Safe in Her Womb (Celestia)

Jul 11th, 2014
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  1. >You’re anon.
  2. >It is the middle of the night, and you’re fast asleep, having a dream where you’re some brown haired man, and you take on an old man in a sniper fight in the middle of the jungle.
  3. >Pretty weird dream, he dies of old age during the fight.
  4. >You’re enjoying your dream, when you feel a tugging at your shoulder.
  5. >Somecunt thought it would be fun to disturb you in the middle of the damn night, if better not be fucking Fluttershy asking what you’re fetish is.
  6. >With anger, your eyes snap open and you look around, Princess Celestia is next to you.
  7. >Fucking cunt horse.
  8. ‘Princess? What are you doing here so late?’
  9. >’Anon, I came to speak to you away from the castle. I hope you don’t mind.’
  10. >Damn right you mind, it’s like two in the morning.
  11. >You rise upwards, you ass bent 90 degrees so you’re facing up straight.
  12. >‘Anon, I’ve got a problem, and well...’
  13. ‘What?’
  14. >’Well I can only ask you.’
  15. >You look at the Princess Dumbfoundead.
  16. ‘What do you mean ’Well I can only ask you.’ isn’t Twilight around?’
  17. >’Ah, see Anon, although I trust my dear student. It is personal.’
  18. ‘Fine, what can I help you with?’
  19. >’Anon, I want to unbirth you? I want you to climb into my womb and stay there.’
  20. >(Picture)
  21. >’Anon, please, I want to feel something inside my womb, please do this… for me? I know it is your fetish.’
  22. ‘How do you…. I mean...’
  23. >’Dear Anonymous, our sister knows a lot about ponies dark desires in the dreamworld, you’re no different.’
  24. >’No, it’s odd and even if it is my fetish [] fetishes aren’t meant to be acted on.’
  25. >‘Anon, I’m sorry, but if you don’t do this, I’ll force you into my womb, weather you like it or not.’
  26. ’So, I have to do this then? Fine, how long will I be in there.’
  27. >’Only for a day’
  28. >A day wasn’t so bad, safely inside of Celestia’s warm, womb, and either way you had no choice.
  29. ‘What do you want me to do?’
  30. >Take your cloths off, and move to my marehood.
  31. >You do as asked, but as Celestia watches you undress, you give her the ‘disapproving stare’
  32. >You remove your trousers, and shirt and fold them neatly on the bed.
  33. >Moving over to Celestia’s marehood, you see that she had well toned muscles, and quite a large slit.
  34. >Her flak was chiseled, and all round, she was a fit mare that could be said.
  35. >Her ass bulged ever so slightly out and was covered in her solar cutie mark.
  36. >’All Right anon, climb through, and don’t hold anything over your belly button.’
  37. >You pushed your hand deep into Celestia’s sex, and could clearly feel it was wet.
  38. >Celestia let out a soft moan as you entered her. Her eyes rolled up ever so slightly.
  39. >You forced your shoulder past, and were now touching her cervix.
  40. >You pushed your second hand it, and tried to push forward.
  41. >’S...S top, stop, let me take it from here’,
  42. >Celestia used her magic to lift your abdomen up until you were aimed at an off angle to her.
  43. >She bent down with her muzzle touching the floor and rested their.
  44. >Pushing you in, her magic forced first your head.
  45. >You could see inside of Celestia’s dark damn cervix, it was a slight shade of pink.
  46. >Your hands were inside of her womb, and were encase in something, it seemed like flesh.
  47. >Celestia couldn’t help herself, and let out three throaty moans in a row while pushing you in.
  48. >Your head was now on her womb, and it was pitch black, nothing could be seen, although it did feel very warm and secure.
  49. >The princess continued to push, your abdomen cleared her womb, then your knees, and finally your feet.
  50. >You could see a slither of light for a moment from where your feet came, then it was gone, the hole closed, and you were inside of Celestia’s womb.
  51. >Celestia was breathing heavily outside, she had just pushed anon into her womb, and she felt great.
  52. >Her figure to to her increase sized over a normal pony meant her belly didn’t stick out more than a normal pregnant mare, and she felt comfort knowing that anon was in there.
  53. >Placing herself down on her left side, she began to rub her belly and close her eyes, then she remembered what she said to anon, she needed to make the in utero connection.
  54. >She fired up her horn.
  55. >While inside the womb, the place was damn and warm, but a little restricted, curiously, you pushed your hand out to try and investigate the elasticity of your temporary home
  56. >There was a slight bulge in it, but you were pretty muched constricted.
  57. >‘Anon, if you can here, me, please stay still in there.’
  58. ’What why?’
  59. >’I’m sorry anon, I can’t hear you, please stay still.’
  60. >There was a slight wiggling as something moved by your leg.
  62. >It moved up close and fast to your belly button, you got your hand around it, but it was too strong, it stabbed into your navel.
  63. >As you felt it stab you, you realized what it was. It was an Umbilical Cord, Celestia had moved it so she could feed you and keep you alive.
  64. >Celestia smiled, she was connected to anon, and she felt comfortable nurturing something inside of her.
  65. >She rubbed her belly even faster, and began the last part of the unbirthing.
  66. >Inside her womb began to fill with a thick liquid, you felt it rise, first to your legs, the abdomen.
  68. ‘Quiet my child, you will be all right.’
  69. >This didn’t really help and you continued to flail about, much to Celestia’s pleasure.
  70. >From her moans you could tell she enjoyed you moving about.
  71. >The liquid was rising, and it was at your throat now, you suck in as much air as you can, as you can.
  72. >Now fully submerged, you’re still kicking out, moving about as much as you can.
  73. >Celestia lets out her most sensual moan yet.
  74. >’Anon, it’s fine, just let go, you’ll be fine.’
  75. >You don’t listen to her.
  76. >You’re running out of breath.
  77. >Three minutes go past, and you stop kicking.
  78. >You’re out of luck, bad end,
  79. >The breath escapes you, but something happens.
  80. >You seem to have oxygen in your lungs.
  81. >You’re alive!?
  82. >It was relief.
  83. >Now that you weren’t fighting for breath, you had a feel around.
  84. >You did feel quite safe in Celestia’s womb.
  85. >’Anon, get some sleep, we’ve got a big day tomorrow.’
  86. >You wake up, in the morning, and stretch your arms, or at least try to before you realise where you are.
  87. >You look around, and realise for the second time where you are.
  88. >‘Ah, anon, you’re awake...’
  89. >You try and speak but something is wrong, you can’t?
  90. >‘There is no point, Anon. You’re far too underdeveloped to do anything now.’
  91. ‘What?’
  92. ‘While, you were in my womb last night, I regressed you back to a fetus, you’re a little more than a clump of cells not fit to leave my womb.’
  93. ‘What the fuck!?’
  94. >You try to moved about buy nothing happened, you can’t…
  95. >’Nopony knows you’re there, you’re there, I’m barely pregnant, and you can’t leave my womb without death, so settle down, you’ll be in there for a long time anon, make the most of it.’
  97. >’There’s nothing you can do, now settle down, I’ll birth you in a few months, don’t worry.’
  98. >You weren’t in any position to argue here, so you agree.
  99. >There’s nothing to do attached to the solar god, so you do the one thing that comes naturally to you.
  100. >Sleep
  101. >Celestia smiled, she could feel through the mental bond she had in your umbilical cord that you had settled down.
  102. >Everything went better than expected, you were not causing too much fuss in her womb.
  103. >And she could nurture, feed and grow you, all in the safety of her body.
  104. >And the creme on top, she would be a mother soon.
  105. >The solar princess couldn’t help but smile, she rubbed her belly, and walked off to the shops on canterlot.
  106. >She was going to need to buy clothes for the newest aliron, and she’d need to buy bottles, diapers a bed.
  107. >Celestia couldn’t contain herself, and broke out in a gallop.
  108. >You opened your eyes, and took a look around, black, so nothing had changed.
  109. >’Good morning, sweetie.
  110. ’Good morning, momm… Celestia… Wait, how long was I out for?’
  111. >’You’ve been asleep inside me for a little over four months. Which reminds me, can you check yourself?’
  112. >Four months, what the fuck? That long… Must be her. You did as instructed and felt around, eveything was alright, until you got to your legs, they felt furry?
  113. >For the second time today, what the actual fuck?
  114. ’Uh, Celestia, why do I feel fur?’
  115. >’Oh, silly that is your fur, your body is being rewritten into my foal.’
  116. >You didn’t say anything, you just grabbed at the life giving cord that was chaining you to her and started to pull.
  117. >Celestia let out a slight gasp.
  118. >The cord didn’t budge, you tried to pull it out harder and Celestia let out a quiet scream.
  119. >No matter how much you twisted, bent or pulled nothing, only Celestia’s pain.
  120. >She had to stop you.
  121. >Celestia had better control over her body than most other beings, as evident by her magic ability, and on occasion she used this to stop other ponies.
  122. >You were now one of those.
  123. >She forced the placenta to that connected to you to change from making blood, to making sleep serum.
  124. >A large liquid ball of the the stuff was made, and began to travel down the cord, you felt this.
  125. >Putting your hands over the cord, and trying to squeeze to stop it did nothing, as it brushed right past.
  126. >You frantically tried to squeeze it back up, but this also was in vain.
  127. <>The ball pushed past your navel and directly into you, which set your nerves on fire and caused you to moan.
  128. >You instantly felt sleepy, and keeping your eyes open was such a task.
  129. >Better to let go and close them… just...for..a...little..bit.
  130. >Your eyes were now shut, the drug had knocked you out, Celestia sighed, you were gating to frisky in her womb.
  132. >Celestia tried to put herself in your shoes, you were in the safest place in Equestria, in her womb.
  133. >You had all of your needs catered for, Celestia ate, breathed and took care of you.
  134. >Sure, you were anchored, to her, as that cord was linked to your body’s vital organs but that wasn’t bad, she knew what was good for you, and that included what does, and doesn't go into your body.
  135. >The womb was peaceful place, and she had gotten used to the weight of you over the last 9 months.
  136. >You were there to remind her (of who she really is), your were at her mercy, and were dependant on her cord to nurture you, and Celestia took pleasure in that.
  137. >The Princess was used to control, but never like this, she had your life in her hooves, your body on her cord.
  138. >She owned you.
  139. >You were a slave in her womb.
  140. >And the umbilical cord, was your chain.
  141. >She used her powers, to send a small bursts of serotonin down into your navel to calm you, and decided to hit the hay, tomorrow was a big day.
  143. >You awoke in a flash, your eyes, were wide open
  144. >Something was happening, your home was being destroyed.
  146. >You put your hoof up to your eyes to shield, them.
  147. >Your liquid bed, that had supported your life for the last however long was leaving.
  148. >Shit, was mommy evicting you. Didn’t she love you anymore.
  149. >You grabbed on to the life giving cord, and prated mommy would leave you in your sleep for longer.
  150. >There was a hole near your legs, that was pulling you out, your back hooves were already out, and you were slipping fast.
  151. >Pushing your forehooves out, you stopped yourself as you were nearly almost outside of the womb, you could see where you came from and were trying frantically to crawl back in, it was too warm to give up.
  152. ‘Mommy, mommy! Mommy help me!’
  153. >You were wasting all of your energy trying to settle in Mommy’s womb again, but it was useless, you fell out, and were falling.
  154. >In freight, you pushed your hooves out to soften the blow, but you fell onto silk.
  155. >Your small underdeveloped heart was beating a mile a moment, you could have died in that fall but were saved.
  156. >Looking around you saw your superman.
  157. ’Mommy!’
  158. >The Princess started to lick the remaining amniotic fluid off you.
  159. >Underneath was a solid white coat, that was a shade lighter than Mommy’s due to your age.
  160. >You had Magenta eyes just like Mommy, and a light orange mane.
  161. >You were just like Mommy and this filled you with Joy.
  162. >Celestia observed her foal, she did resemble her save for the mane, but the metaphorical ‘peas in a pod’ would have to wait.
  163. >His cord and placenta were attached and he wouldn’t live long if they were suddenly removed.
  164. >Levitating him up, you wrapped your son in the silk blanket, leaving the placenta around his back, and took the cocoon you just constructed to your bed chambers.
  165. >You placed your bundle of jpy on your pillow, and pulled the covers up.
  166. >Putting your back hooves in first, you slipped in, and levitated your son over to you.
  167. >It would be about a day before you could remove the placenta, but for now, it was giving your son life.
  168. >You did what came natural to you, and pulled your son tight.
  169. ‘I love you, mommy.’
  170. >’And I love you, my little anonymous, more than the sun at day.’
  171. >You close your eyes, and head off to dream world.
  173. >Opening your eyes in a flash, you are content.
  174. >The first thing you see in your mommy there, she has you on her hooves, and you feel safe, even if you weren’t in her anymore.
  175. >Thinking nothing of it, you use your small hoof, and start to push your mommy’s snout.
  176. >You just cause her to jeer her lip up, as if she is about to sneeze.
  177. >You try again, and the same thing.
  178. >This time you use two hooves, and push down hard, while saying
  179. ‘Mommy!? Wake up!’
  180. >Celestia’s eyes snap open, and she scans the room for her dearest sister.
  181. >’Luna, you bett...’’
  182. >Her eyes snap down to her son, who is giggling in his cover.
  183. >You can’t help but get a small laugh out of it, so you put your hoof up to hide it..
  184. >When you got the laugh out, you ruffled your son’s mane and pulled him close nuzzling you.
  185. >When he is this close to you, you can even hear his heart beat, but this isn’t the only thing coming from him.
  186. >Rubles can be hear from his stomach, as it as been nearly a year since he ate or drank anything.
  187. >’Oh, my little colt is hungry, better brew him something’
  188. >You lie down on your back, and spread your legs far, far apart across the majestic bed, exposing your enlarged tits.
  189. >You place your sun over, and remove the silk from him and the placenta.
  190. >Anon, I need you to suckle the small pink things you see on mommy, suckle and drink eveything that comes out.
  191. >Not wanting to disobey your mother, you kneel down, and put the small nub in your mouth.
  192. >A small bit of liquid comes out onto your tongue, it is sweet, and warm. It tastes like liquefied sugar
  193. >You can’t help yourself at this point and suckle frantically, the milk flows into your stomach at a smoothpase, just like in the womb, you’re chained to the thing that gives you like, the cord is now the flow.
  194. >And the flow doesn’t look like it is going to be stopping soon.
  195. >You keep on getting filled up by your mother, who is looking at you with half lidded eyes, your stomach is becoming bloated but you still have room. Your mommy’s right nipple runs dry and soon enough you move to the left, suckling the milk of life from it.
  196. >Your stomach is becoming visibly bloated, and is forced out.
  197. >All of mommy’s milk is causing you to feel sleepy despite your long slumber, you take the nipple out of your mouth and mommy levitates you, and the funny thing connected to you over.
  198. >She begins to coo you, and rubs your belly.
  199. >’Oh, my little colt drank so much, you’re going to be big and strong.’
  200. >Mommy’s rubbing causes the milk to settle in a comfortable position in your stomach, and without arning, you fall asleep.
  201. >Celestia didn’t want to admit it, but she enjoyed feeding her son.
  202. >It felt like when he was in the womb
  203. >She was providing for him, and making sure she knew what was going into his body.
  204. >Mommy knew best, and she knew best for her foal.
  205. >Celestia darted over, and saw her sleeping foal.
  206. >She dragged him closer, and put her muzzle on him.
  207. >’Goodnight little one.’
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