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Serg blackmails for Hollie's dox

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  1. Daevon The Paramour says
  2. That's not an answer.
  3. Answer me.
  4. We'll make a new deal. Name your price. What do I need to do for you to give me the links to my stalker and her assisstant?
  5. Da Kid Serg says
  6. Really?
  7. Daevon The Paramour says
  8. Yes, really.
  9. I'll tell you anything you want to know.
  10. Da Kid Serg says
  11. I suppose I'm after bigger leverage then what I hold over you.
  12. New DEAL
  13. Daevon The Paramour says
  14. Okay, then, what's the deal?
  15. Da Kid Serg says
  16. It's hard though.
  17. And I don't think you're capable.
  18. Daevon The Paramour says
  19. If it can be done in one night and doesn't involve money, I will do it.
  20. Da Kid Serg says
  21. tough_to_pay@hotmail.com<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Identify this email.
  22. Daevon The Paramour says
  23. Hah.
  24. Da Kid Serg says
  25. Find out who this person is.
  26. It's a chat avenue regular
  27. Daevon The Paramour says
  28. I had it a moment ago.
  29. Give me a second.
  30. I have her real name and a picture.
  31. Does that count?
  32. Da Kid Serg says
  33. Go on...
  34. Daevon The Paramour says
  35. Well, what more do you want.
  36. Da Kid Serg says
  37. It's not hollie sepin is it?
  38. Daevon The Paramour says
  39. Indeed it is.
  40. Da Kid Serg says
  41. Tell me about this person?
  42. Daevon The Paramour says
  43. She likes Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Family Guy.
  44. Da Kid Serg says
  45. You know this how?
  46. Daevon The Paramour says
  47. That's not part of the deal.
  48. Da Kid Serg says
  49. I want to know more about this person
  50. Give me everything you have on her
  51. Daevon The Paramour says
  52. No.
  53. Deal was to identify her.
  54. Da Kid Serg says
  55. I told you who she was
  56. Daevon The Paramour says
  57. She is Hollie Sepin, and I proved it by listing two things she likes.
  58. Well, that's not my fault. Maybe you ought to have kept your stupid fucking mouth shut.
  59. Da Kid Serg says
  60. Do you talk to her regularly?
  61. Daevon The Paramour says
  62. No.
  63. Now give me my links.
  64. We have a deal.
  65. Da Kid Serg says
  66. The deal is this...You become freinds with this girl and talk to her as regularly as possible.
  67. Find out everything you can about her and report back to me.
  68. Daevon The Paramour says
  69. Fuck you.
  70. Da Kid Serg says
  71. The general stuff
  72. Daevon The Paramour says
  73. Meet her yourself.
  74. Da Kid Serg says
  75. and the record those conversations
  76. Daevon The Paramour says
  77. Give me my god damn links.
  78. Da Kid Serg says
  79. and send them to me?
  80. This is deal.
  81. Daevon The Paramour says
  82. No, it's not.
  83. The first, last, and only deal is to identify the email tough_to_pay@hotmail.com
  84. Da Kid Serg says
  85. This is the only deal.
  86. Daevon The Paramour says
  87. I identify her as Hollie Sepin at http://www.facebook.com/people/Hollie-Sepin/100001994876978
  88. Da Kid Serg says
  89. I have leverage and I will trade it for leverage I really want.
  90. Daevon The Paramour says
  91. I hate you.
  92. Da Kid Serg says
  93. Do what I ask of you?
  94. Daevon The Paramour says
  95. Why?
  96. Why should I do one fucking thing for you?
  97. I know exactly what you're going to do.
  98. Da Kid Serg says
  99. Because you're capable of getting what I need and will gladly sell this girl out when I get it.
  100. Daevon The Paramour says
  101. I'm going to do all this goddamn work and then you're going to have all of this shit and I'll still have nothing.
  102. Da Kid Serg says
  103. I promise you I will give u what you want.
  104. Daevon The Paramour says
  105. Fuck you.
  106. Da Kid Serg says
  107. Take a week to think about it.
  108. Daevon The Paramour says
  109. I don't have a god damned week.
  110. I don't have five days.
  111. I told you: I have one night and no money.
  112. Da Kid Serg says
  113. I'm leaving for home in 5 hours.
  114. Daevon The Paramour says
  115. And I'm leaving period before Friday.
  116. Da Kid Serg says
  117. Well then the clock is ticking...
  118. Daevon The Paramour says
  119. You're a bastard.
  120. You're a self-centered egotistical manipulative bastard.
  121. How do I know you won't fuck me over?
  122. Da Kid Serg says
  123. I wouldn't waste the limited time you have.
  124. Go now, you have your task.
  125. Daevon The Paramour says
  126. Suck my dick. I don't enter a contract without collateral.
  127. And, as far as I'm concerned, I haven't agreed to this yet.
  128. Da Kid Serg says
  129. Complete the mission. Now can I be excused I have to pack n shit.
  130. Daevon The Paramour says
  131. No.
  132. I'll do it.
  133. Give me the mark's information.
  134. Da Kid Serg says
  135. Hollie sepin - who comes on chat avenue.
  136. Daevon The Paramour says
  137. TeenChat name, Myspace name, favorite music, etc.
  138. Da Kid Serg says
  139. That's all I got.
  140. Best of luck.
  141. And yeah her email address.
  142. Daevon The Paramour says
  143. I don't suppose you'd tell me what all this is for, would you?
  144. Da Kid Serg says
  145. You have it.
  147. Daevon The Paramour says
  148. Fine, then give me half my trade up front and half when it's done.
  149. Give me the stalker's link now and the Umair Clone's link after.
  150. We do it this way or I don't take the deal.
  151. Fine, then. I'm walking in one minute.
  152. Da Kid Serg says
  153. OK
  154. Daevon The Paramour says
  155. Tick tock, tick tock. Thirty seconds, Serg.
  156. Da Kid Serg says
  158. LOL
  159. Daevon The Paramour says
  160. Twenty seconds.
  161. Da Kid Serg says
  162. I TOLD YOU
  163. I AGREE
  164. TO MY DEAL
  165. Daevon The Paramour says
  166. Link or I walk, Serg.
  167. Da Kid Serg says
  168. walk
  169. lol
  170. I wont lose any sleep
  171. I have two people working on this
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