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  1. <size=100%>SERVER RULES</size>
  2. -------------------------------------
  3. <size=70%><color=red>-Teamkilling is off, so good luck killing others
  4. -SMod is not installed since i have no idea how to do it with zap but may be added at a later date
  5. -NO RACISM. Seriously, no racism. It's really rude toward other players.
  6. -No Sexism either. Be nice.
  7. -Use Common Sense, don't be a dumbass.
  8. -Also, this isn't a rule, but the decontamination timer is 5 minutes and i cant change it without SMod, sorry.</color></size>
  9. -------------------------------------
  10. <size=70%><color=#00FFFF>DISCORD
  11. =====================================
  13. =====================================</color></size>
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