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TheMusiKid Feb 6th, 2013 38 Never
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  1. Hey DuoLingo, I have a suggestion that I think would greatly benefit the userbase of all language learners of the site, and I know from experience that it would not take much time to implement, if done correctly.
  2. Currently, when using an input box on the site to type in the desired learn-language, users are presented with a little section of buttons that allow for the user to insert a special character (ñ, á, ó, etc.) into the text box. However, while this is useful for learning where accents go, it doesn't really help us to type in that language if we aren't using DuoLingo.
  3. To fix this, I propose a VERY simple-to-add yet VERY useful feature that would allow us greater efficiency both in real life typing and in practice on DuoLingo: The appearance of Alt-Code alternatives when hovering over a character insertion button.
  4. Here is exactly what I mean:
  5. Remember that this would be of use in all languages offered, and notice the only change I had to make whatsoever in the page's code. (I did this in about two seconds using Google Chrome's 'Inspect element' feature, which allows real time editing.)
  6. I have submitted this suggestion a couple times before (via "Feedback" button, before I found this Discussion hub) to no avail, so I do sincerely hope you will consider this functionality, and thank you for reading.
  7. Edit: This is the most basic version of the suggestion and would work for Windows computers. If you wanted to go a step further, you could use yet more "fairly simple" code ( to detect the OS of the user, and dynamically change the text of the title attribute of your buttons' tag via JavaScript. Then you could just look at what the modifier key, as well as the sequence of other characters, would be in that OS.
  8. Just a thought, and thanks again for reading this far down.
  9. Edit #2: If, for some unfortunate reason, that this could not be implemented, here is a list for all of the people that would like to learn the codes for special characters for whatever language you are learning, on whatever type of computer you are using:
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