May 16th, 2016
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  1. Name: Veta
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Diamond Dog
  4. Class: Dark Hunter(Tracker/Necromancer)
  6. Noncombat Talent: Veta has +1 to medical related rolls and piloting motorbikes/hoverbikes/similar vehicles.
  7. Combat Talent: Parasites benefits from Veta's weapon tag and inflicted damage by them is stored up as healing Veta can use a certain amount as an Automatic action. If she would heal over a character's hit limit, she instead heals a wound and additional healing goes to hits. (For example, if Risky is at 1/3, Veta could spend 14 to heal 2 wounds (10) and 4 hits.)
  9. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  10. Weapon and/or Catalyst: Robotic Claws [Single]
  12. Skills:
  13. Burrowing: Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes with ease, setting traps, moving unseen and fleeing in unexpected directions.
  15. Gem Hunter:Recharge 3; Like your racial namesake you are exceptional at finding gems and love it when you do. When using an action to burrow, you may take an instant action to roll a DC9 to find a gem. If successful you regain all your hits to full. If you are at full hits, you can get a temporary bonus hit that disappears when helpless. Out of combat you can use this gem as an object of relatively high value. You can only find one valuable gem per in game day.
  17. Parasitic Arrow: passive; Your attacks are infected, leaving a parasite on the target. This parasite can make a single basic attack, after which it dies immediately. The parasite lasts until it attacks or the target dies, and there can be any number active on a target at any time. The parasite does not count as a minion. You can only give a target one parasite per turn.
  19. Custom Job: passive, Your weapon, regardless of type, also counts as Ranged, and your basic attacks benefit from Trick Ammo.
  21. Repeating Fire:, recharge 1, requires ranged weapon; You gain +1 to your next Repeating Fire roll for every successful Repeating Fire you land, and you reset the recharge to 0 on success. The bonus stops once you fail a roll or fall helpless. Benefits from Trick Ammo.
  24. .:Redesign:.
  25. Success Through Failure: passive; Some of the greatest discoveries were made from accidents. Whenever you fail a skill, add half the failed roll (rounded down) to your next attempt at that same skill.
  27. Cast Mold: Forge a fake duplicate of an item with plaster, iron, or whatever is available.
  29. Distill Life: recharge 2, spell; Create three Health Potions that restores 3 hits each, and on crit they also restore one wound. You may distribute freely to nearby party members at any time. Consuming a potion is an Instant Automatic. Non-Alchemists can only hold one Health Potion at a time.
  31. Rejuvenate: recharge 1, spell; Channel magic into a target to revitalize them, restoring them to full hits and recovering 1 wound, critical failure deals one wound of damage instead. Rejuvenate has a DC4 if cast on a minion, and on crit it gives the minion +1 to all actions next turn.
  34. Character Traits: Veta is a diamond dog with dark-gray fur, with the tips of her ears being white. Her ears are sharp and pointed, and her eyes are yellow. Her tail is no different from any other diamond dog's tail. From the elbow down, her arms and claws are replaced with large, mechanical ones. Their appearance varies depending on what she's doing, but no matter what, they're nearly large enough to pass as a male's claws/forearms. While she carries her labcoat around, she very rarely wears it. Instead, she prefers to wear baggy cargo jeans, and body wrapping covering up her mid section and chest. Although she has a labcoat, her robotic limbs make it difficult to put it on. Instead, she opts to just tie it around her waist, and it's evident where she had unceremoniously tore fabric off of the coat so it wasn't long enough to drag along the ground.
  37. Backstory: Veta was once an aspiring youth, working her way through the laborious work of mining and digging in asteroids. It was easy work for her; she seemed to have an eye for spotting the signs of where resources and ores were, and being a Diamond Dog just meant she was a natural at digging. She had big dreams of being a doctor, and eventually, she managed to get accepted into medical school. Even while in school, she still held down the mining job. Working hard, achieving dreams, enjoying simple lollipops; seems like nothing could go wrong for this dog.
  38. did.
  39. One day in the mines, something went wrong and a wall collapsed in the middle of digging. The result was her claws/forearms getting painfully mangled and trapped when attempting to get away. Aside from minor abrasions, the rest of her was fine. However, it took several hours until rescue finally got her free and sent her for medical help. At the hospital, she was informed she could never dig again. It could've been avoided...had she gotten the medical attention sooner. But being the glorious future, she could have replacements put on. Let her get back to her life, live as normal of a life as a cyborg diamond dog could, all that good stuff. And all for the low, low price of what equals to be a hard-earned med school tuition fee. Well, it was a good thing she no longer needed that, considering she was going to miss so many days, the school would more or less have to force her to drop out since there would be no way she could make up the days. She could try, sure, but would be very hard to make up more than four months worth of med school; and that didn't include the time for rehab and get her more accustomed to her new limbs. With no real other choice, she got the surgery done. A shame, though, that the surgeons on staff had little experience with nerve-to-machine interfacing and the specialist for this was on vacation at the time; resulting in a job that allowed her use of her new robo-claws, but sadly left her with chronic nerve pain; sometimes in her remaining arm, sometimes a phantom pain where her claws used to be. Permanent, as well, according to the specialist when he finally returned.
  40. This endless spiral of bad events took its toll on her. Her once energetic and cheery outlook was gone as everything she worked so hard for, so long for, was gone in nearly an instant. Gone was the happy dog that loved to dig through her medical books as much as in the dirt. Gone was her optimisms, hopes, and dreams as they seemed to die in that cave in. Gone was her openness to anyone, that most likely dying on the operation table. She was left with pain, bitterness, and a good amount of depression.
  41. She was eventually sent home with as clean of a bill of health as life seemed to let her have. There was one good thing, however: she found some relief in the form of the opioid Hydrocodone. Unfortunately; so great was the effects that she found herself using it very frequently. Her medical training at least informed her what was too high of a dosage, but she walks a very thin line with it. Another good event, due to a settlement with the mining company, a deal was agreed upon: she doesn't press the company charges, and they pay for her to finish med school. She knew the real reason was to cover their asses from other possible suits coming up from injured employees, but what the heck, might as well take it. At least her credits were still good. The hospital also gave a slight reimbursement and a lifetime subscription of the painkiller Hydrocodone. They say it was to make up for the permanent nerve damage, she knows it was so she would raise a malpractice suit against the hospital.
  43. Fast forward many years, and she is now a professional doctor at the Last Hope Medical Ark. Even after achieving her dream of being a doctor, and even taking advantage of the settlement to take a few extra classes she said were part of her degree, she still holds all the negativity of the past. She still takes hydrocodone on a regular basis, more or less like a candy for her at this point. She doesn't have much of a personal life, nor any real strong relationships with anyone. She comes in, does her job, and makes some people upset if they have to be exposed to her and her negative personality. She's had multiple complaints from both staff and patients, but the Ark keeps her around since 'even with her seeming cruelty, she's one of the best in a long time.' With how good of a job she does, she's managed to save enough florin to get some augmentations to her robo-claws for more medical use, just making her job even more easier.
  44. The Ark was contacted about the newly discovered planet, asking for medical aid from whoever they could. While each staff member was precious since there has been an increase to admitted patients, they decided to spare one staff member they had, if just to have her away from the place for awhile and give everyone a breath of fresh air. So naturally; Veta called her 'We'll miss you' party as a 'glad you're leaving' party, packed the few things she needed and wanted, and went on her way to make a bigger difference in the universe. Though, admittedly, she's glad to be away from everyone at the Ark as well.
  47. Spacebux: 238
  50. Additional Notes:
  51. Her robo-limbs has two modes:
  52. -Normal/Digging: Fairly simple looking, more or less how her limbs used to be like. This mode allows her to dig without causing dust and dirt to end up causing problems with the robotics. This mode has access to some electronics one would see on a smart device (various apps, messaging capability, some videogames, etc).
  53. -EMT: Otherwise known as the 'medical' mode. The limb becomes capable of using hypodermic needles and some other medical devices that allow her to effectively be a walking hospital room wherever she goes. There are also various chemicals and liquids stored within to allow her to perform what she needs to do.
  54. Both limbs feature a storage compartment, though its only small enough for her to fit all her personal papers, her bottle(s) of hydrocodone, and however florin is kept on someone (I'd like to assume something small and portable like a credit stick from Shadowrun, but correct me if I'm wrong).
  56. With her important items kept safe in her limbs, her pockets can hold some other items of slightly less importance. Mostly gems she finds while digging. A few pockets are dedicated to a stash of lollipops; mostly for herself, but she sometimes gives one to someone/something she's treating. Otherwise, she tends to travel lightly.
  58. She has a lifetime prescription for hydrocodone, paid for by her insurance from her workplace. She should be able to go to any reputable pharmacy and get them, no questions asked, with little more than a flash of her prescription card.
  60. While she won't admit it: she is an addict to hydrocodone. As such, not taking it regularly (by in-game time standards) or attempting to detox will cause her to experience withdrawal symptoms.
  62. She took some extra college courses during med school. She took some time in an art class, showing an interest in sculpting and how it reminded her of working in the mines again. She still sculpts here and there, though doesn't always seem that happy when doing so. Attended a course on how to read and write braille; which ended up being a big help to a patient who was blind and mute. She tried to attend a philosophy course, but was promptly kicked out whenever she replied to a professor's lecture with her own philosophy on life...vocally. She also took a course and got a license to ride a motorcycle/hovercycle/whatever-cycle-this-setting-has simply because 'it seemed like a good idea at the time.' She hasn't had any regrets.
  64. While she wasn't exactly the friendliest of students nor doctors (or really friendly in general lately), she still keeps one friend from the mining job. An earth pony named Vein Tapper. A geologist who worked with with the same mining company and was good at determining where a possible mineral vein or motherload could be. Since he was good at the book stuff, and Veta was good at the on-site stuff, the two ended up working closely together and were even bar buddies. After her accident, surgery, and severe personality change; he is currently the only one with a thick enough skin to stand being close to her. While she may bash on him and such, he does the same and still tries to get her to see the good in life again, hoping to bring the old Veta back. Obviously he's been unsuccessful, but even Veta still values his friendship, so perhaps not all hope is lost?
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