Before another spoonful comes your way, and you open your mouth, expecting the coldness to fill you, but she jerks it out of your mouth before you can close your lips around it
  5. >You glare at her, her mischievous grin exposing her playful intentions
  6. "Give me that!"
  7. >Your hand shoot for the floating spoon, but it easily dodges every swipes you make
  8. >You groan.
  9. >You can't fight her magic, she's way too good!
  10. >And she giggles at your exasperated face
  11. >"Mmmh, I don't know if I-Ahn~!"
  12. >If she doesn't want to play fair, neither will you
  13. >Your hand drifted all the way up her back to find her ear, giving it a good stroke, followed by some scratches
  14. >Her guard now lowered, you try your luck and finally manages to grab the still floating treat, yanking it away from her magical grasp and towards your parting lips
  15. >"No! You're cheating!"
  16. >It's your turn to grin
  17. >And you savor it, taking your sweet time bringing the metallic utensil and making a show of it, looking at her defeated pout through the corner of your eyes
  18. >But she leaps forward before your tongue could reach it, clumsily so, the ministrations of your hand on her twitching ear making this kind of simple task way harder than usual.
  19. >Her left hoof hits your hand harder than she expected and you counter the impact by reflex, sending the content of the spoon flying towards you
  20. >And a feminine squeal escapes your lips when the cold cream splashes against your neck
  21. "Aaaah! Cold!"
  22. >She blinks, before she starts snorting at your expense
  23. >"This is all your fault~!"
  24. >You roll your eyes, letting go of her ear and reaching for your neck, scooping up as much as you can before it drips any further down
  25. "Yeah, right!..."
  27. >She raises an eyebrow when your smug expression comes back
  28. "But it's still mine!"
  29. >You throw the cold content into your mouth, exaggerating a hum to show how delicious it is, before liking your fingers clean, one by one
  30. >Her chest heaves, her eyes devouring your every moves, a visible blush creeping its way up her cheeks
  31. >And she licks her lips
  32. >You finish with your pinky, escaping your lips with a loud pop
  33. >And you reaches for your neck once more to wipe any melting leftovers, but find your hand stuck somewhere on the way
  34. >A quick look down lets you see her magical grasp holding it prisoner, and another glance up makes your heart skip a beat. You know that look she's giving you, that predatory glint promising you 'fun times'. You've seen it before. Often, actually. And you love it, oh so much.
  35. >And your voice dies in your throat when you see her prowl closer to you, hooves wrapping around your shoulders to hold you still and faces closing in
  36. >"Let me get that for you..."
  37. >Her sweet voice makes you throb
  38. >She pushes your hand away from your neck and dips down, her soft lips giving your exposed flesh a peck, before you feel her tongue lap at it, hungrily so
  39. >You groan her name and she giggles.
  40. >Your free hand finds the small of her back and you start stroking your way up, you feel her shivering under your touch, a low hum making her lips vibrate still wrapped around your skin, telling you you're doing a good job
  41. >She leans back and stare at your panting form for a second, having finished her cleaning duties way too fast for your taste, but then you see her horn glowing anew, bringing the ice cream container right next to you
  42. >She dips a hoof in it, making sure to coat it completely, before she brings it to your neck, it's cold contact making you grunt again
  43. >"Oh, silly me, I seem to have made another mess, better clean it up, mmhm~?"
  44. >Your only response is a grunt and an eager nod
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