A Royal Breaking

May 15th, 2014
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  1. This I non-canon story of my loyal pony submission is mandatory so far involving princess Cadence and as of late.
  2. Said story:pastebin.com/ycY3zrvA
  4. >It has been months since Nightmare Moon gave you your pets.
  5. >A few weeks ago, to everyponies surprise the moon was lowered for a short period of time.
  6. >Only to be forcefully put back up by Nightmare Moon.
  7. >You never saw Nightmare Moon that angry.
  8. >She charged you to find and punish all those responsible.
  9. >The sudden outburst of sunshine brought back some hope in the hearts of the citizens of Equestria.
  10. >You spent most of the following days quelling uprisings in area that were previously under control.
  11. >At least they were not as bad as the first ones that occurred when Nightmare Moon first came into power.
  12. >But you still barely had time with your pets.
  13. >It took a lot of time and torture to find out who else had the power to control the moon aside from your queen.
  14. >One day the words "Princess Cadance" are uttered.
  15. >You now had a target.
  16. >You scoured all the cities in equestria looking for her.
  17. >You had public executions and arbitrary sequestrations.
  18. >Along with a lot of needless violence.
  19. >All options were explored in looking for the perpetrator.
  20. >It was all in the name of the queen.
  21. >She was getting impatient with the lack of progress.
  22. >Eventually to you relief Cadance turned herself in asking for you to stop.
  23. >You put her in a cage on display for throughout the travel back to canterlot.
  24. >You could tell she was royalty. Apart from the obvious fact she was an alicorn.
  25. >She still stood proud regardless of her current situation.
  26. >It will take some work breaking that one. But it will most definitely be enjoyable.
  27. >It has been a long time since you broke a pony.
  28. >All your pets were obedient now. You cared for each of them and they cared for you too.
  29. >It was nice but you kind of missed the fun of breaking their wills.
  31. >When you came back to the castle a guard was waiting for you at the gate.
  32. >You had to immediately report to Nightmare Moon.
  33. >You left the cohort along with the cage containing the rebel princess and headed straight for the throne room.
  34. >Upon entering the room you see her sitting on the throne.
  35. >Her posture a pear more relaxed than the one she had the last few times you saw her.
  36. >"Greetings Ogre, I hear you have been successful with your task?"
  37. "I have my queen. Princess Cadance was waiting for me at the entrance of Appleloosa."
  38. "When I confronted her she said she would surrender herself without a fight if we stopped all the needless violence."
  39. >Nightmare Moon suddenly started laughing cutting you off.
  40. >You just stood there and did nothing not really knowing how to react.
  41. >You were smiling though, glad to see your majesty's go up.
  42. >She finally simmered down.
  43. >"Such a rookie mistake, clearly she is not yet fit to rule. But she does not need to know that."
  44. >"In fact, she wont live long enough to realize that. I want you to prepare a public execution for tomorrow and to force all the citizens of Canterlot to attend."
  45. >You did not expect that. You would have thought she would let her go as one of your pet.
  46. >You felt bitter by her decision. You never really asked her for anything before maybe you can-.
  47. "My queen, I have a request."
  48. >"Hm? It is not your style to make requests. Go ahead I want to hear it."
  49. >She was now staring down at you.
  50. "I would ask that you let me have the princess as an additional pet of mine."
  51. >"And why would I do that?"
  52. >Now was the time to think fast.
  53. "I believe I can break her. And I could use her to quell any further rebellions."
  54. "If we show everypony that the last princess has joined your cause there wont be any more rebellions"
  55. "We don't know what would happen if we execute her."
  56. "The thought of killing a princess will probably create too much anger from the population my queen."
  57. "I think it would be better if they love their queen."
  58. "Beside I also enjoy the act of breaking them down. And it has been a long time since I had a challenge."
  59. >You look back up at her again.
  61. >She was frowning.
  62. >You could tell she didn't really like your idea.
  63. >But she was thinking about it.
  64. >"Very well my little Ogre. You have done a remarkable job with your task I will allow you to have her as another one of your pets."
  65. >"But remember! You are responsible for her and any problem she causes will be at your expense. Don't you forget it."
  66. >You were quite aware of clause of the contract.
  67. >Even though nothing significant happened before with your other pets, she seem to love reminding you that she owns you.
  68. "Yes my queen, I well aware of that. And I will not disappoint."
  69. >"You may go now. If I have further need of you I will send for you."
  70. >You turn around and head toward the exit.
  71. >You can hear her giggle. Who knows what goes on in her mind.
  72. >But no matter you were happy too, you have a new property.
  73. >You exit the room.
  74. >Upon exiting you turn your head to one of the guards and ask.
  75. "Where is the princess Cadance?"
  76. >The guard bow down to you.
  77. >"At our majesty's request she has been transferred to the dungeon, Master."
  78. "Is there anyother pony in the cells next to her?" you ask.
  79. >"Yes, Master."
  80. "Transfer them to some other cell for the moment I want her to be completely isolated."
  81. "And also tell the other guards they are in no way allowed to speak to her. No. Matter. What."
  82. >"As you wish Master. Do you wish for me to convey anything else?"
  83. "While you're at it, tell everypony that they are not to bring her any food or water without my say so."
  84. "If somepony fail to obey those order I will consider it as if they tried to play with my pets."
  85. >You walk up to him looking down at him imposingly.
  86. "Did you get all that?"
  87. >The guard nods.
  88. >"Yes, Master"
  89. "Good, now go!"
  90. >You see him gallop away down the hall.
  91. >You head towards your quarters. To celebrate your victory you are going to see all your pets tonight.
  92. >It will make up a bit for the lack of attention you gave them those last few days.
  93. >As you were walking you couldn't help but smile.
  94. >A new game has begun.
  96. >The day after, you wake up.
  97. >The mane 6 were in your quarters.
  98. >You were not afraid anymore that they would get back together and rebel against you.
  99. >They knew each others rightful place along with their own.
  100. >Truly, they are your masterpiece.
  101. >It has been a long time since you came that much.
  102. >Your pets were more than happy that you decided to quality with time with all of them.
  103. >Unfortunately it had to come to an end.
  104. "Girls wake up, you need to get back to your quarters. I still have matters to attend to today."
  105. >They start moving and stretching as they wake up.
  106. "Good morning, Master"
  107. >They all say as they open their eyes.
  108. "Come on, I don't have all day."
  109. >You clap your hands to speed up the waking process.
  110. >They get on all four and start heading towards the exit.
  111. >You follow them outside and see them walking to their respective rooms.
  112. >They were quiet and didn't look at each other.
  113. >Happy with with their behavior, you get get back inside and dress up in your armor.
  114. >You had to do some more patrols today to make sure that everything was back under control.
  115. >Everypony cowered at your sight. It would seem like they are still fear you enough avoid challenge.
  116. >And now with the princess gone they seem to have lost some will of resistance.
  117. >Good thing too. You didn't feel like spending the day chasing rock throwing fillies and such.
  118. >You got back to the castle and got in your casual wear.
  119. >It was now time to go check on your new property.
  121. >You walked down to the dungeon.
  122. >The princess' jail guard bow down as he sees you arrive.
  123. >To your hearts content you see the adjacent cells have been emptied out.
  124. >"Good day, Master"
  125. >You nod to acknowledge him.
  126. "Has anypony talked to the prisoner?"
  127. >"No, Master"
  128. "And has she eaten anything?"
  129. >"No, Master. Your orders were clear, nopony is to have any interactions with the prisoner."
  130. >Good it would seem like they are not brainless enough to try and mess with your property.
  131. "Has she said anything?"
  132. >The guard goes back up but he is still looking down at your feet.
  133. >"Yesterday she was yelling, asking us to release her. Then apparently the night guards did not hear anything from her."
  134. >She probably just fell asleep.
  135. >"This morning she started requesting release once again. But recently she was asking for some food and water."
  136. >That last part surprised you a bit but you didn't let it show.
  137. >She was already at the state of begging for food?
  138. >Good that would speed up the process a bit.
  139. "Alright, that is all I needed. Open the door and go fetch me a carrot and a glass of water."
  140. >"Yes, Master."
  141. >You both walk up to her door.
  142. >The guard lets you in and close back the door behind you.
  143. >You hear him trot off to fetch what you asked.
  145. >The cell was poorly lit. The only light source came from the torch above the door.
  146. >You had a hard time seeing in that darkness.
  147. >But you could still see her, chained to the back of the cell.
  148. >She is standing tall with her head held high staring at you defiantly.
  149. >She is still trying to look as proud as possible.
  150. >You can't help but smirk at the sight.
  151. >That won’t last long.
  152. >You finally break the silence.
  153. "Hi, I don't think proper introductions have been made. My name is Anonymous."
  154. "But you must probably know that already."
  155. >She is not talking. Clearly opting for the silent treatment.
  156. >No matter for the time being.
  157. "But you will address me as Master. For I am your owner. Nightmare Moon gave you to me as a reward."
  158. >Her eyes opened wide not believing what she just heard.
  159. "Fear not Cadance, for I am benevolent toward my pets when they obey. All you have to do is submit to me and all will be well."
  160. >There was clear anger in her eyes.
  161. >She finally speaks up.
  162. >"It is Princess Cadance to you. And I will never submit to the likes of you I am not a pet."
  163. >"You will fail. There is nothing you can do, tyrants are bound to fall as long as-"
  164. "Cut the crap I heard it all before. Blah blah blah the population will rise up yada yada yada the light will be our undoing."
  165. "You are not the first pony to preach that nonsense."
  166. >You walk closer to her.
  167. "And tell me exactly, you are the princess of what?"
  168. "Do you have a kingdom?"
  169. "Do you have a castle?"
  170. "I believe a princess is supposed to have subjects. Tell me where are yours?"
  171. >You are now standing right in front of her. Looking down at her.
  172. >She is opening her mouth to interject.
  173. >But before she could make a sound.
  174. >You grab her horn and pull her head as high as it can.
  175. >She groans at the sudden tug.
  176. >You bend down slightly to level your head at the height as hers.
  178. "And one last thing. Good pets do not make requests to their masters. They simply obey and accept whatever the Master offers."
  179. >You bring your face closer and closer to hers.
  180. "You would do well to remember it in the future, otherwise there will be consequences."
  181. "It would be a shame if something were to happen to an orphanage because of your disobedience."
  182. >You are now more or less an inch away from her face.
  183. >No matter where she tried to look she can only see you.
  184. >she tries to move away but you are nearly lifting her off the ground.
  185. >You can see there is now a spark of fear in her eyes.
  186. "But I am inclined to forgive you, just for this one time. Let it be said, I am gentle towards new comer."
  187. >You loosen your grip slightly so she can now properly touch the ground again but you still hold her head high.
  188. >She shows clear signs of relief as you speak.
  189. >There is then a knock on the door.
  190. >You smile, it has to be the guard coming back with what you asked.
  191. >Came back at just the right time too.
  192. >You slowly lick Cadance's cheek before throwing her head to the side.
  193. >She tasted sweet.
  194. >You walk to the door and open.
  195. >Just like you thought it was the guard from before, coming back with the carrot and glass of water you asked for.
  196. >You take it off of him.
  197. >"Do you need anything else from me Master?"
  198. "No, that will be all. Leave us now, I don't want to be interrupted anymore."
  199. >You close the door in the guard's face.
  200. >Turning back around you see Cadance got back up.
  201. >She is still trying to look full of pride she is still standing tall but her head isn't as high as it was when you first came in.
  202. "Now I hear you were asking for food and water."
  203. "I just so happen to happen to bring some with me."
  204. >You can see her quickly glance at the contents in your hands.
  205. >She obviously desired it.
  206. >Soon enough she goes back to giving you the stink eye.
  208. "Like I said, I am willing to tend to you. I can offer you food."
  209. "But you need to work for your treat otherwise it would simply look like I am spoiling you."
  210. >You are now walking around her.
  211. >Inspecting her.
  212. >She is definitely taller than your other subjects but still smaller than Nightmare Moon.
  213. >"And what kind of work would that be?"
  214. >Passing by behind her, she flinches as you graze her tail.
  215. >She opens her eyes wide as she realize where you are going with that.
  216. "I think you have the overall idea." you say with a smirk on your face.
  217. >"Keep dreaming, monster! I will never fall so low as to... do that for food!"
  218. >You sharply tug on her tail making her wince.
  219. >A few pink strands stayed in your hand.
  220. "I think you mispronounced Master."
  221. >She lost her balance when you pulled her and spread her legs to get into a more stable stance leaving her marehood suddenly exposed.
  222. >You swiftly move your hand past her tail and place it upon her slit.
  223. >She gasp and turn her head to look at you.
  224. >Her eyes are fully open now they lost all sense of pride and are now filled with fear.
  225. >She is obviously trying to kick you with her hind legs but she can’t properly move due to the short chains keeping them on the ground.
  226. "And don't kid yourself my little pet, you will."
  227. >You start rubbing her slit up and down.
  228. >Feeling powerless, she closes her eyes and lower her head between her front legs.
  229. >That's what you were looking for. Powerlessness.
  230. >After a few minutes her area around your hand is getting hotter, soon there will be fluids.
  231. >Satisfied, you stop.
  232. >You go back in front of her.
  233. "Now, you know? It's not really not that hard all you have to do is work for a little food."
  234. >You start dangling the carrot in front of her face nearly rubbing it on her nose.
  235. >"Like I said I will never fall as to beg for food from you."
  237. >just as she finishes that sentence, her stomach loudly grumbles, echoing throughout the room.
  238. "Clearly your body is none too happy with your idea."
  239. >She suddenly jolts her head and tries to grab a bite of the carrot.
  240. >Luckily you remove it fast enough that her teeth just smash in nothing.
  241. >You quickly slap her face.
  242. "Bad girl."
  243. "I am disappointed Cadance! I would have thought you had better manners than that."
  244. "But fear not you will quickly learn with me."
  245. >You take a bite of the vegetable in your hand.
  246. "Although, you leave me no choice but to leave you here until you properly understand the error of turning down fair work."
  247. >You head to the exit.
  248. "It has been good today, I feel like I got to know you better."
  249. "Don’t worry my little pet, we'll see each other soon enough."
  250. >As you open the door she screams in anger.
  251. >You slam it shut behind you.
  252. >You walk up to the guard.
  253. "Same orders as before."
  255. >You need more information about that pink pony and you know just who to see.
  256. >Twilight, your talking library on legs, must have read every books there is about the princesses.
  257. >But it's clear she won’t give out such information freely especially regarding another alicorn.
  258. >She will definitely need some more incentive.
  259. >And you know just the thing.
  260. >You make a quick stop by your chamber to pick up something.
  261. >Then you're off to see Rainbow Dash.
  262. >You open the door and see she is in the middle of working out.
  263. >She still had the harness and couldn't fly so she found some other ways to move around and get some physical done.
  264. >The sound of the door closing startles her out of trance.
  265. >"Ah! Oh it's you, Master."
  266. >You put what you had in hand behind your back so she can't see it.
  267. "Of course, who else would it be?"
  268. >The question leaves her in doubt.
  269. >"Uh- I don't know."
  270. >Is somepony visiting her? Surely the guards and maids know better than to mess with your property.
  271. >It's probably nothing, just you being a bit paranoid.
  272. "No matter. I was going to see twilight, we need to have a chat her and I."
  273. "And I know it's been a long time since the both of you spent some time together."
  274. "So as a reward for your excellent behavior lately, I propose to you to tag-"
  275. >"Yes!"
  276. >She excitedly interrupted you.
  277. >You frown at the lack of manners but let it slide for the time being.
  278. "Good, go take a shower you stink of sweat."
  279. >She trails off to the bathroom.
  280. >You want to follow her in the shower but you don't really have time for that.
  281. >Instead you just wait for her on the bed.
  282. >Before long she steps out of the shower dries herself and heads back to you.
  283. "Alright now before we go, I just want to make something very clear only twilight and I will be talking."
  284. "You are not allowed to talk."
  285. >"But-"
  286. "No But! And to make sure you respect my wish, I have no choice but to put that on you."
  287. >You now show her what you had in your hands when you came in.
  288. >It's a muzzle.
  290. >At the sight of the contraption, she lowers ears and takes a step back.
  291. >"Umm Master?"
  292. "What is it? You don't want it?"
  293. >She shifts her worried stare back to you.
  294. >"Well.... No I don't."
  295. "You honestly don't have much of a choice if you want to see twilight."
  296. "You do want to see her, don't you?"
  297. >"Well yes, but I don't need that. I'll behave I swear."
  298. >That little bickering started to irritate you.
  299. "Rainbow let me put it simply."
  300. "And I don't want any more words from you, you will simply nod for yes or no."
  301. "Will you put the muzzle on and see your friend?"
  302. >She opens her mouth clearly to object.
  303. >Before she can say anything you get off the bed and imposingly stare down at her.
  304. >No words come out of her mouth.
  305. "Imagine how Twilight would feel if she learned that you don't value her enough to simply put on a muzzle so you don't interrupt us."
  306. "She would feel betrayed, that's for sure."
  307. >At those words Rainbow closes her mouth and drops her head down.
  308. "I am asking one last time, will you go see twilight?"
  309. >She slowly nods her head meaning yes.
  310. "Good! Now stay put."
  311. >You attach it firmly around her mouth.
  312. >She closes her eyes and let's your work without interruption.
  313. >After making sure the whole thing is tight you back up to get a good look at her.
  314. >The straps go all the way to the back of her head slightly modifying the way her mane is set.
  315. >She opens her eyes and looks up at you.
  316. >It seems like she feels humiliated, clearly she doesn't know what you could have done to her.
  317. "It looks great on you. Maybe I should always leave it on."
  318. >She swiftly shakes her head left and right in disagreement.
  319. "No? Then stop trying to look so sad and behave yourself."
  320. "You forget that I always know what's best for you, I gave you two options and you chose this one."
  321. >This time she slowly nods up and down.
  322. >You smirk.
  323. "Good, now let's go see your friend."
  324. >You exit the room followed not too far behind by your pet.
  326. >Twilight's chamber is just a few meters away.
  327. >You open the door.
  328. >Twilight, which was reading a book, shifted her attention to the entrance.
  329. "Good day Twilight. I come for a little talk."
  330. "I also brought a friend along."
  331. >You step to the side to let Rainbow dash come in.
  332. >Twilight face lights up with glee for a brief moment until she notices the muzzle she is wearing.
  333. >She looks quizzingly back at you.
  334. >"Why is she wearing this?"
  335. "She wanted to come along but I don't want any interruptions when we talk, so she agreed to put on that muzzle."
  336. "She did that just to spend some time with you Twilight, aren't you going to thank her for being such a good friend?"
  337. >Snapping her sight back to Rainbow dash, she slightly hesitates before saying.
  338. >"T-Thank you Rainbow."
  339. "Great, now that's over, I have a few things to ask you."
  340. >You head to the other side of her desk and sit on a chair facing her.
  341. >Rainbow simply wandered through the room, it is the first time she went there.
  342. >It looked a lot the same as her room expect for the book shelf and the desk.
  343. >Twilight was watching her look around clearly not saying what to say seeing as they could not talk.
  344. "Tell me Twilight, what do you know of the princesses of Equestria?"
  345. >That question bring her full attention back to you.
  346. >"Umm what do you mean?"
  347. "I think the question is pretty simple, I want to know what you know of the princesses from before the arrival of our queen."
  348. >"Well.... there is princess Celestia, she controlled the sun and moon and there was her younger sister which she... unfairly banished to the moon."
  349. >She was clearly still uneasy about trashing the reputation of the sun princess.
  350. "I already know about those two Twilight. I am interested in any other princesses there was."
  351. >The affirmation put her off guard, she obviously were not liking were this was heading.
  352. >"I.... don't know what you are talking about."
  353. "Really? I think you do Twilight."
  354. >"No, really there is only those two princesses."
  357. >Her voice was shaking and she was barely keeping eye contact with you as she lowered her head.
  358. >She has always been a bad liar.
  359. >You slightly raise your voice and make it sterner.
  360. “You know better that to lie to me!”
  361. >At the change of tone she sits straight up again, and you also catch the attention of Rainbow Dash.
  362. >"I-I...."
  363. "Perhaps you need some incentive. Rainbow come over here."
  364. >You see her eyes shifting back and forth between Twilight and you, unsure of what to do.
  365. "Come here, right now!"
  366. >That snaps her out of her hesitation.
  367. >She walks right up next to you.
  368. >You put your hand on her head and start to scratch behind her ear.
  369. >A few weeks ago you discovered it was her weak spot and aroused her to no end.
  370. >Twilight is shifting in her seat uneasy with the current situation.
  371. >Rainbow Dash lets you work on her without any reaction for a while.
  372. >But she eventually closes her eyes starts breathing louder and faster.
  373. >You know them too well.
  374. "Now Twilight. Tell me what you know about other princesses.”
  375. >She silently darts her eyes between you and Rainbow.
  376. “So that’s how it is.”
  377. >You move your hand down Rainbow’s back.
  378. >Her body shivers at the movement of your hand but you keep going.
  379. >When your hand reaches her neither region she shoots her eyes open.
  380. >Her body tenses up and she tries to move away.
  381. “Stay!”
  382. >She stops moving right on the spot.
  383. >You rub your finger up and down her area. It’s wet
  384. >Her head turns to face you and she looks at you with pleading eyes.
  385. >You just ignore her.
  386. “Now Twilight, you have until your friend here finds release to tell me what you know or there will be consequences.”
  387. “To both of you.”
  388. >”What? But she…”
  389. “A good student always does as his master asks and a bad student disobeys and pay the price and usually there is collateral.”
  390. “Now are you a good or a bad student?”
  391. >You push a finger inside Dash.
  393. >She takes a sharp intake of air at the intrusion.
  394. >Before she can get used to it, you already start moving in and out of her.
  395. >”Please Master don’t do this!”
  396. “You’re doing this yourself. You can stop this anytime.”
  397. “But one of two things will happen out of it, obedience or punishment.”
  398. >Twilight’s eyes start to water.
  399. >”No I don’t want this…”
  400. >Rainbow seems to be getting used to your intrusions, you decide to push in another finger.
  401. >This time it elicits a slight moan out of her.
  402. >This time you look at Rainbow.
  403. >Her eyes are halfway closed as she tries to endure your activity.
  404. “Can you imagine? You were so excited to see your dear friend!”
  405. “But can you really call her a friend, when she even hesitates to put you in danger for something she is doing wrong?”
  406. >”That’s not it, I-“
  407. >Jolting your head towards the speaker.
  408. “Silence! You are not to speak anymore unless it’s about what I asked!”
  409. >You increase the rhythm at which you thrust you fingers.
  410. “Your good friend here went and put on that contraption of yours just so she could see you Twilight, are you really going to let her down?”
  411. “Really, you are not worth her loyalty.”
  412. >A tear slowly streaks down Twilight’s cheek.
  413. >You turn back your attention to Dash.
  414. >She barely seems to be registering the exchange as she moans from the waves of pleasure you send throughout her body.
  415. >After a few minutes you start rubbing behind her ear again with your other hand.
  416. >Just as you start, her breathing becomes more labored and erratic.
  417. “There isn’t much time left Twilight.”
  418. >She shakes her head left and right sending tears flying off in all directions.
  419. “No matter what, I will know about it. But you have the choice whether that pony, you barely seem to consider a friend, will be punished or not.”
  420. >She opens her mouth slightly as if to say something but closes it back.
  421. >Meanwhile Rainbow’s body quivers at the relentless fondling.
  423. “Twilight it’s now or never. Tell me about the other princesses!”
  424. >She closes her eyes shut.
  425. >”There is only one other princess in Equestria. Her name is Cadance.”
  426. >She finally acknowledges the fact that she knew all along.
  427. “And why are you so inclined to put yourself in harm’s way for her?”
  428. >”I know her ever since I was a filly. She used to babysit me and care for me like a sister.”
  429. >”But I haven’t seen her in a long time.”
  430. “Being a princess, what is she special for?”
  431. >Twilight lowers her head with rivers of tears sipping from her shut eyelids.
  432. >”She is the princess of love. She can make ponies love each other.”
  433. >So corny, and far less impressive than Celestia’s or Nightmare Moon’s power over astral bodies.
  434. >But you can also imagine some potential use for this kind of power yourself.
  435. “I see, she must have quite a few lovers then.”
  436. >You have no choice but to raise your voice so Twilight can hear you over Rainbow’s incessant panting.
  437. >”Not at all! She only dated one…”
  438. >She shuts her mouth as she realizes what she was about say but it’s too late she said too much.
  439. “One what? One pony? Who is he Twilight?”
  440. >Her heads snaps back up, eyes open this time.
  441. >”Please Master! *Sob* I’ll do anything you want. Just please not him. “
  442. >Dash is right at the edge, she can barely hold it anymore.
  443. “Tell me everything you know right now, or I will get really mad!”
  444. >You nearly shouted out of anger.
  445. >”Shining Armor! My brother!”
  446. >She shouts before dropping her head on the desk and loudly wail with her hooves trying to hide her as she realizes she betrayed her family.
  447. >At the same time you hear a muffled scream coming from your other pet as her eyes blissfully opens wide and fluids gush out from her vagina unto your hand.
  448. >She manages to stay up for a few seconds as her orgasm rides her body before her legs give out and she crashes down on the floor.
  450. >You nearly doubted she wouldn’t tell you everything in time.
  451. >You stand up and walk to twilight.
  452. >Dropping your head right next to her ear.
  453. “It was close but you told me everything I wanted to hear.”
  454. “Like I said nothing will happen to your friend. But don’t think you won’t be punished.”
  455. >She slightly lifts her head of the desk, tears still running down her cheeks.
  456. >”*Sobs* But you said-“
  457. “You still lied to me, you said you didn’t know anything about another princess but at least I will be more forgiving.”
  458. “For tonight I suggest you get some sleep. I’ll call for you when I have decided the sentence.”
  459. >You head back to Rainbow which is starting to gather herself on the ground.
  460. “Up now. Our visit is done, it’s time to get back.”
  461. >The cyan pony nods before trying to get back up on her legs.
  462. >It takes her a few obvious tried before she succeeds.
  463. >She looks over with sorrowful eyes at her crying friend.
  464. “Don’t be sorry for her she did the right thing.”
  465. “Like I said it’s time to leave.”
  466. >You usher her towards the door and follow behind.
  467. >Both of you leave the room and, as you close the door, you look at the lavender pone still sobbing at her desk.
  468. >A smirk grows on your lips. This has been quite productive.
  470. >You bring back Rainbow to her chamber and take off the muzzle.
  471. >She stretches her jaw with wide motions.
  472. “I hope you had some fun seeing your friend there.”
  473. >Her mouth opens as if to say something but no words come out.
  474. >Hesitating for a second or two it eventually closes.
  475. >Instead she slowly nods up and down while looking at the ground.
  476. >She is still ashamed at what just happened.
  477. “Good then, now that you had a nice evening of fun, it’s time to go to sleep.”
  478. >Without saying a word she turns around and trails off towards her bed.
  479. “Don’t you wish a good night to your dear master, without whom you would not a have spent quality time with your friend?”
  480. >”Good night Master.”
  481. >She did not even turn back to face you.
  482. >She is acting weird tonight, she is not her usual self. Even considering the latest event, she should know better than to show disrespect.
  483. >But you are too tired to tend to this issue at the moment.
  484. “Good night Rainbow.”
  485. >A good night’s sleep will feel nice and you know the best way to have one.
  486. >You exit the room and head to Fluttershy’s.
  487. >You barely poked your head through the door opening.
  488. >She is resting on her bed.
  489. >”G-Good evening, M-Master!”
  490. “Good evening my dear, I wish for a good night sleep and a pillow would do nicely.”
  491. >”Oh- Of course Master I’m coming.”
  492. >She gets off the bed and follows you to your chamber.
  493. >As she jumps on your bed, she tosses aside the current pillows and lays her whole length on her side.
  494. >You undress and head into bed resting your head on her soft belly.
  495. “Good night, Fluttershy.”
  496. >”Good night, Master.”
  497. “Pillows don’t talk.”
  498. >She does not answer.
  499. >Making yourself comfortable, your mind finally trails off to sleep as your head is rocked every time Fluttershy breathes in.
  501. >Next day.
  502. >Wake up with your arms wrapped around Fluttershy’s front legs holding them like you would a plushy.
  503. >Hardly fitting for someone of your stature.
  504. >You gently remove your arms as to not wake her up.
  505. >She seems sound asleep. She didn’t notice then… hopefully.
  506. >Getting off the bed, you make sure to make some noise to initiate her waking up process.
  507. >You take a quick shower, get dressed and put on your armor.
  508. >Fluttershy has been fully awake since you got out and watched you dress, there was envy in her eyes.
  509. “You need to leave now. I have busyness to attend to.”
  510. >With a sorrowful look she gets off the bed and heads towards the exit.
  511. “Goodbye Flutters. You have permission to speak.”
  512. >Last time you forgot to that you had to give her permission to speak again, you punished her for not answering back before realizing your mistake.
  513. >”Thank you M-Master! Stay S-Safe!”
  514. >She leaves the room.
  515. >Time to head to your daily patrol.
  516. >You head out with your cohort, Night Watch tagged along at your request.
  517. >You feel like there is something in the air.
  518. “Tell me, who is Shining Armor?”
  519. >”Uhh Well I never met him personally but I know he was the captain of the guard before the liberation of the queen.”
  520. “He didn’t do a very good job now did he?”
  521. >”No sir. He disappeared when we were /restructuring/, now we believe he has joined the resistance and he could be their leader.
  522. >You were not aware of that. There were only speculations about if they had an actual leader or not and now suddenly they have one and they already have ideas about who it might be?
  523. “Why was I not informed of this sooner?”
  524. >Night Watch starts panicking.
  526. >”We did not want to bother you with such…. trivialities until we had a confirmation.”
  527. “Information is power Night Watch. Withholding it from your superior can have dire consequences.”
  528. “I trust you and hold you in higher esteem than the other guards, if you were to fall to rock bottom it would most probably….. Hurt”
  529. >He starts lagging behind as he takes in the meaning of what you just said.
  530. >You patrol the streets with your group.
  531. >Once again there is nothing happening, the citizens run at your sight.
  532. >Something feels off though.
  533. >Two days ago you captured a Princess and the resistance does not even seem to care.
  534. >Are they plotting something? Or did they finally lose all hope?
  535. >Throughout the excursion you stay on your guard.
  536. >But nothing happens.
  537. >You end the patrol early and head back to the castle.
  538. >Guess nothing happened in the end.
  539. >Time to tend to your new conquest.
  540. >you head to your room and remove your armor.
  541. >On your way to the dungeon, you make a detour by the kitchen to grab some lettuce and a gourd of water.
  542. >The same guard as last time is standing at the end of the corridor leading to Cadance’s cell.
  543. >”Good day Master!”
  544. “Has my orders been respected again?”
  545. >”Yes sir, I made sure myself that nopony would disrupt your wishes.”
  546. “Has she said anything?”
  547. >”Well this morning she was again asking for food and water… she didn’t seem well. But now she has been silent for the last few hours.”
  548. “Good, I appreciate hard work, if you keep this up I might have to reward you.”
  549. >He looks up at you, his eyes sparkling with hope.
  550. “Now open the door and I don’t want any interruptions.”
  551. >You set foot inside the dark room.
  552. >The door shuts right behind you.
  553. >You wait a few seconds to let your eyes get accustomed to the darkness.
  554. >Finally you start seeing clearly.
  555. >Cadance is laying on the ground, she is not moving.
  556. >Shit! Is she dead? Have you waited too long?
  558. >No, she is still breathing.
  559. >After dropping what you brought along on the ground, you walk up to her and kneel down in front of her.
  560. >Her color seem a lot less vibrant and she has circles under her eyes.
  561. >You give a few light slaps on her cheek to wake her up.
  562. >Her eyes open slowly at first but when she sees you she shoots them fully open.
  563. “Good day, my little pet.”
  564. >Your face is inches away from hers
  565. >She tries to push you away with her front hooves but they are stopped halfway through by the chains.
  566. “Well now what did I say about manners last time? Aren’t you supposed to greet me?”
  567. >She stops struggling with the chains.
  568. >”Good day.”
  569. >It’s missing something.
  570. “Good day…. Who?”
  571. >”Good day…. Master.”
  572. >Her voice was coarse
  573. >Her eyes drop to the ground somewhat ashamed by what she just said.
  574. “Good! You’re starting to learn the proper manners.”
  575. “Like I told you last time. You will learn quickly with me.”
  576. >You get back up at your full height.
  577. “Now get up.”
  578. >She puts her legs under her and tries to push herself up but to no avail.
  579. “I said now.”
  580. >”I can’t, I’m too weak.”
  581. >You roll your eyes way more than needed so she notices.
  582. >Wrapping your hand around her horn like last time, you pull her up and drop her back down when she can stand on her legs but still hold her so she does not collapse.
  583. “When I order something you do it. It’s not my fault that you are weak it is your own.”
  584. “I proposed you a fair deal but you turned it down. And now you reap what you sow.”
  585. >”I said I would never-“
  586. >You close her mouth shut with your free hand and hold it.
  587. “I know full well what you said last time.”
  588. “But honestly do you think you have a choice?”
  589. “You are not getting out of this place.”
  590. >She frowns. Clearly that’s not what she thinks.
  591. “You think you have someone coming to get you out?”
  592. “Maybe a white knight in…. shining armor?”
  594. >Her eyes open wide at the mention of the name.
  595. “That’s right. I know all about the both of you.”
  596. “I bet you remember Twilight.”
  597. >She struggles in your grasp but you don’t let go.
  598. “It seems like you do.”
  599. “Well dear Twilight told me all I wanted to hear about you.”
  600. “She did not betray you. She knows that I am what’s best for everyone and wanted to help me make you realize it.”
  601. >She stops moving altogether and just looks at you in disbelief.
  602. “You see she was like you at first. She did not want to comply, she thought she was too high society”
  603. “But she eventually ended obeying me and now she knows that it’s what’s best for all.”
  604. “And she told me about how you used to babysit her, cheer her up and play with her like a big sister.”
  605. “I bet you think that it was work for you. But I think you actually did it all to get close to her brother.”
  606. >She tries to move her head left and right in disagreement but you don’t let her make a full movement.
  607. “That’s right, I’m sure you are actually just a little slut that will fuck any stallion so she can have all she wants.”
  608. “You used your magic to make him fall in love with you, just so you could join the high society.”
  609. “But after some time, a fake love like that must quickly wither.”
  610. “Do you honestly think he really loves you enough to risk his own life to get back a slut like you?”
  611. >Her breathing becomes louder and her eyes lightly swell up she would be crying if she was not completely dehydrated.
  612. “Maybe he never loved you, he most probably saw you for you are right from the beginning and just wants a constant fuck buddy.”
  613. “But now that you’re gone, he can just find some other hole to fill.”
  614. “And you would simply be die waiting for a savior that would never come.”
  615. >She closes her eyes doing her best to ignore everything you just said.
  616. “Now my offer still stand are you willing to properly work for me and deserve your living like everypony else or will you just die for a hopeless cause?”
  617. >You release your hold from her mouth and her horn.
  619. >Her legs are shaking barely strong enough to hold her up.
  620. >She better say yes or you will be forced to cave in and force feed her.
  621. >After a moment of hesitation she slightly nods up and down.
  622. “I want to hear you.”
  623. >She lowers her head a bit.
  624. >”Yes….”
  625. >She drops her head down between her front legs.
  626. >”Master”
  627. >Victory.
  628. >You smile from ear to ear.
  629. “Good!”
  630. >You go and grab the water you left on the ground near the entrance.
  631. “Being willing to work is doing half of it already.”
  632. “And for that I think you deserve some water.”
  633. >You bring the gourd to her mouth and pour some water in.
  634. >She coughs so you top and back a bit.
  635. >She keep on coughing and some water spill out of her mouth.
  636. >After being deprived for so long the body seems to be having trouble taking in the liquid again.
  637. >Judging by the current weight of the gourd she did not take enough to compensate for the last few days.
  638. >You wait until she settles down before offering the water again.
  639. >There is no objection of her part.
  640. >This time it would seem like she was more ready and takes a large gulp before backing away to breathe.
  641. “Now I believe you are still hungry?”
  642. >”Yes Master.”
  643. >Her voice already sounds much better.
  644. “Now you will have to do some actual work for that, you understand?”
  645. >Her mouth opens but no words come out she still seems unsure, but she finally get a hold of herself.
  646. >”I…. understand.”
  647. >Nodding to show her it was the right answer, you head to the area behind her.
  648. >Her eyes are locked on you with fear of what’s to come in them.
  649. “Lift up your tail.”
  650. >It’s not moving.
  651. “Right now!”
  652. >It’s slowly moving up and you can get a sight at her private regions.
  653. “Good girl, spread your legs now.”
  654. >She spreads them a little wider, just enough so you can have a proper access.
  655. >Putting you hand on her slit, you begin to slowly rub the general area up and down.
  658. >With her head now dropped between her front legs, she shakes it left and right still not believing what is happening.
  659. >Applying some more pressure you let a finger slid through her upper lips and poke her entrance.
  660. >After a few minutes of just rubbing and probing, she finally starts to feel hot and some lubrication coat your hand.
  661. “You seem to be enjoying it, I guess you really are a slut.”
  662. >No answer from her part.
  663. “Too busy working to answer, it’s a good thing to be fully committed”
  664. >She violently shakes her head left and right as you push a finger inside her.
  665. >The insides are surprisingly wet considering how dehydrated she was a moment ago.
  666. >You start to thrust in and out of her for a few moment so she gets used to the presence.
  667. >At which point you thrust in a second finger which elicit a gasp from her.
  668. >You keep going for a few while until her breathing becomes heavier inside start to flinch.
  669. >She sighs of relief when you take your two finger out of her.
  670. “We are not done yet.”
  671. >Wiping the juices off your finger with her tail, you unzip your pant with your other hand.
  672. >Your hard member slumps out and you immediately begin prodding her entrance.
  673. >Putting the head inside her, she lifts her head up with her eyes wide open.
  674. >You grab her mane with on your hands to keep her heading from going back down.
  675. >She needs to be fully aware of what working feels like.
  676. >You push your whole length in and out without much resistance.
  677. >She is a lot looser than your toys, clearly you are not her first time.
  678. “Do you realize how loose you are? It’s shameful. Just as I thought you must have offered yourself to countless stallions like the slut you are.”
  679. >”No, that’s not true! I am no-“
  680. >You sharply pull her mane to both silence her and get yourself inside her in one quick shot.
  681. “You are working! And I won’t allow speaking to distract you from the task at hand.”
  685. >You motion in and out of her.
  686. >Slowly at first but you pick up the pace over time.
  687. >She seems bent on not enjoying herself.
  688. >Her eyes shut, she is grimacing and trying to pull away from the grasp you have on her mane.
  689. >She must be trying to focus on the pain rather than her surroundings.
  690. >Or maybe she….
  691. >With your other hand you give a firm slap on her flank, right where her cutie mark is.
  692. >The eyes open wide full of lust as a low moan escapes her and her walls slightly clamp down on your member.
  693. >It does not last long as she realizes what she just did and the sound she made.
  694. >It’s too late though you already bring your hand in for another slap.
  695. >Another moan comes out.
  696. “You like it rough do you? You really are a slut.”
  697. >You trust back and forth as fast as you can bottom in out in her as much as possible.
  698. >The whole ordeal still lasts for a few more minutes until she is unable to control her erratic moans.
  699. >You know what this means, you bring your hand in for on last strong slap.
  700. >As it makes contact she shrieks of pleasure
  701. >She grips your member a lot tighter and fluids start rushing out.
  702. >That brings you over the edge as well and you release yourself inside her.
  703. >You wait until the last drop to pull yourself out.
  704. >While you zip your pants back up, she collapses on the ground and start sobbing.
  705. >This time tears fall out.
  706. >You go and grab the lettuce you brought along and bring it down in front of her.
  707. “There you go, you worked so now you earned your living.”
  708. “It wasn’t that bad now was it? I know you enjoyed it.”
  709. >She tries to hide her head behind her hooves in shame.
  710. “So now tell me- *KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK*”
  711. >You are interrupted by a loud knock on the door.
  712. >So much for the guard’s reward.
  713. “I asked not to be-“
  714. >The door swings fully open and the guard stands panicked at the entrance.
  715. >”Sir, we are under a- URG”
  716. >An arrow head pokes out through his neck sending a spurt of blood in the air.
  717. >Shit.
  719. >The guard falls to the ground
  720. >Blood gushes out of the wound.
  721. >With him out of the way you have a clear view of the prison corridor.
  722. >You squint your eyes to see through the wave of light.
  723. >A single silhouette is standing at the other end of the hallway with what seems to be a bow.
  724. >You stand idly for a few seconds that seem like an hour.
  725. >The only sound you hear, is that of the guard struggling on the ground.
  726. >The silhouette finally starts moving again and you see him reach for another arrow from the quiver at his back.
  727. >You rush up and bolt towards the door.
  728. >The enemy readies the arrow onto his bow.
  729. >You grab the door and quickly try slam it shut.
  730. >But the body of the guard is blocking the way.
  731. >The door slams right on the back of his neck and kills him instantly.
  732. >At least he didn’t suffer longer than needed.
  733. >*Shtunk*
  734. >Luckily the door was still closed enough to serve as a shield.
  735. >Still the situation is not looking good, you are unarmed and are just dressed with your casual wear.
  736. >Come on think!
  737. >You peek your head out to look at the assailant.
  738. >He draws back his bow another arrow pointed towards you.
  739. >Removing your head fast enough, you see the arrow fly in right through the opening of the door where your eyes were.
  740. >You need a weapon.
  741. >The guard! He must have one.
  742. >Get down and shift the body it to see the handle underneath.
  743. >You grab it pull it out from underneath him.
  744. >Right as you get your full self behind the door again, another arrow hits the dead body right where you were.
  745. >Looking at what you managed to pull out your eyes just stare at it dumbfounded.
  746. >It’s a wooden spear…
  747. >How are you supposed to fight in such a tight quarter with this kind of weapon?
  748. >All your movements will be limited.
  750. >Great! Just when things couldn’t look grimmer, the pink slut is going at it.
  752. >Your eyes have gotten accustomed to the light again.
  753. >You peek out the opening of the door but remove your head just as fast avoiding an arrow whistling right at eye level.
  754. >He hasn’t moved from his previous position.
  755. >That guy’s a really good shot.
  756. >You’re at a stalemate though, he can’t get a clear shot at you while you’re behind cover and you can’t go out get him he is too far out of reach, you’ll get shot even you run at full speed.
  757. >You need to make him run out missiles, but how?
  758. >Trying to think of the best way, you can only think of one.
  759. >Stick your head out and back in again, avoiding another arrow.
  760. >”Fucker!”
  761. >It seems he is getting frustrated.
  762. >Shortly after you hear a metallic sound.
  763. >Risking your head again, you try and see what it was.
  764. >It’s the first time you can actually manage to properly see him.
  765. >He has an orange coat and spiky blue hair.
  766. >He is trying to unsheathe his sword.
  767. >Things are about to get personal but you are still badly equipped for the situation.
  768. >As he finally liberates his weapon, he accidently cut the strap of his quiver and his stack of arrows fall on the ground.
  769. >His turns his head to look down in anger at what he just did.
  770. >Now is the time, you open the door wide.
  771. >There is still no way you will be able to close that distance before he focuses back at you.
  772. >You raise the spear above your head with your main hand and use your other hand to balance.
  773. >Taking a few steps forward, you shift you weight forward to throw the spear.
  774. >But your last step slips on the puddle of blood left by the dead guard.
  775. “No!”
  776. >You slump forward.
  777. >Instead of throwing the spear, you grab it with both hands and plant it on the ground to stop your fall.
  778. >It holds while you put your weight on it to gather your balance.
  779. >But it was not made to hold someone your weight or hit something so hard like the rock ground
  780. >The tip breaks sending you falling to the ground again.
  781. >You grunt as you hit floor.
  783. >You still manage to get on your side and fall on your shoulder to soften the fall.
  784. >The sound of trotting snaps you out of dizziness.
  785. >Just in time, you look up to see the rebel prepare to swing at you.
  786. >His sword swings downward.
  787. >With what is left of the spear, which is nothing more than a wooden stick at this point, you swiftly bring it over your face blocking the attack.
  788. >The two of stay in contact for a while, then you push him back up using the ground as a support.
  789. >You don’t have time to move out of the way.
  790. >He is readying another blow.
  791. >You attempt to stop it again with your stick.
  792. >But it breaks in two.
  793. >Fortunately, it still manages to somewhat deflect it from its trajectory and the sword hits the rock right beside your head, with a clear metallic noise.
  794. >Not expecting the staff to break he lost his balance.
  795. >Taking advantage of the fact that he has to stop himself from falling, you send a quick punch on the nose with the stick still in your hand.
  796. >It makes him fail his attempt to get back up and falls on the floor next to you.
  797. >You hold down his sword holding hoof and quickly shift your body to mount his back.
  798. >His eyes open wide with a hint of fear, as he realizes you now have the upper hand.
  799. >Removing your hand of his hoof, he swings the sword to his back.
  800. >Moving your head out of the path of sword, you hear it pass right beside your ear.
  801. >With both of your hands you grab his head and smash it on the ground.
  802. >He grunts at the shock, and tries another swing at you.
  803. >Before he can complete his movement, you bring his head up and smash it again on the hard rock.
  804. >He drops his sword.
  805. >His eyes are half open clearly dazed, with blood starting to flow out of his nose and mouth.
  806. >Pulling his head up again.
  807. >You bring your left hand to grab his neck, and your right hand to his left cheek.
  808. >And in one quick motion you twist his head until you finally hear the cracking noise of neck.
  810. >His lifeless body stops moving immediately.
  811. >The leg that used to hold the sword hits the ground in a muffled thud.
  812. >You stand there panting for a few seconds with his head still in your hands.
  813. >Finally, you let it go and it smashes on the floor.
  814. >Looking around, you become aware of your surroundings again and start gathering your thoughts again.
  815. >You see Cadance staring at you horrified.
  816. >Taking the rebel’s sword you head to her.
  817. >She tries to step back in fear.
  818. >”No Please, Master! I am so sorry!”
  819. “You’re lucky I don’t have time to deal with you.”
  820. “I think you should rest right now.”
  821. >You hit her on the head with the pommel to knock her out.
  822. >Before leaving the room you bring the lettuce and water close to her so she can still survive.
  823. >Who knows how long it will be before you have the time to visit her again.
  824. >Heading out the door, you pull the dead guards body out.
  825. >Slamming the door shut, you feel a pain in your arm.
  826. >Only now do you realize you are bleeding.
  827. >He must have hit you when you avoided the blow the head while on his back.
  828. >The wound on your shoulder does not seem deep, but it is still uncomfortable.
  829. >Guess you are not as invulnerable as you though…
  830. >You put the key in your pocket and head towards the exit of the dungeon.
  831. >Sounds of combat echoes throughout the halls.
  832. >You need to get to your chamber and regroup the guards, otherwise things could turn sour.
  833. >Just as you think that, you hear the sound of a group of ponies galloping towards your direction from behind.
  834. >You already know you can’t outrun ponies, so you wait for them to get closer and suddenly turn around swing the sword in a wide arc hopping, at least, put one of the assailants out of commission.
  835. >The pony at the head of group parries your attack.
  836. >You pull back and set yourself in a defensive position, ready for a counter-attack.
  837. >But it does not come.
  839. >Only now do you realize its Night Watch followed by two other guards.
  840. >”Sir! We are under attack, we need to- You are wounded!”
  841. “I already know the rebels are inside the castle and I already know I’m wounded! Tell me something I don’t know. Where is the main force? Where are they headed?”
  842. >”They seem to be making for the throne room, but they also seem to have scouts scour the hall. We dispatched two on our way to you.”
  843. >The pony you killed must have been another scout.
  844. “I think they are looking for the prisoner.”
  845. >You point at the two guards in the back.
  846. “You two go over to the dungeon and guard the cell with your life! If she escapes and either one you is not dead, you’ll wish you were.”
  847. >They respond “Yes sir!” and quickly run off to the prison.
  848. “You I want you to accompany me to my chambers.”
  849. >Night Watch nods and you both run through the halls.
  850. >The trip to your room is short and uneventful but you still keep your senses sharp.
  851. >As stand in front of the door, you turn around facing Night.
  852. “I’m going to gear up now, I want you to make sure that my pets are safe. Once this is done you’ll set up my personal guard in this hall. My pets are not to be disturbed. And then you’ll come and meet me at the throne room.”
  853. >”Yes sir.”
  854. >You head inside your room and equip your armor as fast as you can.
  855. >Before leaving, you make a quick patch for your wound and quickly manage to stop the bleeding.
  856. >You leave your room with your own sword in hand and make for the throne room.
  858. >You enter the throne room using the secret entrance that brings you right next to the throne itself.
  859. >Upon arriving, you see that the enemy has already made its way inside the chamber.
  860. >The guards are managing to keep them away from the throne on top of which Nightmare Moon observes the fighting.
  861. >She could easily stop all this but she seems to be enjoying the chaos and suffering.
  862. >The only time she takes part is when she arrows are headed towards her, she stop them in their tracks and send them back to the sender.
  863. >Soon after you are joined by Night Watch.
  864. “We need to finish this quickly before the queen grows bored or angry.”
  865. “I want you to take a small group, make your way to the door, close it and hold it.”
  866. “This will block any reinforcements and cut their retreat.”
  867. >”I’m on it!”
  868. >He runs off and immediately starts working through crowd towards his goal.
  869. >You go and stand beside Nightmare Moon and overlook the battle.
  870. >Night Watch and his group finally make it to the gate and close it.
  871. >At the same time the group of rebels seem to be pushing through the guards in front of the queen.
  872. >Eventually they manage to pierce the line and a single pony makes its way though.
  873. >He has a white coat, blue hair and is wearing a gold armor.
  874. >He goes up the stairs and charges straight at Nightmare Moon.
  875. >You rush to intercept him halfway through.
  876. >You don’t doubt the queen could easily kill him but then you wouldn’t hear the end of it.
  877. >Getting closer one another, He brings his sword up, ready to attack.
  878. >When you are within range, He brings his sword down.
  879. >You bring yours up and parry his attack.
  880. >Your swords stay connected and you both stare into the eyes of the other.
  881. >His glare is full of hatred and he is nearly growling at you.
  882. >After a brief time of evaluating the strength of the one another, you both push the other back.
  884. >Without a moments respite you close the distance and swing at him.
  885. >He swiftly moves his sword and parries.
  886. >While he is distracted by the contact of your swords, you bring your feet up and kick him away.
  887. >He tumbles backwards and falls down a few steps.
  888. >You can hear Nightmare Moon giggle in the back.
  889. >Without wasting time, he brings himself back on all four and shouts.
  890. >”Bring me back my wife!”
  891. >His wife? Who is he talking about?
  892. “You should worry about yourself instead of your wife!”
  893. >This time he is the one attacking.
  894. >He runs back up the steps and brings his sword to your left side.
  895. >You move yours to parry but he stops right before contact and brings it to your other side in one quick motion.
  896. >You can’t block this one.
  897. >Opting to simply dodge it, you try to back away.
  898. >Just enough, he barely misses you but the tip of his sword still grazes your chest plate leaving a mark.
  899. >Using the momentum of his missed attack, he manages to swiftly turn around and brings his back legs up.
  900. >You can only brace for the impact.
  901. >With all his force, his hooves smash on your chest.
  902. >The strong blow makes you take a few steps back.
  903. >Thankfully you had your armor otherwise your insides would be squashed.
  904. >You finally manage to regain your balance.
  905. >He got himself back to face you again, already set up for your next move.
  906. >This guy is much better at close combat than that other you fought.
  907. >You both stay a few meters away from one another.
  908. >Nightmare Moon is still giggling in the back.
  909. >”I will get my Cadance back! And there is nothing you can do about that, monster!”
  910. >Cadance? His wife? So he is Shining Armor. But they are… Married?
  911. >You still manage to hide your surprise away.
  912. “I don’t think you have a say in the matter.”
  913. “Besides your love has already found someone else to…. Satisfy her needs.”
  914. >His angry stare briefly switch to disbelief before returning to pure hatred.
  916. >”LIAR!”
  917. >He closes the distance in a few hops and brings his sword downward.
  918. >You dodge his attack with a quick dash to the side.
  919. >Taking advantage of the open flank, you swiftly swing at it.
  920. >He pushes his self away from you in an attempt to avoid the attack.
  921. >Not soon enough, your sword makes contact with his side and enters the flesh.
  922. >He backs away from you with his bleeding side.
  923. >The wound does not seem deep though.
  924. >His armor drops to the floor.
  925. >It would seem you also cut the attach keeping the armor on him.
  926. “I don’t want to imagine the look on Twilight’s face when she learns that her brother did not even come here for her but selfishly came for his personal fuck buddy, Cadance.”
  927. >”SHUT UP! I’ll kill you and get both of them back!”
  928. >His stare wants nothing more than to mindlessly charge again.
  929. >But he stays still instead, his wound reminding him how it went last time.
  930. >You both stare at each other for a few eternal seconds.
  931. >Taking the initiative, you quickly close the gap and thrust your sword forward.
  932. >He jumps to the right at the last second and brings his sword to your side.
  933. >You manage to stop in your track and bring up your weapon to parry.
  934. >Staying in contact, you both snarl at the other.
  935. >You manage to push him back and follow with a flurry of attacks aimed at different parts of his body.
  936. >He got faster.
  937. >Every time you swing or thrust at him, it ends in nothingness.
  938. >But you keep pushing forward.
  939. >Trying to follow up with him you push yourself faster and faster.
  940. >Your attacks more and more reckless.
  941. >Your wound has reopened and hurts more than ever
  942. >Until eventually, you trip.
  943. >Having no choice but to stop the attack you put all your concentration on not falling to the ground.
  944. >Regaining a foothold, you turn your attention to Shining once again.
  945. >You can’t see him.
  946. >Suddenly you feel something push you hard from the back.
  948. >Once again, you do your best not to fall to the ground with big wide steps.
  949. >Finally managing to halt your forward momentum, you turn around to see shining already running to you, ready to strike.
  950. >You have not yet regained your full balance but barely have time to bring up your sword.
  951. >With all his strength his strikes it to the side.
  952. >You can feel the handle exit your hands.
  953. >Shining brings his full body up to you and slams you backward.
  954. >You go airborne.
  955. >Time stops in midair.
  956. >On the corner of one eye, you see your sword fly away from you.
  957. >The battlefield has stopped moving as well, every pony seems to be frozen in place.
  958. >You can barely see Night Watch at the other end of the room doing his best to keep the gate closed.
  959. >In front of you there is Shining armor, his eyes are red from anger.
  960. >And in the back, you can see Nightmare Moon looking over at you with a smirk on her face.
  961. >Time starts to catch up and everything starts moving again.
  962. >You crash down on your back.
  963. >The impact leaves you breathless.
  964. >While on the ground you try to gather your thoughts.
  965. >An attempt to get back up is stopped before you can even start by something on your chest.
  966. >You look up and see Shining on top of you.
  967. >He is pining you down with one hoof.
  968. >In his other hoof there is his sword, high up in the air and pointed at you.
  969. >He brings it down.
  970. >You can’t do anything but look at the tipoff the sword.
  971. >Time seems to slow down again.
  972. >You hear nothing.
  973. >You feel nothing.
  974. >You can’t move.
  975. >You can only see tip of the sword getting closer and closer making straight for your heart at a painstaking speed.
  976. >Is this it?
  977. >All the work you put in your pets will be reduced to nothing?
  978. >All the favors you did for the queen, account for nothing?
  979. >The sharp object is just inches away.
  980. >You never felt this powerless before.
  981. >You’re going to die.
  984. >The sword stops right before piercing your armor.
  985. >You notice a dark aura around it.
  986. >The typical aura of the queen’s magic.
  987. >Your senses come crashing back, realizing you have been saved.
  988. >”Enough!”
  989. >The Royal Canterlot voice of Nightmare Moon echoes over the sound of combat.
  990. >The whole room is filled with darkness.
  991. >The torches are still lit but they don’t seem to radiate any light.
  992. >You notice the ponies are all surrounded by the same aura.
  993. >They all stop moving.
  994. >The once loud sound of battle immediately turns to silence.
  995. >”We have grown bored of this nonsense!”
  996. >Eventually she releases the grasp on the guards.
  997. >”Get those worms grouped up in front of us!”
  998. >The guards immediately get to work on the rebels.
  999. >One by one they cuff them and bring the over the center of the room.
  1000. >The immobilization spell is removed on each rebel to let the guards work.
  1001. >You try to move as well but you are still pinned down by Shining Armor.
  1002. >He can’t move but he still stares down at you in disbelief.
  1003. >Eventually he is lifted off of you, still in the same position.
  1004. >You get yourself back on your feet and glance at Nightmare Moon.
  1005. >She dreadfully stares at you.
  1006. >You won’t hear the end of it.
  1007. >After grabbing your sword you go and head up to her.
  1008. >”We are amused by your… failure.”
  1009. >That hit your pride.
  1010. “Would you have let me die?”
  1011. >”Of course not. Who would be training our new champion?”
  1012. >What?
  1013. “Your champion?”
  1014. >She flies Shining Armor over in front of you.
  1015. >”You are to train this one to be at my orders.”
  1016. “But he-“
  1017. >”You failed us once already today, but we are forgiving and will give you this chance to redeem yourself, my ogre.”
  1018. >She seems bent on that idea of hers.
  1019. >You would rather execute him yourself but she would won’t let that happen.
  1020. >While you’re at it, might as well try to have some fun out of it.
  1021. “Very well, I will look to it.”
  1023. >You manage to cuff Shining and muzzle him with a piece of cloth that was lying around.
  1024. >If stares could kill, Shining would have killed you twice already.
  1025. >When you are done you ask for two guards to come.
  1026. “Escort him to a cell in the dungeon. You can use force if he is…. uncooperative.”
  1027. >Just as the guards leave the room by the secret exit with the prisoner in tow, Night Watch approaches.
  1028. >”My queen, Sir, We have finished arresting the rebels.”
  1029. “Good, now go and clean up any stragglers you might find in the rest of the castle. Kill them on sight.”
  1030. >He gives a firm nod and backs away before taking a small group of guards and leaving the room.
  1031. >Nightmare Moon gets off her throne and walks to the top of the stairs overlooking the whole room.
  1032. >Using her Canterlot voice again, she shouts.
  1033. >”We will make it simple for all of you. We are a merciful leader, we are still willing to allow ungrateful subjects like you to live, but only if you serve a slaves otherwise you can die.”
  1034. >A brown coated pony standing in front of the group speaks up.
  1035. >”I would rather die free than live a moment longer under a tyrant like yourself!”
  1036. >As soon as he is done talking, he is lifted off the ground by the same black aura that was immobilizing them earlier.
  1037. >”You wish to die free? So be it.”
  1038. >Nightmare Moon now smiles.
  1039. >A trail of black magic slashes at the iron bindings, cutting them.
  1040. >”You are now free.”
  1041. >The future victim now floats high above the ground.
  1042. >Suddenly his legs go from slightly bent to straight in an instant.
  1043. >His face contorts out of pain.
  1044. >The aura that was once enveloping his whole body is now focused around his legs.
  1045. >Crackling noises start to emanate from him.
  1046. >He does his best to hold out from screaming but shortly fails.
  1047. >The wailing supress any other sound in the room.
  1048. >His legs seem to become longer and longer.
  1049. >Until they all rip off of his body at the same time.
  1051. >Spurts of blood flow out from each of his extremities and splash his comrades underneath watching the scene in horror.
  1052. >His trunk falls down to the ground, not being supported by the magic around his now gone legs anymore.
  1053. >He goes silent during the fall.
  1054. >All that is heard in the room is the muffled thump of his body slamming on the ground.
  1055. >The eyes are still open staring blankly in nothingness.
  1056. >”And you are now dead.”
  1057. >Nightmare Moon brings down the legs on top of the body before finally breaking the deafening silence with her regular voice.
  1058. >”So, does anypony else feel like dying free?”
  1059. >They all stare dumbfounded between Nightmare Moon and what’s left of the body.
  1060. >No one else speaks up.
  1061. >”Shame. Get those ingrates out of my sight. We will deal with them later.”
  1062. >The guards surround them and the group slowly exits through the main gate.
  1063. >All that is left in the room is Nightmare Moon, you and the bodies of the dead laying on the ground.
  1064. >Adrenaline now leaving your body, you are hit by a wave of exhaustion.
  1065. >Your whole body hurt. Bruises, muscles and your wound are now making themselves known.
  1066. >Doing your best not to show it, you turn to Nightmare.
  1067. “I will go and begin the cleaning operations.”
  1068. >”We expect proper work with that stallion, my beast. We would hate to have to put down such potential.”
  1069. >You nod and head out the room.
  1070. >Arriving at your chamber a guard stands beside it.
  1071. “Get me Octavia right away, and tell her to bring a medical kit.”
  1072. >”Yes sir!”
  1073. >He immediately runs off.
  1074. >Once inside your room, you immediately remove your armor and bloodied clothes.
  1075. >You immediately head to the shower.
  1076. >Even though the contact of water on your bruises hurt a bit, it still manages to relax.
  1077. >After cleaning yourself as best you can, you head out and go back to the bedroom.
  1078. >Octavia is stands there slightly panting with a first aid kit next to her.
  1080. >”Master! I ran over as soon as I heard you required medical aid.”
  1081. “As reliable as ever Octavia. Yes I have been wounded.”
  1082. >You move your wounded arm to show her.
  1083. “I need you to stich it up.”
  1084. >She looks at it and nod.
  1085. >You sit on the bed.
  1086. >She follows over with the box and opens it right beside you.
  1087. >First she pulls piece of cloth and a small bottle on which can make the word disinfectant.
  1088. >After dabbing some liquid on the cloth she rubs it on the wound.
  1089. >It burns like the seven hells.
  1090. >Doing your best not to let it show you can’t supress a small twitch of your eye.
  1091. >She doesn’t notice.
  1092. >After a good minute she removes the tissue.
  1093. >She searches back in the box and pulls out a needle and some rope.
  1094. >”I will do my best but this might hurt master. I am sorry in advance.”
  1095. “Just do it don’t worry about me.”
  1096. >As she brings the needle closer and closer, you start shielding your mind at the oncoming pain.
  1097. >She hovers over the wound for a few seconds, hesitating, but with full resolve she starts the initial puncture.
  1098. >The pain was not as severe as you would have imagined it to be.
  1099. >Maybe being prepared for it helped or maybe she is just a lot more skillful than you thought.
  1100. >The needle moves quickly and before you know it the wound is all sealed up.
  1101. >”There you go master. I hope I did not cause too much pain.”
  1102. “No you didn’t actually, it would seem like your great musician touch proved useful in this situation.”
  1103. >The extremities of her lips slightly go up before coming she brings them back down to her neutral face expression.
  1104. >”I am happy you I did a good job.”
  1105. “Now the whole castle is a mess, I want you to take set up the maids to clean everything up.”
  1106. “I want it done as soon as I can. You will focus your whole attention to this matter until the whole place is back in order.”
  1107. >”Yes sir, I will start right away!”
  1108. >You give her an approving nod and she leaves the room with the aid kit in her mouth.
  1110. >You get off the bed and dress up in some clean clothes.
  1111. >Laying on the bed you try to wind down and think of all that happened.
  1112. >This has been a weird day overall.
  1113. >It started off really great and finished absolutely horribly.
  1114. >You broke Cadance, although it probably will need some redoing after today, you nearly died and you got a new pony to break, even though he is not ultimately yours to keep.
  1115. >You relax for a few more minutes until you feel the exhaustion settling in and bringing you to sleep.
  1116. >Just before you let it get the best you, you realize you have something to do.
  1117. >You shake your head and get yourself off the bed.
  1118. >You head out the room and go check up on all your pets.
  1119. >Reassuring them that everything was fine, and that you were okay.
  1120. >You made sure not to tell Twilight about her brother… yet.
  1121. >After your round finished you can barely stand anymore.
  1122. >Fatigue taking over you, you head straight back to your bedroom.
  1123. >You lay flat on the bed not even sliding under the covers, your eyes close and just a few seconds later you are fully asleep.
  1125. >The day after, you wake from your slumber.
  1126. >To your discontent you overslept a few hours.
  1127. >You already know getting off the bed won’t be an easy task, your body is sore like never before.
  1128. >Still you manage to get on your feet, though every step you take makes you wince.
  1129. >After a quick stretching session you feel much more limber.
  1130. >You put on a fresh set of clothes and head out to see what still needs to be done to get the castle back in order.
  1131. >Still you do your best not to let your pain show.
  1132. >It would seem like Octavia worked all night organizing the maids.
  1133. >Apart from a few hallways still in disorder, the main areas of the castle seem to be in working order already.
  1134. >During your round you meet Night watch near the main castle entrance.
  1135. >”Good day Sir!”
  1136. >You nod.
  1137. “What’s the current situation?”
  1138. >You kept on walking and he followed beside you
  1139. >”Well the maids cleaned most of the hallways as you probably already saw, some are still cleaning the throne room from all the blood and clutter.”
  1140. “And what happened to the prisoners?”
  1141. >He slowed down a bit, unsure what to say but quickly catches up to you.
  1142. >”They- uh… were taken care of by the queen.”
  1143. >That could mean a lot of things…
  1144. “What did she do with them?”
  1145. >Night Watch was clearly uneasy by the conversation.
  1146. >”Well… you remember what happened to the guards that were fooling around with your pets a few months ago?”
  1147. >”She did the same thing to half of the prisoners. She turned them into mares and forced the other half to rape them so their old companions would be their /first/.”
  1148. >You are not really surprised, it seems to fit her idea of a good time with friends.
  1149. >”The new mares now serve as new sex slaves for the guards to use and we just now shipped off the others to a mine on the outskirts of Canterlot.”
  1150. >”Some stayed behind to serve as the queen’s personal toys.”
  1152. “I see. I’m going to see how the cleanup detail is going. Keep doing whatever task you have if I have need for you I’ll send a guard.”
  1153. >He lowers his head and starts walking in the opposite direction you are going.
  1154. >After a short walk you reach the throne room.
  1155. >Once inside you notice the multiple maids swabbing the floor overlooked by Nightmare Moon sitting on her throne.
  1156. >There are still traces of blood here and there but it should be fully clean by later today.
  1157. >Amongst the maids you notice Octavia in a corner of the room apparently giving out directions to a group of maid that just arrived.
  1158. >You walk up to her.
  1159. >Once she notices you coming up to her she waves off the maids, which spread in different directions, turns around and lowers her head to salute you.
  1160. >”Good day Master, I hope you slept well.”
  1161. “Good day Octavia. Yes, I really did.”
  1162. >She slowly brings her head up again. You notice circles underneath her eyes.
  1163. “I am happy with the work you did so far. Have you been going at it all night?”
  1164. >”Yes Master, I have been supervising the maids like you ordered last night.”
  1165. “Good, I want you to get some rest now.”
  1166. >”My work is still not finished.”
  1167. “I want my personal servants to be at their full attention when they work. Which can’t be the case after an all-nighter.”
  1168. “Now go rest!”
  1169. >Lowering her head again.
  1170. >”As you wish Master.”
  1171. >She turns to the entrance and heads out the room.
  1172. >Looking over the room again you see the some of the maids, mainly those that had ruffled manes and that were close enough to hear your conversations, give her a yearning look.
  1173. >They must have been at it just as long as she has but you couldn’t care less about them.
  1175. >You notice that the empress is looking at you with a devilish smile.
  1176. >She nods you to come over.
  1177. >Obliging to her command, you start walking up the stairs.
  1178. >Only after a few steps up, you notice a pony laying flat on the ground next to her in a puddle of blood his back turned toward the stairs.
  1179. >He appears to be doing something to whatever is in front of him.
  1180. >Upon reaching to top of the stairs, it dawns on you.
  1181. >This pony is eating another pony. The same one that got dismembered last night.
  1182. >He appears to be mindlessly gnawing at the cadaver in front of him.
  1183. >You can’t detect a hint of consciousness in his eyes. But clearly not too long ago he was crying, you can still see the path the tears took on his blood smeared face.
  1184. >A good portion of the body has already been eaten making what is left barely recognizable.
  1185. >After so long with her, Nightmare Moon’s sadism still manages to surprise you.
  1186. >You reach the top of the stairs still staring at the gruesome mess next to her.
  1187. >She follows your sight, finally realizing what caught your attention she chuckles.
  1188. >”We overheard this pony here make a comment that amused us.”
  1189. >”He said that he was so hungry he could eat a horse.”
  1190. >”We are interested in seeing if he could hold up to such a dare.”
  1191. >It makes a lot more sense now… somehow.
  1192. >You turn back your attention to her.
  1193. “You wish to speak with me?”
  1194. >She turns her head back to face you, her eyes staring at you dead serious.
  1195. >”Yes, we wish to ensure that proper work will be done with that new pony.”
  1196. “Like I said my queen, I will look to it.”
  1197. >”How do you plan to make him see the error of his ways?”
  1198. “I already have a few ideas and thoughts. Thrust me I know how to mold him.”
  1199. >That was a lie, you don’t have any idea on how to tackle the situation.
  1200. >You were too tired yesterday to think about it and kind of forgot about him up until now.
  1201. >Hell you barely know him.
  1203. >She doesn’t seem to pick up on it.
  1204. >Her serious stare fades with a content smile.
  1205. >”Very well, we shall wait and see what the end result will be.”
  1206. “I won’t disappoint my queen now if I may, I have a few things that require my attention.”
  1207. >She waves you off and turns her attention back to overseeing every little things happening in the room.
  1208. >Heading downstairs you immediately head out the room.
  1209. >You need to see that Shining Armor.
  1210. >You make your way to the dungeon.
  1211. >Arriving at the entrance, you realize you don’t even know in which cell he is being kept.
  1212. >You ask the first guard you find.
  1213. “Where can I find the new prisoner? Shining Armor.”
  1214. >”Um… I believe he is in the same alley as that other pink mare of yours, Sir.”
  1215. >You never asked for that.
  1216. “I specifically asked that any prisoner on this aisle be transferred somewhere else! That was not so you degenerates could put new ones in right after!
  1217. >The guard starts shaking of fear.
  1218. >”Yes Sir- I mean no sir, I mean… There wasn’t room anywhere else, the last rooms available are the ones right next to your personal…. Toy.”
  1219. >Good enough reason.
  1220. “Alright, I just hope they have not been able to communicate to each other.”
  1221. >”No Sir, we kept the makeshift muzzle you put on him. And there is a guard in the cell along with him to make sure he does not try anything.”
  1222. “Good, but I still want to move him somewhere else… I want him in the royal guest room.”
  1223. >He doesn’t seem to understand.
  1224. >This room has been outfitted to satisfy the needs of royal guests. Chains and other restraining equipment are available in that room.
  1225. >Basically this room is just like a prison cell but with a nicer décor.
  1226. “Just do it right now. I don’t like being doubted.”
  1227. >”Yes Sir!”
  1228. >He hurries down the hall.
  1229. >You follow behind at a slower pace.
  1231. >Once you reach the cell, the guards are already at work escorting him out.
  1232. >Shining has his head down low.
  1233. >That is up until he notices you, at that moment he raises his head back up and defiantly looks you straight in the eyes.
  1234. >A black eye has appeared since last night. It would seem he still had some fight in him.
  1235. >You ignore his stare and turn you attention to the guards.
  1236. “Alright, get moving.”
  1237. >They drag the prisoner away. On your way out, you turn around and look at the cell at the end of the hall, in which Cadance is held.
  1238. >You don’t hear anything for a few seconds until the noise of some chains rattling indicate she is still in there.
  1239. >Satisfied you catch up with the convoy.
  1240. >The trip to the room is short, but Shining is constantly tugging at the restraints and dragging his hooves clearly trying his best to slow down the whole process.
  1241. >Even in defeat, he fights any way he can.
  1242. >You would find his efforts and determination commendable if they were not so pointless.
  1243. >At some point he tries to buck the guard standing behind him.
  1244. >The guard barely dodges the attack.
  1245. >You put him back in order with a quick punch to the face.
  1246. >Your fist connects right on his black eye.
  1247. >He tumbles to the ground but still manages to catch his self from completely falling down and glares back up at you, with blood oozing out of his snout.
  1248. >This is whole ordeal is getting irritating.
  1249. >Grabbing a guard’s sword and cutting his head off right here seems more than tempting.
  1250. >But Nightmare Moon would simply kill you for ruining one of her plaything.
  1251. >You grab Shining’s mane and tug him straight up, but still don’t let him go.
  1252. >He struggles against your grip but can’t manage to release himself.
  1253. >After settling down he starts walking again your hand still tightly gripping his mane.
  1254. >Thankfully you reach the room not long after.
  1256. >The guards open the doors wide open with the prisoner in tow.
  1257. >The room is nearly as big as yours, tapestries decorate the walls and a large double size bed occupy the space opposite of the door.
  1258. >Luckily it is empty.
  1259. >Not many royal dignitaries from other countries were interested to visit after the change in leadership.
  1260. >They bring him in the middle of the room and wait for your further instructions.
  1261. >You quickly asses the room looking at what you can use to restrain him.
  1262. >Unfortunately, you can’t seem to find anything you can attach him to keep him firmly attached.
  1263. >You sigh in disappointment and tilt your head back looking at the ceiling.
  1264. >That’s when you find your salvation, a solidly anchored ring is sticking out of it.
  1265. >You smirk at the sight.
  1266. “There should be some chains in that drawer over there, pass them through that ring up here and attach him to it.”
  1267. >The guards nod and one of them gets to work while the other keeps a hold of Shining Armor.
  1268. >The latter tries to look around to know exactly what is going on.
  1269. “Don’t worry we’ll get you set up in your new room just fine.”
  1270. >You go lean on a wall waiting for the guards to finish their work.
  1271. >They quickly finish their work on his front hooves.
  1272. >Using magic they pass the chains through the loop, and bring it over to his back legs.
  1273. >Or at least they try to.
  1274. >The chains are too short to make it fully to his back legs for some reason.
  1275. >The guards pull harder on the chains lifting Shining’s front hooves up.
  1276. >They look at you for further orders.
  1277. >To which you simply nod at them to continue.
  1278. >Once the guards work is finished you inspect properly the detainee’s situation.
  1279. >His front legs are held up high in the air by the chains attached to his hind legs as well.
  1280. >The way the chains are set up, he can’t have both his front and his back touching the ground, given the proper balance he could also not have any contact with the ground.
  1282. >This is working out better than you would have first imagined.
  1283. >After making sure that the attaches are tight the guards back away from their work and look at you.
  1284. “Go wait outside I wish to speak to him alone.”
  1285. >”Yes Sir!” they nod and head out the door.
  1286. >You make sure the door is closed before turning back your attention to the detainee.
  1287. >Shining is just standing there in the middle of the room, front hooves up in the air as if he was rearing to attack.
  1288. >You walk around him to inspect him properly all the while he stares at you, judging you, trying to decipher what you plan on doing now.
  1289. >He is more muscular than the regular generic guards you have here at the castle.
  1290. >Even in his current position he still manages to radiate an aura of pride.
  1291. >Who does he think he is?
  1292. >What kind of hero does he believe himself to be?
  1293. >Just because he beat you in sword fight makes him a better man… stallion… Whatever than you?
  1294. >He certainly seems to think so.
  1295. >Why is he acting all mighty when in truth he failed every pony that came along with him.
  1296. >Is he stupid enough to not realize he sacrificed the lives of countless of his followers for absolutely nothing?
  1297. >And Nightmare Moon wants him to be her personal champion instead of you?
  1298. >How is he supposed to protect your queen when he can’t even protect his own sister, his own subjects, and his own wife?
  1299. >The only reason he is still alive is just so she can use him as a permanent reminder that he is better than you at sword fighting.
  1300. >A walking, breathing, humiliating trophy she can just rub in your face anytime she likes.
  1301. >You feel your anger rising, you can’t help but clench your fist, you are nearly shaking.
  1302. >As you turn around him, he never takes his eyes off of you.
  1303. >He looks at you straight in the eye almost defying you to show what you can do.
  1304. >And you shall happily comply.
  1305. >With all your might, you punch him right in the stomach.
  1307. >With a muffled groan, he flexes forward on contact.
  1308. >He flings his Head forth as well.
  1309. >For a while he stays like that coughing.
  1310. >Just when you think that was enough for him, he lifts his head slightly enough so he can still look you in the eyes with the same stare he had before.
  1311. >You bring it back down with another punch, in the face this time.
  1312. >His head jerks to the side on contact.
  1313. >The cloth that was holding his jaw closed flies away.
  1314. >Blood oozes out of his now open mouth.
  1315. >He shakes his head to get himself back to full consciousness.
  1316. >Standing as tall as possible over him, you ready you fist for another attack.
  1317. >Instead, you back away from him.
  1318. >You need to calm down.
  1319. >Turning your back to him you take deep breaths.
  1320. >Remember your work, you need to break him, not beat him to a pulp.
  1321. >Against every fiber of your body, you unclench your fist.
  1322. >Taking in a few more breaths, you hear him spit on the ground.
  1323. >You turn around looking at where you heard the projectile land.
  1324. >It’s a small red puddle of mostly blood and spit.
  1325. >Getting your attention back on him, you find him silently looking at you once again.
  1326. >Although this time it’s not the same stare.
  1327. >It doesn’t seem to be as assured as before.
  1328. >Now he’s had enough.
  1329. “If I were you, I would try to make myself as small as possible. It would most definitely be easier for you.”
  1330. >”Maybe *cough* but you are not me, If that’s all you have, then I don’t see why I should bother myself with the easy way.”
  1331. >Actually maybe he didn’t have enough.
  1332. >”A good leader shows the example for the ones following him, I will not falter no matter the situation.”
  1333. “A good leader? You have to be the worst leader I ever saw or heard of.”
  1334. “You lead your people straight to a massacre, you did not give them any example, you gave them a good death.”
  1336. >”At least they died fighting against evil.”
  1337. “Evil? Has it ever occurred to you that the only reason ponies die is because of others like you?”
  1338. “There is no good and evil in the world, there is just gray. We all do what we must.”
  1339. “With your so called “fight against evil”, you only incite the population in disturbing the peace.”
  1340. “Which in turn forces us to take public disciplinary measures to dissuade anyone else from acting against the law.”
  1341. “All we want is peace through the kingdom but we can only that once ponies obey the law.”
  1342. >”The law is restricting our freedom and liberty! So long as we live we will always fight for our freedom.”
  1343. >He coughs spurting some blood.
  1344. “Tell me, when a pony violated the law before, what did you do?”
  1345. >”Depending on the severity of the infraction, we would take various punishing actions towards the offender… But that is in no way the same from what you are doing”
  1346. “And how is that different from now?”
  1347. >He thinks it over for a brief moment.
  1348. >”It just is. We didn’t kill ponies before, trials were always fair and justice was forgiving.”
  1349. “And look at you now, you clearly did not apply justice properly before otherwise so many ponies would not be executed for disobeying.”
  1350. “The population would not be a bunch spoiled foals that can’t handle a proper spanking when they act bad.”
  1351. >”They act so not because they are spoiled but because they know their current leader is not their true one.”
  1352. “You bring up leadership again? Did we not establish that you were far from being the reference on the matter?”
  1353. >”I will always be more of a leader than you ever will.”
  1354. “I never sent ponies to a meaningless death, I always protected the ones that were loyal to me.”
  1355. “Whereas you on the other… hand, led countless of what must have been your most loyal, on a suicide mission that would was doomed to fail. And you could not also save your dear sister or your so called wife.”
  1357. >He squirms at their mention.
  1358. >”Don’t you dare speak of her!”
  1359. “Or you’ll do what?”
  1360. >He pulls down on the chains which only result in his back legs lifting.
  1361. >He clumsily get them back down and regains his composure.
  1362. >”I’ll kill you!”
  1363. >You chuckle.
  1364. “You couldn’t kill me before, why do you think you will be able to?”
  1365. >”If it were not for that whore of yours, you would be-“
  1366. >A strong punch interrupts him.
  1367. “Don’t you dare speak of your queen that way.”
  1368. >You quickly follow with another hit.
  1369. “You should be happy she let you live after the trouble your rebellion has caused her.”
  1370. >His head falls as low as it can.
  1371. >You bring it back up with a knee kick.
  1372. >A strand of blood flings back up along with the head splashing on your clothes.
  1373. >With your hand, you grab his mane keeping from falling back down.
  1374. “You should be begging to make amends! Giving her a whole life of servitude for her undying mercy.”
  1375. >His dazed eyes try to focus on you until his consciousness fades away and he closes them.
  1376. >You think he might have missed that last part.
  1377. >No matter, there is nothing left to do at the moment you drop his head which just falls completely down letting a strand of blood and spit fall out of his open mouth.
  1378. >You move over to the drawer next to the bed and pull out a muzzle.
  1379. >As you pick you wonder if you are not overusing that item.
  1380. >No matter it serves your need perfectly.
  1381. >After dropping the muzzle on the bed you head out the room.
  1382. >Outside you turn to one of the guards standing watch.
  1383. “I want one of you to head in there and clean him up and the room. Once everything is in order, you will put the thing I left on the bed on him.”
  1384. >You start walking away but you are interrupted.
  1385. >”But sir, that is a maid’s job.”
  1387. >You go red of anger.
  1388. >You turn around and walk up to the guard that talked.
  1389. “What is it soldier? Are you refusing to obey an order? Do you think yourself above a maid?”
  1390. >Fear takes him over.
  1391. >His voice quivers.
  1392. >”N-No Sir, I was just saying that we are guards not maids.”
  1393. “I don’t care what you are, in case you have not realized the maids are occupied throughout the castle.”
  1394. “Your job is to do whatever I tell you to do and right it is to do a maids job.”
  1395. “Is that clear? Or do I have to turn you into a maid so that it actually becomes your job?”
  1396. >The guard is shaking, his legs about to give out.
  1397. >”That won’t be necessary Sir! I will do it right away, Sir!”
  1398. “Good and I want one of you inside at all times to make sure he doesn’t try something.”
  1399. >Without another word you turn around and leave.
  1400. >You wander aimlessly the halls to both calm down and continue your inspection of the castle.
  1401. >You spent most of the day on that at the same time giving out orders to groups of maids and tightening the security.
  1402. >Once satisfied with how everything are coming along you decide to let it be for the rest of the day.
  1403. >It was time to see a prisoner of yours.
  1404. >After a quick stop by the kitchen to gather her “salary”, you head to the dungeon for the second time today.
  1405. >There is only one guard at the end of the hall leading to Cadance’s room.
  1406. >You simply nod at him to open the door not being interested in small talk.
  1407. >He obeys immediately and lets you inside the room.
  1408. >Upon seeing you enter, Cadance which was lying on the ground immediately shoots up.
  1409. “Good day, my little slut.”
  1410. >She does not answer and just looks at you.
  1411. “You should know by now that you should greet your master when he enter the room.”
  1412. >”…. Good day…”
  1413. “It’s missing something…”
  1414. >”….Master.”
  1415. >At least she still knows how to properly call you.
  1416. “Now I must say I am disappointed Cadance.”
  1418. “Your attitude last night was commendable at first until we got interrupted and you actively worked against the mouth that just fed you.”
  1419. >”Please Master I am sorry! It will never happen again I promise!”
  1420. >You get next to her and slowly brush her main with your free hand.
  1421. “I know it won’t happen again my dear.”
  1422. “Because I won’t let that kind of interruption happen again.”
  1423. “You see it is true that last night we did have some kind of infiltration but their objective was not to actually get you out of here.”
  1424. “Still I should punish you for how you acted…”
  1425. >She looks up at you her eyes wide with terror.
  1426. “But I won’t, I guess you were just not groomed enough yet.”
  1427. >She lets a sigh of relief.
  1428. >”Thank you… Master.”
  1429. >You stop stroking her mane and instead grip it firmly locking her head in place.
  1430. “But I expect excellent work from you now, no more mistake, no more whining.”
  1431. “You will do what I tell you to when I tell to. Understood?”
  1432. >She swiftly nods.
  1433. >”Yes! I understand fully Master.”
  1434. >Satisfied by her response you let go of her.
  1435. “I believe you must be thirsty and hungry by now, am I right?”
  1436. >She sheepishly looks down.
  1437. >”Yes I am. And I know what I need to do…”
  1438. >You can’t help but grin, she is much further along than you thought.
  1439. “I am glad to hear that. Here what do you want first water or food?”
  1440. >”Water please.”
  1441. >You bring over the bottle to her mouth and she starts chugging it down.
  1442. >After a good gulp she lets it go and you put the bottle with the remaining of the water on the floor.
  1443. “You must be hungry as well, I brought some fresh lettuce for you.”
  1444. >Before she can answer, the room echoes to the sound of her grumbling stomach.
  1445. >She blushes and looks away.
  1446. “I’ll take as a yes.”
  1447. “But before going ahead with the rest of our… activities, I want you say you are a slut.”
  1448. >She looks up at you again, this time in disbelief.
  1449. >”I am not a-“
  1450. “What did I say earlier?”
  1451. >”….I am a slut.”
  1453. >Right as the words come out her eyes start to water.
  1454. “And whose slut are you?”
  1455. >”I… am Master’s slut.”
  1456. >She slowly shakes her head.
  1457. “After so long down there you have not taken a bath yet. Would you look at how dirty you are.”
  1458. “Care to tell me what kind of slut you are?”
  1459. >She hesitates a bit thinking up the best answer until finally she speaks up.
  1460. >”I am Master’s…. dirty slut.”
  1461. >A tear runs down her cheeks as the words come out.
  1462. >A great sense of pride rises up in your chest.
  1463. “Great, now that’s settled. Let’s put you to work.”
  1464. “With your mouth I want you to unzip my pants.”
  1465. >She glances up at you and then down at crotch.
  1466. >After a brief amount of time she leans forward with her mouth slightly open.
  1467. >With her lips she lifts up the zipper and then clenches down on the metal piece with her teeth.
  1468. >Painstakingly slowly she pulls it all the way down.
  1469. >Once she’s done pulling the zipper down, she backs away.
  1470. “Do you think the pants will drop down themselves?”
  1471. “Unbutton it now then makes sure that it drops down.”
  1472. >Another tear runs down her cheek while her head approaches again
  1473. >She fumbles with the button for longer than it should but eventually manages to get through the hole.
  1474. >Once that is done she lightly tug down so they completely fall on the floor leaving just your underwear.
  1475. >She brings her head back up pulls the underwear down with her teeth making sure at the same time not to bite you.
  1476. >While she pulls down on the underwear your now semi-erect penis bends down in a slightly uncomfortable position but eventually it flings back upwards hitting Cadance’s cheek.
  1477. >Flinching she lets go of the garment and backs away again.
  1478. “Now I want you to lick it until it is fully erect.”
  1480. >Her watery eyes dart between you and your member.
  1481. >Eventually she Takes a deep breath, shuts her eyes letting another tear drip down her cheek and moves forward sticking her tongue out.
  1482. >The first contact of her tongue at the base of your shaft feels amazing.
  1483. >Slowly, she works her way up and down.
  1484. >Her work manages to relief some of the stress of the day, every lick relaxes your muscles more and more.
  1485. >It does not take long for you to be as hard as you can.
  1486. >Ready for more, you put your hands in her mane and tightly grasp it making her stop.
  1487. >This time you bring her for one last lick all the way from the base to your head.
  1488. >You position her mouth right on top.
  1489. >Her lips were still closed expect for her tongue still sticking out.
  1490. >So far she kept her eyes closed this whole time, you want to change that out.
  1491. >You move her head just so that your dick rests on her tongue using it almost as a highway to her mouth.
  1492. >Slowly moving your hips forward, your phallus is now pressing on her lips.
  1493. >You can feel her slightly shaking in your hands.
  1494. >Since she does not open her mouth you increase the pressure on her lips.
  1495. >After a brief time she takes the hint and opens them slowly just enough for you to enter her mouth.
  1496. >She probably expects you to go easy on her, she is sorely mistaken.
  1497. >In one quick thrust you bring your whole shaft inside her.
  1498. >You can even feel the back of her throat.
  1499. >Her tongue was still out and is now in contact with your balls
  1500. >Her eyes jerk open at the sudden intrusion.
  1501. >She struggles trying to move, get you out of her mouth but your strong grasp keeps her in place.
  1502. >The little movements she makes even increase the feeling.
  1504. >You stay as deep as you can inside her while she struggles.
  1505. >She gags on your member.
  1506. >You aware that she is unable to breathe with you inside her, but you don’t let go.
  1507. >After a while, as she realizes she is suffocating, she trashes about in panic, increasing your pleasure even further.
  1508. >She even makes it difficult to keep her in place, but keep a strong hold.
  1509. >It does not take her long to use her air reserves and you can feel her weaken.
  1510. >When you feel she is about to pass out, you finally pull her head back removing your member from inside her.
  1511. >She opens her mouth as wide as she can to inhale as much air as possible.
  1512. >Right as she gasp for the second time, you bring her back down on your penis which goes in without a problem since her mouth was wide open.
  1513. >Once again you bottom out in her mouth making her gag again.
  1514. >This time though you slowly pull back but not entirely out and quickly thrust back forward again, trying to go further than before.
  1515. >You do so few times, each time you go harder than last time, you hear her retch every time you reach the back of her throat.
  1516. >When you notice she needs air again you pull her back and once again she widely gasps for air.
  1517. >This time you let her have some more time to regain some of her composure.
  1518. >But before she can start thinking again, it starts all over.
  1519. >Thrusting hard in her mouth.
  1520. >This time instead of moving your hips forward and backward, it is her head that is moving back and forth.
  1521. >You always bring her head back just enough as to not let your penis out.
  1522. >Gradually, you increase the speed.
  1523. >Sure, you don’t go as far inside as before but the pleasure is much more constant.
  1524. >You reach a point where you thrust your hips again in rhythm with the movements of her head allowing to go even faster.
  1526. >At this point, you are downright face fucking her.
  1527. >She is growing somewhat used to it.
  1528. >Her tongue, which was useless up until now, tries to wrap around your shaft every time you thrust in.
  1529. >By now, her eyes have revolved inside her head.
  1530. >You keep at it for a while, but you don’t last long from the pleasure.
  1531. >In one last thrust you makes sure once again that you reach as far as you can inside her and you shoot your load right down her throat.
  1532. >She gags and tries to reject the liquid that is being poured inside her.
  1533. >It feels absolutely great, you feel like any worries you had washes away with every strand of cum you shoot.
  1534. >You keep her like that until you have nothing left to unload.
  1535. >Pulling her back out, you swiftly put a hand under her mouth and keep it shut.
  1536. >Bending down you look her dead in the eyes.
  1537. “Swallow it all.”
  1538. >You don’t move until you see the swallowing motion go down her throat.
  1539. >Then you let go of her.
  1540. >Her legs give out under her and fall to the ground.
  1541. >She coughs non-stop.
  1542. “Tell me you enjoyed your meal.”
  1543. >She takes a deep breath to subside the coughing.
  1544. >”…. Yes Master, I *cough* enjoyed that meal.”
  1545. “I am glad you did! Perhaps you want another serving?”
  1546. >”I…. Only if you are willing to Master.”
  1547. “I would be more than happy to oblige my dirty little slut.”
  1548. “But I fear you would not be able to handle it properly.”
  1549. >She almost sighs of relief.
  1550. “Still I am happy about your work today, I feel like you fared better than I expected.”
  1551. “I was tempted to just let you have what you already swallowed serve as a meal for the day but such skills have to be properly rewarded.”
  1552. >You bring over the lettuce you brought and drop it in front of her so she can reach it.
  1553. “Now I also have one more little bonus, I will allow you to have….. A bath!”
  1554. >In truth it is more because she really stinks, although you enjoy calling her a dirty slut, her stench is a major boner killer.
  1556. >She looks up at you expectantly.
  1557. >”Thank you Master!”
  1558. “I will send somepony to take care of that bath for you.”
  1559. “In the meantime, eat.”
  1560. >On your order she immediately starts to chomp on the lettuce.
  1561. >You stand and watch over her while she devours the food.
  1562. >In less than a minute or two she ate the whole thing choking on some bites.
  1563. >Once she is done you kneel down and gently caress her cheek.
  1564. >Your nose picks up an odd scent but you can’t quite put the finger on what it is since it’s overpowered by her nasty stench.
  1565. “Aren’t you happy to be working?”
  1566. “Don’t you feel like your life has more of a meaning now?”
  1567. “I am pretty sure that lettuce tasted much better now that you earned it.”
  1568. >She looks around unsure what to say.
  1569. >”I… Yes I do, it did…. Master.”
  1570. “Is that lie true?”
  1571. >”No- I mean I…. I- “
  1572. >She stutters so for a few seconds until you interrupt her by putting a finger on her lips.
  1573. >A devilish grin spans across your face.
  1574. >You get back up standing tall.
  1575. “Well this has been quite pleasant my little Cadance but I must get going now.”
  1576. “Like I said I will send a pony to bath you, I hope you show good manners towards her as you would towards me.”
  1577. “If you misbehave, be certain that I’ll hear about it.”
  1578. >She swiftly nods.
  1579. >”Yes Master, thank you for your gratitude!”
  1580. >”I promise I’ll be a good pony!”
  1581. >With that said you move away and head towards the exit.
  1582. >”Goodbye, Master.”
  1583. >Good you started to wonder if she forgot to say her farewell.
  1584. >Upon reaching the door the same scent you sniffed earlier becomes more refined as it is not overpowered by her stench anymore.
  1585. >You can easily identify it now, it is her the odor of her arousal.
  1586. >It would seem like she actually enjoyed this whole ordeal.
  1587. >With that in mind you exit the room.
  1589. >You head back to your quarters, the day is at its end and you feel pretty tired ordering ponies around all day.
  1590. >Crossing a maid you order her to fetch Octavia for you.
  1591. >”Ummm.… Sorry master, but she is resting at the moment.”
  1592. >You sent her away this morning how can she still be sleeping right now?
  1593. “Does it look like I care? Go get her.”
  1594. >”Maybe I can be of use to you instead? I promise I’ll do my best!”
  1595. >That could actually wo- No, you don’t know her, and you don’t trust her especially for a task like what you would be asking her.
  1596. >Her initiative is commendable but she does not seem to understand her place and that you ordered her.
  1597. “How can I expect you to satisfy my…. Needs when you are clearly too dumb to obey a simple order. Now if I have to repeat myself I might let you get a taste of what happens in the dungeon.”
  1598. >Her eyes open wide as her mind is probably creating the worst possible scenarios of what could possibly happen down there.
  1599. >”Yes! Sorry Sir! Right away.”
  1600. >And she gallops away as fast as her legs can go.
  1601. >With that taken care of you finally reach your room and take a quick shower.
  1602. >Heading out the bathroom with just a towel around your waist. You get your sleeping pants.
  1603. >Before you manage to put them on, you are interrupted by a knock on the door.
  1604. “Come in.”
  1605. >Octavia sheepishly enters the room and bows down to salute you.
  1606. >”You sent for me master?”
  1607. “Took you long enough to get here.”
  1608. >”I am sorry, I was still sleeping because the queen asked me to thoroughly clean her room right after you sent me away.”
  1609. >It does seem like she was brutally woken up. Although she tries to hide it, it is clear that her mane has been hastily brushed before coming here and her eyes are still somewhat groggy.
  1610. >What right does Nightmare Moon have to override an order you gave to your personal maid?
  1611. >Well…. She kind off is the queen.
  1613. “That’s fine, I have a simple task for you and you’ll be able to get back to sleep.”
  1614. “I want you to go to the dungeon and give a bath to my special prisoner down there.”
  1615. “She is unable to take one herself. I trust you to do the job right. She deserves the same treatment as the rest of my pets.”
  1616. >”Of course Master.”
  1617. “But I don’t want you to talk to her at all. Your only interaction should be to bath her, and once you are done you leave.”
  1618. >”As you wish.”
  1619. >After waving her off, she bows down and exits the room.
  1620. >You finish putting on your pants.
  1621. >That moment with Cadance was fun but not quite fulfilling.
  1622. >Unfortunately you are too tired for a too exhaustive session.
  1623. >Through a process of elimination you are left with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.
  1624. >But Rainbow had some “fun” recently, it would be unfair for Fluttershy not to have your proper attention for a night.
  1625. >You head over to her room.
  1626. >Gently opening the door so as not to make a sound, you see her brushing her mane while humming a lullaby.
  1627. >It is incredible after all the things you put her though she still manages to keep that innocent look and attitude.
  1628. “Good evening Fluttershy.”
  1629. >Your sudden voice startles her.
  1630. >She jumps up and facing you.
  1631. >”G-Good evening Master. How are you today? Is your wound better?”
  1632. >You had actually kind of forgot about it.
  1633. “I’m well, thank you my dear. I was just thinking you might like some company tonight.”
  1634. “And I am looking for a relaxing time tonight. Surely you would hate to disappoint me would you?”
  1635. >”I-uh No Master! I am happy to see you. Is there something you want to do to relax? Perhaps some tea or ummm….. Something more of your liking?”
  1636. >Walking over to her bed you sit on it.
  1637. “As a matter of fact a massage would be fine.”
  1638. >Her eyes light up with glee.
  1639. >”Of course, there is nothing I want more than to make you feel good!”
  1640. >You lay down on your stomach while she lightly trots over.
  1642. >She climbs up on the bed and seems to be taking her time thinking how to go at it.
  1643. >Finally, she gently puts her hooves down on your shoulder blades and slowly starts to rub the areas in circles.
  1644. >You wince as the rubbing suddenly reignites the pain from the wound.
  1645. >Fluttershy instantly removes the pressure she was applying and backs away in fear, apologizing at the speed of light.
  1646. >”Oh! I’m so sorry Master! I completely forgot about that wound.”
  1647. >”Please I really did not mean to hurt you! You have to believe me please please please plea-.”
  1648. “Stop! Just get back to the massage and be mindful this time.”
  1649. >Her face shifts from fear to relief.
  1650. >”I-Uh Yes! Yes, right away!”
  1651. >Before long you feel the pressure on your shoulders again, this time she avoid upper areas where your wound is located.
  1652. >The rubbing motion slowly releases the pent up tension from the long day.
  1653. >After working your shoulders for a while, she trails downward still massaging along the way.
  1654. >She stops making her way down until she reaches your lower back.
  1655. >She seems to be having trouble with a few knots and starts applying some more pressure.
  1656. >The feeling is not really pleasant but you let her work, knowing it’s for the best.
  1657. >You let her work until you feel that your back could not be more relaxed.
  1658. >You almost fell asleep during the session.
  1659. “That will be all for this side.”
  1660. >Stopping right away, she moves to get off the bed.
  1661. >”O-ok, it was nice seeing you tonight master.”
  1662. >Instead of getting off the bed like she expects, you simply turn around and lay on your back.
  1663. >Resting on your elbows you give her a quick look.
  1664. “You’re not done yet. I believe I have a front don’t I?”
  1666. >”Oh of course Master! Sorry I-I was not thinking-“
  1667. >She swiftly gets back on the bed and after you lower yourself completely flat on the bed she puts her legs on both sides of your waist and breast.
  1668. >This time instead of starting with the upper area of your body she begins with the stomach and works her way up.
  1669. >Overall it’s nothing really different than what you had on your back although you still feel more and more relaxed.
  1670. >Realizing you zoned off for a while you realise that she is pretty much just all over chest obviously not knowing what to do anymore.
  1671. >You also notice that she is now sitting on your lap, instead of standing up like she was at the start.
  1672. >Your member starts rising slowly.
  1673. >At first she does not notice but as you start to get harder you feel that it is pressing against herprivate parts, she freezes in an instant.
  1674. >”Umm was that enough for you master?”
  1675. “Hardly, I told you to do my front that mean all of it, not just my chest.”
  1676. “Take off my pants, with your mouth.”
  1677. >”Yes!”
  1678. >Using her mouth she grabs the top of the pants and slowly pull them down you are now nearly at full length.
  1679. >Your shaft bends downward as she pulls them down until it is no longer held back by the fabric and springs back to hit her on the nose making her flinch.
  1680. >After what seems like an eternity your pants are finally off.
  1681. >She moves back up, her head hovering above your member.
  1682. >She nuzzles your member with her nose for a few seconds before bringing up a hoof and starts stroking it while using the other hoof to massage your sack.
  1683. >The way she gently uses her hooves feels amazing. A lot smoother than what you felt earlier with Cadance.
  1685. >You let her go at it her way for some time until you decide you want more.
  1686. >And you let her know by putting your hand on her head and pushing it down on your member.
  1687. >There is no resistance, and she opens her mouth and stick out her tongue when she is but a few inches away from it.
  1688. >She wraps her mouth around the head immediately starts licking.
  1689. >You remove your hand from her head and let do her thing.
  1690. >Her head bobs up and down her tongue massaging the underside of your member.
  1691. >The feeling is so different from earlier that you can’t help but let out a moan.
  1692. >Fluttershy seems to pick up on it and gradually increases her pace.
  1693. >You simply lay on your back letting it all happen for once you don’t really actively partake in the action.
  1694. >You can focus on every little sensation and feeling, the way she handles your sack, the saliva dripping down you shaft and coating your balls also the noise it makes when she goes back down.
  1695. >That mix is about to bring over the edge faster than you initially expected.
  1696. >But you don’t want it to end like that.
  1697. >With your hand you stop her in her tracks and pull her up towards your chest.
  1698. >Like before, there is no resistance at all, she come along walking/crawling,
  1699. >You really chose well for a good relaxing time tonight.
  1700. >You pull until your dick is between her two hind legs and let go of her.
  1701. >she stands there blankly staring into your eyes.
  1702. >Does she need to be told everything?
  1703. >You simply hint at her with a nod of the head to go down on it.
  1704. >This seems to snap her out of it and she lowers herself onto you.
  1705. >She only holds for a few seconds when she feels your head make contact with her now wet parts.
  1706. >She truly loves giving blowjobs.
  1708. >Mustering up her confidence she finally pushes down again and you enter her.
  1709. >You both shudder at the intrusion but she keeps on sliding down not stopping until you hilt inside her.
  1710. >If they were not before, her inner walls are now drenched and feels much better than you remember.
  1711. >Especially since your last experience in such an environment was a loose Cadance.
  1712. >Instinctively, you bring both of your hands on her flanks and pull her up before slamming her back down eliciting a high pitched moan out of her.
  1713. >Shifting your attention back on her face, you see Fluttershy’s lustful, half lidded eyes blankly staring at the wall behind you.
  1714. >Easing off the grasp on her flank she starts to pump by herself moaning on every thrust.
  1715. >It seems like she is truly enjoying that moment but you can’t shake the feeling there isn’t yet completely letting go of herself.
  1716. >With every thrust you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge which is definitely not far considering the foreplay involved.
  1717. >You still can’t have her outlast you though.
  1718. >In a spark of ingenuity you grab Fluttershy’s head and force her to look straight at you.
  1719. >She stares down your eyes, flinching every time she thrusts downward.
  1720. >You hold her so until she can’t bear you stare anymore and forces her eyes shut.
  1721. >Time to go in for the kill, you press forward and kiss her.
  1722. >That triggers it, she stops all hips movement and you can feel her walls clench down on you like never before.
  1723. >Her lids dart back open, with her eyes try to revolve behind her head in pure ecstasy.
  1724. >Along all of that you can feel and hear her scream her orgasm inside your mouth as you kiss her.
  1725. >She loves to feel loved.
  1726. >The power she displays brings you over as well and in what has to be the only real thrust you made yourself.
  1728. >You break the kiss.
  1729. >Her walls are milking your shaft of any cum in it.
  1730. >Once you know that you can’t possibly have any more inside you, you pull out of her.
  1731. >However her orgasm still seems to last, although slowly subsiding.
  1732. >She stopped screaming but her eyes are still have revolved to the back of her head and a mixture of your cum and marejuices seem to be coming out of her nether region pretty abundantly.
  1733. >She is standing stiff on her two front legs while her hips hover a few inches over your now going flaccid dick, her whole body shivering from aftershock waves of orgasm.
  1734. >You manage to remove yourself from under her.
  1735. >Once you’re off the bed, she collapses onto it.
  1736. >Her breathing is ragged and sporadic but she now seems to be aware of her surroundings since she now looks all around.
  1737. >You put on your pants and gently pet her head.
  1738. “You did well tonight my dear. Now I suggest you get yourself cleaned up before going to bed.”
  1739. “I’ll be going now, goodnight.”
  1740. >She obviously tries to say something but her voice simply won’t come out.
  1741. >There is no point in staying here so you head towards the exit.
  1742. >Before leaving you take one last look behind all you see is Fluttershy on the bed, laying on her side watching you leave.
  1743. >Unable to utter a word she simply extends a hoof in your direction and waves you goodbye.
  1744. >You smirk at the sight before heading out the door.
  1745. >Once you reach your room, you take another quick shower to rinse off the body fluids and head straight to bed.
  1746. >Once under you covers, it only take a minutes to bring fall into the land of dreams.
  1749. >The next morning goes like a breeze.
  1750. >Most of the mess made by the attack is cleaned up or under repair.
  1751. >Today you take a group of guards outside to do what used to be the daily patrol but could not yesterday.
  1752. >Although this time you take a larger group than you used to just to be on the safe side and to quell any idea that this attack has rendered the crown weak.
  1753. >You are being overly strict on the streets, arresting anyone for any small mistake or even looking at you incorrectly, unrest will not be tolerated.
  1754. >The whole patrol lasts for the whole morning and part of the afternoon, making multiple tours around Canterlot and combing every noteworthy streets.
  1755. >After coming back to the castle, you rush to change to your regular clothing. That bulky armor gets irritating and uncomfortable after such a long trek.
  1756. >A new set of clothes on and you feel just as good as you did upon waking up.
  1757. >This walk full of fresh air and power trip cleared your mind, now you have a general idea of how you want to deal with that Shining Armor situation.
  1758. >And you get working on that right away.
  1759. >You walk up to Shining’s room, there is one guard outside and you assume the other is still inside.
  1760. >The guard salutes you as you approach.
  1761. >”Good day Sir!”
  1762. “Is your companion still inside?”
  1763. >”Yes Sir, He cleaned up the room and stood guard all night.”
  1764. >You nod in satisfaction.
  1765. “Alright, there is something I want of you….”
  1766. >You spend the next few minutes explaining him what you want.
  1767. >This could have been shorter but you need to repeat yourself due to his low intellect, but it’s understandable if his IQ was any higher he would be a either dead or higher in the hierarchy.
  1769. >Once you are sure that he fully understands what you are asking of him, you send him off.
  1770. “I will send your companion to assist you.”
  1771. >He leaves right away.
  1772. >You enter the room, and are met by the guard on the other side.
  1773. >Upon seeing you enter he immediately bows down.
  1774. >”Good day Sir!”
  1775. >”I did as you asked and cleaned him up along with the floor like you asked. And muzzled him as well.”
  1776. >You quickly inspect the room and Shining, it is not entirely spotless but you can’t expect much from a guard.
  1777. “Indeed, you have done as I asked. I have given a task to your colleague, he will need your help and I wish to be with the prisoner.”
  1778. “He should be on his way to the dungeon I suggest you catch up to him.”
  1779. >”Of course Sir, I’ll go right away.”
  1780. >You wait until he closes the door and shift your attention to Shining.
  1781. >He is observing you with his one good one eye, the other shut due to the swelling resulting of the beating you gave him.
  1782. >He does not seem so proud anymore although, there is still a hint of defiance in his eyes.
  1783. “I had a good walk outside today, touring Canterlot, and I am in a good mood.”
  1784. “I would hate it to be ruined by you, so I expect you to do exactly as I say or I would be really irritated and might not control myself.”
  1785. >There are no response from him, he just keeps stating at you, it doesn’t even seem like he wants to talk.
  1786. >And you shall comply, he won’t be getting out of that muzzle any time soon other than to eat.
  1787. >With nothing else to do, you just go sit on the bed until the guards come back with what you asked for.
  1788. >After what feels like an eternity and making up your mind on which color you would repaint this room, you hear some commotion outside followed by a knock.
  1789. >Finally the session can start.
  1791. >You open the door and you see the two guards hoisting the wooden contraption you asked for and tugging on the leash of a blue pony with a ruffled sky blue mane and tail who seem terrified at your sight.
  1792. >Opening the door wide, you let them in.
  1793. “Over there.”
  1794. >You point to the area in front of Shining armor.
  1795. >They struggle on the way over there finally lets down the object.
  1796. >One of the guards back away from the other, keeping the new prisoner they brought away from shining and you, while the other starts assembling the different pieces together.
  1797. >You lean back on the bed watching them work.
  1798. >Shining is no longer paying attention to you, watching them work as well and the blue colt is simply cowering in fear.
  1799. >About fifteen minutes and some cursing later, the guard is finished.
  1800. >The end result is a curved wooden plate with four holes in which the ponies put their hooves which are secured in place by magical bonds and on the side there is a set drawers filled with different instruments.
  1801. >They both look at you awaiting further instructions.
  1802. “Put him on it.”
  1803. >They start moving towards Shining, but you interrupt them.
  1804. “No you idiots, the new one.”
  1805. >That seems to pull the prisoner out of his fear induced trance, he jumps up and tries to run for the door only to be stopped by the guard holding the leash.
  1806. >Both guards rush to him and struggle to bring over on the wooden plate.
  1807. >One by one his hooves fall in the holes and are immediately secured by the bonds.
  1808. >His last hoof in, the guards back away.
  1809. >The colt keeps on struggling but to no avail.
  1810. >He simply can’t get out of there.
  1812. >Once satisfied with the work done by the two guards you send them back outside and ask them not to be bothered, no matter what happens or what they hear, unless you call out for them.
  1813. >You notice the last guard leaving glance back at the blue pony with a sorrowful look.
  1814. >The door now shut, you turn back and take a good look at your two prisoners.
  1815. >Shining is trying to speak to the other one, probably in a vain attempt to calm him down, but all that comes out are muffled sounds drowned in the sobs of the other.
  1816. >Time to get to work.
  1817. >You walk around the newly strapped pony, and reach for one of the drawers and pull out a headpiece made for pony ears adorned by a magical crystal on top connected by a long cable to a button resembling a light switch on another piece of wood.
  1818. >After pulling out the gear, the new pony redoubles all his efforts to get out of there but you know it is already over.
  1819. >You stop him by firmly grabbing his mane with your free hand.
  1820. >”What are you doing?”
  1821. “Calm down already, this won’t hurt. It has to be only piece that won’t.”
  1822. >In the corner of your eye you notice that Shining is shifting his attention swiftly between a pleading stare at you and a sorry one at the pony.
  1823. >He oddly seems to know what is going on.
  1824. “Why don’t tell your name to your companion of fortune?”
  1825. >”Please I swear I did nothing! Let me go, I beg of youhouhouhou-”
  1826. >You roughly shake him by the mane and use a firmer tone of voice to stop his whining.
  1827. “Your name!”
  1828. >”Ocean Crystal!”
  1829. >Ewwwww you never cared much for pony names but this one awful, especially for a male.
  1830. “Well then Ocean, let me tell you, everything will go a lot quicker if you just cooperate and stop crying.”
  1831. >He finally stops struggling, it seems like you somewhat reassured him.
  1833. >While he has calmed down, you manage to put the headgear on him.
  1834. >Once the helmet is strapped on tight, you throw the switch over to the Shining Armor’s hooves.
  1835. >He tries to back away from it but only manages to clumsily lose balance due to the chains and fall head first on the floor.
  1836. >When he is done gathering himself up, he shoots an angry stare right back at you.
  1837. “You seem to know what this machine is, am I right?”
  1838. >He shakes his head negatively, quickly looking over at his new “friend”.
  1839. “But I am sure you at least heard of it?”
  1840. >This time he slowly nods.
  1841. “Well let me enlighten you both. This is the most useful invention we have made. You see the regular methods of executions were too gruesome and messy. Cleaning up after wards was feat on its own. So our engineers came up with this device.”
  1842. >You give a light smack on the back of the pony’s head.
  1843. “This helm is designed to melt the brain of the wearer with this magical gem on top of it activated by the simple flick of the switch at your feet.”
  1844. >”Wait, what? I don’t- This is- Don’t kill me please, please!”
  1845. >With a hard slap you silence him immediately.
  1846. “Silence! I won’t be the one killing you”
  1847. “He will.”
  1848. >You point at the pony right in front of him looking back at you both in disbelief.
  1849. >Shining shakes his head with all the energy he can muster.
  1850. “You see this pony here was caught stealing from the army reserves.”
  1851. “And the punishment for stealing crown’s property is death, and you will be the executioner.”
  1852. >Your white coated prisoner keeps on shaking his head in disagreement.
  1853. >”Please don’t do this. Please I don’t want to die. I won’t do it again! I am sorry!”
  1854. >Swiftly you grab the first item that you come across in one of the drawers and slash him with it in sleight of hand.
  1856. >The pony tries to curl back in pain.
  1857. >”AHHhh”
  1858. >After inspection you realize you took the some sort of serrated knife.
  1859. >Blood is streaming out of the pony’s shoulder.
  1860. “Don’t interrupt me.”
  1861. >Shining is attempts to scream at you.
  1862. “You don’t like that? Well you are going to hate this.”
  1863. >”What? No no nonononoNONO!”
  1864. >You slowly dig the blade in the wound you created.
  1865. >Ocean lets out a long and deep growl in pain.
  1866. >When the blade is about half an inch inside you twist it, and slowly drag it along the length of his body.
  1867. >The pony’s growl soon turns into a loud yell.
  1868. >Half of the way towards his back legs you pull out the instrument.
  1869. >The yelling stopped, making way for a loud sobs and staggered breathing.
  1870. >”Stop please. Stop….”
  1871. >Blood is flowing down his legs and is gathered at the end by the curved wooden plate acting as a bowl and collecting it all at the center before being absorbed by little holes underneath the drawers.
  1872. >Shining is struggling as much as he can, somehow trying to force his way out of his binds.
  1873. >It is pointless though these chains are made to withstand the weight of enormous pony’s and repeated assault.
  1874. >This room is truly built with multiple fetish in mind…
  1875. >After a while the white colt’s struggling subsides leaving nothing than the painful breathing of the tortured one.
  1876. >”Why? *sobs* Why are you doing this?”
  1877. >You stab him again with the tool.
  1878. “Don’t make me repeat myself, you stole food from the royal reserves.”
  1879. >”Please understand I was just trying to feed my family! We can’t survive anymore. Please I just want my family to live.”
  1880. “Those reserves are meant to be sent to our troops on the border with the gryphon empire. Do you want to weaken our troops? Do you realize that if every pony did like you we would not be able maintain our borders? Is that what you want?”
  1881. >You turn to Shining.
  1883. “Both of you, is that what you want the whole gryphon empire invading our land? Killing innocents?”
  1884. >You stare straight down Shining’s eyes.
  1885. >He keeps the stare for a brief moment but eventually looks away in shame and shakes his head.
  1886. “The fact that you stole from the crown mean that you actively worked against it and as such you are being treated like a traitor to the Empire.”
  1887. >”I swear that’s not what I- AAAAAAAH“
  1888. >By putting the blade back in and twisting it in the flesh you instantly interrupt him.
  1889. >Time to get back to work.
  1890. >You keep working him with the same tool for quite some time.
  1891. >Blood trickles down his legs and belly from the fresh wounds and the first ones you made stopped, you always made sure not to go to deep.
  1892. >You don’t want him to die by your hands after all.
  1893. >The pony has not yet asked to be put down, always asking you for mercy or yelling in pain.
  1894. >He does not seem to realize that the only release he can get will be thanks to Shining Armor.
  1895. >Which so far has not done much, apart letting out loud muffled screams and the occasional tugging on the chains.
  1896. >You put back the scalpel and pull out next thing you come across in the tool drawers.
  1897. >Looking at what you have in your hands you realize you now have a whip.
  1898. >In a quick motion of the arm you put it to use right away.
  1899. >The whip’s tail misses its mark, simply cracking close to Ocean but never making contact.
  1900. >The noise makes both ponies jump at attention.
  1901. >Now that you had a “practice run” at the whip you lash again, this time adding more amplitude to your movement.
  1902. >Thankfully now you make contact.
  1903. >He lets a loud groan.
  1905. >Initially there isn’t any proof of the strike whatsoever but after some time a red streak appears along the prisoner’s spine.
  1906. >You strike three more times in quick succession.
  1907. >This time you hear sharp yelps of pain from him.
  1908. >Satisfied with the reaction, you take a step back and look straight at Shining.
  1909. >He looks back at you, seething with rage.
  1910. >You nod at the button still on the floor next to his legs and ready another attack, only now you put all your body into it.
  1911. >A loud crackling noise echoes in the whole room, you yourself is somewhat stunned by the sound the whip made.
  1912. >You slightly shake your head to recover your senses.
  1913. >Ocean’s scream replaces the echoes made by the hit only to subside to his regular ragged breathing and quivering.
  1914. >By inspecting him, you see a long red mark going from his neck all the way to the middle of his back.
  1915. >It’s only when you realize that blood is pouring from it that you understand that the hit actually ripped through his skin.
  1916. >You also see a bit of blood glinting from the end of the whip and onto the floor, you did not notice before but the end of the whip is actually made of metal.
  1917. >Blood is spilling rather fast, did you cut through an artery or something?
  1918. >Quickly, you step over to the blood covered pony and lean to inspect the wound.
  1919. >Ocean’s body shake from a mix of pain and attempt of moving from the source of the pain.
  1920. >You grab by the underside of the jaw to stop him.
  1921. “Stand still!”
  1922. >After further inspection you conclude that it looks worse than it actually is, he is out of danger… So to speak.
  1923. >A sigh of relief escapes you.
  1924. >When you bring yourself back up, you can’t help but notice Shining shifting his attention between you and the pony but his stare is different.
  1925. >You can’t put your finger on it, it’s a mix between angry and worried.
  1926. >He used to be one or the other depending on who he was looking at but this time it’s both no matter who is looks at.
  1927. “Don’t worry, he won’t die…. By my hand that is.”
  1928. >At that instant his head drops in what looks like… disappointment?
  1930. “You have control over his life right now, we can make that as long as necessary.”
  1931. “When he dies it will be by your doing and it will be your decision.”
  1932. >His head low he looks up at you in sadness nearly a tear to his eyes.
  1933. >With your free hand you show him to the block of wood on the floor.
  1934. >He sees it then turns his attention back to you, he looks at you straight in the eyes and slowly shakes his head, clearly meaning “No”.
  1935. >Anger is slowly rising inside you, this is not a task you enjoy at all. You would much rather be doing something else.
  1936. >Without letting your emotion show, you quickly give out another lash to Ocean which lets out yet another yell.
  1937. >When he is done wailing, you look back at Shining whom shakes his head again.
  1938. >You keep going until his whole body is covered in bruises.
  1939. >But Shining is still denying the pony’s release.
  1940. >He really expects you to accidently kill him.
  1941. >He actually is a coward, unable to face harsh decisions he expects others to make them for him.
  1942. >As ex-captain of the royal guard you expected better decision making abilities than that…
  1943. >Since it seems like he will be playing the long game you better make sure that his wounds don’t get infected.
  1944. >Luckily, this is the ultimate immobilizing torture machine, there is a first aid kit in bottom drawer.
  1945. >You open it and are presented with bandages, rags, latex gloves for hooves and the thing you are looking for, a big bottle of robbing alcohol.
  1946. >Without much restraint, you pour the bottle’s content onto his body, focusing everywhere you notice a cut.
  1947. >His breathing pace increases and turns to hisses through his teeth as it most likely feels like the liquid is burning his very flesh.
  1948. >Once you feel like it is sufficient, you put the bottle away and wipe away the blood and excess alcohol with a rag.
  1949. >”Please stop it… Just stop it please!”
  1951. “Do you want to die?”
  1952. >”…”
  1953. “I want to hear you say it, do you want to die?”
  1954. >”No I don’t! But I can’t bear it anymore! I am begging you I just want it all to stop.”
  1955. “Why don’t ask him that?
  1956. >You point at the other pony in front of him.
  1957. “After all like I said he is the one that has the final say in it.”
  1958. >Ocean now looks confused, unsure of what he wants.
  1959. >Shining Armor on the other hand seems determined and firmly shakes his head at his companion.
  1960. >You pass the rag around the pony’s neck and pull on both sides strangling him.
  1961. >The blue pony panics and shakes all around.
  1962. >He tries to pull against it as to liberate from the grasp but you hold firm for as long as you can, looking at Shining throughout the ordeal.
  1963. >After some time his struggling weakens.
  1964. >When you feel he has had enough, you let go of your hold.
  1965. >As soon as you release him, he takes the biggest gulp of air of his life.
  1966. >After he inhales the first time, you let him cough and when goes for another one, you pull back on the rag, repeating the strangling process.
  1967. >He doesn’t last half as long this time, you let go right before the point of no return again.
  1968. >And just like before he loudly inhales again followed by coughing.
  1969. >You repeat the strangling process one more time.
  1970. “Do you want to die?”
  1971. >He seems too focused on fighting your pull to give a reaction.
  1972. >You strongly shake him to get his attention.
  1973. “The only way to make it stop is to die. Is that what you want?”
  1974. >He whimpers something.
  1975. >You let go, to let him speak.
  1976. >After regaining his composure he finally speaks up.
  1977. >”Yes….. Yes, I just want it to stop! No matter what! *sobs* If I have to die then so be it, just stop it! Kill me already. Finish it! I BEG OF YOU! Kill me…”
  1979. >You turn back to Shining.
  1980. “Will you deny this stallion’s desire just because you can’t take matters in your own hooves and do what you know is right?”
  1981. >He seems to hesitate, completely unsure of what to do.
  1982. >The wait lasts for just a shy of a minute.
  1983. >But he eventually lets his response known by shaking his head yet again and trying to distance himself from the button as much as he can.
  1984. >Tears of despair stream down the agonizing ponies face.
  1985. >”Please! Do it!”
  1986. >But the white stallion does not waver shaking his head left and right
  1987. >Ocean keeps on pleading.
  1988. >You throw away the rag and reach for the second to last drawer from the top.
  1989. >Compared to the others, this one is not hollowed out and filled with tools, instead you are presented with a knob and a button with a light.
  1990. >With your foot you turn the knob up a bit and then press the button activating the light in the same process, you would do it with your hands if the console was higher but fucking ponies.
  1991. >You can hear the humming of magic coming from the drawer as the mechanism start to kick in.
  1992. >Initially you can’t observe any reaction but before long you notice him squirm in discomfort.
  1993. >You turn off the machine by pressing the button again, just to make sure that it is because of it and just as planned the squirming stopped.
  1994. >It is ready, you turn the knob half way to the max and activate the machine again sending a surge of magical energy through the magic binds of his legs.
  1995. >The reaction is immediate, his whole body shakes in all direction while he tries while he tries to hold in the pain with his mouth shut.
  1996. >A few seconds go by before you stop it.
  1997. >The blue pony stops thrashing about, and at that moment the only thing you can hear in the room is the pony’s panting.
  1998. “Will you deny this pony’s release any longer Shining Armor?”
  2000. >You have completely lost track of how long you have been here and would very much like it to be over.
  2001. >Shining, which kept his eyes closed through the whole process, opens up his eyes with a stern look all over his face, enough so to let his opinion known.
  2002. >”I don’t…. please this is ju-“
  2003. >You turned the knob even higher and activate the machine again.
  2004. >Magic courses through his whole body again eliciting a stronger reaction than last time, the real difference being that Ocean’s face now contorts in agony and he yells out pain.
  2005. >You wait a few seconds again and stop the machine, Ocean panting again.
  2006. >Without a word you simply look at the white colt and he responds with yet another stern stare before looking away at a random point in the room.
  2007. >This is getting infuriating and taking much longer than expected.
  2008. >In anger you crank the knob all the way to the max and activate it.
  2009. >Ocean throws his head up high screaming his lungs out, his eyes on the verge of popping out, every vein of his neck seem ready to blow up.
  2010. >The painfully loud scream last for little more than a second before subsiding in a strangled sound.
  2011. >His body falls limp in an awkward position, his legs still held upright by magic but the chest and head hanging on the side.
  2012. >Your first reaction is to see whether the machine malfunctioned, but the little light indicates that it is still running. You stop it immediately.
  2013. >Then you look at Shining which has a look of confusion across his face, his gaze switches from the limp pony to you then to the button on the floor, clearly he is not the one that caused this.
  2014. >The magic output is not supposed to be enough to kill a full grown pony, but then again you did weaken quite a bit.
  2015. >You need to make sure if he is dead or not.
  2017. >You move over to body and put your hand on his neck looking for any sign of a pulse.
  2018. >You have never done this before so it takes a while but eventually you find a pulse, faint but here.
  2019. >As the panic starts to settle you notice that he breathing as well.
  2020. >The pain was too much so he simply fell unconscious.
  2021. >A sigh of relief escapes you while you rise and turn your attention to the white pony again.
  2022. “Don’t worry is not dead, that pleasure is all yours.”
  2023. >The stallion looks away in disappointment.
  2024. “In any case, it would seem like this will be it for today, obviously there is no point in continuing with your friend here in this current state.”
  2025. >Shining Armor looks at you with relief written all over his face.
  2026. “But don’t you worry, we will have another session tomorrow. If you ever change your mind don’t forget that button at your hooves.”
  2027. >Relief turns to anger and while you walk towards the door you hear a muffled scream coming out of him.
  2028. >You open the door and when you are on the other side you are greeted by the two same saluting guards as before.
  2029. >They are clearly shaking though, they must have heard the screams if not all of them most definitely that ghastly final screech.
  2030. >”Do you want us to clean the room?”
  2031. “No, leave it like that for the time being.”
  2032. “How long have I been in there?”
  2033. >”Ummm about two hours, Sir.”
  2034. >Two hours!? It felt long but not nearly as long as two full hours.
  2035. “When was the last time the white one ate?”
  2036. >”Yesterday, Sir. We had a maid feed him prisoners rations.”
  2037. “Alright, I’ll tell my personal maid to take care of him today, I don’t want anyone else entering this room without my say so.”
  2038. >”Yes, Sir!”
  2039. >They salute you and you take your leave, your hands completely red form dried blood.
  2041. >You rush to your room ignoring everything on your way.
  2042. >Once inside you shut the door and lean back on it.
  2043. >You exhale deeply and cover your face with your hands.
  2044. >That whole ordeal was gruesome… and it will start again tomorrow.
  2045. >You never tortured a pony before, you sent them to be tortured of course and witnessed a few one but never performed the act yourself it is a completely different experience… one you don’t wish to endure anymore.
  2046. >That last shriek at the end…. It feels as though it pierced all the way through your soul. And you are the reason why that happened.
  2047. >It echoes in your mind, in the silence of your room it’s the only thing you can hear.
  2048. >Eventually you remove your hands and look at the dried blood.
  2049. >You are in dire need of a shower.
  2050. >The water now running, you remove your clothes and head in.
  2051. >You make sure to scrub every traces of blood and even longer than actually required.
  2052. >For some reason the water running over your body feels somehow better than usual maybe it’s just that it relaxes all your muscles or perhaps it’s simply the feeling of the water washing all your guilt away.
  2053. >Nonsense! You are not guilty, Shining Armor is. He is the one responsible for this impossible situation.
  2054. >If he simply did as you asked you wouldn’t have that horrible feeling… everything is his fault and you despise him for it.
  2055. >You stay in the shower until you properly calmed down, by then your skin is completely wrinkled.
  2056. >Not even caring about putting on you pajama you directly slip into bed wanting nothing more than to be done with this day.
  2057. >But you feel like you are forgetting something….
  2058. >Right, you haven’t taken care of the food for both Shining and Cadance.
  2060. >Reluctantly you get back on your feet and put on your casual wear.
  2061. >Heading outside you see Octavia come out of Fluttershy’s quarters with an empty food tray.
  2062. >She stops when she sees you and bows.
  2063. >”Good evening, Master.”
  2064. “Ah! Octavia, I was about to look for you.”
  2065. “I want you to go the royal guest room, where one of my prisoners. And feed him.”
  2066. >”Do you have any diet in mind Master?”
  2067. ”Just give him regular prisoner’s rations I don’t really care. Now, you are to only feed the white one. Not the other one under any circumstances.”
  2068. >You notice a spark of confusion for less than a second but she ends up nodding in agreement.
  2069. “If the white one poses any trouble ask a guard to help you out.”
  2070. >”Very well, is there anything else you want of me?”
  2071. “That will be all. Needless to say to not listen to anything they would try to say.”
  2072. >She bows and leaves with the tray.
  2073. >The both of you walk in the same direction. There is an awkward silence since you both need to get to the kitchen but already told here everything required.
  2074. >Finally you arrive at the kitchen and you both get to what you came to do.
  2075. >She orders the meal for Shining and you get to pastry and grab another lettuce along with a gourd of water.
  2076. >Being really tired, you don’t waste any time heading to the dungeon.
  2077. >You simply open the door to Cadance’s cell and are greeted by the pink ex-princess laying on the floor.
  2078. >She squints her eyes due to the amount of light coming in the room.
  2079. >When she realizes who is standing at the door she quickly gets up.
  2080. >”Greetings, Master.”
  2081. >Instant response with not a hint of hesitation.
  2082. >You couldn’t feel prouder.
  2084. “Greetings, my little slut.”
  2085. >You notice her flinch slightly at the reminder of her status.
  2086. “Have you forgotten your status, my dear?”
  2087. >”I- No, Master. I am your slut as you said.”
  2088. >You walk up to her.
  2089. “It’s not what I say, it’s simply what you are.”
  2090. >Your words seem to hit their mark, almost immediately she lowers her head and avert her gaze off of you.
  2091. >Kneeling down a bit, you put your hand underneath her chin and gently lift it up so that she looks you straight in the eyes.
  2092. “At least you are the best slut there is.”
  2093. >The corner of her lips slightly go up, but she realizes right away and brings them back down and looks away once again with a noticeable blush covering her face.
  2094. >You both stay like so for a few seconds before your moment is broken by the sound of her growling stomach.
  2095. >Once you are fully back up, you show her the piece of lettuce.
  2096. “Now I seem to understand you are hungry and I did come here to make sure you work.”
  2097. “Are you ready?”
  2098. >”I-um actually is there nothing else I can do for you, Master?”
  2099. >”Maybe clean your room or….”
  2100. >By putting your finger on her lips, you stop her rambling.
  2101. “I believe you received a bath from a maid yesterday. That pony is my personal maid. She is the one that takes care of my room and other task that I assign to her. And she works harder than you ever did and ever will.”
  2102. “You are not suited for the kind of work that would be asked of you. Not at all.”
  2103. “Her on the other han…hoof is perfectly suited for it and as such is a maid.”
  2104. “You, are only suited to be a slut, a whorse and so I decided that it would be your job in this castle.”
  2105. “A way for you to earn your living. But if that is not what you are willing to do I can just let you starve to death unless you tell me what it is you can possibly do that any other pony out there cannot without leaving your cell room.”
  2107. >She seems to be frozen in place while she thinks of whatever it is she can do.
  2108. >But, she ultimately resigns realizing that there is no answer to that.
  2109. >”No you are right, Master. I cannot do anything else for you.”
  2110. >”Please….. I am thirsty.”
  2111. >You contemplate denying her water for the moment because of this little episode.
  2112. >You place both the gourd in one hand and lettuce on the other hand level with her head.
  2113. “You will only get one today because of your stubbornness choose wisely.”
  2114. >She is about to argue some more but before she can voice any word you motion to back away.
  2115. >With envy she looks at the lettuce, her mouth salivating just by looking at it.
  2116. >She takes a deep breath a finally decides.
  2117. >”I will take the water… please.”
  2118. >You throw away the lettuce behind you.
  2119. >And put the gourd full of water on the ground but out of reach from her.
  2120. >She goes flat and stretch out as much as she can to try and reach it.
  2121. >You would have stopped her but the spectacle is fun to watch.
  2122. >After a few vain attempts, you finally decide to stop her show.
  2123. “Do you really expect payment before the work has been done?”
  2124. >”I- uh No of course. Sorry, Master. I just thought you would be allow me to drink before like the other times.”
  2125. “I think you know what the first step is.”
  2126. >In less than a second she brought her head down to your pants and starts to pull the zipper down with her teeth.
  2127. >Good initiative.
  2128. >When she is done with the zipper she pulls your pants down along with your underwear.
  2129. >She stops for a second to look up at you unsure if that was satisfactory.
  2130. >You respond with a simple nod.
  2131. >She then stops and look straight at your penis before inching her open mouth towards the head.
  2132. >But you stop her halfway through with your hand in her mane.
  2133. >instead you guide her downwards and put her right underneath your balls before releasing her.
  2135. >When she is free to move again she start to sheepishly lick your balls.
  2136. >Wave of stimulation course through your body.
  2137. >In just a few licks she grows more confident and lick harder putting more pressure with her tongue.
  2138. >You groan at the pleasure, feeling the events of the day just leaving you.
  2139. >Unfortunately you just now remember them as well.
  2140. >The torture, the blood.
  2141. >You snap out of it and return your attention to the worker underneath you.
  2142. >With your shaft at full mast you decide to get to the next step.
  2143. >She stops after you move back from her.
  2144. >You make your way around her to finally get behind her.
  2145. >As you were about to ask her to move the tail out of the way, she does it by herself.
  2146. >There you are greeted by her slit which seems dried up.
  2147. >You lick your index and major finger.
  2148. >After teasing around her regions a bit, you slide them inside in a sharp thrust.
  2149. >She gasps at the sudden intrusion and jerks or head slightly almost to look at you behind her but stops herself.
  2150. >Moving them around inside her it massaging the walls.
  2151. >Her breathing gradually becomes louder and deeper.
  2152. >After a minute or so of working your magic you consider her to be primed.
  2153. >You pull out the fingers and put your hand on her flank.
  2154. >You don’t take much time to line up your member with her entrance and start pumping in and out.
  2155. >She is still as loose as ever, requiring you to move a bit more to receive proper stimulation.
  2156. >Even though she tries to hide it, you can hear her moan a bit.
  2157. >She is liking it and she knows it.
  2158. >In any case her body does, she almost push herself onto you at every thrust.
  2159. >The could lose yourself in the bliss of sensation right now but right before you can go fully in a trance, you are brought back to reality by the image of Ocean Crystal smeared of blood with the expression of pain on him.
  2161. >You immediately stop in your track and pull yourself out of her.
  2162. >She turns her head around confused even sad a bit.
  2163. >Looking at her directly, you need to come up with a reason why you stopped.
  2164. “I… I want to try a different position.”
  2165. “Lay flat on your stomach and bring you front legs together and hind legs as well.”
  2166. >She obeys clearly confused but still does not question you.
  2167. >When she is in position, you unlock the chains to the legs and swiftly reattach it to the other one so that she can’t do anything while she has bigger movements.
  2168. >You don’t think she would try anything but you are not yet sure if she has fully submitted.
  2169. >When the switch is done you get back up.
  2170. “Now turn around on your back.”
  2171. >She does so and to your prediction her legs are not crossed at all and the chains keep them from covering her.
  2172. >She is completely exposed to you and cannot do anything about it.
  2173. >When she realizes the position she is in and tries to shift around clearly uneasy by the how vulnerable she is.
  2174. >You drop down on top of her.
  2175. >Your head level with hers and both of your hands on either side.
  2176. >With your member you probe around her slit again, eliciting sharp small gasps out of her.
  2177. >For once you can properly see her facial expression, she tries to turn her head to the side so you can’t see her but quite succeed.
  2178. >When you grow bored of the teasing you push inside in one strong go.
  2179. >Her eyes and mouth shoot wide open.
  2180. >Content with the reaction you keep going with the same strength.
  2181. >Before long she starts moaning again.
  2182. >Slowly you feel the pressure signifying the end of the current session build up pushing you to go faster and faster.
  2183. >Now going faster than you could with the previous position you are interrupted yet again.
  2184. >Again an image of the tortured pony.
  2185. >This time you decide to try and push through it.
  2186. >But it lingers in your mind.
  2188. >You remember every time you sliced him up with the knife.
  2189. >You push harder and harder into Cadance to try and snap you out of it but every thrust reminds you of the feeling of cutting into flesh.
  2190. >With one of your hands you grasp Cadance’s mane firmly, in a desperate attempt to keep track of reality.
  2191. >No matter how hard you push you can’t shake those images and feeling.
  2192. >You feel your boner leaving along with all the pent up stimulation.
  2193. >With your other hands you try and gyrate Cadance’s rump to bring back that stimulation and boner to properly finish it.
  2194. >But no how hard you pull, push and tug at her you can’t help but lose your boner entirely after remembering that ghastly screech at the end.
  2195. >Eventually you just stop entirely.
  2196. >The sensations and flashbacks have stopped as well allowing you take notice of your surroundings.
  2197. >Of course there is nothing else to see but the pink pony underneath you.
  2198. >She seems to be in a world of her own.
  2199. >You pull your hand out of her messed up mane, a few strings of pink, white and purple hair staying attached to your hand.
  2200. >Looking down at her you realize you actually drew a bit of blood with your fingernails around her rump.
  2201. >To your surprise the whole area around your groin and the floor underneath her private parts is completely drenched in fluids.
  2202. >That confirms a theory you had that she actually likes it rough… really rough by the looks of it.
  2203. >You profit from the fact that she is still in her mind to put the chains back on like before so she can stand properly but she still lays flat on her back breathing heavily.
  2204. >You put your clothes back on.
  2205. >Before leaving the room you make sure that she has access to the gourd and you even bring up the lettuce close to her.
  2207. “I have decided to be merciful and will allow you to have both the gourd and lettuce this time thanks to your hard work and obedience.”
  2208. “Next time it will not go so well.”
  2209. >She doesn’t respond at all, she really enjoyed herself.
  2210. >You kneel down and gently tap the cheek.
  2211. >That brings her back to you and judging by the expression of her face she remembers everything you just told her in one go.
  2212. >”I huh Yes, Master. Thank you so much, Master.”
  2213. “I will see you later, my little slut.”
  2214. >”Goodbye, Master.”
  2215. >With that done you walk out of the cell room still somewhat flustered from what happened.
  2216. >You go straight back to your room and slip into your bed.
  2217. >Hopefully some sleep will allow you to calm down and start anew tomorrow.
  2218. >After shifting in your bed you finally fall asleep.
  2219. >You wake the following morning sweaty and shivering.
  2220. >Images of the session you had with Shining Armor and Ocean Crystal kept resurfacing in your dreams.
  2221. >Still feeling tired you could use one or two more hours of sleep but at that point you know there is no point.
  2222. >Not until your business with these two is done.
  2223. >You get off the bed still feeling cold and attempt to shake off your grogginess.
  2224. >After a quick shower to rinse the dried up fluids from last evening’s session with Cadance, you put on some new clothes and exit the room.
  2225. >It is still too early to start the patrol right away but decide to tour the barrack nonetheless.
  2226. >The night shift has recently been relieved by the morning shift.
  2227. >Clearly they did not expect you so soon, when you arrived you saw them joking and playing cards around a table.
  2228. >You scold them and put them back in order in just a few minutes.
  2229. >You will need to have a word with Night Watch about this kind of behavior.
  2231. >With that done you continue your round of inspection, you check with the quartermaster and the infirmary only to find out that nothing is organized properly.
  2232. >That longer than expected tour done you finally gear up for the patrol as does the other ponies.
  2233. >When you are about to leave the barrack and start your run, Night Watch joins up with your group.
  2234. >You motion for him to come up to you.
  2235. >”You wish to talk to me sir?”
  2236. “I decided to do a check of the barracks earlier this morning and found quite a few issues.”
  2237. “First of all, when I found the morning guards having some R&R during their shift, this is unacceptable.”
  2238. >”I am sorry abo-“
  2239. “Shut it, I am not done talking. Afterwards I went to look at the armory and the infirmary and realized that nothing is organized efficiently.”
  2240. ”If we were to be attacked again we could lose the battle without even putting up proper resistance.”
  2241. “Now I appointed you as captain of the guard because I deemed you able and loyal.”
  2242. “But when the guards and all those people underneath you fail to impress me it me you fail to impress me.”
  2243. “If you are unable to do all those tasks alone delegate or travel through time or whatever I don’t care as long as the job is done right.”
  2244. “I will not allow any failure on your end, next time I am unhappy about your overall handling of matters I will replace you by someone else, and you will fall… hard.”
  2245. >”Sir, if I may…”
  2246. “You may not! I am in not in the mood and you are not in the position to argue. All I want to hear from you is “Yes, Sir” and then you will fall back into position, understood?”
  2247. >Night Watch lowers his head and looks away slightly pouting like a scolded brat would.
  2248. >”Yes, Sir”
  2249. >He retreats back to his position amongst the other guards.
  2251. >You get on your way to your duties across town.
  2252. >Not much happens again, but you still manage to keep your full attention on the task at hand.
  2253. >At least while working your mind is focused on what you are doing and can’t think about the events of yesterday.
  2254. >Because of that you make multiple rounds around areas you had already taken a look at just to extend the duration of your work.
  2255. >When you finally feel like the run has gone on long enough you make you way back to the castle.
  2256. >As you arrive at the castle gates around noon, you are greeted by a servant.
  2257. >He bows down ceremonially in front of you.
  2258. >You look at him silently waiting for him to say whatever he has to say but he just keeps his head down low looking at your feet.
  2259. >The both of you stand still like that for a few awkward seconds.
  2260. >Eventually you realize you need to allow him to talk.
  2261. >Nightmare Moon really doesn’t like it when ponies talk to her without authorization.
  2262. “Speak.”
  2263. >He lifts his head and stands firm in front of you and announce with a neutral strong tone.
  2264. >”Our beloved Empress cordially invites you to her table. She asked for you to join her as soon as you are done with your patrol.”
  2265. >What can she possibly want? You have other things to do than entertain her.
  2266. >Yet you can’t decline an invitation like that.
  2267. “Very well, I will change and meet her right away. Go tell her I will be here momentarily.”
  2268. >”She will be waiting in the royal dining room.”
  2269. >He bows his head down briefly and takes his leave.
  2270. >As you said you make your way to your room and change clothes to put on the most formal attire you have for when you meet nobles, diplomats and such.
  2271. >After spending longer than it should have to choose the right tie color you head out and make your way to the dining room.
  2272. >Upon arrival at your surprise no guards stand by the entrance to the room.
  2274. >If they are gone playing cards, they better hope they can live with their heads detached from their bodies.
  2275. >Right before you can knock on the doors, they open themselves.
  2276. >When the doors are wide open you notice the magical black aura of Nightmare Moon around the doorknobs.
  2277. >The room is pretty big, and well lit a couple of chandeliers illuminate the room with the help of a few big mirrors on the walls.
  2278. >At the center a big rectangular table able to fit at least three families at once stands on a wide red carpet.
  2279. >On the table there are a few lit up candle holders lined up surrounded by variety of food, mostly salad and other vegetable but you can also notice some meat.
  2280. >At the end of the table on the total opposite side of where you are sit Nightmare Moon casually looking at you.
  2281. >”Come in, my beast, sit in front of me. We have quite a feast prepared for you.”
  2282. >You come in and make your way to the chair on the other end of where Nightmare Moon is sitting.
  2283. >A plate has already been set up and you have an easy access to the food.
  2284. “Good day my queen, I believe you wish to speak to me?”
  2285. >”Why don’t we start eating first? We can speak after.”
  2286. >Odd she seems more… calm than usual. She almost sound more reasonable in a way.
  2287. >Even stranger she fill up her plate herself using magic.
  2288. >Usually a servant does it for her. In fact there isn’t a single soul other than the two of you in the room.
  2289. “My queen, let a servant do those menial task for you, I have noticed a degradation in the efficiency of the staff lately and I assure you I will make sure to rectify that swiftly and without mercy.”
  2290. >”Stop it beast. I specifically asked for no one to be here while we eat.”
  2291. >”I don’t wish for anyone to disrupt or hear us.”
  2292. >You fear what’s to come.
  2294. >She puts her now fully served plate back in front of her.
  2295. >While she takes her first bite you move in to serve yourself with some salad and good serving of meat.
  2296. >Even though meat is imported to the castle to fit your needs, you still don’t eat it that often.
  2297. >Being surrounded by vegetarians will do that to you.
  2298. >you eagerly cut a niece piece of meat and put it your mouth.
  2299. >To your surprise it is cooked the exact way you like it blue rare, juice almost dripping from your mouth.
  2300. >It does not taste like beef, you can’t quite understand what it is you are eating but it’s good.
  2301. >The piece almost melts in your mouth.
  2302. >You can’t help but let out a long sigh of pleasure.
  2303. >”How’s the meat? We hope it suits your preferences?”
  2304. >Still enjoying it, you can only nod your head in agreement.
  2305. >It might be your mind playing tricks but you think you can see her smile a bit in satisfaction.
  2306. >”Good.”
  2307. >She waits until you are done chewing to continue.
  2308. >”Now, we would like to talk about the reason why you are here.”
  2309. >You try to recall anything you could have to done anger her in the past few days but nothing specific come to mind.
  2310. >In any case ready or not here it comes.
  2311. >You wait for her to continue talking but she seems hesitant, opening her mouth without a word coming out.
  2312. >She must be really pissed.
  2313. >”We wish to say… sorry, Anonymous.”
  2314. >Not… What you expected.
  2315. >You just sit still silently, stricken by her words.
  2316. >You can’t remember the last time she said your name.
  2317. >Actually you can’t remember the last time anyone said your name, yourself included.
  2318. >That name was almost lost in your memory.
  2319. >You’ve gotten so used to being called other ways, Sir, master, Monster, ogre, beast and in some rare cases death, that you almost forgot your actual name.
  2320. >You feel vulnerable hearing your real name being said without any prefix of power.
  2321. >A reminder of how your power actually comes from your status and association with Nightmare Moon and not your actual self.
  2323. >”We understand that lately we have been quite harsh and unforgiving with our demands.”
  2324. >”Especially regarding the situation with that “Shining Armor”.”
  2325. “You don’t have to apologize my queen.”
  2326. >”Still from what we heard that situation is proving more arduous than initially expected.”
  2327. >Where did she hear that?
  2328. >”We are sure you have other matters to deal with such as that pink alicorn you acquired a while ago.”
  2329. “It is true that creating your…. New “champion” is proving more of a challenge and time consuming than I thought but fear not I am making progress.”
  2330. >”We wish to make it clear that you are not being replaced by him, you will still be in complete charge of the military. He will only be here to provide support and serve as a more direct right hoof than you can due to your tasks.”
  2331. >”He will in no way interfere with your authority.”
  2332. >Does she realize that the fact that she put her thrust into him rather than in you automatically undermine your hold over the others? If you can’t be her confident then what reason do ponies have to fear you?
  2333. “That’s comforting, my queen. But even if he is not meant to replace me, his very existence will undermine me.”
  2334. >She takes another bite while silently looking at you, inspecting you.
  2335. >Without having really anything to add, you eat another piece of meat.
  2336. >”Worry not my ogre, we won’t forget that it is thanks to you that we managed to gain control over this land and take revenge upon my sister.”
  2337. >You completely forgot about Celestia, in hindsight what you both did to her makes you stomach churn a bit.
  2338. >”If you have any problem with a pony just ask us and we will lend you our strength.”
  2339. “I would but you seemed distant and cold lately, I could not shake the feeling that you were looking to look down upon me. For example, I could only take as an affront the fact you used my personal maid to clean your room instead of relying on the countless ones at your personal service.”
  2341. >”We understand that we may have been a bit overzealous with our actions.”
  2342. >”To make it up to you, let us deal with those pesky servants. This way you will have more time to focus on your tasks.”
  2343. “That’s very considerate of you!”
  2344. >”Think nothing of it. We wish for you to get some proper rest, we know that you could not get some proper sleep.”
  2345. >You know you are immune to her magic so she can’t spy on your dreams how she has all that information?
  2346. >She might have appointed somepony to spy on you.
  2347. >At first, you look at her flustered by the potential idea, but quickly eat another piece of meat to give you something else to do in case she is angered by the way you looked at her.
  2348. >”Judging from your look you are surprised that I know so much.”
  2349. >”I was not spying on you if that’s what you think.”
  2350. >”A simple guard was walking through the hallway next to your room during the night and apparently he could hear you speaking loudly almost yelling through your door. He then came to us probably looking to earn our favors.”
  2351. >Yelling? Were you really yelling while sleeping?
  2352. >More to the point your privacy and loyalty was betrayed by one of the guards.
  2353. >You almost contemplate putting him in the same position as Ocean Crystal.
  2354. >”Of course we expected you to be outraged by this betrayal and as such took matters into our own hand to make sure he felt the full wrath of your hatred.”
  2355. >You stop chewing and look at her, wary of what she might have done.
  2356. >”In fact you are eating him right now.”
  2357. >What does she…. Oh
  2358. >She cut and cooked him for you to eat…
  2359. >There’s the Nightmare Moon you know.
  2360. >This pony which was alive and talking yesterday.
  2361. >In fact you kind of loose your appetite.
  2363. >It’s not another human being so it does not qualify as cannibalism but still the fact that you could have had a philosophical discussion with whatever you are eating right now, doesn’t quite sit right with you.
  2364. >The once juicy and tasty piece you had in your mouth instantly turned bitter and rubbery.
  2365. >Nightmare Moon obviously awaiting an answer, you forcefully chew what you had left in your mouth and unwillingly force it down your throat.
  2366. “You should not have my queen, it is… too much.”
  2367. >”Nonsense we won’t stand idly by while our most valuable asset is being betrayed.”
  2368. >”Think nothing of it, at the moment we only wish for you to feel at ease.”
  2369. >Right now you don’t quite feel at ease with what she made you eat but decide not to push it.
  2370. >She did try to be “friendly” and talking against such actions would only make her susceptible to anger.
  2371. “Thank you, my lady.”
  2372. >The rest of diner is rather uneventful, you only end up discussing little things such as how your pets are doing and castle life in general.
  2373. >Apparently high ranking officials from the gryphon empire will be visiting next month.
  2374. >It has been a long time since you had time to have some sort of casual conversation with Nightmare Moon without having to
  2375. >You don’t touch the meat for the rest of the meal, focusing solely on the salad that was provided.
  2376. >After finishing another serving, you feel finally satisfied.
  2377. >”It was a good meal, beast.”
  2378. >”It has been too long since we last had a session like that just the two of us. Next time when we can we will try to reconvene sooner.”
  2379. “It has my queen. I am looking forward to next time as well.”
  2380. >”Let us leave now, we don’t wish to take any more of your time and we have things to attend to.”
  2381. >With that said you bow turn around and leave the dining room.
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