What I Believe

Nov 6th, 2011
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  1. I want to believe in the President of the United states,I want to believe in the Congress of the United States, I want to believe that we as a country have progressed beyond the inequities of race, gender. religion and sexual preferences. I would especially like to believe that such things as a newspaper's motto is what they really believe. Notably a nationally known newspaper whose slogan is : "all the news that's fit to print" Why is it that so many newspapers print only what relates to or falls in line with the publisher or senior editor's beliefs. We have fallen out of favor with the truth as it should be. The lost art of true American Statesmanship is seemingly gone forever. The current legislature has allowed outsourcing of our jobs, (and we cannot afford what products are imported), we have allowed minor dictators to hold us hostage and we spend billions defending countries who have for years plodded along in the same manner with all of the monetary and material support supplied yet have not moved into the 20th century except for the high-profile leaders. I want to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but what I see is the need for another set of flash light batteries to keep looking. This country has the capability of resolving the conflicts we are involved in a very simple way "Do what's needed or suffer the consequences". We are held hostage by subversive groups who use their own people as shields and continue their lawless ways. We have N. Korea who is itching for a fight they cannot win while the population suffers, we have Iran , a rogue country who in the name of the almighty trains terrorists along with other nearby countries who hide their true nature with the air of civility and affluence while the majority of the populace lives in dire poverty. I want to believe our leaders are capable of resolving these issues;but they have become so self involved that getting elected is the main force that pushes them. I want to believe in the "new" legislators but sadly they have been blended into the fold much like an egg in batter.I now believe that until the voters understand that our National and local leaders have subverted our free system, we will continue to suffer in our self-imposed silence.
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