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Anubis Short

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  1.     “…The ambassador has agreed to lift the tariffs. Your appointment with the foreign dignitary has been delayed and will happen tonight instead of this afternoon. Taxes have been collected from all the guilds and all forms have been filed in triplicate. A group of concerned citizens have appealed for your judgement on how to divide up prisoners from a raid on a human settlement. And lastly, the head chef wants to know what you want for dinner tonight.”
  3.     The anubis rolled up a large papyrus scroll with today’s date scrawled on the end. She proudly presented it to the bored pharaoh who was struggling to stay awake through the report. With one hand supporting her face, she reached out to take the thick scroll from her underling.
  5. “You never stop working, do you? What do you do in your spare time?” asked the pharaoh handing off the scroll to an attendant to be filed away.
  7. Anapa wagged her tail and grinned. “I never stop working. My duty to you and the people of this glorious empire is all I could ever ask for in life.”
  9.     The pharaoh stared at her. The dog-girl’s industrious attitude had been wearing on her as of late. All she ever did was work and work and work. The other citizens contributed to her empire as well, but the queen could not recall a time that she had seen Anapa outside her room except when her occupation demanded she leave the palace. She was missing out on so much in life! It would be wrong for a queen to let her subject suffer like this.
  11. “You are truly an indispensable asset to this empire.” said the pharaoh sitting up in her throne.
  13. “Thank you, your highness.” said Anapa wagging her tail.
  15. “Your efforts go beyond what I ever expected from you. I think you deserve a reward…”
  17. “It’s nothing really.” Her tail wagged faster.
  19. “I command you to accept a reward.”
  21. Anapa opened her eyes and looked at the pharaoh in confusion.
  23. “Your highness?”
  25. “Anapa, you have worked diligently on behalf of the people of this empire, and have asked for nothing in return. But you neglect one citizen: yourself.”
  27. “What?!”
  29. “You routinely work late into the night, isolate yourself, miss meals, and fall asleep at your desk. Make no mistake, you are disrespecting yourself.”
  31. “I-I really don’t mind… w-what does this have to do with anything?” stammered the anubis. Her ears pressed flat against her head.
  33. “How many friends do you have?” demanded the pharaoh.
  35. “All the citizens of the empire are m-“
  37. “A NUMBER. Don’t think that you can cheat me with some trite and ambiguous answer like “everyone.” I want names.”
  39.     Anapa stood in front of the throne, desperately combing her mind for anyone whom she considered a friend. Sometimes she said hi to the cooks when they delivered her meal to her room. And the guard at the front gate sometimes nodded when she made eye contact! What were their names…?
  41. A bead of perspiration formed on her forehead as the pharaoh looked on in contempt.
  43. “Enough. I’d hate to break such a beautiful mind by setting it upon an impossible task. Let me posit a more important question: do you have a lover?”
  45. The anubis blushed and tucked her tail between her legs. “W-w-well, uhh… I mean… lover? Me? I-I… no, but, there have been times… I’m just so b-busy, and all… but…”
  47. The queen held up a hand to silence her minion. It was so sad to see her flounder like this. With all her might, she held back tears for this poor, pitiful creature.
  49. “Anapa, my gift to you will be one worthy of your sacrifice to my empire: A LOVING HUSBAND!” shouted the pharaoh leaping off of her throne.
  51. Slowly, Anapa’s head cocked to the side and her mouth opened.
  53. “…Huh?”
  55. The pharaoh strode over and placed a hand on her steward’s shoulder.
  57. “Yes! A husband! One so kind and caring that they will even care and pamper for a boring, virginal, recluse like yourself!”
  59. “Are you mocking me?”
  61. “Go down to the docks and find a slave.” continued the queen. “Never mind the price, I’ll take care of it. Peruse the merchandise. Find someone you like. Discover which musician pulls your heartstrings. But pick well! You’ll be marrying him!”
  63. “I-I don’t want to get married, I have too much work to-“
  65. “HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAMONO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET LAID!?!?” screamed the pharaoh shaking Anapa back and forth.
  67. After a few deep breaths, the pharaoh dug her fingers out of Anapa’s shoulder and cleared her throat.
  69. “You’re going and that’s final. Now off with you. Don’t come back without a spouse.”
  71. The queen ascended the steps and reseated herself on her throne.
  73. “But… but… I don’t know what it’s like to be in love…” the last part of Anapa’s plea came out as barely more than a whisper.
  75. “You’ll know it when it happens. Use your heart instead of your head for once in your life. Now go.”
  77. The dejected anubis slumped and slowly shuffled out of the throne room.
  79. “Will she be alright your highness? I just can’t picture her choosing a husband…” said one of the guards standing adjacent to the throne.
  81. “No, I believe in her. Deep down, there is a beautiful, romantic woman just waiting to be released. She’ll be a totally different person by the time she get’s back, mark my words!”
  83. ~~~~~~
  85.     Anapa shuffled through the crowd. The sea breeze was heavy with humidity and the stench of fish. Both the sun above her and the crowd around her contributed to the sweltering heat. How was she supposed to get a husband when she was all sweaty!? Surely the pharaoh would understand if she tried again some other day…
  87.     No! She had been given this task by the pharaoh herself! And cleared her schedule to boot! How hard could it be? Get a husband and get out. Two step process. Piece of cake. Just get it done.
  89. She couldn’t move.
  91.     In the middle of the bustling crowd, Anapa realized that no matter what her mind tried to say, her body didn’t believe it.
  92. A man walked past her with his harpy wife riding on his shoulders. They were happily chatting and enjoying the company of each other in spite of the heat, stench, and sheer volume of strangers around them.
  94. “Could that ever be me?” thought Anapa
  96. It can if you try.
  98. Someone jostled her from behind and she staggered forwards. This was a sign. Without looking back, she used the momentum to take another step. And another. Striding all the way to the pier where the slaves were brought in.
  100.     This pier was more deserted than the others, and exclusively inhabited by monsters. Lamia, harpies, ghouls, and more slithered, crawled or flew up and down the length of the wooden peninsula in search of a soul mate. The anubis watched as a minotaur dragged a muscular man away by a chain attached to his collar. Slavers were hawking their wares and haggling as far as she could see.
  108. Keeping her head down, Anapa made her way down the pier.
  110. What was she doing here!? What was she supposed to do now?
  112. She glanced up at some of the men lined up in front of their captor’s ship.
  114. They look so sad! This is so depressing!
  116. She stared at a brawny man in a chain gang.
  118. “What the fuck are you looking at, dog? Keep walking!” he spat. One of his captors shouted at him and hit him with a demon-silver baton. The man began thrashing and resisting his captors, now sporting an erection.
  120. Turning away, she accidentally made eye contact with a manticore who had just finished a transaction.
  122. “You there!” she called pointing to Anapa
  124. Oh no.
  126. “M-me?” said Anapa pointing at herself.
  128. “Yes, you! You look like a discerning customer in need of a special someone. Come over here.”
  130. The anubis shuffled over, now obligated to speak with the slaver.
  132. “Well aren’t you prim and proper! Did you just come from the palace?” said the manticore with a grin.
  134. “Yes.” mumbled Anapa
  136. “Oh ho! An aristocrat! Well, pleased to make your acquaintance miss…”
  138. “A-Anapa”
  140. “Well miss Anapa, why don’t we take a look at these fine fellows and see which one strikes your fancy.”
  142. The manticore wrapped her tail around the anubis’s shoulders and dragged her over to the line of men.
  144. “Some of the others on this pier may be selling slaves they picked up months ago, but these are guaranteed fresh! Caught just a week and a half ago when they couldn’t retreat fast enough.”
  146. The line up was the same as the others: a row of sad and broken men who looked beyond hope.
  148. “How about this one?” the manticore detached herself from the anubis and raised the chin of a man. He grit his teeth and glared at the beast woman. “You look like a woman who could use a strong man to keep her warm at night~”
  150. The man was handsome, but Anapa didn’t feel like he was right. His beauty was something she was apt to compliment in passing rather than fall in love with.
  152. “N-no…” said Anapa.
  154. “Well then how about THIS one?” the manticore dragging a slim, young man towards Anapa. “A dashing rouge, full of intrigue and charisma! So romantic~”
  156. “Fuck you, you slimy, sadistic cu-“
  158. The man’s protests were cut short as the manticore’s tail slammed into his gut. He wheezed and doubled over as the air was knocked out of his lungs. A few flecks of blood dripped onto the dock, and Anapa noticed that a few spines had become dislodged in his abdomen.
  160. “W-will he be alright?” asked Anapa nervously as the man began to pant and moan.
  162. “He will be. But he certainly got quite a few spines! If you don’t want to see him suffer, you could always buy him and help… relieve the pain. No extra charge for the venom.” said the manticore with a wink.
  164.     The anubis looked down at the man as he began to writhe on the deck. She felt bad for him, but he just didn’t seem like the kind of man she was fated to be with. The manticore planted a fluffy foot on him and his eyes rolled back into his head as an orgasm rocked his body.
  166. The slaver let out an exasperated sigh.
  168. “Look, I don’t have all day to play charades with you. Just tell me what you want. I got other sales to make, understand?”
  170.     Anapa looked up and down the line. None of the men looked like someone she would grow to love. No common ground to build from, and their personalities were too abrasive for her. The men stared straight ahead or down to the pier as her eyes meandered over them. All except for a young man near the end. As he made eye contact he quickly blushed and looked to the ground.
  172. She stared at him. He was cute, that was certain. Amidst the grim visages of his comrades, he seemed to exude an aura of youthful hope and purity. He glanced up again and this time stared back into the dog-girl’s brown eyes.
  174. “Hmm? Him? Not the most interesting candidate but who am I to judge?~”
  176. Anapa snapped out of her daze and realized that she had been staring at the boy. He really was a boy; probably not even in his twenties yet. A blank slate. So ripe…
  178. “You! Boy! Come here!” barked the manticore.
  180. The young man jumped and shuffled forwards. The chain gang grumbled and shuffled with him so that he could approach the mamono.
  182. “If memory serves, this little guy was serving under a quartermaster. No combat experience to speak of. Is that right?” said the manticore prodding the boy with the tip of her tail.
  184. Quartermaster huh? So he was training in logistics. Anapa felt her heart beat a bit faster. Was this what the pharaoh had trying to say? Was this… love?
  186. “…Yes…” mumbled the boy.
  188. “Oy! Look at me when you talk!” said the manticore grabbing his hair and yanking his head back.
  190. “NO!” screamed Anapa
  192. Her hands shot up to cover her mouth. Slaves and slaver alike stared at her. Anapa felt the blood rush to her face and quickly untucked her tail from between her legs and raised her ears again.
  194. “Err… please don’t be so rough with him…” said the anubis.
  196. The manticore released his head and he jolted forwards. He took a tentative glance at the anubis, with eyes full of reverence and gratitude. Just how much had he suffered at this woman’s paws before Anapa had shown up? It would be cruel to leave such a bright and promising young man here with this degenerate.
  198. “You don’t get to tell me how rough I can be with my merchandise. Like I said, if you can’t bear to see him treated like this, then buy him. Otherwise, get outta here.” said the manticore.
  200.     The anubis clenched her fists. She hated that the manticore treated the men like this. She hated that she was powerless to stop her. She hated how she was forced to play by her rules. This is why leaving the palace was a bad idea!
  202. “How much.” asked Anapa through gritted teeth.
  204. “200 gold.” said the manticore.
  206. “Deal. Send the bill to the palace.” said Anapa
  208.     The manticore’s eyes lit up. “Actually, that’s going to be extra. It’s going to cost a lot of money to deliver the bill, wait for the funds, have all the paper work filed… I’d say that all of the extra hassle would run the price up to 450 gold.” The manticore winked at her. “But since I like ya so much, I’d be willing to take a bit of a loss and make the total a flat 400.”
  210. Something snapped inside the anubis. Such a diabolical and insidious character could not go unpunished. This shall not stand.
  212. “No.”
  214. The manticore frowned. “What did you say?”
  216. “I said no. We agreed on 200. That’s more than enough. And that’s what I’m paying.”
  218. The slaver bared her teeth in a horrible sneer. “Then I guess you’ll be going home without this fine piece of ass!” She gave the boy’s neck a long lick up to his ear. “In fact, I think I’ll take him for myself. I do love the way he squirms~”
  220. “Under fair trade article 4, section 8, clause 15, all deals made with a verbal agreement are final, and the good or service must be provided by the vendor or labor unless a price change is mutually agreed upon by both parties.” said Anapa.
  222. The manticore cocked her head. “Huh?”
  224. “Fair trade article 3, section 3, clause 1, raising prices to take advantage of an individual’s societal status, personal wealth, or private connections is grounds for the charge of extortion.”
  226. “Y-you’re bluffing…” said the manticore taking a step back.
  228. “No, I’m not. You’re going to lose your trade license; and it’s going to be very hard to renew that from a cell.”
  230. The manticore bristled and glared at her. Her mouth curled up into a smile and she held up her hands in a show of compliance.
  232. “Hey, hey, I was just kidding about the 400. I’ll send you back with the receipt and the boy and settle for 200.”
  234. “You’ll be lucky if you get 40 square feet.”
  236. The slaver recoiled. “Y-you…! Fine! Free! Just fucking take him and get out of my sight!”
  238. “Deal.” said Anapa.
  240. The manticore hastily undid the boy’s restraints and brought out a lead for his collar. She shoved it into the anubis’s paws and shoved him away.
  242.     Only now did it occur to Anapa that she had no idea what she was doing. Was he her husband now? Did she even want him as a husband? If he was her husband, should she still treat him like a slave? She looked down at the length of rope in her paws attached to the boy. He looked just as confused as she did.
  244. “What are you waiting for?! Get the fuck out of here!” shouted the manticore.
  246. The duo jumped. With hesitant paws the anubis gave the boy a gentle tug on his lead.
  248. “Uhh… come on... slave...” she said.
  250. They trotted off down the pier, staying close to keep from tangling themselves up in the crowd.
  252. ~~~~~
  254. “Oh! You’re back! Where is he?! Lemme see! Lemme see! Lemme see!” said the pharaoh.
  256. Anapa gave a slight tug on the leash and the boy hesitantly peered around the corner.
  258. The pharaoh squealed and strode off of her throne.
  260. “He’s adorable! So young too! I had you pinned for a sub, but I guess you do have some fire in your womb after all!” she said.
  262. Anapa blushed. “I-it’s not like that! He needed my help, so I saved him!”
  264. The pharaoh circled the boy. “How romantic~” she finished her lap and licked her lips. “Young, supple, and tight. You chose well Anapa. He looks delectable. Perhaps a bit diminutive for my taste, but he suits you. What’s his name?”
  266. “Uhh…”
  268. The pharaoh folded her arms. “You did get his name, right? Please don’t tell me that you didn’t even bother to learn your husbands name.”
  270. “Husband?” he said.
  272. The pharaoh covered her mouth in mock surprise. “Oh? Did I ruin the surprise? Yes, you are to marry this hopeless girl and teach her that there is more to life than dusty old scrolls and tax returns. What is your name?”
  274. “Adocc.”
  276. “Mmm, well ‘Adocc,’ we will speak later. For now, you must be very tired. I’ll have the guards escort you to your chambers so you can wash up and get some actual clothes on.” said the pharaoh. She gave a clap and one of the guards at the entrance broke away to lead the Adocc away. Anapa began to follow, but was stopped by the pharaoh’s hand on her shoulder.
  278. “You don’t get to leave yet. I have orders for you.”
  280. “Orders…?” gulped the anubis.
  282. “Yes. You may have found a husband, but knowing you, you’ll be too dense to follow through.”
  284. “I am not dense…” grumbled Anapa
  286. “Yes, you are. You probably couldn’t figure out what you’re supposed to do if your life depended on it. So, I ORDER you to fornicate with that boy within the next three nights!”
  288. The anubis’s face flushed harder than ever before. Her tail shot up and bristled, as did her ears.
  290. “F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-”
  292. “Yes! Fornicate! Copulate! Have sex with him! That’s an order! I don’t care how, or when, just make it happen.”
  294. “Bu-b-b-but I don’t really have time for… that… in my schedule and we only just met and I’m kind of tired and my paws hurt and there’s a lot of work I have to do tomorrow a-“
  296. The pharaoh’s hair began to billow and float around her. Her eyes glowed as she channeled her magic.
  298. “EITHER YOU FUCK THAT BOY OR GET OUT OF MY EMPIRE.” She shouted in her God voice.
  300. “Yesofcourserightawayyourhighness.” stuttered the anubis as she backed away bowing.
  302. The pharaoh immediately returned to her normal demeanor. “Excellent! I look forwards to hearing all about it~”
  304. ~~~~~~~
  306. Anapa sat on her bed fidgeting. Against her wishes, her slave was quartered with her. In her bed.
  308. There was a soft knock on the door and Adocc entered the room. He had cleaned himself and was wearing a sensual concubine outfit. Her groin began to heat up. A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead and blushing face. He really cleaned up well.
  310. “H-hello miss Anapa.”
  312. All Anapa could do was grunt in acknowledgment as she stared at the tent in his loincloth. L-lewd. He squirmed under her gaze and she looked away in embarrassment.
  314. “Well, Adocc, I have a long day tomorrow so I’m going to bed. Good night.” said Anapa. She used magic to extinguish the torches around the room and rolled over. Her claws tore gashes in the sheets as she felt Adocc climb in next to her. By the pharaoh he was warm.
  316. He kept scooting over until he was almost pressed up against her. Her tail was poking him in the belly.
  318. “Thank you for picking me.”
  320. She looked over her shoulder at him. “Huh?”
  322. “From the slaver I mean. I didn’t like her. But you’re nice. I was worried I'd be eaten or something once we got to mamono territory, but being married isn't so bad. I… I don’t know if I’m ready to be a husband, but I wouldn’t mind working for you.”
  324. Anapa reached a paw up to her chest. She was feeling awfully sore. It was hard to breathe too; should she open a window? Was she sick?By the sun, why was it so hot all of a sudden?
  326. “Of course. It was nothing. Good night.”
  328.     She lay awake for a long time listening to his breathing transition from short breaths to deep inhales. She stole a glance at him. He had her tail! In his sleep he had wrapped his arms around her tail and was curled around it in a sort of fetal position. The tip was tucked just under his chin. She tried to remove it as gently as she could. The feeling of fur sliding across his naked chest must have been pleasant, because he let out a contented hum and squeezed it a bit tighter.
  330. He could have it. Anapa rolled back over and settled into her pillow. Hopefully she could fall asleep in spite of the pain in her chest.
  332. ~~~~~~~
  334.     After a refreshing six hours of sleep, Anapa sprang out of bed and shuffled into the bath. Bathing took exactly seventeen minutes. Dried and dressed, she was about to go to the dining hall when she realized that Adocc was still in bed. What should she do about him? Leave him? Gently wake him like a wife? Kick him out of bed like a slave?
  336. If he was going to stay in the palace, he should at least make himself useful.
  338. “Adocc! Get up.” she commanded.
  340. The lump of sheets groaned and rustled. Adocc poked his head out. “What time is it?” he asked rubbing his eyes.
  342. “It’s 6:24 in the morning! I’ve decided that you’re going to be trained to be my aide around the palace. Bathe yourself quickly and get something to eat. I’ll be in the throne room and I expect to see you there by no later than 7:08.”
  344. ~~~~
  346. “And then the file is-“
  348. “Copied and distributed to all guild leaders to whom the law pertains to. Right?”
  350.     By the pharaoh’s feet he was good. Anapa had been teaching him the ins and outs of stewardship all morning and Adocc had proved to be far more adept at managing affairs than Anapa had anticipated. The way he finished an entire stack of paperwork, the way he held a quill, the way he triple-checked all of his calculations… she had never seen a more attractive man.
  352.     She could do this. Tonight, she would… ‘do it’ with him! For sure! She had carefully allotted a special time window for the two of them. This was it! It was really happening! She was going to have a husband!
  354.     Adocc glanced up at his boss. He wasn’t sure what to make of her yet. When she had threatened the manticore on the pier, he believed her to be an assertive government figure with a heart of gold. The trip to the palace was enough to dispel that image of her. She shuffled through the crowd with her head down and a perpetual look of fear and embarrassment on her face. Now, surrounded by paper work and bureaucracy, she was once again confident. Adocc surmised that she was someone who took comfort in her work rather than people.
  356.     She was so cute though. The way she lit up when someone asked her to do something, the way her hears wiggled when she was praised, and the way her tail wagged as she did her work made Adocc glad that the slavers had taken him in the first place.
  358.     Not at this moment though. She was staring at him with a strange look on her face. Her tail wasn’t wagging, so much as lazily waving back and forth. Was she panting? Anapa realized she was staring and wiped a bit of drool from her mouth. She cleared her throat and tried to get back to work, reading a scroll upside down. Adocc smiled and walked across the room to file a stack of papers. She may be a bit goofy, but he knew that there was an intelligent and beautiful person inside of her that just needed a little encouragement to break free.
  360.     Holy fuck that ass. Anapa uttered a silent prayer to whoever designed the concubine outfit. The way the thin white cloth clung to his thin hips and perky ass was enough to make her soak clean through her panties.
  362. No! Focus! She was falling behind! With renewed vigor she set into her workload once more.
  364. Mmm… those arms…
  366. ~~~~~~
  368.     Anapa sat at the edge of her bed. What was she supposed to do now?! She was supposed to be having sex in five minutes, but still wasn’t quite sure what to do. Did she have to warm up? Should she stretch? How much foreplay should there be?
  370. Adocc entered the room fresh from the bath. Time to act!
  372. “Adocc.”
  374. “Yes?”
  376. “It is time for you to fulfill your duty as a husband.”
  378. “What are you talking about?”
  380. She fidgeted and squirmed. “I… I order you to have sex with me…” her voice trailed off as she finished the sentence.
  382. “Have sex with you?” asked Adocc.
  384. “Yes. We’re going to have sex.”
  386. “I’m honored.”
  388. Anapa’s tail wagged. “Well it would be cruel of me to not take good care of a slave. Now come here and do sex.”
  390. Adocc sat down on the bed next to her. “What do you mean ‘do sex’?”
  392. The wolf-girl blushed.
  394. “Don’t be coy!” she said whapping him gently with her paws. “Just… do it already!”
  396.     Adocc shed his clothes and Anapa gasped. It was really happening! Would this hurt? What if she messed up?! She began to tremble and pant as a bead of sweat rolled down her face.
  398. “You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?”
  400. “I’m a mamono! I’ve seen it done before! I just… don’t have any experience of my own.”
  402. “Well, neither do I. What do you expect me to do?”
  404. Anapa took a deep breath.
  406. “Well, umm, I know that goes in here…” said Anapa undressing and rubbing her crotch.
  408.     Adocc was mesmerized by her smooth, neatly trimmed sex. It was a soft pink, like an exotic flower. He had already been at half-mast just by being in her presence, but seeing her naked quickly gave him the strongest erection of his life.
  410. She squirmed as Adocc stared at her. She sat down against the headboard of the bed and waved him closer. Adocc complied, crawling forwards on his hands and knees.
  412. “Can I touch it?” he asked.
  414. “Touch what?”
  416. Adocc didn’t heed her response, instead reaching out to gently prod her dripping folds. She let out a yip as his fingers made contact and his hand shot back.
  418. “Why are you touching there?!”
  420. “I’m sorry! I-I was just curious. It looked so strange… did I hurt you?”
  422. “No, that actually felt kind of good. Better than when I touch there.” Anapa blushed as she realized the implications of her wording.
  423. “I-if you are curious, I will permit you to… uh, inspect me, but…” her tail tucked in between her legs a bit “…please be gentle.”
  425.     Adocc nodded, his eyes still fixed on her crotch. The scent of her womanhood had also reached his nostrils, and he was finding it harder and harder to focus on anything but her. The physical her at least. Using two fingers he gently stroked up and down. This time, the smooth flesh was slick with moisture. He spread the folds back and just gazed into her. It was so inviting. The way it quivered, as if begging to be filled. Using his index finger, he slowly inserted it into her.
  427.     Anapa threw her head back and bit down hard on her lip as Adocc’s fingers explored her. She wanted to tell him to stop, that if he kept going she would cum, but the pleasure robbed her of her ability to speak. It felt too good. As he slipped another finger into her, she wailed and clamped down around his thin fingers.
  429.     Adocc tried to pull free for fear he had injured her, but found his fingers thoroughly trapped in a velvet vice. How could she squeeze like that without hands?! No wonder the mamono so handily defeated the Order so often. Even their innards were mighty beyond men.
  431. “Did I hurt you?! Are you alright?” he asked.
  433.     Anapa tried to answer between gasps, but eventually just had to give him a dismissive wave as she caught her breath. Pharaoh’s tits that was incredible. And that wasn’t even the main event! Anapa gave thanks to the Demon Lord that she had been born and was able to experience these pleasures.
  435. “So, now you put that in here.” she said using her paw to spread herself for him.
  437.     The display was more than Adocc could bear. Without further instruction he lined himself up with the anubis’s hole and began pressing into her. She whined a little as the head entered her, but her tail began to wag furiously. The fluffy appendage tickled Adocc as it bounced back and forth between his legs. Had it always been so soft? Anapa reached out her paws to grab his arms for support as he pressed further into her.
  439.     Suddenly there was a white-hot sensation between her legs and Adocc slid forwards as the resistance to his member suddenly disappeared. He slammed into her, driving himself to the hilt. Anapa gasped and leapt up, wrapping her paws over his shoulders and dragging him back down to the bed.
  441. “Anapa! Are y-“
  443. “Yes! I’m alright! Please! Just keep going! It feels so gooood!”
  445.     Adocc realized that it was now her pressing into him. The anubis was grinding into him, working her insides around his cock and pressing her cute little bush into his stomach. It was even softer than her tail! He slowly pulled back a little and pushed back in. Anapa moaned and squirmed against him as he retreated, trying to keep him insider her. On instinct, he pressed back into her as she pushed herself onto him. It was slow and sloppy, but the two eventually found an agreeable pace between thrusting and retracting.
  446. Anapa’s face was twisted with pleasure. Adocc reached down to kneed one of her supple breasts and she let out some sort of low howl. Readjusting his weight, he began to squeeze and rub her chest in earnest. Her reciprocation to his thrusts became more erratic, and he felt the walls of her canal clench his member. A wetness seeped out around him, flowing up against his skin. He was so close! How he had lasted this long was beyond him. But now he cou-
  448. “AHHH!! LOOK AT THE TIME!! I have a super important meeting with a foreign vizier tomorrow and I have to get at least 7 hours of sleep! Looks like six hours and fifty-three minutes will have to do. It was worth it though~”
  450. A massive fluffy foot shot up against his chest knocking him off of her. The cool night air against his wet dick was almost painful. In shock he looked up to see his master messily wiping herself clean and redressing.
  452. “B-but… I di”
  454. She plopped down on the bed, sure to avoid the wet spot, and gave him a kiss. “That was heavenly. I’m so glad I found you~ Just think! Next week will be even better!”
  456. Next week?
  458. Next week…
  460. Next WEEK?!
  462. “Uh, Anapa, I know you’re busy tomorrow, but do you think that you could just take like, five more minutes or something to help me out here?”
  464. Anapa loudly snored from underneath her eye of Horus sleeping mask. How did she do that?
  466. Adocc lay down beside her and stared up at the ceiling. His cock was still painfully erect. It was going to be a long night…
  468. ~~~~~~~
  470. “So, I hear from some of the guards that you finally got around to treating that poor boy like a husband. It’s about time.”
  472. Anapa blushed, but couldn’t help herself from smiling and waggling her tail as she remembered last night.
  474. “Yes, your highness. I suppose I did.”
  476. “Well? Tell me all about it! I want details! Was it everything you dreamed of?” asked the queen as she leaned forward intently.
  478. “It was incredible. He used his fingers in a way I never thought possible, and then we made sweet love until I had to go to sleep.”
  480. The pharaoh nodded. “Alright, nothing to fancy but I can respect that. It was your first time after all. Plenty to learn yet, my little helper~ Now go on, I know you’re dying to get out of here and go approve a building permit or something.”
  482. Anapa bowed and hurried off beaming into the palace.
  484. As she left, the pharaoh’s smile disappeared and was replaced with a stern, emotionless face.
  486. “Fetch me her slave would you? I think something is amiss…”
  488. ~~~~~~~~
  490.     Adocc stood in front of the throne. He had been dragged out of bed by the queen’s honor guard, and was in a lousy mood from a long sleepless night.
  492. “Slave Adocc, is it true that you bed my underling Anapa last evening?”
  494. “If you can call it that…” he grumbled.
  496. “Tell me. I need to know.”
  498.     Adocc recounted his tale of betrayal and neglect to the pharaoh. She listened to him, but showed no emotion as he spoke. When he finished, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she buried her face in her hands and screamed into them while kicking her feet.
  500. “I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT FLUFFY MORON WOULD SCREW THIS UP!” she turned to one of the guards at her throne.
  502. “Looks like we’ll have to resort to the ‘other plan.’” said the Pharaoh raising her eyebrows.
  504. “So it seems.” replied the guard wiggling her eyebrows as well.
  506. “Yes… it seems indeed.”
  508. “Quite indeedidly.”
  510. “Indeebiadubly.”
  512. “What are you two talking about?”
  514. The queen and her guard stopped their eyebrows and turned back to him.
  516. “Do you want to take revenge against Anapa for her unforgivable ignorance and avenge your poor, aching blue-balls?” asked the pharaoh.
  518. “Yes.”
  520. The queen smiled. “Good.” she clapped her hands twice and a lamia entered the throne room from one of the wings. “Because we’re going to train you.”
  522. “Train me? For what?”
  524.     “To be the best godsdamn lay in the whole empire, that’s what. Listen Adocc,” she unseated herself and walked over to him, placing her hands on his shoulders and looking into his eyes. “I need you to succeed. YOU need you to succeed. But most of all, that dense, idiotic, clueless, fluffy, recluse needs you. She HAS to know that there’s more to life. And I’m seriously going to let an apophis in here for the sole purpose of biting her if I have to hear something that pathetic again. You only have a week, do you think you can handle it?”
  526. “Fuck yeah.”
  528. “That’s what I like to hear.”
  530. ~~~~~
  532.     And so, Adocc trained. Under the tutelage of a lamia courtesan and her husband, he learned about the art of love making by watching them. A minotaur helped him raise his stamina and resistance to pleasure. A ghoul chef kept him on a healthy diet of demon-realm plants and meat. Only a week later, he was almost indistinguishable from his former self. The work had been grueling, but he was now a sex machine ready to reload. Reload the pussy of Anapa with his dick.
  534. “Well you shape up nicely.” said the pharaoh looking over Adocc as he stood before her. “Tonight’s the night. Are you ready?”
  536. “Yes.”
  538. “Good. Here, catch.”
  540. The queen tossed him a small vial.
  542. “What is this?” he asked eyeing the small flask.
  544. “It’s a little special something I asked my alchemist to whip up. A derivative of girtablilu venom; all of the fun with none of the paralysis.”
  546. “Thank you. I will make good use of it.”
  548. “See to it that you do. If Anapa can still walk tomorrow, I’ll be disappointed. Go now, make ready.”
  550. ~~~~~~
  552. “Puwahh! Adocc dear, are you ready?~ I’ve hardly seen you these last few days. Did that special report on your country to the queen go well?”
  554. Anapa flopped onto the bed. Adocc was sitting on the other side, facing away from her. His hand moved away from his face and she heard a small tinkling of glass hitting the floor.
  556. “Adocc…?”
  558. “Anapa.”
  560. “Y-yes?”
  562. “How much time did you schedule tonight?”
  564. “We have a whole seventeen minutes this time~ Four more than last week!”
  566. “Then I’m sorry.”
  568. “Huh?”
  570.     Adocc twisted around with henceforth unseen agility and quickly pinned the anubis’s paws next to her head. What was going on? Had he always been so strong? Anapa hadn’t noticed anything until now; Adocc had been asleep by the time she went to bed these past few nights. Only now was she able to see the definition of his muscles, and smell the sizable amount of spirit energy he had saved up.
  572.     Without hesitation, Adocc shifted the wolf-girl up so that her legs fell back over his shoulders. Anapa cried out as his tongue shot into her without warning. Her arms weakly reached up to stop him but Adocc dexterously maneuvered his feet to keep her arms pinned.
  574. “Aahn~ W-what’s gotten intooo~ you?” Anapa moaned. He was just a virgin before, how was he so good at finding her weak points?!
  576.     Adocc called upon his lamia master’s teachings: find the weak spot and don’t let up. As he pulled his tongue out to caress her outer lips, she let out a throaty moan. By the way her body was spasming, he could tell she was close. He was close as well. The venom in his veins and the act of molesting Anapa with his tongue would have been enough to make him pop if not for the denial training at the hands of the minotaur. He sunk his tongue back into her and felt her tighten and shudder in his grasp. A dribble of sweet, sticky liquid bubbled out of her sacred spring and he happily lapped it up.
  578.     Adocc dropped the anubis back onto the bed. She lay there gasping, but Adocc felt no pity for her. Lining himself up with her moistened cunt, he plunged himself in again. Anapa screamed and arched her back as he thrust to the hilt. Instinctively, her fluffy legs wrapped around him, pulling him in deeper.
  580.     Adocc began to thrust, and this time he did not wait for her to contribute. Grabbing her wide hips he sunk his hands into her perky ass and dragged her onto his cock by force. Strength he did not possess a week ago fueled his arms as they brought the anubis’s petite body against his crotch again and again. The chamber echoed with an obscene, wet slapping sound as he sexually brutalized his partner.
  581. Adocc grinned. It felt so right. The way he was taking Anapa. The way she wailed and moaned as he plowed into her without any regard. The way her face contorted and her eyes were rolled back into her head. She briefly made eye contact with him as he looked down into her eyes. He could see the love in them. Even as he slammed into her, she was just as passionate about him as he was her. Something stirred in his heart and he lifted her body up into a sort of lotus position and kissed her. She squealed into his mouth with glee as their tongues intertwined. Adocc was struck by the smell of her hair as a lock fell onto his nose. Her tail waggled between his legs, tickling his balls. Feeling a heat welling up inside of him, he pulled away from her, connected by a trail of saliva that fell onto her breasts.
  583. “Please… inside…” she panted.
  585.     Adocc would have done so even without her orders. His eyes rolled back into his head and he fell forwards onto Anapa, pinning her to the bed with his weight. As he began to erupt inside of her, he sunk his teeth into her neck. Anapa let out a long oscillating scream as her lover unleashed weeks’ worth of pent up lust inside her. Adocc felt a fluffy paw reach up to clench his scalp as he emptied himself in her tight cunt.
  587. The two lay like that for a minute, Anapa shaking and gasping, and Adocc appreciating the gentle scalp massage that the half-conscious anubis was giving him.
  589.  He leisurely pulled out, and a torrent of semen dribbled out after him.
  591. “T-that was… incredible… where did you learn to do that?” asked Anapa.
  593. Adocc scooted himself to the head of the bed and ignored her question.
  595. “Well, we don’t have time for another round, but I’ll make time this week for our next round. Are you free Wednesday?”
  597. “We’ll do it now.”
  599. Anapa opened her eyes a bit more. The response caught her off guard.
  601. “W-what? No, I told you we don’t have time. It was great, but I need to sleep. I hav-“
  603. Adocc cut her off by thrusting his dick towards her face. He was still fully erect. Anapa began to protest, but the smell of his juices made it impossible to form a coherent response.
  605. “We’ll do it now. Here, dig in.” he said pressing his cock into her cheek.
  607. Anapa gasped as the slimy dick smeared a trail of cum and her own juices across her face.
  609. “Just what do you think you’re doing! As my slave I order you t- ermghph!”
  611. Adocc pressed himself into her warm mouth mid-sentence. She gagged and reflexively tried to pull back, but Adocc held her head firmly in place.
  613. “Anapa, I love you. I’m doing this for you. You’ll need this energy to keep going all. Night. Long.”
  615. Anapa’s eyes filled with fear and she began to panic, but her vocalizations only served to stimulate Adocc’s penis inside her mouth. He grabbed two handfuls of silky hair and began roughly fucking her throat.
  617. “Besides, don’t you think that it’s only fair that you clean my cock after you go and dirty it? What kind of wife are you, that can’t look after her husband?”
  619.     She glared up at him but made no effort to escape her predicament. Soon, she was quietly humming around his dick and using her tongue to lap up the precum he was leaking. Adocc noticed that she had also snuck a hand down to her crotch and was furiously masturbating as he used her throat to satisfy himself.
  621.     Adocc felt the heat in his loins once more. He looked down at Anapa. She looked back up at him with loving yet fearful eyes. She loved him, but she knew he was in control and she was at his mercy. Gripping her head just behind her large ears, he hilted himself in her mouth and released. Wave after wave of cum was coaxed out of him as her tongue milked his shaft dry. Adocc savored the loud gulps she made as her soft throat pushed his load into her belly. Her paws pressed against his thigh and he released his wife who gasped as she inhaled her first breath of dick-free air.
  623. “Husband, you brute! How shameful! I-I’m going to bed! It’s far past time I retire for the evening.”
  625. She rolled over and wiped her slimy face. Really, what was he thinking? So crass.
  627. Anapa felt a hand on her shoulder.
  629. “We’re not even close to finished.”
  631. He flipped her up with a yelp so that she was resting on top of him. He manhandled her until she was sitting on his abs, facing away from him.
  633. “No! No more!” she exclaimed. She looked down at his member. Still rock hard. She gulped.
  635. “You ruined me losing my virginity. I didn’t sleep all night thanks to you blue-balling me! So now, I have to make it right. I’m gonna take another virginity from you, and I’m gonna do it right~”
  637. He pushed her forwards and lifted her up. She was clumsily shifted until he had her hovering over his erect prick. Then he eased her down, until his head lined up with…
  639. Anapa gasped and tried to get away. “No! Not there! Please, I’m not rea-“
  641.     Her squirming was stopped as she lost balance and Adocc pulled her onto his dick, entering her virgin ass. Anapa let out a proper howl as her tight backdoor was forced wide to accommodate Adocc. He stopped halfway inside of her, and gave her a minute to rest. She was shaking, and her tail was bushed out. Was she alright? Had he gone to far? He shifted his hips up a bit, pressing into her as lightly as he could muster. Anapa shrieked and Adocc felt a river of fluid spill out over his balls. So that’s how it was. Adocc thought back to the words of his lamia teacher: “A hard-ass needs a hard dick.”
  643.     He grabbed her hips again and slowly pulled down on her wide hips. Her tail began to wag gently and she moaned as he worked his way into her. The pace was agonizing for Adocc, but at last her perky ass came to rest on his abs. Incredibly, her anus was just as adept at massaging him as her vagina. Maybe even more so. How did she do that?
  645. “Adocc…” she panted “you fiend… I won’t forgive you for this…”
  647. Light shone from her palms and her hair began to billow. Two hieroglyphs appeared in her paws and she pressed the light into the skin of his thighs. Nothing happened. Her blood ran cold.
  649. “H-how…”
  651. “The pharaoh figured you may try to curse me, so she gave me a talisman to protect against it.”
  653. Anapa looked over her shoulder in fear.
  655. “How horrible. An anubis that tries to curse her poor, loving husband. You should make it up to me.”
  657. Anapa gulped. “How?” she asked meekly.
  659. “Ride.”
  661. Anapa shuddered. Slowly she raised her hips off of him. She was even slower lifting off of him than he was entering her. Adocc delivered a hearty slap to one of her plump cheeks and she fell back down his length with a yip.
  663. “I said ride me! Do it!”
  665. Anapa resumed her slow gyrations.
  667. "Too slow!” said Adocc slapping the other cheek.
  669. Anapa yowled in pain and pleasure and sped up. The pattern of spanking and speeding up continued until Adocc was satisfied with the pace.
  671. “You need to go deeper! There’s no point in speeding up if I can’t experience all of your tight ass!” Adocc said giving her a spank. Her cheeks were bright red, and tears of masochistic pleasure were pooling in her eyes.
  673. “I’m trying!~” whined Anapa.
  675. If you want something done right…
  677. Adocc seized her tail near the base and dragged her down while thrusting up into her. Anapa clamped down and went limp as the unexpected pleasure ravaged her body.
  679. “Keep going!” demanded Adocc continuing to use her tail as leverage.
  681.     Anapa resumed and her pace grew even more fervent. Adocc felt her begin to quiver around him. With all his might, he yanked back on her tail with one hand and delivered a hard spank onto her jiggling ass. She howled and Adocc savored the feeling of her muscular ring tightening around him as he released into her.
  683. He removed himself from the anubis with an audible pop. Anapa was a mess of sweat, semen, tears, and her own fluids.
  685. “Are you satisfied you beast? Please… let me sleep now.”
  687. Adocc rolled to the side of the bed and produced a scroll with the pharaoh’s royal signet on it. He held the document up for Anapa to see. It was a schedule. All the time slots were ‘fuck Anapa.’
  689. “Queen’s orders.”
  691. Anapa gulped.
  693. ~~~~~~
  695. The pharaoh watched the scene unfold through the peephole she had installed in Anapa’s room. Gods this is hot. She bit into a pillow as she came for the third time and pulled her dripping hand out of her sex. Why didn’t she buy her a slave sooner?
  696. ~~~~~~
  698. A few months later Adocc walked into Anapa’s study carrying a tray of food.
  700. “Working late again I see.” he said setting it down.
  702. She closed the thick book she was writing in and pouted at him.
  704. “What? What did I do this time?” he asked.
  706. “I’m pregnant.”
  708. Adocc stared at her. Then his face broke into a beaming smile.
  710. “That’s wonderful! Oh Anapa, I’m so happy! This is the best news I’ve ever had in my life!”
  712. “And it’s the most work I’ll ever have to do in my life!” she crossed her arms and flattened her ears.
  714. Adocc strolled over and put his hands around her, running them over her belly. She turned her head away from him but her tail was furiously wagging.
  716. “I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. You picked me for my brains remember? I’m sure that the smartest, prettiest girl and the kingdom and her loving husband can get through this.”
  718. She sighed and put a paw on his hand. She had a dopey grin on her face and was beet-red.
  720. “I know, I know. You’re lucky I’m so good at preparing for this kind of thing. Here, have a look.” she said offering him the thick tome in front of her.
  722. Adocc turned it over and looked at the cover.
  724. Guide for My Daughter. By Anapa.
  726. “Honey, what is this?” asked Adocc flatly.
  728.     “I planned out her life from now until the time she’s thirty. The first four chapters are about neonatal care and diet, as well as exercise. Chapters five through eleven are her early school years. She’s already been accepted into the most prestigious schools, and I used census data to find pregnant monsters who will have daughters that will be rich, popular, and her age. I decided that she should have a smaller group of friends to keep the mystery element alive so she can catch the interest of boys. Oh! All the financial data is in the back. I indexed it in terms of cost by age, cost of food, ambient cost…”
  730. “I don’t think she’ll need this…”
  732. Anapa stopped her explanation and looked at him curiously. “Why?”
  734. He smiled and kissed her.
  736. “Because I think the best things in life are the things you never expect.”
  737. ~~~~~
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