Fashion Technology for Zambia *progress*

Apr 24th, 2020
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  1. Fashion technology ideas to someone in Zambia.
  2. # Requirements:
  3. Due Date: None
  4. Time: 4 hours
  5. Mood: : Inspired
  6. Study Time: 2 hours
  7. Study Topic: Fashion Technology
  8. eMetric: Neutral - Satisfied
  9. result: Pretty Satisfied
  11. ---- Idea ----
  12. I've seen some pneumatic looms. Some mechanical stuff is too mechanical and might be harder to get "more expressive" stiching. One thing you need for pneumatics are brass fittings to manage the air flow. Brass is good because it's a softer metal and will form an air seal better. Zambia has a great copper supply and can manufacture brass fittings for these type of pneumatic looms and partner with fabric companies around the world. The [stringTheory] might have some mechanical engineers that can help out with designing brass fittings for the looms.
  14. --- reception: very satisfied, but still want the 4 hours :) ----
  16. [stringTheory] yup, but they want some Hausa fabric too.
  18. Admin: Ideas can sometimes be worth money, but if ya'll get this stuff going and innovate and create there is stuff to be had, expecially if ya'll are some of the first to get in the market.
  20. [stringTheory] acknowledged, good thinking bruh.
  22. Admin: Is it alright if I spend the rest of the time connecting points in Zambia for just general commerce?
  24. [Zambia] that's alright, but we want you to stick with this idea and flesh it out more, but we appreciate everything you are doing so far.
  26. Admin: Okay, I will look for someone who can smelt brass, ya'll will need some industrial type connections like coal coking and brass smelting.
  28. [Zambia]: We don't want to coke in our country, it's bad for our environment and our nature is one of our best attractions... we save that for South Africa... they are fine with polution.
  30. Admin: Well, there is a lot of grants out there for creating environmental technology, that's why I put Musk on the case.
  32. [Zambia]: We don't like him, but okay.
  34. Admin: I will continue to search... I just want ‾actual working environment technology‾ without a lot of politics involved.
  36. [Zambia]: What do you mean by that?
  38. Admin: Well, I just want you to pay for the technology at hand, rather than supporting other social /environment causes tacked on to it, this is fine sometimes, but not for people who don't have too much extra cash to throw around.
  40. [Zambia]: gotcha. +⻌
  42. Admin: I bet ya'll can make vuvzelas out of brass too
  44. [Zambia]: ++☴/), shüt üp
  46. === act -[0]n[0]- ually ===
  47. *
  49. [Zambia]: -☴_
  51. Admin: *Forhead kiss*
  53. [Zambia]: I got you yeãh
  54. ............
  56. Admin: I got some new ideas and would like to close out this iteration.
  57. [Zambia]: yes that's cool, we trust you, just don't delete this.
  58. Admin: No prob
  59. [Zambia]: What's the big idea?
  60. Admin:, I want to include these people in my next project I'm thinking about
  61. [Zambia]: Leave them out of it.... just kidding.... do your worst?
  62. Admin: Lol
  63. [Zambia]: Not like that, like -thät-
  64. Admin: Cool, gotcha haha
  65. [Zambia]: Really you got us?
  66. Admin: ya'll don't have 1 full forehead kiss yet, but I'm going to *do my worst*, yêâh?
  67. [Zambia]: yêäh
  69. +[-]⻌_+
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