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  1. 2:29:33 PM) hey u there ?
  2. (3:30:17 PM) Hey
  3. (3:31:32 PM) u got a minute ?
  4. (3:31:54 PM) Yeah sure. Tell me
  5. (3:33:37 PM) So ive got a friend who's been approached for a Bizdev role in Media.Net , had a few questions about that .. im gonna send u a JD and wanted to figure if its something u do or some one else u know who can answer the queries
  6. (3:34:22 PM) Sure. Send me the jd
  7. (3:35:16 PM) done
  8. (3:35:32 PM) Cool. I'll look it
  9. (3:35:41 PM) gracias
  10. (3:35:42 PM) At it*
  11. (3:38:25 PM) btw if u don mind me asking , who do u report to ?
  12. (3:38:45 PM) Grishma merchant
  13. (3:41:38 PM) I looked at the profile... We do some of these things
  14. (3:43:09 PM) does the profile involve any kinda sales ?
  15. (3:45:07 PM) no sales involved
  16. (3:45:49 PM) and any operations involved or is this like hardcore marketing/bizdev ?
  17. (3:46:41 PM) its a mixture of a lot of its making reports, doing a little bit of financial calculations and marketing strategies
  18. (3:47:10 PM) unlike we dont have specific clients
  19. (3:48:53 PM) i see , but the JD would ideally remain the same in both the BU's ?
  20. (3:49:32 PM) i guess..
  21. (3:52:38 PM) so i don have better words to put this but how is grishma as a boss ? and her being in dubai dosent affect the workflow of things here ?
  22. (3:54:16 PM) not really coz she is in touch with us constantly over jabber, emails, concalls and phone
  23. (3:54:24 PM) right
  24. (3:57:54 PM) well i guess this shud do for now ..i ll pass this on .much thanks apoorva :)
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