Forgive me father I have sinned

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  1. “Go on boy, pick it up”
  3. The crusty voice behind him quivered in naked excitement, Bill Clinton was already at full mast, directly behind Dinkles shivering behind. But he wouldn’t give up, he still had dignity, darting his eyes over to the soap which was only a few feet away, he realized he could still salvage this situation. If he could reach it without leaving too big of an opening, he just had to angle himself properly, back facing wall, knees slightly ben-
  5. *YEET*
  7. It was a single slip but it was already enough to doom him. Time itself began to slow down as his life began flashing before his eyes the very moment he ended up slipping on those fated moist tiles. He could HEAR the crooked smirk on Bill Clinton’s face grow by the second. The man had already finished rubbing the jelly on his Longinus, lubricated to make sure Dinkle would stay conscious enough to savor the experience.
  9. A single step and he was already screaming, begging for mercy. But it was too late. The place where the monster was a moment ago was now replaced with displaced air, his speed so great that it already broke the sound barrier in a mere milisecond. Dinkle couldn’t even process what was happening, denied even the chance to clench his cheeks as a last stand. He was caught completely off guard and soon after felt only pain.
  11. Bill Clinton’s shrieks of jubilation drowned out every reaction from Dinkle as the entire prison facility bore witness to the timeless fuck of biblical proportions. And at last with a single cry of pain that would put every dragon ball character to shame, entire raw onions started coming out of where semen should have. The latter of which there was nary a single trace of. Until finally with a resounding ‘pop’... Dinkle knew no more. Finally put to rest.
  13. “Hey what’s going on he-“
  15. The sentient toaster currently employed as a security guard met his gaze with Bill Clinton’s own. Before slowly moving onto the carnage that began from the Clinton’s still vigil meat scepter.
  17. A silent warning was given from that single power move and a second after Bill was once again alone to admire his artwork.
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